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Kendrick State Bank

Records, 1899-1939
1.0 cubic feet

The records relating to the dissolution of the Kendrick State Bank were submitted to the Clerk of the District Court and were received by the University of Idaho Library as part of the Latah County Records (MG 382). In processing, they were separated to make them more accessible. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in July 1997.


The Bank of Kendrick was founded in 1890 by J.M. Walker, one of the town's first trustees. Frank Gilbert organized his First National Bank in 1892 by merging with the Bank of Kendrick. Five years later this bank was reorganized and renamed Kendrick State Bank. J.W. Bradbury became the president, L.P. Bradbury, the cashier. The bank was again reorganized in 1912.

Following this reorganization Martin V. Thomas headed the bank and G.S. Porter was the cashier. The Kendrick State Bank acquired the assets of A.H. Behren's Bank of Juliaetta in March 1931. At that time Amos Moore was president and Hugh B. Thompson the cashier.

Moore, Thompson, and N. Brocke continued to operate the Kendrick State Bank until 1939. Prior to May 5, 1939, a proposal was made by Farmer's Bank of Kendrick, founded by John P. Vollmer in 1907, to purchase the assets of the Kendrick State Bank, and to dissolve the corporation. Moore discussed the advisability of this proposal with bank officers, stockholders and a representative of the FDIC. On August 1939 he entered into a written agreement with Farmer's Bank and a resolution agreeing to the purchase was adopted at a special meeting of the Board of Directors on September 7. The resolution was approved at a meeting of holders of trust certificates later in the month. The Kendrick State Bank had ceased to exist.


The records of the Kendrick State Bank span the years 1920 to 1939, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1933 to 1939.

Included in the records are articles of incorporation, minutes of Directors' meetings, stock certificate books, tax returns, reports on the condition of the bank, and other financial records.


The records of the Kendrick State Bank have been arranged in two series, organizational and financial.

The organizational records include articles of incorporation and by-laws, minutes of Directors' meetings, a stock certificate book, two certificate of interest books, tax returns and quarterly summary reports.

The financial records include reports on the condition of the bank, earnings and dividends reports, FDIC reports, and a State of Idaho Department of Finance report on the condition of the bank in 1939, a ledger, and reconcilement of accounts book.

Several oversize volumes including a National distribution of expense account book and a Daily statement book were removed from the collection. This reduced the records by 0.5 cubic feet.


I. Organizational Records, 1899-1939	1
II. Financial Records, 1929-1939	1



Box 	Folder	Description	Items

I. Organizational Records, 1899-1939

1	1	Articles of incorporation and by-laws, 1899-1937	6
	2	Record of Directors Meetings, December 23, 1929-December 31, 1937	1
	3	Minute Book of Kendrick State Bank, January 1938-September 1939	1
	4	Minutes of directors and holders of Trust certificates, 1938-1939	3
	5	Stock certificate book, 1920-1939	1
	6-7	Certificate of interest books, 1933-1939	2
	8	Stock membership list, 1939	1
	9	Depositors trust agreement, 1933	1
	10	U.S. Corporation and excess profits returns, 1933-1939	7
	11	Idaho Corporation income tax returns, 1933-1939	7
	12	Employers tax return (Social Security), 1927-1939	13
	13	Idaho. Employers quarterly summary report, unemployment compensation, 1936-1939	16

II. Financial Records, 1929-1939

	14-15	Call reports, 1929-1939	34
	16	Circular letter announcing the reopening of the bank, 1933	1
	17	Earnings and dividends statements, 1934-1939	13
	18	Earnings and expenses reports, 1933-1935	4
	19	F.D.I.C. schedule, October 1, 1934	1
	20	F.D.I.C. Examination, February 25, 1939	1
	21	State Examination, February 25, 1939	1
	22	Schedule of crop and chattel mortgages delivered to Farmers Bank, 1939	1
	23	Reconcilement of Accounts book, May 1935-April 1940	1
	24	Ledger, 1928-1939	1

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