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A digital collection comprised of over 1200 historical photographs collected and/or taken by T.N. Barnard or Nellie Stockbridge. The images span the years 1894 to 1964, containing images of Northern Idaho (Wallace/Kellog Area) mines, towns, fires, scenery, and historical sites.

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Collection Selections:

Hercules Mine, Burke (Idaho)
A distant view of Hercules Mine in Burke, Idaho.

Frisco Mill-Explosion, Gem (Idaho), 1892
View of the Frisco Mill-Explosion in Gem, Idaho after dynamite explosion set by Union Strikers.

Wallace (Idaho), Forest fire of 1910
Image of Wallace, Idaho after the fire of August 20, 1910.

Wallace (Idaho), Flood of 1897
Image is of Wallace, Idaho after the flood of 1897.

Coeur d'Alene cut off
Image shows a scenic view of the N.P. [Northern Pacific] train on the South bridge.

Wallace (Idaho), Flood of 1906
Image is of Wallace, Idaho after the Canyon Creek flood November 15, 1906.

Gem (Idaho), 1910
Image is of ""The Canyon,"" near Hecla Mill, Showing two lines of standard gauge railway on 4% grade, two railway spurs and two flumes

Coeur d'Alene cut off
Image shows the N.P. [Northern Pacific] train with rotary plow.

Hunter Mill, Mullan (Idaho), 1907
Image of the Hunter Mill in Mullan, Idaho.

Arizona Placer mine, Murray (Idaho)
Image shows hydraulic mining in Dream Gulch. Miners are seen holding a water hose and standing water fall and stream with mining tools.

Wallace (Idaho), Band Boys, 1908
Image shows band members posing for a photograph holding their instruments on July 4, 1908.

Hercules Concentrating Mill, Wallace (Idaho), 1910
Image of the Hercules Concentrating Mill in Wallace, Idaho. Northern Pacific Railroad cars sit on the tracks in front of the buildings. One car is loaded with mine timbers.

Kellogg (Idaho), 1912
Image shows a Bull Durham tobacco advertisement on the side of a building on Main Street, Kellogg Idaho

Mace (Idaho), Snow Slide, 1910
Image depicts building debris from a snow slide. Men, women and children standing at the scene.

Wallace (Idaho), Telephone men
Image shows six telephone men in Wallace, Idaho standing on telephone pole. The building is Masonic Temple (background) and Stevens Meat Market (Foreground).

Hecla Mill, Gem (Idaho), 1906
Exterior view of the Hecla Mill in Gem, Idaho.

Cleaning the channel
Image shows the cleaning of an unknown channel before 1902.

Wallace (Idaho), Coeur d'Alene Powder Co., 1908
Image of Coeur d'Alene Powder Co., in Wallace, Idaho. Unidentified men are standing around the building, a team of horses are nearby.

Harrison (Idaho), 1899
View of the town of Harrison, Idaho, taken from a boat out in Lake Coeur d'Alene.

Wallace (Idaho), Northern Pacific Depot
Front view of the Northern Pacific Railroad depot on the north end of 6th Street in Wallace, Idaho. Caption on Back: "Depot has a prominent corner turret, was built for $8,330 by the Northern Pacific Railroad ("as per plan 281-1" according to company records) with brick from China. The brick had been imported in 1890 for the Olympic Hotel in Tacoma. The hotel, burnt when only partially completed, was dismantled in 1899-1901 to provide material for the depots in Wallace and Missoula".

Mace (Idaho), Northern Pacific engine - Explosion, 1907
Close-up view of the Northern Pacific train engine explosion debris. Various citizens can be seen examining the wreckage, which has come close to some of the houses.

Cataldo (Idaho), Old Mission, 1905
This image shows the deteriorated state of the Mission of the Sacred Heart, overlooking the Coeur d'Alene River. The Mission was constructed between 1850-1853 by Jesuit missionaries. Caption from front: Old Mission, Idaho.

Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mill, Wardner (Idaho), 1899
Image shows the debris of Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mill after the explosion in Wardner, Idaho [1899]. Caption on image: "Bunker Hill Mill and other buildings were destroyed by explosion set by strikers on April 29, 1899."

Wallace (Idaho), T.R. Roosevelt visit, 1903
Image of President Theodore Roosevelt's visit to Wallace. He is shown sitting in the back of a horse-drawn carriage, surrounded by on-lookers on the street and in the windows of near-by buildings. Also shown in the carriage, are N.P. depot driver, Joe McDonald; Pat McGovern, chief of police and Harry W. McKinley.

Wallace (Idaho), T.R. Roosevelt visit, 1903
A panoramic view of the parade procession accompanying the visit of President Theodore Roosevelt. This image shows the corner of 6th and Bank Streets in Wallace, Idaho.

Wallace (Idaho), Providence Hospital, 1909
Exterior view of Providence Hospital, Wallace Idaho.

Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mill, Wardner (Idaho), 1899
Image shows the debris of Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mill after the explosion in Wardner, Idaho [1899]. Caption on image: "Bunker Hill Mill and other buildings were destroyed by explosion set by strikers on April 29, 1899."

Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mill, Wardner (Idaho), 1899
Image shows the debris of Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mill after the explosion in Wardner, Idaho [1899]. Caption on image: "Wreckage of the $200,000 mill after 1 1/2 tons of dynamite had been set off by strikers on April 29, 1899."

