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Papers, 1910-1969
2 c.f.

The papers of James C. Evenden were donated to the University of Idaho Library by the Evenden family in the summer of 1984. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in September 1985.


James Cawston Evenden was born June 19, 1889 in McMinnville, Oregon. He attended the preparatory school of Oregon State Agricultural College for half years during 1907 and 1908, and registered as a freshman in the fall of 1909. He left school after his freshman year to work in Portland, but returned in the fall of 1911. He obtained his B.A. in June 1914 and his M.S. in June 1936.

He was employed as a forest ranger with the U.S. Bureau of Entomology from 1914 to 1917. From June 1917 to May 1919 he served with the U.S. Army in France, and following his discharge he remained a member of the infantry reserve corps until 1927.

In June 1918 he married Ella Kate Bishop; they had two children.

From 1919 until his retirement at the end of 1954 he was in charge of the USDA Forest Insect Laboratory in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He was elected a fellow of the Society of American Foresters in 1953 and held memberships in the Northwest Scientific Association and the American Association of Economic Entomologists. He was the author of over twenty-five articles on forest insects.


The papers of James C. Evenden span the years 1910 and 1969, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1920 and 1954.

The papers include both military and forestry related correspondence, diplomas, certificates, lecture notes for courses taken and courses given, reports on Insect control, and a large number of reports and articles, a majority of which were authored by Evenden.


The material in this manuscript group was in no apparent order when received, therefore the series were created during processing.

The correspondence was sorted by subject and each folder was arranged chronologically. The military correspondence concerns correspondence schools and summer training camps. There is also his affidavit concerning the bravery of two soldiers during World War I. The remaining correspondence deals with forest insects, Evenden's election as a fellow of the Society of American Foresters, and his retirement.

The second series contains Evenden's diplomas, certificates, routine employee evaluations, newspaper clippings and diaries.

The lecture notes are for ECW courses for foresters and courses Evenden taught at Montana State University and the University of Idaho. There is also a set of lecture notes for an entomology course Evenden took at Oregon State in 1913.

Evenden was a member of the Idaho Forest Study Committee and this series contains his records of that committee.

The items in the insect control series are separated by topic. The material on the 1947 tussock moth project was originally in a scrapbook, but due to its fragile condition the clippings and photographs were removed and placed in folders.

The publications were sorted by type and each folder arranged in chronological order. The typescripts and journal articles are by Evenden, but the inter-office reports which are carbon typescripts, were written by Evenden and members of his staff.

All duplicate copies of printed or typed material were removed from the collection. Published works by foresters other than Evenden were also removed and offered to the Science Library. In all, about 3 c.f. of material was removed.


I. Correspondence, 1916-1965 1

II. Certificates and Other Personal Records, 1913-1969 1

III. Lecture Notes, 1913-1955 1

IV. Idaho Forest Study Committee, 1941-1948 1

V. Insect Control Projects and Information, 1923-1957 2

VI. Publications, 1910-1956 2

A. Book-length items, 1936-1947

B. Typescripts, 1922-1953

C. Inter-office Reports, 1929-1956

D. Journal Articles, 1923-1956

E. Other Publications, 1897?-1969



Box Folder Description Items

I. Correspondence, 1916-1965

1	1-2	Military Correspondence, 1917-1930	134
	3	Milwaukee Land Company, 1916-1921	11
	4	General, 1928-1965	7
	5	Election, Fellow of the Society of American Foresters, 1953	34
	6	Retirement Party Scrapbook, 1954-1955	1

II. Certificates and Other Personal Records, 1913-1969

	7	Diplomas, Oregon State Agricultural College, 1914-1936	2
	8	Longevity Certificates, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1944-1954	2
	9	Battle of the Spruce Bark Beetle, 1954	1
	10	University of Idaho Alumni Association, 1956	2
	11	Northwest Scientific Association life membership, 1961	4
	12	Personnel Actions, 1913-1951	150
	13	Montana State University Employment Records, 1955-1957	12
	14	University of Idaho Employment, 1955	2
	15	Newspaper clippings, etc., 1930-1954	6
	16	Photographs, 1950-1969	11
	17	Diaries, 1932-1940	3

III. Lecture Notes, 1913-1955

	18-19	Entomology Lecture Notes, 1913	31
	20-21	Forest Entomology Courses given, 1928-1929	37
	22	ECW Personnel Training Courses - Outlines, 1934	36
	23	Elements of Forest Protection (Forestry #24), 1954	8
	24	Note cards, Montana Lectures, 1955-1957	750
	25	University of Idaho Lecture Notes, 1955	6

IV. Idaho Forest Study Committee, 1941-1948

	26	Minutes, Correspondence, Reports, 1941-1948	35

V. Insect Control Projects and Information, 1923-1957

2	27-28	Tussock Moth Project, 1947	107
	29	Black Hills Insect Control Project, 1948	3
	30	History of Control Projects, 1944-1955	13
	31	Insect Control Policy, Region 1, n.d.	1
	32	Maps and Charts, 1947-1950	2
	33	Insect Infestation and Control, 1923-1954	13
	34-35	Pesticides, 1940-1950	43
	36	Common Names of Western Forest Insects, 1955-1957	6

VI. Publications, 1910-1956

A. Book-length Items, 1936-1947

	37-38	Evenden, James Cawston. Effects of defoliation by the Pine butterfly (Neophasia menapia Felder) upon Ponderosa pine. (M.S. thesis, Oregon Agricultural College), 1936	9
	39	_____. Important forest insects of Montana and other western states. Missoula, Montana State University, n.d.	28
	40-41	_____. Economic forest insects of the Rocky Mountain Region. n.d.	2
	42	_____. And E.J. Jost. A report of the tussock moth control, North Idaho, 1947. n.d.	1

B. Typescripts, 1922-1953

	43-44	Articles by J.C. Evenden, 1922-1953	27
	45	Articles by others, 1936-1955	2

C. Inter-office Reports, 1929-1956

	46	Forest Insect Laboratory, Coeur d'Alene, 1943	1
	47-48	USDA. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, 1929-1953	14
	49	Forest Insect Investigations, 1929-1953	14
	50	Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, 1954-1956	6

D. Journal Articles, 1923-1956

	51	Reprints, 1923-1956	12
	52	In journals, 1931-1953	4

E. Other Publications, 1897?-1969

	53	Catalog of plants collected by John B. Leiberg in the Coeur d'Alene Mountains in 1895; Priest River Forest Reserve in 1897; Bitterroot Forest Reserve in Montana and Idaho in 1897.	1
	54	Proceedings of the twentieth annual Western Forest Insect Work Conference. 1969.	1
	55	Sale Area Betterment and stand improvement handbook, 1949.	1
	56	Forestry Manuals, 1910-1952	10

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