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Records, 1959-1975
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The records of the Latah County Mental Health Association were donated to the University of Idaho Library by the organization in May 1975. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in August 1985.


The Latah County Mental Health Association was organized in 1958 and the articles of incorporation were filed in July 1959. Its primary purpose was to provide the public with information regarding mental health and to act as a coordinating agency for organizations and individuals requesting services in the field of mental health. Included in topics discussed at meetings were special education, problems of the elderly, and drug and alcohol abuse. Money for the organization was obtained through membership dues and additional funding was provided from the United Way.

Among the projects sponsored by the group were Meals on Wheels and the Nightline telephone crisis service. It also published a directory of community services. By the 1970's members appeared to lose interest and other, newer, organizations performed the same function. On May 1, 1975 a final meeting was held and the board voted for dissolution. The assets, just over $1200, were distributed to the Recycling Center, the Mental Health Center, and Volunteers in Moscow; the final motion of the meeting was to donate the LCMHA records to the University of Idaho Library.


The records of the Latah County Mental Health Association span the years 1958 to 1975, with the bulk of the papers covering the years 1965 to 1975.

The papers include correspondence, financial records and newspaper clippings relating to the association and its many projects. There is information about crisis centers in Spokane and Seattle as well as material from the Idaho Mental Health Association.


The material in this manuscript group was separated into three series during processing as there was no order to the records when they were received. Any original folder headings were retained.

The first series contains the business records of the association and includes the by-laws, correspondence and notices of public meetings, minutes of board meetings, newspaper clippings, and financial statements. There is a separate folder for Nightline which contains the manual, by-laws, and newspaper clippings, and one labeled Dissolution which contains minutes of the final meeting, correspondence, and a tax form. The treasurers' records include a cash book which details all financial transactions of the association, correspondence with the United Fund, and several financial statements.

The second series contains brochures and information on other mental health organizations. The material from the Spokane and Seattle crisis centers was sent to the Latah County Mental Health Association in response to requests for assistance in setting up a local clinic. The Idaho Mental Health Association material includes circular letters and minutes from meetings.

The final series includes letters from Senator Church, Representative McClure and a legislative report on mental health centers.



Box	Folder	Description	Items	

I. Organization Records, 1958-1975

1	1	By-laws, 1958-1963	2
	2	Correspondence & Other Papers, 1964-1973	15
	3	Minutes of Meetings, 1966-1975	16
	4	Membership Cards and Lists, 1970-1973	14
	5	Crisis Clinic and Nightline, 1970-1971	25
	6	Newspaper Clippings, 1965-1972	115
	7	Bank Statements, 1970-1975	57
	8	Treasurers' Records, 1970-1975	33
	9	Non-Profit Organization License, 1973-1976	6
	10	Community Social Service Directory, 1968-1975	3
	11	Dissolution, 1975	26

II. Other Mental Health Organizations, 1964-1975

	12	In Moscow, 1970-1975	7
	13	Latah-Nez Perce County Mental Health Center, 1964-1970	4
	14	Seattle Crisis Clinic, n.d.	3
	15	Spokane Crisis Clinic, 1970	12
	16	Idaho Mental Health Association, 1966-1971	40
	17	National Association for Mental Health, 1969-1970	5

III. Government Action, 1968-1970

	18	Correspondence and Reports, 1968-1970	6

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