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John Early

Fort Hall Indian Reservation
Economic Study Papers, 1961-1976
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The Fort Hall Indian Reservation economic study papers of John Early, University of Idaho Extension Economist, were donated to the University of Idaho Library by the Agricultural Economics/Rural Sociology Department in March 1991. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in February 1993.


In the mid 1970s agricultural economist John Early collected material concerning the economic feasibility of converting range land on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation to dry land farming. His papers include correspondence, mimeographed reports and maps.

Materials were left in their received order, and no series designations were made.


1	1	Dry farm areas, 1975	1
	2	Annual range management report, 1974	2
	3	Range data, 1976	1
	4	Range capacity information, 1974-1976	21
	5	Data sources, 1961-1973	14
	6	Soil survey, n.d.	1
	7	Environmental assessment, dryland farming, Fort Hall Indian Reservation, 1975	1
	8	Preliminary analysis of development of proposed Shoshone-Bannock tribal farm on the Michaud irrigation project, n.d.	1
	9	Environmental assessment  , range improvement projects, Fort Hall Indian Agency, Idaho, ca.1961	1
	10	Proposed draft environmental impact statement, Gay Mine, Fort Hall Indian Agency, Idaho, 1973	1
	11	Environmental Assessment, Gay Mine, Fort Hall Indian Agency, Idaho, 1974	1
	12	Environmental assessment, conversion to dry farming, Fort Hall Reservation, 1975	1
	13	Economic feasibility study, irrigated farming enterprise for Shoshone-Bannock tribes, Inc., 1973	1
o.s.	14	Range management maps, 1971-1980, 1974-1976	2
	15	Farm unit plat maps, n.d.	1
	16	Land status plat maps, Fort Hall Indian Reservation, Idaho, 1971	1

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