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Records, 1894-1937
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These records were donated to the University of Idaho Library by the Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mining Company in 1983. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in August 1985.


The records of the Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mining Company span the years 1894 to 1937, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1906 to 1930.

The material includes correspondence dealing with the management of some of the smaller mines, especially those in southern Idaho, mine leases for mines in the Coeur d'Alene mining area, printed legal briefs, typescripts of affidavits and testimony in legal cases, and maps of the Star-Morning group of mines. There is also a 1923 Bachelor of Science thesis dealing with operations at the Bunker Hill plant in Kellogg and a bound volume containing copies of letters and reports of engineers regarding the physical conditions at the mine which affect litigation.


The material in this manuscript group is separated by record type. The correspondence is divided into two subseries, Stanly Easton-Jonathan Bourne, and that of James Gwinn. The Easton-Bourne correspondence deals with the conditions at the Ontario and Senator Stewart mines in Shoshone County which were owned by Bourne and managed by Easton. This correspondence is in chronological order.

James Gwinn was managing the Bunker Hill mines in southern Idaho and his correspondence concerns operations at these mines, especially the Mayflower-Bullion and the Hall-Interstate. These letters are separated by correspondent, then arranged chronologically. His correspondents are Stanly Easton, manager of the Bunker Hill & Sullivan company in Kellogg, Oscar Hershey, a consulting engineer in San Francisco, Francis Thomson, Dean of the University of Idaho School of Mines (these letters concern jobs for students), Fred Van Meter, assistant secretary of Bunker Hill with offices in San Francisco, and W.A. Wilson, a mining engineer in Salt Lake City.

There follows an alphabetical file of Gwinn's correspondence with businesses and four folders containing correspondence, blueprints, and orders for the Deadwood Power Project at the Hall-Interstate Mine near Cascade, Idaho.

The mining leases are in alphabetical order by leasee. Most of the leases were from Bunker Hill, but a few are from Sierra Nevada Consolidated and Caledonia.

The litigation series contains printed briefs and transcripts of records of cases involving the company. There are also some typescripts of affidavits and testimony. These documents are arranged by case.

Most of the maps had file and item numbers written on them, and since the number F-13 appeared on all maps the unique four digit number was used to arrange them in numerical order. The four items without numbers were added at the end.


I. Correspondence, 1906-1930 1

A. Stanly Easton-Jonathon Bourne, Jr., 1906-1907

B. James W. Gwinn, 1920-1930

II. Thesis, 1923 1

III. Mine Leases, 1927-1937 2

IV. Litigation, 1894-1917 3-7

A. Empire State-Idaho Mining and Developing Co., 1899-1905

B. Elmer Doty vs. Bunker Hill & Sullivan, 1910

C. Stewart Mining Company, 1912-1914

D. Other Cases, 1894-1917

V. Maps, 1910-1936 o.s.



Box·	Folder	Description	Items

I. Correspondence, 1906-1930

A. Stanly Easton-Jonathan Bourne, Jr., 1906-1907

1	1-3	1906	193
	4	1907	60

B. James W. Gwinn, 1920-1930

	5-18	With Stanly Easton, 1921-1930	903
	19-20	With Oscar H. Hershey, 1920-1924	111
	21	With Francis A. Thomson, 1922-1928	34
	22-23	With Fred W. Van Meter, 1924-1930	87
	24	With W.A. Wilson, 1921-1927	51
	25-27	Business Correspondence, A-Z, 1920-1930	285
	28-31	Deadwood Power Plant Project, 1928-1929	314

II. Thesis

	32	Wiles, Gloyd M. and Elton D. Rooney. "Report on mining, milling and smelting operations of the Bunker Hill & Sullivan Mining and Concentrating Co., at Kellogg, Idaho." University of California Berkeley, 1923. 130 p. illus.	1

