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Records, 1941-1976
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The records of the Faculty Women's Club were donated to the University of Idaho Library in 1978 by Grace Wicks. They were processed by Emmy Lou Forster in August, 1985.


The Faculty Women's Club, founded in 1913, was a social organization founded "to promote sociability among its members and further the interests of the University." The women included faculty and wives of faculty members at the University of Idaho. From 1941-1976 meetings were held quarterly. In addition to regular meetings, special interest groups met once or twice a month. As part of its association with the Idaho Federation of Women's Clubs, the Faculty Women's Club sponsored an auxiliary organization for students wives (the Dames Club) as well as several annual public service projects. The club also hosted the annual Senior Reception for graduating seniors and their parents. Until 1965, the women's club served the annual Commencement Tea. The biggest event of the social year was the Spring Fashion Show.


The records of the Faculty Women's Club span the years 1941-1976. These records include administrative and financial material such as minutes, treasurer's reports, dues books and membership lists. The information for special projects is not as comprehensive as the information for administrative matters. There is some material on the service projects, the Commencement Tea, the Senior Reception and the Fashion Show.


The records are organized in two series: Administrative and Special Projects. With two exceptions, the folders retain the original headings. General Information, 1970-1974, became Executive Board Agendas, correspondence and other material. Miscellaneous files and clippings, receipt books, fashion show programs (1971-1976) became Fashion Show, 1967-1976. The new titles are more descriptive of the actual content of the files.


I. Administrative, 1941-1976	1
II. Special Projects, 1954-1976	1



Box	Folder	Description	Items

I. Administrative, 1941-1976

1	1	Constitutions, 1953-1967	13
	2	Executive Board Agendas, correspondence, and other material, 1970-1974	74
	3-7	Minutes, 1947-1974	104
	8	Treasurers Reports and Budgets, 1964-1974	30
	9-11	Dues Books, 1941-1964	3
	12	District Convention Reports and Report forms, 1955-1975	31
	13	Completed Questionnaires, 1974-1975	95
	14	Club and Board membership lists, 1971-1976	100
	15-18	Address Books A-Z, 1962-1975	4
	19	Silver Insurance, 1965-1976	6

II. Special Projects, 1954-1976

1	20	Community Improvement Programs and Awards, 1958-1976	23
	21	Fashion Show, 1967-1976	21
	22	Public Events Committee, 1968-1969	14
	23	Commencement Tea, 1958-1965	39
	24	Senior Reception, 1954-1970	56
	25	Clippings and Programs, 1962-1974	32

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