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Distributors Whose Films are Purchased with PPR

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Many vendors of educational videos/DVDs sell institutional versions of titles that automatically come with public performance rights. All titles purchased from the following vendors fall into this category:

  • Ambrose Video
  • Annenberg Media
  • Bullfrog Films, Inc.
  • California Newsreel
  • Cinema Guild
  • Direct Cinema, Ltd.
  • Docurama (a subsidiary of New Video Group, Inc.)
  • Filmakers Library
  • Films for the Humanities & Sciences
  • First Run/Icarus Films
  • Media Education Foundation
  • National Film Board of Canada
  • New Day Films
  • PBS
  • Schlessinger Media
  • Women Make Movies

Other vendors not listed above may also offer public performance licensing, but you will need to contact them in order to verify. The Media Resources Center of the University of California at Berkeley has compiled a helpful list with their Video Distributor Database.

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