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Historic Photograph Collection List

These collections consist of photographs in glass negative, negative, and print forms of life, people, and environments in Moscow and the University and surrounding areas. These images date from the mid-late 19th century to the 1970's and 80's and record many events and places. Several of the Special Collection Historical Photograph Collections have been digitized by UI Library Digital Initiatives and can be viewed through their website.

You can also search for individual photographs via our Hist Photo database.

Title Group Links
Title Group Links
University of Idaho Campus Photographs PG 1
University of Idaho Student Organizations Collection PG 2
University of Idaho Portrait Collection PG 3
University of Idaho Organizations and/or Objects PG 4
Idaho Cities and Towns Photographs PG 5
Idaho Photographs PG 6
Lee Moorhouse Photographs PG 7
Barnard-Stockbridge Collection PG 8
Postcard Collection PG 9
Latah County Pioneer Association Photographs PG 10
Roy A. Bell Collection PG 11
John Miller "Trees Grew Tall" Photographs PG 12
A.B. Curtis Collection PG 13
T.B. Keith Collection PG 14
John Fahey "Hercules" Collection PG 15
R.V. Nixon Collection PG 16
Priest Lake Museum Association Photographs PG 17
John B. Wilson Studio Collection PG 18
Nez Perce County Historical Society PG 19
University of Idaho Publications Department Negatives PG 20
Civil Engineering Photographs PG 21
Associated Press WWII Photographs PG 22
Duffie Miller Photograph Collection PG 23
University of Idaho Theatre Arts Photographs PG 24
Wallace, Idaho Scenes PG 25
William Allen Stonebraker Collection PG 26
Jacob Frei Family Photographs PG 27
University of Idaho Photographs PG 29
Lewis and Clark Trail Photographs PG 30
University of Idaho Homecoming Photographs PG 31
Constance Talbott/A.B. Hatch Photographs PG 32
University of Idaho Library Photos PG 34
Idaho Scenes PG 35
Olaf P. Larson Stereoption Slides PG 36
College of Agriculture Photographs PG 37
Stephen Shawley Collection PG 38
University of Idaho Alumni Association Photographs PG 40
Bertha Povey Davis Photographs PG 41
Vandaleers Tour of Europe, 1971 PG 42
Vandaleers Tour of South American, 1974 PG 42
The Argonaut Photographs PG 52
Union Pacific Railroad Bridges Collection PG 60
Physical Education Department University of Idaho PG 61
Roy A. Bell Collection II PG 62
Mike Roberts “Color Prints of the West” PG 63
Francis B. Laney Collection PG 64
John B. Miller Photographs PG 65
Washington D.C. Area slides PG 66
Moscow, Idaho Photographs PG 67
University of Idaho Slides PG 68
Hartung Theater slides PG 69
Idaho Family Album PG 70
Eaton Family Photograph Album PG 71
Earl Elstone Collection PG 72
University of Idaho Photographs PG 73
William Henry Thomas Photographs PG 74
Sandpoint Research and Extension Center PG 75
Idaho Satallite Photographs PG 76
Physical Sciences Building; photos of the construction PG 77
Oren A. Fitzgerald Collection PG 78
Paragon Mining Company Scrapbook PG 79
Arthur C. Hope Photographs PG 80
C.E. Jacoby Photographs PG 81
University of Idaho Theodore Roosevelt Photographs PG 82
Tabor Drug Company PG 83
Carleton Watkins Portfolio PG 89
Clifford M. Ott Collection PG 90
Ott-Hodgins Collection PG 91
Hodgins Drug Store Collection PG 92
University of Idaho Glass Negatives PG 93
Dam Construction in Pacific Northwest PG 94
North Idaho Scenery Collection PG 95
Hess/Barnard Collection PG 96
Albert J. Ohlson Collection PG 97
Bunker Hill Negatives PG 98
Kyle Laughlin Photographs PG 99
Nez Perce Photo Album PG 100
Gem of the Mountains PG 101
Wilfrid Waters Photographs PG 102
Kooskia Internment Camp Scrapbook PG 103
Avista Corporation PG 104
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