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The papers of Howard B. Stough were donated to the University of Idaho Library by Catherine Stough Lotsberg in 1982. They were processed by Emmy Lou Forster in October 1985.


Howard B. Stough, head of Life Sciences at the University of Idaho from 1932 to 1958, was born in Iona, Illinois in 1887. His training in Zoology began at Midland College (A.B. 1907) and was continued at the University of Kansas (M.A. 1909). During World War I, he served with the U.S. Army in France. Following the war, he attended Harvard University and received his Ph.D. in 1925 the year he began teaching at the University of Idaho. In 1927, he married Ruth Schwartz, a zoology graduate student. His career was again interrupted by war in 1943. He served with the U.S. Air Force in Europe from 1943-45. Following his retirement from the University of Idaho in 1958, he taught for several years at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.


The papers of Howard B. Stough consist of laboratory, lecture and research notes (1898-1967); photographs and scrapbooks (1880-1971); copies of Stough's professional publications (1925-1935); promotional literature for Leitz and other microscopes (1929-1952); and some personal correspondence and other items (1922-1974).


The papers are arranged in two parts according to size. Series one through seven are in standard archival boxes; series seven (OS) through nine (OS) contain oversize materials. Each of the two parts, one through seven and seven through nine OS are arranged chronologically. Series one contains Stough's student papers which consist of lab and lecture notes. Series two contains research material and rough drafts ofStough's professional publications, although his research notebooks are not present. Series three contains his course outlines and lecture notes. Each folder in the series represents on course. These are arranged alphabetically by course. Series four contains copies of Stough's publications and Ruth Stough's M.A. thesis from the University of Idaho. There is also correspondence relating to the purchase of a Leitz microscope and attachments. Series five, personal papers, also includes a few items of personal correspondence with Carl Stough, Howard Stough's uncle. Series six contains the negatives from Stough's photograph collection (1811-1946). The original order and folder headings have been retained. Series seven consists of photographic prints too small to be placed in archival boxes. These are mainly unidentified. The prints in series seven do not appear to match the negatives in Series six. Series eight contains large photographs which have been colored with oil paints, probably by Howard Stough, and some cartoon drawings, also by Stough. Series nine is the largest and contains nineteen extremely large scrapbooks which contain memorabilia and photographs (again mostly unidentified).

When the papers were acquired, there were approximately 3,000 photographic slides (1951-1967). These had begun to deteriorate with age; many had suffered severe color shift while in others, no image remained. In some cases, the individual cardboard slide holders had come unglued. Accordingly, the slides were discarded.


I. Education, 1898-1925 1

II. Research, 1923-1957 2

III. Teaching, 1920-1967 3-4

IV. Professional Papers, 1905-1957

V. Personal Papers, 1908-1974

VI. Negatives, 1911-1949 5

VII. Photographs, 1880-1930 OS

VIII. Artwork, n.d. OS

IX. Scrapbooks, 1904-1972 OS



Box	Folder	Description	Items

I. Education: Notes & Labbooks, 1898-1925

1	1-2	Midland College, 1898-1907	61
	3-7	University of Kansas, 1907-1909	5
	8-9	School of Aerial Photography, 1918	81
	10-12	University of Colorado, 1923	 287
	13-22	Harvard University, 1923-1925	1149
	23	Marine Biological Laboratory; Wood's Hole, Massachusetts	68

II. Research Notes, Papers, Correspondence, 1923-1957

2	24-34	"Nerve Fibers of the Earthworm," 1923-1957	664
	35-54	"Modified Mitosis/the Chick Embryo," 1929-1937	602

III. Teaching: Course Outlines/Lecture Notes, 1920-1967

	55-65	Biology-Game Management	1262
3	66-87	Genetics-Photography Technique	2755
4	88-93	Vertebrates-Zoology	507

IV. Publications and professional papers, 1905-1957

	94	"Nerve Fibers of the Earthworm," 1925	1
	95	The Midland; 1905, 1907	2
	96	Other Publications, 1910-1935	5
	97	Ruth Stough: M.A. Thesis, 1927	1
	98	Leitz microscope correspondence, 1932-1952	23
	99	Microscope pamphlets, 1932-1952	14
	100	Other correspondence, 1935-1957	4

V. Personal Papers, 1908-1974

	101	Carl Stough Correspondence, 1925-1927	45
	102	Christmas Cards, 1929	17
	103	Other papers, 1908-1957	10
	104	Film records, 1922-1927	3
	105	Sabbatical leave report, 1949-1950	123
	106	Samples/printing hobby, 1939-1974	12

VI. Negatives, 1911-1949

5	107-162 Negatives, 1911-1949	843

VII. Photographs, 1897-1972

	163-176 Photographs, n.d.	561
OS	Large photographs, n.d.	59

VII. Artwork, n.d. 26

IX. Scrapbooks, 1909-1972 19

	1. "1904-1907"
	2. Carl Stough, 1913
	3. Chadron, Nebraska, Atchison, Kansas, 1915-1917
	4. "1915-1916"
	5. "World War I," 1918-1921
	6. Harvard & Wood's Hole, 1923-1926
	7. "Invoices," 1925-1962
	8. Wedding trip & Wood's Hole, 1926-1928
	9. Europe I, 1934
	10. Europe II, 1934
	11. U.S. Army Air Forces, 1943-1945
	12. Sabbatical Leave I, 1949-1950
	13. Sabbatical Leave II, 1949-1950
	14. Sabbatical Leave III, 1949-1950
	15. World Flight I, 1962
	16. World Flight II, 1962
	17. African Safari I, 1967-1968
	18. African Safari II, 1967-1968
	19. [Europe], 1970

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