III. Mine Leases, 1927-1937

2	33	Leases, A-Z, 1927-1934	303
	34	Summary of Leasers Operations, 1934-1937	4

IV. Litigation, 1894-1917

A. Empire State-Idaho Mining and Developing Co., 1899-1905

3	35	Kennedy J. Hanley, 1904	1
	36-37	Bunker Hill Extra Lateral, n.d	2
	38-41	King Mine, 1900-1902	4
	42-54	Stemwinder, 1899-1904	13
4	55	Second Stemwinder, 1905	1

B. Elmer Doty vs. Bunker Hill & Sullivan 1910

5	56	Transcript of testimony, 1910	1

C. Stewart Mining Company, 1912-1914

6	57-62	Stewart vs. Ontario, Briefs, 1912-1914	6
	63	Stewart vs. Ontario, Affidavits, Maps, etc., 1912-1914	46
	64-68	Stewart vs. Jonathan Bourne, Jr., et al., Briefs, 1914	5
	69	Stewart vs. Jonathan Bourne, Jr., et al., Correspondence, decisions, etc.	21

D. Other Cases, 1894-1917

7	70-73	Shoshone Mining Co. (Kirby Fraction) 1897-1899	4
	74	Bunker Hill & Sullivan vs. Charles Jones. n.d.	1
	75-79	Tyler Mining Company, 1894-1899	5
	80	Bunker Hill & Sullivan vs. James Stafford, 1903?	1
	81	Alma Katz vs. C.E. Herrick, 1906	1
	82	Star vs. Federal, Exhibits, 1917	1
	83	Digest of engineers opinions regarding physical conditions affecting litigation at Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mine, 1907-1912	1

V. Maps, 1910-1936

o.s.	84	1006. Claim map: Mountain View & Senator south to South Fork and Gold Creek, n.d.	1
	85	1007. Sample assay map, 1916	2
	86	1200. Plan of Star levels, n.d.	1
	87	1207. Claim map from Alice Group and Mineral Farm to Tiger Poorman, 1917	1
	88	1208. Vertical-longitudinal section thru Star & Morning Lode, 1920	2
	89	1432. Portion of Galena Lode existing prior to July 13, 1923; Portion of Galena Lode to be obtained by Hecla Mining, 1923	4
	90	1436. Survey No. 3055, Tom Boy Group, National Lead Mining Company, Hunter Mining District, 1924	1
	91	1459. Stope map of Star & Morning Mines with Star Ore reserves and proposed development, 1924	1
	92	1486. Star drift from the 2000 level of the Hecla Mine at Burke showing results of sampling, 1925	1
	93	1507. Survey No. 3055, Tom Boy Group, National Lead Mining Co. Blueprint of 1436 with corrections, 1924	1
	94	1527. Claim map copied from patent data for area including and to the north of Morning Star, Evening Star claims, n.d.	1
	95	1589. Stope map of lower portion of Star Mine showing commercial areas, 1930	1
	96	1617. Star Mine upper workings, n.d.	5
o.s.	97	1620. Geology of portion of Star 3300, 1932	1
	98	1800. Claim map showing Morning tunnels, n.d.	1
	99	1801. Claim and workings map for Star Mining Co. vs. Federal Mining & Smelting, n.d.	4
	100	1802. Star and Morning Mines, Composite Plan of workings, 1917	1
	101	1805. Graphic representation showing irregularity in grade and width of samples, 1850 level and part of 1650 level, Star Mine, n.d.	1
	102	1806. Star 5200 level sample and assay map, 1936	3
	103	1807. Record of samplings of western portion of Grouse Tunnel, n.d.	1
	104	1808. Stope map showing ore removed, ore developed, and probable ore in the Hecla Mine, 1921	1
	105	1811. Blueprint of mine workings, Morning Mine, south vein above No. 6, 1910	1
	106	Beaver Claim, n.d.	1
	107	Assay map showing results of check sampling by J.W. Gwinn of a part of the Star Tunnel, 1920	1
	108	Sunset District Showing underground workings and geology, with assay values, 1927	1
	109	Star Mine lower level maps, n.d.	7
	Longitudinal cross section (2), Composite map of workings (2), Assay map (1)

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