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Records, 1978-1995
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The records of UIA-EOPA were donated to the University of Idaho Library by the president and treasurer of the organization between July 1990 and January 1995. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in April 1995. Additional materials were added to the end in 1999.


The University of Idaho Area Educational Office Personnel Association (UIA-EOPA) was a professional association for office personnel at the University of Idaho and Latah County Schools. It was organized in October 1978 by Barbara Hisel, Administrative assistant in the College of Letters and Science, and Barbara Hopkins, Assistant to the Dean, College of Education, with the assistance of Larry Merk, Business Development Specialist with the Business and Development Research Center.

The purpose of the group, as stated in the by-laws was "To elevate the standards of the educational secretaries and office personnel within the University of Idaho and Latah County public schools and to provide a finer understanding of the relationship between the University, the public schools, and the community so that ever increasing efficient service may be rendered to our educational system." To accomplish these goals the group sponsored local workshops and a certification program to measure members' services and skills as educational office personnel

The organization was affiliated with the Idaho Association of Educational Office Personnel, the National Association of Educational Office Personnel, and the Idaho Association of School Administrators.

Following the 1989/90 school year membership was down and no one was interested in filling executive offices, so the organization unofficially dissolved. Its remaining funds were transferred to the University of Idaho Foundation in 1995 and added to the Staff Education Award Endowment.


The records of the UIA-EOPA span the years 1978-1995, with a majority of the records covering the years 1989-1989.

Since only two officers, the president and the treasurer, transferred their records to the library, the material was easily arranged in two series reflecting the duties of these two offices.

The presidents' records are concerned with the public activities of the club and include the constitution and by-laws, minutes of the executive board, correspondence, meeting notices and programs, membership lists, planning for annual events such as the bosses lunch and fall conference, and brochures. The majority of the presidents' records were originally in three-ring notebooks which were kept by year. During processing it was decided to combine the individual components of each notebook and folder the material. Therefore all minutes are consecutive, as are the programs, correspondence, membership records, etc.

The treasurers' records reflect the financial condition of the club and include check registers, ledger sheets, affiliation records, financial reports on the bosses lunch and fall conference, financial statements, and workshop registrations.

The final items in the group are the gavel and 2 rubber stamps.


I. Presidents' Records, 1978-1990                       1-2
II. Treasurers' Records, 1978-1995              2



I. Presidents' Records, 1978-1990

1       1       Constitution and By-laws, 1978-1982     7
        2-3     Minutes of the Executive Board, August 1978-April 1990  114
        4       Correspondence, Local, 1979-1989        78
        5-6     Correspondence, IAEOPA, 1979-1988       75
        7       Membership lists, Newsletters, etc., 1978-1989  15
        8-9     Correspondence, NAEOPA, 1980-1988       64
        10      Meeting notices and programs, 1978-1989 57
        11      Membership lists, 1979-1988     11
        12      Officers handbook, 1980-1986    3
2       13      President's annual report, 1979-1987    8
        14      Professional Standards Program, 1984    3
        15      Bosses lunch/breakfast, 1982-1989       8
        16      Brochures, ca. 1980     4
        17      Clippings, news releases, etc., 1982    6
        18      Fall conferences, 1980-1987     23
        19      Logo design, 1987       19
        20      Labels from 1987 poster, 1987   10
        21      Stationery, n.d.        4

II. Treasurers' Records, 1978-1995

        22      Bank records, 1978-1995 6
        23      Affiliation records, 1981-1987  9
        24      Bosses lunch/breakfast, 1982-1989       12
        25      Correspondence, 1981-1989       7
        26      Fall conference, 1980-1987      13
        27      Financial statements, 1980-1982 10
        28      U of I Foundation receipts, 1988; 1995  2
        29      Ledger pages, 1979/80-1985/86   22
        30      Receipt books, 1981-1985        2
        31      Requisitions, 1978-1981 29
        32      Workshop registrations, 1980-1989       29
        33      Gavel and stamps, n.d.  3
        34      Memos, membership lists, etc., ca. 1989 8
        35      Dues journal, ca. 1986  45
        36      Dues journal, 1986/1987 95

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