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Papers, 1976-1985
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The papers of Corlann "Corky" Gee Bush were donated to the University of Idaho Library by Ms. Bush in October 1985. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in January 1990.


Corlann Bush began her career at the University of Idaho as an Instructor of English in September 1967, a position she held until she became Director of Intercultural Programs in September 1970. In 1974 she became Director of Special Services, a position which included developing and administering the Women's Center and its programs, coordinating the National Student Exchange Program, supervising the International Student Advisor and Director of Drug Education, and serving as a member of the Affirmative Action Committee. One of the Women's Center programs was the Rural Women's History Project for which she was principal investigator. In March 1977 she was appointed Assistant Dean for Student Advisory Services. She resigned this position to become Affirmative Action and Human Resources Director at Montana State University, Bozeman, on October 1, 1985.

Bush received her B.A. degree in American Studies/Geology from Bowling Green State University in Ohio in 1965 and her M.S. in English from Montana State University in 1967. She was Program Planning Chair of the Idaho Coordinating Committee for International Women's Year, and vice chair of the Idaho delegation to the International Women's Year National Conference in Houston, Texas, in 1977. She was also coordinator of the Northwest Women's Studies Association, and chair of the Idaho Committee for International Women's Decade. In 1978 she was selected as the Outstanding Young Woman of the Year for the State of Idaho, and was included in MS. magazine's article "80 Women to Watch in the 80s."


The papers of Corlann Bush span the years 1976 to 1985, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1980 to 1985.

The items in the collection reflect her involvement with women's issues and include reports and other mailings from the American Association of University Women and other organizations, personal correspondence, photocopies of articles, and cassette tapes primarily of interviews with rural women.

The papers of the Rural Women's History Project for which Corky Bush was principal investigator are in Manuscript Group 68 in the University of Idaho Library.


Although the papers in this record group were in labeled folders, there was no apparent order to the material. Therefore while folder headings were retained, a series order was imposed during processing.

The first series, which contains material concerning the American Association of University Women, was divided into two subseries, the Idaho Division and the National organization. Included in the Idaho section are reports from various branches, division reports and mailings, and a list of notable women in Idaho. Items in the folder for the Moscow Branch include directories and brochures. The items in the National organization subseries include Action Alerts and other mailings, and information on several workshops. Corky Bush was chairman of the Topic Committee Taking Hold of Technology, and folders in that section include correspondence, memos, photocopies of articles on various types of technology, handouts for workshops, and evaluations of courses. Folders in this series were placed in alphabetical order, but no attempt was made to organize material within the folders.

The material for the series International Women's Year includes correspondence, memos, programs for both the state and the national congresses, and evaluations of the state congress.

The personal papers include correspondence, campus and community courses and workshops she taught, articles about her, letters of commendation, and certificates of performance and achievement.

Most of the cassette tapes are from Bush's involvement with rural feminism. Others include a recording of a 10 Year Plan Council Meeting, and a lecture on agriculture.


I.	American Association of University Women, 1977-1985	1
	A.	Idaho Branch, 1979-1984
	B.	National Organization, 1977-1985
II.	International Women's Year, 1977-1979	1
III.	Personal, 1976-1985	1
IV.	Cassette Tapes, n.d.	2


I. American Association of University Women, 1977-1985

A. Idaho Branch, 1979-1984

1	1	Branch Reports, 1984	18
	2	Division Mailings, 1984	3
	3	Division Reports, 1984	43
	4	Moscow Branch, 1979-1982	12
	5	Notable Women in Idaho, 1984?	5

B. National Organization, 1977-1985

	6	Action Alerts, 1981-1982	9
	7	Educational Foundation, 1981-1983	7
	8	Families and Work Project, 1982	4
	9	Forms, 1983-1984	3
	10	Nominating Procedures, 1983-1984	5
	11	Policies and Bylaws, 1977-1981	4
	12	Position Papers, 1982	9
		Taking Hold of Technology	
	13-17	Topic Committee correspondence, memos, reports, etc., 1981-1983	161
	18	Bio-Medical Technology, 1980-1985	48
	19	Computer Literacy, 1983	14
	20	Future Technology, 1979-1982	13
	21	Information Technology, 1980-1981	17
	22	Order of Consequences, n.d.	4
	23	Women's Vote Project, 1984	5
	24	Workshops, General Information, 1984	2
		Workshop Exercises	
	25	Communication Skills, n.d.	10
	26	Conflict Management, n.d.	3
	27	Group Process, n.d.	15
	28	Personal Growth, n.d.	7
	29	Problem Solving, n.d.	8

II. International Women's Year, 1977-1979

	30-31	National Conference, 1977-1979	45
	32	Idaho Conference, 1977	49

III. Personal Papers, 1976-1985

	33-34	Correspondence, General, 1976-1985	176
	35	ERA and other Political Correspondence, 1978-1980	13
	36	Assertiveness Training Workshop, n.d.	32
	37	Science Fiction and Women, n.d.	2
	38	Sex Roles Class: Androgyny, n.d.	2
	39	Environmental Education and Women, n.d.	1
	40	Farm Women's Organization, 1978-1984	7
	41	Women's Study Class, U of I, 1983	3
	42	Women in Idaho, 1976	7
	43	Items About Corky Bush, 1980	4
	44	Professional Recognition, 1977-1983	34

IV. Cassette Tapes, n.d.

2	45-76	Interviews with Women, n.d.	32
	77-78	Rural Feminism, Final Report, n.d.	2
	79	Rural Feminism, Stan Thomas Lecture, n.d.	1
	80	Historical Songs by Cathy Winter, n.d.	1
	81-82	Female Energy, n.d.	2
	83	Lecture on Agriculture, n.d.	1
	84	10 Year Plan Council Meeting, n.d.	1
	85	Corky Bush, n.d.	1

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