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Papers, 1951-1983
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Karen R. Davis donated the 1951 nutritional status report papers to the University of Idaho Library in September 1986. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in August 1991.


In 1951, as part of a national nutrition survey, the Home Economics Department, with Kathleen Warnick as principal investigator, collected data from high school students in three communities, Boise, Nampa, and Coeur d'Alene. In 1983 Karen Davis of the Home Economics Research Department obtained the data from Mrs. Warnick and made an unsuccessful attempt to locate the students in order to do a follow up study.

These papers contain the original data gathered by Kathleen Warnick and her associates on the nutrition of high school students, documenting such things as meal patterns, diet histories, nutrient intake, servings of food eaten, and soup consumption, as well as several published reports using the data collected. Also included is Karen Davis' correspondence with the high schools in an attempt to locate the students, and her proposals for several grants.

All material retains the original folder headings and physical arrangement. Published material, other than that directly related to the study, was removed for review by subject librarians. Boxes 2 and 3 consist of oversize charts shelved flat.


1	1	Nutritional status, Grant proposals, 1979-1983	16
	2	Publications from the 1950s nutritional status survey, 1954-1963	10
	3	Parents' occupations, 1951	1
	4	Meal patterns, 1951	41
	5	Wetzel grid findings, 1951	21
	6	Data sheets, 1955-1973	5
	7	Draft reports, 1951	15
	8-9	Bone density determinations, 1951-1957	44
	10	Dental phase of RMA; tabulations, calculations, charts, 1951	23
	11-12	Diet histories, 1951	21
	13	Nutrient intake, 1951	35
	14	Physical findings, 1951	21
	15	Servings of foods eaten, 1951	50
	16	Nutritional status bulletin charts, 1955	29
	17	Tabulation charts: food groups eaten at each meal, 1951	285
	18	Soup consumption, 1951	6
2	19	Computer print-out of data, n.d.	1
	20	Idaho food records, by individual, 1951	47
3	21	Idaho food records, by individual, 1951	235

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