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History of Journalism Papers, 1932- 1960.

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Student papers on Idaho newspapers for Journalism 185, the History of Journalism. Described by Hal Douglas Carr, February 1987; revised January 1995.

Box 1

Aberdeen, Idaho

Chandler, Dorothy Snyder. The Aberdeen Times, 1938. 48 p.

Arco, Idaho

Hoebel, Ada Marcia. A chronological history of the Arco Advertiser, 1937. 23 p.

Blackfoot, Idaho

Austin, Billye Jane. A chronological history of the Blackfoot Daily Bulletin, 1938. 38 p.

Rich, Sam. A chronological history of the Weekly Idaho Republican, 1937. 25 p.

Boise, Idaho

Kerr, Mary Lucile. History of the Idaho Statesman, Boise, Idaho, 1932. 13 p.

Leitner, Neil. The Idaho Daily Statesman - a history, 1960. 23 p.

Riddle, Art. History of the Idaho Daily Statesman, 1948. 32 p.

Bonners Ferry, Idaho

King, Pat. The history of Bonners Ferry Herald from its files, 1948. 17 p.

Harrigan, Gwendolyn. History of the Bonners Ferry Herald, 1938. 66 p.

Buhl, Idaho

Dakin, Edward. A history of the Buhl Herald, 1938. 41 p.

Burley, Idaho

Johnson, Marion. The history of the Burley Bulletin, Burley, Idaho weekly, 1936. 23 p.

Cambridge, Idaho

Boyd, James. A history report, the Cambridge Reporter, 1937. 25 p.

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Anderson, Elva. The Coeur d'Alene Press, 1936. 30 p.

Wilson, N. Avon. The Pack Mule Press of the Coeur d'Alenes, 1938. 49 p.

Council, Idaho

Lawrence, Wendell. History of the Adams County Leader, 1938. 34 p.

Craigmont, Idaho

Bevis, Ruth Lee. The Lewis County Register, n.d. 30 p.

Emmett, Idaho

Flanigan, James C. A history of the Emmett Messenger-Index, 1960. 28 p.

Moore, Boyd A. A historical sketch of the Emmett Index, 1938. 19 p.

Genesee, Idaho

Armstrong, Keith. History of the Genesee News, 1888-1934, 1934. 13 p.

Glenn's Ferry, Idaho

Thomas, June. History of the Glenn's Ferry Gazette, 1948. 11 p.

Gooding, Idaho

James, Murva. The Gooding Leader, 1936. 38 p.

Grangeville, Idaho

Blake, Sumner T. Compiled history of the Standard, the Grangeville News, and the Standard News of Grangeville, Idaho, 1938. 45 p.

Carson, Mildred. A history of the Idaho County Free press, Grangeville, Idaho, 1886-1935, 1936. 50 p.

Lucas, Albert C. The Grangeville Globe, 1938. 44 p.

Hailey, Idaho

Price, John. A history of the Hailey papers, 1938. 60 p.

Burkhart, May Napier. History of the Hailey Times, 1948. 11 p.

Hazelton, Idaho

Stokesberry, Waletta. Segregation News at Hazelton, Idaho, 1936. 24 p.

Homedale, Idaho

Townsend, Lee. A history of the Owyhee Chronicle, 1960. 24 p.

Idaho City, Idaho

Power, Otto. A history of the Idaho World, published at Idaho City, Idaho, 1863-1918, 1936. 27 p.

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Ferebauer, Jack. History of the Idaho Falls Post-Register, n.d. 7 p.

Neff, Brad. A history of the Idaho Falls Post-Register, 1950. 9 p.

Jerome, Idaho

Montgomery, Mary E. The North Side News, Jerome, Idaho, 1936. 14 p.

Barnes, Jack A. A history of the Jerome North Side News, 1950. 10 p.

Kamiah, Idaho

Schmauder, Arthur R. History of the Clearwater Progress, 1956. 14 p.

Kellogg, Idaho

Whiteman, Dorothy. History of the Kellogg-Wardner News, Kellogg, Idaho, 1936. 19 p.

Kendrick, Idaho

Rudeen, C. G. A history of the Kendrick Gazette since 1890, 1938. 60 p.

Kooskia, Idaho

Ranta, B. E. The Kooskia Mountaineer, 1938. 23 p.

Lewiston, Idaho

Bullock, Earl R. The Lewiston News, J. W. Curtis, editor, 1936. 15 p.

Burleigh, Katherine. The Lewiston Teller, 1950. 10 p.

Chapin, Dwight.A history of the Lewiston Morning-Tribune, 1960. 30 p.

Hughes, John B.A history, Lewiston, Idaho Morning-Tribune, 1892-1955, 1956. 38 p.

Hymowech, Bernard. The mining promotion schemes of the Golden Age Newspaper, 1968. 6 p.

