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Manuscript Group 150

R.C. Halliday and Company, Dillon, Montana

Letters from Idaho, 1885-1893
0.5 cubic feet.

The 85 items of correspondence from Camas, Idaho, to R.C. Halliday of Dillon, Montana, were purchased from Charles Apfelbaum, New York, by the University of Idaho Library on March 21, 1988. It was processed by Judith Nielsen in June 1988. In July 1994, ten additional letters, a majority of which were from Salmon, Idaho, were purchased from Michael Vinson, Austin Texas. The new purchase was added to the original group and the inventory was revised by Ms. Nielsen in March 1995.


This manuscript group contains 85 handwritten letters and orders sent to R.C. Halliday of Dillon, Montana, by the hotel and saloon owners of Camas, Idaho, between the years 1885 and 1893. The bulk of the letters were written in 1890 and 1891; there are no letters in 1892.

Camas, formerly known as Lava, is located in Bingham County, Idaho, 60 miles north of Blackfoot. It was settled in 1879 and its population at the time of these letters was 250. The gazetteers and business directories for the period list only four of the eleven correspondents: Adams, M.H., hotel and confectionery; Paris, W.R., saloon, Monroe, Thomas, Saloon; Miller and Co., saloon. Another correspondent, Florence Adams, was the sister of Mr. Halliday.

Of the ten additional letters, only one is from Camas. Seven are from Salmon, with two from Idaho Falls (one under its earler name of Eagle Rock).

The goods Halliday supplied included beer, cider, whiskey, lemonette, cigars, cigarettes, and occasionally rum, gin, sherry, blackberry, smoking tobacco, and cigarette papers.

The correspondence, which was in no apparent order when received, was placed in chronological order. The ten additional letters are in chronological order in a separate folder.



1	1	Camas, Idaho
			Correspondence and orders, 1885	5
	2		Correspondence and orders, 1886	6
	3		Correspondence and orders, 1887	3
	4		Correspondence and orders, 1888	2
	5		Correspondence and orders, 1889	7
	6		Correspondence and orders, 1890	38
	7		Correspondence and orders, 1891	22
	8		Correspondence and orders, 1893	2
	9	Other correspondence and orders, 1885-1893	10



Adams, Florence, 1887
Adams, Milo H., 1885
Baker, J.N. & Co., 1886
Cook, T.G., 1890, 1891, 1893
Just, H.J., 1886
Miller, Fred & Co., 1889, 1890, 1891
Monroe, Tom, 1888
Parrish, W.R., 1886, 1887, 1888 (supplemental group)
Peuglase, J.W., 1885
Rivers, Edward A., 1890
Van Noy, J.M., 1889-1890


Brown, William J., 1890
Dore, Timothy, 1890
Mingle, Ed, 1893
Pope & McDonnell, 1885, 1886
Taylor, J.S., 1893
Young, Samuel H., 1890

Idaho Falls (Eagle Rock)

Chamberlain, D.F., 1893
Smith, T.J., 1886

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