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Ledgers and Other Papers, 1888-1989
2 cubic feet

The photographic negative ledgers of Nellie Stockbridge were part of the Barnard-Stockbridge photograph collection which was donated to the University of Idaho by the estate of Miss Stockbridge in 1964; the remaining papers were transferred from file cabinets in Special Collections. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in August 1993.


In 1964 the University of Idaho Library received a collection of over 200,000 nitrocellulose and glass plate negatives taken by Nellie Stockbridge and her predecessor and the founder of the studio, Mr. T.N. Barnard. The photos were taken during 1894-1964 of various aspects of life in the Wallace/Kellogg mining area. Prints were made of many of the negatives, and the photographs and negatives were cataloged by the Special Collections Department where they are available to the public.

The first series, Studio Ledgers, contains Miss Stockbridge's ledgers which were used in cataloging the photographs. They are arranged first chronologically by year, then alphabetically by person requesting the photograph, with the negative number either preceding or following the name.

The second series, Special Collections Files, contains material transferred from the file cabinets in the Special Collections Department. Included are correspondence, brochures, labels used in a display, and photocopies of articles on fraternal orders, military insignia and other articles used as reference materials during the cataloging of the photographs. Also included is a draft copy of the book Mining Town, by Patricia Hart and Ivar Nelson, published by University of Washington Press in 1984.


I. Studio Ledgers, 1888-1964	1
II. Special Collections Files, 1944-1989	2


I. Studio Ledgers, 1888-1964

1	1	Postcard negatives (X), 1888-1912	1
	2	X1-X988, People, n.d.	1
	3	X's, Places, 1893-1929	1
	4	1-6083, 1912-1914	1
	5	O353-12294, 1916	1
	6	1926-1941	1
	7	1941-1946	1
	8	1941-1964	1
	9	1960-1962	1
	10	1964	1

II. Special Collections Files, 1944-1989

2	11	Cataloging manual, ca.1978	1
	12-13	Numerical list of negatives, n.d.	2
	14	Negative envelope identification, series A, B, C, N, P, X, O, n.d.	1
	15	List for 8-Z series, ca.1988	2
	16	Other negative lists, n.d.	2
	17	Barnard Stockbridge collection brochures, ca.1978-1985	3
	18	Barnard Stockbridge correspondence files, 1978-1984	58
	19	Barnard Stockbridge display, Sept.-Oct. 1989	20
	20	Photocopies of automobiles and trains, n.d.	15
	21	Clippings, 1955-1981	27
	22	National Endowment for the Humanities grant application, 1980	2
	23	Papers from V.F.248-5, 1944-1955	2
	24	Pictures, 1975-1984	25
	25	Stockbridge, 1965-1982	40
	26	Reference material used in cataloging Barnard Stockbridge photos, 1946-1977	5
	27	Mining Town, by Patricia Hart and Ivar Nelson, Draft copy, 1984	1

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