Longeteig, Norma. The Lewiston Morning-Tribune, 1892-1932, 1933. 6 p.

Petersen, Aris,The Golden Age, history of the first Idaho newspaper, 1938. 9 p.

Stanton, Richard, A history of the Golden Age, 1934. 10 p.

Box 2

Moscow, Idaho

Anderson, Cliff G. A historical sketch of the newspapers leading up to and including the Moscow News-Review, 1934. 23 p.

Gibbs, Rafe. History of the Times-Democrat, "Sam Owings' paper", 1891-1904, 1934. 25 p.

Ormsby, Marie. The Daily Idahonian; the Palouse Empire's leading daily,1956. 8 p.

Plastino, Ben. History of the Moscow Star-Mirror, 1932. 8 p.

Moscow, Idaho - University of Idaho

Finlayson, Robert M. The Idaho Blue Bucket, 1950. 7 p.

Hanley, Frances. History of the Idaho Argonaut, 1934. 19 p.

Hansen, Orval. History of the Idaho Argonaut, 1948. 10 p.

Mountain Home, Idaho

Culp, Perry, Jr. The Mountain Home Republican, 1934. 17 p.

Mullan, Idaho

Bjorkman, Sam. Historical sketch of the Mullan News, 1938. 35 p.

Murray, Idaho

Martin, John E.The gold rush and the Murray News, 1950. 10 p.

Nampa, Idaho

Emerine, Steve.A history of the Idaho Farm Journal, 1956. 16 p.

Hiaring, Philip. The history of the Idaho Free Press, 1919-1936. 1936. 40 p.

Nez Perce, Idaho

Schwartz, Iris.The Nezperce Herald, 1946. 17 p.

Orofino, Idaho

Florell. The Clearwater Tribune, n.d. 9 p.

Howard, Harry T. Orofino: its birth - its life and the birth and life of its newspapers, 1948. 12 p.

Payette, Idaho

Pence, Jean. Historical sketch of the Payette Independent, 1891-1936, 1936. 33 p.

Pierce City, Idaho

Boyd, Harold.A history of the Pierce City Miner (1902-1909), 1934. 16 p.

Plummer, Idaho

Wetter, Hans.The complete history sketches of: the Plummer Reporter, the

Plummer Times, the Plummer Advocate, the Benewah County News, 1938. 38 p.

Pocatello, Idaho

Cusano, John J. A history of the Idaho State Journal, 1934. 11 p.

Hale, Eileen.History of the Pocatello Tribune, n.d. 5 p.

Post Falls, Idaho

Mellinger, J. Forrest. Post Falls and the Post Falls Advance, n.d. 7 p.

Rathdrum, Idaho

Fisher, Irene. The Rathdrum Tribune, 1936. 18 p.

Rexburg, Idaho

Rytting, George. History of the Rexburg Journal and the Silver Hammer, 1936. 22 p.

Rupert, Idaho

Abbott, Bob. Historical sketch of the Minidoka County News, consolidated with the Pioneer-Record, 1938. 33 p.

St. Maries, Idaho

Hughes, Douglas A. The St. Maries Gazette-Record, 1960. 11 p.

Stickney, Elizabeth. St. Maries Courier, 1901-1905; St. Maries Gazette, 1906- 1918; St. Maries Record, 1913-1918; St. Maries Gazette-Record, 1918- 1938, 1938. 98 p.

Salmon, Idaho

McKinney, Jack. Recorder Herald, official newspaper of Lemhi County and the city of Salmon, 1936. 48 p.

Sandpoint, Idaho

Derr, Allen R. Fifty-year newspaper history of Sandpoint, Idaho, 1899-1949, n.d. 17 p.

Dick, Elizabeth. History of the Pend d'Oreille Review, n.d. 6 p.

McMillan. A history of the Northern Idaho News, published in Sandpoint, Idaho, 1932. 6 p.

Pietsch, Gary L. Fifty-seven year history of the Sandpoint News-Bulletin and its antecedents, 1899-1956, 1956. 24 p.

Troy, Idaho

Erikson, Don E. History and description of Troy, Idaho newspapers, 1959.26 p.

Kimble, Stephen B. History of the Latah County Press, 1960. 11 p.

Twin Falls, Idaho

Haller, Ruth.A history of the Idaho Evening Times, 1936. 21 p.

Wurster, Marjorie. History of the Twin Falls Daily News, 1934. 16 p.

Wallace, Idaho

Conley, Vincent. History of the Wallace Press-Times, Wallace, Idaho, 1950. 11 p.

Druding, Marjorie.The Wallace Miner,1934. 10 p.

Weiser, Idaho

Dillon, John B. The Weiser Signal and the Weiser American, 1950. 11 p.

Wilder, Idaho

Colley, Everett A.The Wilder Herald,1938. 30 p.

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