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Manuscript and articles, 1946-1984
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The bound typescript for Beacon for Mountain and Plain was transferred to the manuscript accessions from the Day-NW collection in 1986; the remaining material was sent to Calvin Warnick by Gibbs for an exhibit held May 14, 1989, after which it was deposited in the university library. The two accessions were combined and processed by Judith Nielsen in September 1991.


This record group contains a three volume corrected typescript of Gibbs' history of the University of Idaho and 2 books and many articles authored by him which were published in a variety of popular magazines. The latter formed part of an exhibit held at the university on May 14, 1989. Also included is an oversize framed photograph of Rafe Gibbs and Alfred Dunn, the artist who illustrated many of Gibbs' stories.

Each accession forms its own series. The stories in series II are arranged alphabetically by journal.


I. Typescript, 1962

1	1	"Beacon for Mountain and Plain," 1962	3

II. Exhibit Items, 1948-1984

	2	Beacon for Mountain and Plain, 1962	1
	3	Beckoning the Bold, 1976	1
	4	American, The, November 1950, p.53. "Mail for Hell's Canyon."	1
	5	Collier's, March 1, 1947, p.57. "Million-acre boom."	1
	6	Congressional Record, July 13, 1962, p.12622. "Idaho observes Morrill Act centennial."	1
	7	Coronet, April 1948, p. 148. "Up where adventure begins."	1
	8	Country Gentleman, March 1951, p.22. "Sheep on the comeback trail."	1
	9	Farm Journal, June 1948, p.18. "That's my pop!"	1
	10	Ford Times, 1948-1965	13
			"Happy fiddler." July 1948, p.29
			"My favorite town, Moscow, Idaho." September 1949, p.22
			"Potatoes--Idaho preferred!" December 1950, p.46
			"The song of the shepherd." February 1952, p.27
			"Burke, Idaho--where trains stop, look, listen." May, 1952, p.2
			"My Tom Sawyer town--Yakima, Washington." April 1954, p.2
			"Church from a pack saddle." October 1957, p.23
			"Art trail through Idaho." May 1958, p.51
			"Long on scenery, short on people; Idaho's Owyhee county." May 1960, p.27
			"Ivy league ski bowl in the Hoodoos." December 1961, p.60
			"Visit the MOON this summer." June 1962, p.19
			"Idaho celebrates a centennial." April 1963, p.8
			"Skier's heaven in Idaho." January 1965, p.2
	11	Gryphon, The. December 1946, p.3 "Idaho's University says 'Hello'."	1
	12	Lincoln and Mercury Times, November-December 1956, p.28. "The mountain that came back."	1
	13	Lion, The, July-August 1958, p.10. "Go climb a mountain!"	1
	14	Mainliner, October 1964, p.13. "The wooden Indian rides again."	1
	15	Pic, September 1953, p.45. "Play that king."	1
	16	Popular Mechanics, 1950-1962	8
			"Homestead on the Range." January 1950, p.133
			"College in the tall timber." June 1950, p.84
			"The campus is 'on the air'." September 1950, p.125
			"The lost rivers return." July 1951, p.117
			"The richest hole in the mountain." May 1952, p.65
			"Cattle ranch in a canyon." March 1953, p.124
			"Potatoes start a revolution." February 1961, p.160
			"Tractorjack stampede." October 1962, p.140
	17	Saturday Evening Post, August 1984, p.90. "Cruising up the river."	1
	18	Sunday Digest, April 5, 1953, p.1. "Fighting parson of the pines."	1
	19	Varsity, January 1951, p. 14. "College boxing has the answer."	1
	20	Woman, September 1947, p.40. "The price of an aching heart."	1
	21	Unidentified. "Holiday at Okanagan."	1
os	22	22"x11" framed exhibit. Photographs of Rafe Gibbs and Alfred Dunn with narrative about their collaboration, ca.1989	1

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