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Robert E. Hosack

Papers, 1947-1982
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The descriptive inventory of the papers of Robert E. Hosack in the University of Idaho Library was prepared by Judith Nielsen in October 1983.


The material in this archival group was donated to the University of Idaho Library by Robert Hosack in March 1983. It is contained in three archival file boxes and consists of material dealing with the Idaho Legislature, special interest areas, and the United World Federalists.

Material relating to the legislature includes committee minutes,, directories, and miscellaneous publications. The special interest area series consists of file folders of newspaper clippings and articles. Items in the United World Federalists series include correspondence, several different newsletters, and a variety of publications.

Items in each series are described in more detail in the following Description of Series.


Items in the Idaho Legislature series are divided by type of material, i.e., directories, minutes, publications. The special interest area material is arranged alphabetically by subject, and the United World Federalist material is arranged by type of material.


I. Idaho Legislature Box 1

II. Special Interest Areas Boxes 2-3

III. Local Planning & Zoning Box 3

IV. United World Federalists Box 3

VI. League of Women Voters of Idaho Box 3


I. Idaho Legislature

Robert Ewing Hosack was born in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, on May 15, 1911. In 1943 he joined the faculty of the University of Idaho where he taught for thirty-one years, retiring in 1974. He served as 5th district representative in the 43rd and 44th Idaho Legislatures (1975/76 & 1977/78); the following materials relate to this aspect of his career.


Directory of Idaho Information Sources. June 1975

State of Idaho Telephone Directory. 1976

Legislative Directory. 1975, 19761, 19779, 1978

Minutes of Meetings

House Printing & Legislative Expense Committee, 44th Legislature lst Session. 1977

House Printing & Legislative Expense Committee. 44th Legislature, 2nd Session. 1978

Judiciary, Rules & Administration Committee. 44th Legislature, 2nd Session. 1978

State Affairs Committee. 44th Legislature, 2nd Session. 1978


Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations. Improving Urban America: a Challenge to Federalism. Washington, D.C., 1976.

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations. In Respect to Realities: a Report on Federalism in 1975. Washington, D.C., 1976.

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations. Pragmatic Federalism: The Reassignment of Functional Responsibility. Washington, D.C., 1979.

Arthur Andersen & Co. Sound Fiscal Judgment in the Public Sector. 1976.

Duncombe, Sydney and Michael S. Vollmer. The Use of Revenue Sharing Funds by Local. Government in Idaho. Moscow, University of Idaho Bureau of Public Affairs Research. 1974.

Legislative Data - 43rd Legislature

Standing Committees of the House and Senate

Pamphlet: "A brief introduction to your legislature."

Map of state legislative members

Voting records compiled by the Idaho Conservation League

Voting records compiled by the Idaho Employees Association

Legislative Data - 44th -Legislature

Map of State Legislative members

Voting records of members contained in Idaho Challenge, May 1977

Final disposition of bills in the House and Senate

Legislative programs of several organizations

Legislative Expenses

Telephone bills, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978

Travel expenses, 1976

Legislative Process

Chart: "Passage of a Bill"

Seating charts for the House and Senate

Articles "Legislative bill drafting.," by Albert R. Menard

Newspaper clippings

85 pages of mounted clippings

II. Special Interest Areas

This series consists of file folders containing newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and other publications. The folders, which are in alphabetical order by topic, contain some material which deals with legislative committees, some which concerns bills in the legislature, and also material which is not connected with politics at all.

Administrative Rules and Regulation
Association for the Humanities in Idaho
Association of Idaho Cities
Bad Checks
Business Committee
Carter (Jimmy)
Common Cause
Criminal Justice Planning Agency
Death Penalty
Death with Dignity
Democratic Caucus
Election Procedure
Election - Presidential Primary
Health & Welfare Committee
Heyburn State Park
Human Rights Commission
Idaho Commission on the Arts and Humanities
Indian Affairs
Judiciary & Rules Committee
Land use Planning
Lien Laws Committee
Litter Law
Loyalty Oath Case
Nursing Homes
Older Citizens & Welfare
Personnel System
Public Employees
Public Utilities Commission
Resources & Conservation
Retirement System
Right to Life
Right to Work
State Affairs Committee
State Governments, Council of
State Legislatures, National Conference of
Sunshine Law
Trading Stamps
University of Idaho

III. Local Planning & Zoning

As in the previous series, this series consists of file folders of newspaper clippings. The clippings in this series relate to city planning and zoning ordinances in the city of Moscow and Latah County. Listed below are the folder headings and the inclusive dates of the clippings.

Latah County 1971-1980
Moscow - Publications, 1970-1978
Moscow - newspaper clippings, 1958-1982
Moscow - Landfill, 1965-1972
Moscow - Student housing, 1965-1973

IV. United World Federalists

The United World Federalists was formed at Asheville, North Carolina, in Feb. 1947. Robert Hosack was involved with the organization almost from its beginning and served as president of the Moscow, Idaho, chapter.


Political Action Letter (13 issues, 1949-50)

Branch and Chapter Letters (5 issues, 1948-50)

FYI (For Your Information) (4 issues,, 1951; 3 issues, 1970)

Local Chapter Material

Three membership lists

Minutes from meetings (1 in 1948; 2 in 1950)

Three newspaper clippings

Undated financial statement

Three month budget, February - April 1948


19 items, 1947-1950

7 items, 1969-1971

2 items, 1979

Circular Letters, etc.


"Chapter Organization and Activity"

"Political Action for United World Federalists "

"A Guide for Federalist Activity"

Balance Sheets, December 1969 - March 1970

Circular letters, 1969-1970

Publications (Partial list)

Eichelberger, Clark M. "Time has come for action." New York, Commission to Study the Organization of Peace. August 1944.

Einstein, Albert. "Atomic war or peace." Reprinted from The Atlantic Monthly, n. d.

Holliday, W.T. "Our final choice.'' Reprinted from Reader's Digest, January 1948.

Kornhauser, Samuel J. "World government under law: American experience with federal union." Reprinted from American bar Association Journal, June 1947.

Levering, Samuel R. "World government the path to peace." Reprinted from University of North Carolina Extension Bulletin, October 1946.

"Preliminary draft of a world constitution as proposed and signed by Robert M. Hutchins, ...." Common Cause, March 1948.

Taylor, Glen H. "Creation of a world republic." Speech to the US Senate, October 24, 1945. Reprinted from Congressional Record.

Taylor, Glen H. "Need for Strengthening United Nations." Speech to the US Senate, July 9. 1947.

Warburg, James P. "Let's take the tough ones." Address to the second national assembly of the United World Federalists, Minneapolis, Minnesota, November 13, 1948.

Wofford, Harris L. "The Case for the campaign." Published for the Foundation for World Government. n.d.

"World Government Highlights." Abridged edition. New York, United World Federalists. 1949.

World Government News. October 1949, February 1950.

V. Photograph

A119-l. Photograph of Robert E. Hosack with Norma Dobler and Frank Church taken in 1978.

VI. League of Women Voters of Idaho

In January 1984 Nancy Hosack added to this archival group some material from the Moscow branch of the League of Women Voters. The material is dated between 1955 and 1974 and is mainly comprised of copies of correspondence from league presidents to state legislators. Much of the material is related to the proposed revision of the state constitution.

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