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Agnes Crawford Schuldt, 1902-1996

Papers, 1903-1996
3.0 cubic feet

The papers of Agnes Crawford Schuldt were donated to the University of Idaho Library by her estate, via Malcolm and Carol Renfrew, between March and April 1996. They were processed by Judith Nielsen between December 1997 and January 1998.


Agnes Eunice Crawford Schuldt was born in Pontiac, Michigan, July 5, 1902, the daughter of William Alfred and Sue Archer Crawford. At the age of five or six the she moved with her family to Syracuse, New York where she began her piano studies at age 8. She graduated from Syracuse University with a B.Mus. in 1924. She then studied piano performance in New York City with Ernest Hutcheson for a year before returning to Syracuse for her master's degree which she received in 1927. After her graduation she a ccepted a position at the University of Idaho where she remained for three years; following her first year she spent the summer in Paris studying with Nadia Boulanger. She then taught at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, from 1930 to 1932. On July 2, 1932 s he married University of Idaho English professor Lester Schuldt at Maplewood, New Jersey. They returned to Moscow and she began giving private piano lessons since University policy would not allow two salaries to go to the same family. Following her husba nd's death in 1939 she left for a year of study with Harold Bauer in New York, then taught at Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Virginia for a year before joining the Red Cross. During World War II she was recreation director with the Red Cross, first at a station hospital in Camp Livingston, Louisiana, then North Africa in and finally Europe (Italy and France) where her job was to find occupation for soldiers whose injuries might keep them in hospital for extended periods. She organized hillbilly quartet s, leather-tooling classes, and taught square knotting of belts. When the war ended, she became the Red Cross representative at the Veteran's Psychiatric Hospital at Canandaigua, New York. While at the hospital she received a telegram saying a position in the University of Idaho's music faculty had opened and she returned to the University of Idaho in 1946 where she taught piano and music history until her retirement in 1967. She took a sabbatical in England in the spring of 1958 where she studied early 1 7th century music at Oxford University. After her retirement she was a visiting professor at the University of Illinois Chicago Circle for four years. While there she developed interdisciplinary courses combining history, music, art, and scienc e, and also published related articles.

For many years she served as the faculty advisor to the college chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota International Fraternity for Women in Music. She was a member of the American Musicological Society, the American Association of University Professors, Internat ional Music Society, International Society for the Study of Time, and the academic honor societies of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Phi Kappa Lambda. She was also a member of the Moscow Fine Arts Club, Pleiades, Ballet Folk of Moscow Guild, and fr om 1980 to 1983 served on the Idaho Commission on the Arts.

In addition to her music she was an avid gardener; in June 1987 she was named a Moscow Centennial Gardner. In 1974 she received the Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts. In 1986 she established a perpetual endowment fund to be used to support th e University of Idaho School of Music library in recognition of which the library was named for her.

She died in Moscow on February 26, 1996.

Scope And Content

The records of Agnes C. Schuldt span the years 1903 to 1996, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1927 to 1995.

Included in the records are papers related to her teaching, personal papers including her work with the Red Cross during World War II, correspondence, and photographs.

Arrangement and Description

The papers of Agnes C. Schuldt were in no discernible order when received. Therefore a series order was imposed during processing.

The first series contains material related to her professional life as a teacher of piano and music history. Included are typescript and offprint copies of articles which she wrote. Also included are notes for lectures which she gave, notes and outline s for courses which she taught both and the University of Idaho and the University of Illinois Chicago Circle where she taught following her retirement. There are also articles about her, certificates she was awarded, articles about her colleagues in the music department, programs for recitals which she gave, and information on university programs she was involved with.

Series two contains personal papers. Included are address books, information on her several endowments to the university, poetry written by her father and sister, reports of her work with the Red Cross during World War II, income tax returns from 1985- 1993, and property tax receipts. There is also a large collection of correspondence. This is arranged alphabetically by correspondent, except in cases where only one or two letters were extant, or the last name of the writer was not known. Many of the let ters were from her sister Elizabeth who was a potter living in Maine. The largest group of letters is from Dean Donner, whom she met when he was an English faculty member at the University of Idaho in the late 1920's. He left the U of I, but remained clos e friends with Agnes and Lester, and wrote her often over the years. At the time of her retirement from the U of I he was Dean of Letters and Sciences at the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle, and she taught there for several years. The Donner letter s span the years 1961 to 1993. There are also some letters from Agnes to her sister, mostly during the time she was with the Red Cross. There is one trip diary written during her voyage to Europe in 1958. The final items in this series are a 1903 book of Madge Bigham Stories of Mother Goose Village, and a Polyglot Bible which belonged to her father.

