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Gritman Memorial Hospital

Records, 1939-1985
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This descriptive inventory of the Gritman Memorial Hospital Papers in the University of Idaho Library was prepared by Judith Nielsen in July 1979.


The papers of the Gritman Memorial Hospital, Moscow, Idaho, are contained in three file boxes. The material includes the minutes of the directors' meetings beginning in 1939, financial statements from 1947 to 1977, letters of solicitation for the 1960 fund raising campaign, lists of contributors to that campaign, plus items relating to later expansion. Some hospital related newspaper clippings are also included.

From reading the minutes, plus other items in this collection, one can follow the development of the hospital from 1939 when it was decided to replace Dr. Charles L. Gritman's original hospital which was deteriorating, with a new structure, through the additions of 1943, 1960 and 1970, to the present structure. One watches the salaries of the staff increase, and the cost of a room increase to meet staff salaries. One watches the changes in personnel and operating procedure as the hospital grows in size. But more important, one is aware of the support this hospital has received from the community it serves.


Similar types of material have been kept together. The minutes of the meetings of the directors, executive committee, and voting membership of the Moscow Hospital Association have been kept together and are arranged in chronological order. The financial reports of the hospital are also in chronological order.

Letters of acknowledgment to donors have been divided into two categories, "Pledges" and "Gifts"; each is arranged alphabetically. The first folder of miscellaneous correspondence covers the years 1947 to 1970 and is arranged in chronological order. The letters of solicitation in the second folder were written at approximately the same time and are therefore arranged in alphabetical order.


I. Minutes Box 1

II. Financial Reports Box 1

III. Donors Box 2

IV. Correspondence, Miscellaneous Box 3

V. Miscellaneous Box 3


I. Minutes, 1932-- 1983

The majority of the minutes in series one are the minutes of the hospital's board of directors. Also included in the earlier years are minutes from the meetings of the members of the corporation and members of the Moscow Hospital Association. Some minutes from the executive board meetings are also included.

Some relevant material such as letters from the medical staff concerning new members of the staff, committee reports, or letters dealing with matters before the board are also included in this series. The minutes of the meetings held in the 1960's have newspaper clippings pertaining to the hospital taped on the back; those for the 1970's also include the administrator's report.

II. Financial Records

The financial records of Gritman Memorial Hospital contain monthly balance sheets and yearly audit reports. The balance sheets also include such items as Statement of Operations, and Comparative Day Income and Expenses. Some include a summary of department income. The yearly audit reports were prepared by Hayden and Ross of Moscow.

III. Donors

The third series comprises two categories of donors, those who pledged a specific amount and those who contributed to various memorial funds.

There is a folder containing lists of those to whom letters requesting past due pledge payments were sent, and also a folder containing information on individual pledges.

There are two folders dealing with capital raising funds. One, labeled "Transmittal letters" lists names of donors and amounts of donations for a specific period of time, usually one month. The other folder shows the financial growth of the fund.

The remaining folders contain copies of the letters acknowledging receipt of payments. The pledge payments and gift donations are in separate alphabets and are therefore listed below under different headings.

IV. Correspondence, Miscellaneous

The fourth series consists of three folders of Miscellaneous correspondence. Folder one is labeled miscellaneous correspondence and contains original incoming and carbon copies of outgoing letters for the years 1947-1970- Letters are listed by writer in cases of incoming letters. An asterisk indicates an outgoing letter from a Gritman official to the person under whose name the letter is listed.

The second folder contains letters of solicitation sent to corporations early in the 1960 fund raising campaign.

The third folder in this series contains sample letters of request and acknowledgment used in the 1960 fund raising campaign.

V. Miscellaneous

Included in this final series of the Gritman Memorial Hospital Papers are folders containing the following types of materials

Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws 1939-1980

Board of Directors and Medical Staff - Lists, 1960-1982

Medical Staff By-Laws, 1960-1977

Gritman Memorial Hospital. Personnel policies. 196?. Pamphlet. 20 p.

Expansion Proposals, 1968-1972

Auxiliary records, 1963-1980

Dedication of New Addition, 1962

Culler, Gale, Martel, Norrie. A Survey of Development Programs for Gritman Memorial Hospital. 1970. 67 p.

Gifts and memorials to Gritman Memorial Hospital. Oct. 1960

Grievance Folder (from nurses to the Board of Directors expressing dissatisfaction with condition in the hospital. January, 1973)

Retirement plans for hospital

Building Records, 1972

Trust Mortgage. 7 p.

Promissory Notes (2) 1944

Real Estate Mortgage. 1940 3 p.

Miscellaneous folder, 1940-1946.

Personnel. Wage Increase, 1980

Management Studies, 1981-1982

Circular letters. 1983

"The Gritman Gazette." July 18, and August 1, 1983

Program and speeches for Legislative Dinner (November 89 1983, Lewiston, Idaho.)

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