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Papers, 1950-1984
1.5 cubic feet

The papers of geology professor George Williams were donated to the University of Idaho library in June 1989. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in October 1991.


George Arthur Williams was born January 14, 1918 in Wilcox, Arizona. From 1937 to 1940 he taught in the public school system in Texas before returning to the Texas College of Mines and Metallurgy (now University of Texas-El Paso) where he received his B.S. in Mining Engineering in 1943. He then served in the U.S. Naval Reserve as an engineering officer in the South Pacific until 1946. He received his Ph.D. degree in Geology from the University of Arizona in 1951, after which he was employed as chief of the stratigraphic studies group of the U.S. Geological Survey in Grand Junction, Colorado. In 1954 he became an exploration geologist for the Union Carbide Corporation's nuclear energy division in Wyoming and northern Colorado. He joined the faculty at the University of Idaho as a geological engineer in 1957. He served as head of the department of geology from 1965 to 1983 and as Director of the Idaho Mining and Minerals Resources Research Institute from 1983 to 1988, and also participated in the Glaciological Institute program in Alaska. He was chairman of the Faculty council during the 1986/87 school year. In 1988 he retired to Ojai, California.

He is a member of the Geological Society of America, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Sigma Xi, Idaho Academy of Science, Northwest Mining Association and was a charter member of the International Association of Mathematical Geologists. Among the University Committees he served on were Audio-Visual Evaluation, Tenure Competency Review, 1964 Presidential Search, and the Teacher Education Coordinating Committee. He was also curator of the College of Mines museum collection and was a member of the Advisory Board for Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology.


The papers of George Arthur Williams were in no perceived order when received; they were therefore put in a straight alphabetical sequence by type of material or subject. Included are a 1975 accreditation report for the geology department, articles and speeches of George Williams, correspondence, College of Mines and Earth Resources (COMER) brochures and dean search committee minutes, course evaluations, minutes of the 1964 university presidential search committee which Williams served on, application and reports of a student project on the mercury contamination of the Jordan Creek drainage near Silver City, two special projects funded by the university on which Williams worked, minutes of staff meetings of the geology and geography departments, minutes of the Teacher Education Coordinating Committee, and information on the United Nations University.

Published material was sent to subject librarians for review and duplicates of mimeographed material were discarded, thereby reducing the bulk of the material by 0.5 cubic feet.


Box 	Folder	Description					Items
1	1	Accreditation report, Department of Geology, ca.1975	1
	2	Articles and speeches by George Williams, 1964-1982	9
	3	Articles by others, 1957	1
	4	Articles from Science, 1980-1981	6
	5	Class schedule cards, 1958/19-1964/65	15
	6	COMER brochures, ca.1980	4
	7	COMER dean search committee minutes, 1974-1975	9
	8	Competency and tenure review information, 1974-1981	46
	9-22	Correspondence, 1963-1984	864
	23	Course evaluations, 1970/71	11
	24	Miscellaneous, 1952-1981	8
	25	National Science Foundation material, 1967-1970	7
	26	Notes for a possible publication? n.d.	15
	27	Personal, 1968-1981	12
	28	Presidential search committee, 1964	14
	29	Professional Engineers Exam, 1955-1972	33
	30	Professional Organizations, 1966-1979	10
	31	Seminar paper "The origin of black shales" by George Williams, 1950	1
	32-34	Silver City (Jordan Creek) project, 1972-1975	77
	35	Special research project 60. The origin of clay minerals and clay deposits, 1958-1960	26
	36	Special research project 116. Geology, geochemical and benefaction of low grade phosphate ores, 1966-1968	16
2	37-39	Staff meetings, Geology and Geography departments, 1958/59-1972/73	212
	40	Teacher Education Coordinating Committee, 1979-1981	44
	41	United Nations University, 1973-1974	12

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