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PG 6183 (MG 183) - Hal Riegger CPRR Collection

Camas Prairie RR train of logs at Headquarters, IdahoMG183-10-001
Camas Prairie RR logging train from Headquarters, Idaho near summitMG183-10-002
Camas Prairie RR Grangeville local with two helpers near Culdesac, IdahoMG183-10-003
Union Pacific locomotive 553 at Northern Pacific's Moscow, Idaho depotMG183-10-004
Weyerhaeuser locomotive 74 pulling log trainMG183-10-005
Locomotive 2211 taking on water at Headquarters, IdahoMG183-10-006
Union Pacific locomotive 246 meets 201 at Orofino, IdahoMG183-10-007
Locomotive 2211 at summit above Headquarters, IdahoMG183-10-008
Flagman at Camas Prairie RR tunnel below Grangeville, IdahoMG183-10-009
Westbound Grangeville local on Lawyers Canyon trestle. CPRRMG183-10-010
Union Pacific locomotive 2731 at loading platform at Quartz CreekMG183-10-011
Union Pacific locomotive on Camas Prairie RR work train near Kamiah, IdahoMG183-10-012
Locomotive 1575 at water tank at Culdesac, IdahoMG183-10-013
Northern Pacific locomotive 9 on Nez Perce RailwayMG183-10-014
Signals at Marshall Junction under viaductMG183-10-015
Buckled track. CPRR. East Lewiston, IdahoMG183_14-01
Buckled track. CPRR. East Lewiston, IdahoMG183_14-02
Flooded trackway. CPRRMG183_14-03
Ice jam. Lapwai Creek. Camas Prairie RR tracksMG183_14-04
Camas Prairie RR derailment at milepost 2.5 near Lapwai, IdahoMG183_14-05
Camas Prairie RR derailment at milepost 2.5 near Lapwai, IdahoMG183_14-06
Camas Prairie RR derailmentMG183_14-07
Lawyer Canyon Viaduct. Lewiston-Grangeville LineMG183_14-08
Half-Moon Bridge. Lewiston-Grangeville LineMG183_14-09
Tunnel No. 2. Lewiston-Grangeville LineMG183_14-10
The Loop, Lewiston-Grangeville LineMG183_14-11
Tunnel no. 2 and bridge no. 19 below. Lewiston-Grangeville LineMG183_14-12
Overhead view of Camas Prairie RR trestle and tunnelMG183_15-01
Half Moon bridge Camas Prairie RR #22MG183_15-02
Camas Prairie RR trestleMG183_15-03
Closeup of Camas Prairie RR trestle near Ferdinand, IdahoMG183_15-04
Three men and rail mounted 1940s Ford on track above CuldesacMG183_15-05
Nez Perce & Idaho locomotive #1 near Tammany, IdahoMG183_21-03
Nez Perce & Idaho Railroad locomotive no. 4 in tow on trestle near Nucrag, IdahoMG183_25-25
Grave marker for Pat Ryan. 15 miles east of RipariaMG183_27-01
Train wreck at west mouth of tunnel #1 between Culdesac and ReubensMG183_27-02
Caboose opposite Idapine Lumber's slash burner. Grangeville, IdahoMG183_28-01
Headquarters logger rolls downgrade past the log loading facility at Revling spur between Summit and JaypeMG183_28-02
Headquarters logger pulls into Potlatch's Jaype UnitMG183_28-03
Camas Prairie RR train 858 between Fenn and Grangeville, IdahoMG183_28-04
Caboose of train 858 opposite water pump house and well derrick at Reubens, IdahoMG183_28-05
Union Pacific locomotive 246 and train 858 at lumber mill siding. North Lapwai, IdahoMG183_28-06
Train 858 starts up 4% grade in Lapwai Canyon near Culdesac, IdahoMG183_29-01
Tool and handcar shed. Grangeville, IdahoMG183_29-02
Train 858 on trestle between Ferdinand and Cottonwood, IdahoMG183_29-03
View from cab. Train 858 ready to leave East Lewiston, IdahoMG183_29-04
Portal of horseshoe tunnel no. 1 just above Nucrag, IdahoMG183_29-05
Snowplow pilot on Union Pacific locomotive 246. Grangeville, IdahoMG183_29-06
Ex-GN rotary, Union Pacific EMD yard switcher, Burlington Northern Geep, and Union Pacific Locomotive 2016 at yard. Hinkle, OregonMG183_29-07
Approach to tunnel #5 (7?) as seen from Union Pacific 246MG183_29-08
Depot and agent's quarters at Jaype, IdahoMG183_29-09
Headquarters logger on bridge two miles south of Jaype, IdahoMG183_29-10
Three locomotives pulling Headquarters logger at Headquarters, IdahoMG183_29-11
Slash burner and chip loading bin at lumber mill in Kamiah, Idaho. View from cabMG183_29-12
Engineer Ray at controls of Burlington Northern 1768 train #881MG183_29-13
Crew and Northern Pacific locomotive 733MG183_31-01
Train on Lawyer's Canyon trestleMG183_31-02
Lawyer Canyon bridge. Under constructionMG183_31-03
Train 859 leaving bridge opposite Lewiston, IdahoMG183_31-04
Train 859 leaving bridge opposite Lewiston, IdahoMG183_31-05
Train 859 leaving bridge opposite Lewiston, IdahoMG183_31-06
Train 859 leaving bridge opposite Lewiston, IdahoMG183_31-07
Map 1; Map of Hitman, Latah, Nez Perces, Garfield and AsotinMG183_Map-01
Map 2; Diagram, Camas Prairies Railroad CompanyMG183_Map-02
Map 3; Diagram, Camas Prairies RRMG183_Map-03
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