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Records, 1887-1959
3 c.f.

The records of the Moscow Post Office were donated to the University of Idaho Library by postmaster Howard Buchanan in February 1975. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in August 1985.


The Moscow post office was established March 19, 1873 as Paradise Valley, the name being officially changed to Moscow December 26, 1876. In 1911 the Federal Building, now the Community Center, was constructed to house the post office and federal district court. In 1926 the University Branch post office was established.


The records of the Moscow Post Office span the years 1887 to 1959, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1900 to 1930.

The records include correspondence, maps of the rural routes, employee affidavits, oaths, and civil service cards, account books, records of box holders, and a book of complaints.


The records are separated by record type. The correspondence consists of both loose letters, a letterpress book, and three letterbooks, all of which are arranged chronologically. The correspondence deals with official business including personnel changes. Two of the three letterbooks contain only incoming letters concerning the construction of the post office building, the third contains incoming and outgoing letters similar to those in folders.

The personnel records include lists of eligible employees one list for female clerks, another for clerk-carrier. The admission cards have a photograph of the applicant.

The complaint books lists the nature of the complaint (lost mail, broken items, etc.) and the action taken. The custodians record book lists expenses for utilities, custodial help and similar expenses. The postmaster's account books contain sections for inventory, monthly and quarterly statements, box records, and dead letter lists. After mail delivery was instigated in 1904 the box records were kept separately from the other records. The 1917 inventory is by room; it gives the cost of the item and the date of the authority for purchase.

All account books relating to money orders and postal savings certificates were discarded since they provided only summaries of the day's business. Also discarded were employee time sheets and the Postmaster's Account and Record Books from 1904-1962. In all about 6 l.f. of material was removed.



1. Correspondence, 1893-1946 1

II. Personnel and Other Records, 1902-1959 2

III. Financial Records, 1887-1950 2 & o.s.



Box Folder Description Items

I. Correspondence, 1893-1946

1	1-6	Correspondence, 1893-1946	686
	7	Letterpress Book, 1905-1913	1
	8-9	Construction Letterbook, 1909-1912	2
	10	Letterbook, 1920-1922	1

II. Personnel and Other Records, 1902-1959

2	11	Register of Eligibles, 1906-1927	26
	12	Civil Service Admission Cards, 1917-1934	29
	13	Employee Affidavits and Oaths, 1944-1947	33
	14	Rural Route Maps, 1902-1959	7
	15	Complaint Record Book, 1919-1930	1

III. Financial Records

	16	Custodian's Record Book, 1911-1950	1
	17-24	Postmaster's Account & Record Book, 1887-1904	8
o.s.	25-28	Box and Key Register, 1904-1933	4
	29	Record of Furniture and Fixtures in U.S. Federal Building at Moscow, 1917	1

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