The final series consists of photographs. Some of these were in envelopes identified with a name, or location, but most were undated and unidentified. Included are five tintypes in frames, and two photograph albums which were left intact. Individual ph otographs were grouped in general headings and include American Red Cross, Elizabeth Crawford, William and Sue Crawford, the Donner family, photographs of family and friends, photographs of her houses and the garden at the house she occupied from 1951 unt il her death, personal events such as her wedding and birthdays, photographs of Agnes from 1903 to 1995, photographs of her husband Lester, the Sewell family who lived near Elizabeth, and slides of art work. The travel photographs consist of photographs o f France which may or may not be commercial, and postcards, many of which she wrote to Earl and Ada David in Moscow.

Among the items removed from the collection were articles cut from magazines such as the New Yorker, which dealt with aspects of music and dance, theater programs, paid checks and bank statements, greeting cards without notes, maps, owners manuals and warranty cards, orders and invoices for plants and gardening supplies, and unused post cards. This reduced the records by 1 cubic foot.

Series List

I. Professional Papers, 1927-1991 1

II. Personal Papers, 1924-1996 2

III. Photographs, 1900-1995 3


Agnes Crawford Schuldt

Box Folder Description Items

I. Professional Papers, 1927-1991

1	1	AAUP lecture series, 1953	1
	2	Article: Abstraction, n.d.	1
	3	Article: Molecules and music, n.d.	2
	4	Article: Music and the twentieth century tendency to abstraction, 1974	3
	5	Article: Notes with music, 1963	1
	6	Article: Silence and sound (Molecules and music), n.d.	1
	7	Article: Sound and silence, 1972	3
	8	Article: The voices of time in music, 1976	2
	9	Articles and outlines, untitled, n.d.	6
	10	Book, Typescript: New perspectives in the arts and sciences in the 20th century, 1971	2
	11	Forum on the Humanities, 1984	1
	12	Review of Lipman, Samuel. Music after modernism, 1979	3
	13	Nyberg, Gary. A comparative study of Gluck's Orfeo ed Euidice and Orphee et Euridice, 1977	2
	14	History of fine arts (notes), n.d.	1
	15	Report on sabbatical leave, 1959	2
	16	Course: Interdisciplinary 400a, 1972-1973	15
	17	Course: Music 11 & 12, 1966-1967	2
	18	Course: Music 101-102, 1965-1967	4
	19	Course: Music 104, 1959	1
	20	Course: Music 208 topics, 1964-1966	12
	21	Course: Music History 404, 1977	18
	22	Course: Philosophy 204 & 121, 1974-1976	13
	23	Course, UICC: Music 220, 1969-1972	12
	24	Course, UICC: Music 220, 1970	2
	25	Course, UICC: Music 288-289, 1970-1972	12
	26	Other notes, n.d.	13
	27	Articles about Agnes C. Schuldt, 1967-1974	4
	28	Carillons, n.d.	8
	29	Certificates, diplomas, etc., 1959-1970	4
	30	Colleagues, articles about, 1964-1990	3
	31	Correspondence: Publications, 1974-1981	44
	32	Correspondence: University of Illinois, Chicago Circle, 1969-1970	11
	33	Donner, Dean Benton, 1955-1985	6
	34	Duffy, Joe. Stories, n.d.	2
	35	Idaho Commission on the Arts. Panel on Indian Crafts, 1985	10
	36	International society for the study of time, 1976-1991	25
	37	Medieval scores (photocopies), n.d.	3
	38	Mentors program, 1981-1983	16
	39	Recital programs: U of I, 1927-1965	18
	40	Recital programs: Moscow Music Club, 1933-1962	4
	41	Recital programs: Other locations, 1927-1969	8
	42	Rowell, Lewis, 1979-1984	3
	43	Sabbatical in Oxford, 1956-1957	12
	44	U of I Centennial Committee, Historical sub-committee, 1984	12
	45	UIRA (University of Idaho Retirees Association, 1979-1984	6
	46	Research note cards, n.d.	1550

