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To acknowledge the academic accomplishments of the University of Idaho faculty, library personnel recognize faculty promotions and achievement of tenure by inserting a bookplate into a book that has special personal significance.

These are the books that were selected for 2008:

Ahmed Abedel-Rahim, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, with tenure

  • Access to Destinations

Nathan Bender, Head, Special Collections with rank of Professor, granted tenure

  • Mountain Man; a novel of male and female in the Early American West

Christine A. Berven, Associate Professor of Physics, with tenure

  • Transport in Nanostructures

Jan Boll, Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

  • Hydrology:  An Introduction by Wilfried Brutsaert

Bradford Brown, Extension Professor of Soil Science and Crop Management

  • American Society of Agronomy Monograph No. 30, 2nd ed., Irrigation of Agricultural Lands

Shauna Corry, Associate Professor of Architecture, with tenure

  • Interior Design:  Practical Strategies for Teaching and Learning (2008)

Traci Craig, Associate Professor of Psychology, with tenure

  • Never a Dull Moment: Teaching and the Art of Performance

Gregory Donohoe, Research Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, granted tenure

  • Digital Image Processing, 3rd ed.

Sandra Evenson, Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Dress Sense:  Emotional and Sensory Experiences of the Body and Clothes

Michael Greenlee, Access Services/Reference Law Librarian with rank of Associate Professor, with tenure

  • Peace is Every Step

Ronda Hirnyck, Associate Extension Professor and Extension Educator, granted tenure

  • Sand County Almanac

Karen Humes, Professor of Geography

  • Earth in Mind: On Education, Environment, and the Human Prospect, 2nd ed.

Mary Ann Judge, Senior Instructor of English, granted tenure

  • Heaven’s Coast

Sherry McKibben, Associate Professor of Architecture, with tenure

  • Ecocities

John Mihelich, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, with tenure

  • The Sacred Canopy:  Elements of a Sociological Theory of Religion

James Nagler, Professor of Zoology

  • The Freshwater Fishes of British Columbia

Scott Nuismer, Associate Professor of Biology, with tenure

  • A Biologist’s Guide to Mathematical Modeling in Ecology and Evolution

Madison Powell, Associate Professor of Animal and Veterinary Science, with tenure

  • The Old Man and the Sea

Steve Saladin, Licensed Psychologist with rank of Professor

  • Handbook of Psychological Assessment, 4th ed.

John Sullivan, Professor of Zoology

  • Origin of the Species

Akira Tokuhiro, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, granted tenure

  • The Doctor’s Wife

Eva Top, Professor of Biological Sciences

  • The Fair Face of Flanders’

Kerri Vierling, Associate Professor of Wildlife Resources, with tenure

  • The Five People you Meet in Heaven

Lee Vierling, Associate Professor of Spatial Ecology, with tenure

  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Barbara Williams, Associate Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, with tenure

  • Applied Fluid Mechanics