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Manuscript Group 369

Faculty Women's Club

Records, 1952-1994
1.5 cubic feet

These records of the Faculty Women's Club were donated to the University of Idaho Library by Gertrude Peterson in April 1994. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in January 1995. Earlier records, 1913-1976 are in Manuscript Group 94.


The Faculty Women's Club was founded in 1913 as a social organization to promote sociability among its members and further the interests of the university. Although membership was open to both female faculty members and wives of faculty members at the University of Idaho, the majority of the members in later years were wives and widows of retired faculty. Regular club meetings were held quarterly, but special interest groups met once or twice a month. As part of its association with the Idaho Federation of Women's Clubs, which membership the club resigned in 1988, the Faculty Women's Club sponsored an auxiliary organization for student wives called the Dames Club, as well as assisting at several annual public service projects such as the campus blood drives. The club also hosted the annual Senior Reception for graduating seniors and their parents. Until 1965 they also served the annual Commencement Tea. One of the biggest events of the social year was the Spring Fashion Show. Due to lack of interest among its members, less than half of the 80 members invited to the December 1993 tea came, the club voted at that meeting to disband. Their silver tea service was donated to the U of I president's house and the remaining china and silverware was auctioned, with the proceeds going to an endowment fund providing scholarships for Idaho women attending the University.


This group of records of the Faculty Women's Club span the years 1952 to 1994, with the bulk of the material covering the decade of the 1980s. They include administrative records such as minutes & financial reports, and information on special projects undertaken by the club.

Earlier records of the club, 1913-1976, are in Manuscript Group 94.


The series arrangement in this record group follows the arrangement of the earlier group, i.e., two series, Administrative and Special Projects.

The Administrative records, 1952-1994, contain club constitutions and records of the officers, including the president's notebook of policies and procedures, secretary's minute books, and treasurer's records. Also included are membership directories, annual programs, and material concerning the Idaho Federation of Women's Clubs which the FWC was associated with until 1988.

The second series contains material relating to the club's annual social gatherings such as the fall tea, newcomers welcome, and fashion show. Also included is a scrapbook of club activities from 1958-1985.


I. Administrative, 1952-1994 1

II. Special Projects, 1957-1991 1 & o.s.



Box Folder Description Items

I. Administrative, 1952-1994

1 1 Constitutions, 1960-1984 6 2 President's notebook of policies, procedures, etc., 1970-1980 83 3 Installation of officers and president's speeches 4 4 Notes from past presidents to new, 1952-1982 19 5-7 Secretary's minutes and notes, 1974-1994 181 8-9 Treasurer's records: Financial journals, 1964-1989 2 10-12 Bank records, 1982-1994 72 13 Insurance, 1980-1989 10 14 Inventory of silver, etc., in Faculty Lounge, 1958-1992 16 15 Murphey Favre account, 1981-1989 25 16 Reports and budgets, 1972-1984 11 17 Addresses and membership directories, 1979-1991 18 18 Correspondence between board members, 1983-1984 9 19-20 Idaho Federation of Women's Clubs, 1983-1988 60 21 Stationery, n.d. 9 22 Yearbooks, 1967-1976 9

II. Special Projects, 1957-1991

23 Activities, 1984-1991 9 24 Fall tea and interest groups sign up, 1957-1984 42 25 Fashion show, 1964-1984 15 26 Newcomer's functions, 1981-1989 7 27 Newsletters and other mailings, 1961-1985 63 28 Publicity, 1984 8 29 Special community events, 1987-1988 10 o.s. 30 Scrapbook, 1958-1985 1

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