II. Personal Papers, 1924-1996

2	47	Address books, n.d.	5
	48	Agnes Crawford Schuldt Letters and Science Endowment, 1991	4
	49	Agnes Crawford Schuldt Music library endowment, 1989	3
	50	Chamberlain, Lawrence & Mildred, 1981-1990	21
	51	Check register of tax deductibles, 1981-1990	1
	52	Christmas greetings, 1991-1995	20
	53	Correspondence: general, 1988-1995	40
	54-59	Correspondence: Crawford, Elizabeth (sister) 1933-1961	70
	60-65	Correspondence: Donner, Dean, Lois and family. 1961-1993	202
	66	Correspondence: Grimm, Jeff, 1994	3
	67	Correspondence: Jochen, Dagny, 1987-1992	25
	68	Correspondence: McDermit, Anne, 1991-1994	7
	69	Correspondence: Schuldt, Agnes, to family, 1924-1939	9
	70-71	Correspondence: Schuldt, Agnes to Elizabeth Crawford, 1942-1944, 1958	31
	72	Correspondence: Schuldt, Lester, 1931-1939	9
	73	Correspondence: Sewell, Marnie and family, 1948-1995	21
	74	Correspondence: Voigt, Milton, 1988-1991	16
	75	Correspondence: Wise, Elizabeth Stevenson, 1988-1989	5
	76	Crawford, Elizabeth, poetry, n.d.	4
	77	Crawford, William A., poetry, 1917-1924	7
	78	Death and tributes, 1996	3
	79	Death and tributes: Letters to Malcolm and Carol Renfrew, 1996	29
	80	Dinners, etc., 1966-1982	1
	81	Donations to the U of I, 1981-1995	27
	82	Health care, 1989-1995	14
	83	House, 1304 Deakin, 1951-1995	10
	84	Income tax data sheet, 1980	1
	85-93	Income tax returns, 1985-1993	80
	94	Legal documents, ID cards, 1894-1995	18
	95	Lester and Agnes Schuldt Faculty Seminar Endowment for Academic Excellence in the Humanities, 1993	3
	96	Passports, etc., 1928-1985	8
	97	Pleiades Club, 1970-1992	11
	98	Property tax statements, 1960-1979	23
	99	Red Cross, 1943-1946	27
	100	Renfrew, Malcolm, 1985	5
	101	Schuldt, Lester, death, 1939	10
	102	Sewell, Richard C., Wat Tyler (notations by ACS), 1988	3
	103	Stationery, n.d.	5
	104	Trip diary, 1958	1
	105	Book: Bigham, Madge A., Stories of Mother Goose Village, 1903	1
	106	Book: Polyglot Bible belonging to Will. A. Crawford, dated in pen, Apl 6, 1889	1

III. Photographs, 1900-1995

3	107	American Red Cross, 1942-1945	36
	108	Chicago, 1969-1972	49
	109	Corfu, 1982	28
	110-111	Crawford, Elizabeth, ca.1900-1967	112
	112	Crawford, John, n.d.	5
	113	Crawford, William and Sue, n.d.	21
	114	Donner, Dean, Lois & family, 1954-1989	87
	115	Family photographs, ca.1900-1928	111
	116	Friends, 1933-1983	67
	117	Houses and garden, 1932-1989	167
	118	Miscellaneous, ca.1937-1983	46
	119	Personal events, 1932-1987	37
	120	Photograph album, 1932 and earlier	1
	121	Pleiades Club, ca.1992	4
	122	Schuldt, Agnes, 1903-1995	46
	123	Schuldt, Lester, n.d.	18
	124	Sewell, Marnie & family, ca.1950-1995	15
	125	Slides of art, n.d.	177
	126	Travels, ca.1928-1969	41
	127-128	Photograph albums, n.d	2
	129-133	Tin types in frames, n.d.	5

Added June 1999

	134	Music scores, manuscript book, and other papers from ACS'
piano bench, n.d.

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