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Records, 1985-1988
1 cubic foot

The records of The Brewery, a Troy, Idaho restaurant, were donated to the University of Idaho Library by owner Herman Ronnenberg in April 1989. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in March 1990.


In early 1985 Herman and Diane Ronnenberg purchased the North Idaho Cowboy Bar in Troy, Idaho, from Glen and Donna Mae Wallen. After extensive remodelling The Brewery opened as a restaurant specializing in French and Italian food. In 1986 ethnic weeks began, each week being devoted to a different ethnic food, Italian, Cajun, American steaks, or German. Each Thursday a seven course international beer banquet was offered, with foods accompanied by the appropriate beer. Outside activities of the owners left little time for running the restaurant, so in April of 1988 it was sold to Ronald and Pat Asker, owners of the land on which the restaurant was located.


The records of The Brewery span the years 1985 to 1988, and are mainly financial in nature, although some legal papers are included, as are menus, recipes, and lists of standard supplies. Also included are personal financial records of owner Herman Ronnenberg.


The material in this record group was in labeled folders when received. All financial and legal material was organized by month. Since it was decided to discard all but a sample of the invoices, the material retained was organized by type. It was decided to keep the entire file for the first and last months of operation, April 1985 and March 1988, and two arbitrarily chosen months, July 1986 and October 1987.

The types of material retained include check registers, newspaper advertising, coupons, employee wage records, insurance records, legal documents which include the agreement to purchase and the agreement to sell, remodelling expenses, the summary of monthly sales, tax related material, menus and recipes, and prep lists, which are lists of supplies kept on hand. Miscellaneous items include telephone order forms for takeout food, Guide to Idaho Labor Laws, and an Idaho Department of Law Enforcement, Alcohol Beverage Control Division, Inspection Report. The final items are personal check registers and income statements of restaurant owner Herman Ronnenberg.

Invoices for liquor, beer, wine, and food, utility bills, receipts from charge cards, employee time cards, paid checks and bank statements were discarded. In all the records were reduced by four cubic feet.


I.	Financial and Legal Records, 1985-1988	1
II.	Menus, Recipes, etc, 1985-1988	1
III.	Herman Ronnenberg, Personal, 1978-1987	1


I. Financial and Legal Records, 1985-1988

1	1-4	Check registers, 1985-1988	1124
	5	Advertising and coupons, 1985-1988	31
	6-9	Employee wage records, 1985-1988	1269
	10	Financial correspondence, 1985-1987	3
	11	Insurance, 1985-1988	40
	12	Insurance: Herbert J. Simeone's unemployment claim, 1986	7
	13	Legal documents, agreements, fees, 1985-1988	35
	14	Liquor license receipts, 1985-1987	11
	15	Remodelling expenses, 1985-1987	52
	16	Summary of sales, 1985-1988	30
	17	Taxes, property, 1985-1988	17
	18	Taxes, federal, 1985-1988	18
	19	Taxes, state, 1985-1988	19
	20	Complete file: April 1985	225
	21	Complete file: July 1986	258
	22	Complete file: October 1987	216
	23	Complete file: March 1988	181

II. Menus, Recipes, etc., 1985-1988

	24	Ethnic dinners: Cajun, 1986	6
	25	Ethnic dinners: Chinese, 1986	4
	26	Ethnic dinners: German, 1986	5
	27	Ethnic dinners: Mexican, 1986	3
	28	Ethnic dinners: American steak, 1986	3
	29	Menus, 1985-1988	11
	30	Menus: International beer banquets, 1986-1987	6
	31	Menus: Daily specials, n.d.	5
	32	Miscellaneous, 1986-1987	11
	33	Prep lists, n.d.	9

III. Herman Ronnenberg, Personal, 1978-1987

	34	Personal financial records, 1978-1987	52

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