Mammoth and Standard Mills, Mace (Idaho), 1909
Exterior view of the Mammoth and Standard Mills. Caption on front: Mammoth and Standard Mills.

Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mill, Kellogg (Idaho), 1901
Image shows a view of the Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mill in Kellogg, Idaho [1901]; The New mill, tailing plant, and old mill are pictured with piles of lumber and various milling buildings.

Morning Mine, Mullan (Idaho)
Image shows train cars transporting ore from the Morning Mine to the mill.

Morning Mill, Mullan (Idaho), 1907
Exterior view of the Morning Mill in Mullan, Idaho.

Hercules Mine, Burke (Idaho), 1901
Group of nine men and women in front of the Hercules Mine, shortly after its discovery; Caption on Front: Taken by buildings at Hercules No. 2 level. L to R: Ed Hedin, a Day employee; Emma Markwell; Henry Floyd Samuels; May Hutton; Jerome Day; Miss Hedin (sister of Ed Hedin); Myrtle White (who married Paulsen), and L. W. Hutton, wearing a cooks apron. August Paulsen stands on the wood pile.

Wallace (Idaho), Wallace High School, 1910
Exterior view of the Wallace High School building. This brick building sports an American flag and a cupola/clock and bell tower on the roof.

Black Bear (Idaho), Snow Slide, 1894
Caption on Front: "Rotary plows on Oregon Railroad and Navigation and Northern Pacific Company clearing snowslide, March 29".

Hercules Mine, Burke (Idaho)
Snow-covered, exterior view of lower tunnel no. 5 at the Hercules Mine in Burke, Idaho.

Coeur d'Alene Cut off (Idaho/Montana)
Caption on front: "Snow Plow - rotary [1894] at water tank on Coeur d'Alene cut off".

Wallace (Idaho), Forest Fire, 1910
Image is of debris from a damaged building in Wallace, Idaho. Forest fire 1910.

Wallace (Idaho), Forest Fire, 1910, Placer Creek
Image shows burned timber surrounding Placer Creek after the fire. Forest fire 1910.

Bunker Hill 'Glory Hole' Kellogg (Idaho), 1904
Image shows miners and ore cars at the Bunker Hill 'Glory Hole'

Burke Miners Union Tug of War Team, 1906
Group photo of the Burke Miners Union No. 10 tug-of-war team, taken outside of an unidentified building. Caption on front: "Tug of War Team of Burke Miners Union No. 10".

Success Mine, Wallace (Idaho)
Snow covered road to Success Mine outside of Wallace, Idaho.

Wallace (Idaho), Flood, 1900
Flood in Wallace, Idaho.

Wallace (Idaho), Panorama
Distant view of the city of Wallace. Panoramic photograph of Wallace, Idaho.

Wallace (Idaho), Panorama
Snow covered streets downtown Wallace. Panoramic photograph of Wallace, Idaho. Street scene in Winter.

Bull Pen, Kellogg (Idaho), 1899
Image shows a group of miners eating at the Bull Pen in Kellogg, Idaho [1899]; Tin cups and plates were used. One man is pouring his drink from a tin pitcher.

Wallace (Idaho), Panorama
Water flowing down a hill side after being plumbed out of the mine. Panoramic photograph of Wallace, Idaho.

Mullan (Idaho), ""S"" bridge wreck, 1903
Image shows a passenger car dangling from the broken edge of the ""S"" bridge trestle. The bridge was destroyed by a heavy snow slide. The shadow of the photographer can be seen in the lower half of the photo.

Mullan (Idaho), ""S"" bridge wreck, 1903
This photo of the 1903 ""S"" bridge wreckage is taken from the bottom of the gulch, looking up at the dangling passenger car.

Wallace (Idaho)
Image of a 1915 [?] Peerless 4-ton truck with two men in the cab, parked in front of the Shoshone County Court House in Wallace. A man and two women can be seen peering out of two of the Court House windows.

Laclede Mine, Burke (Idaho), 1908
This photo shows a group of twelve people and one horse, standing in front of a log building on the Laclede Mine property.

Wallace (Idaho), Samuel's Hotel, 1908
Exterior of the Samuel's Hotel with one American flag in front of the entrance and one flying from its turret. Two men are standing in front of the building.

Black Bear (Idaho), 1908
Image is of smoldering debris after a fire in Black Bear, Idaho.

Wallace (Idaho), Forest Fire, 1910
Night time image of the fire burning buildings in Wallace, Idaho. Forest fire 1910.

Success Mine, Wallace (Idaho)
Over-exposed image of the hillside at the Success Mine property.

Wallace (Idaho), Wallace Hospital, 1907
Exterior view of the hospital in Wallace. Idaho.

Murray (Idaho), 1890, Vestal Consolidated claims
Image, taken by T.N. Barnard, shows placer mining near Murray, Idaho in 1890.

Black Bear (Idaho), 1908
Image is of people walking around the railroad track and among the smoldering debris after a fire in Black Bear, Idaho.

Richardson, Fred, wife on his right, (Idaho)
Image shows Fred Richardson and his wife in front of their cabin in Idaho.

Mullan (Idaho), S Bridge Wreck-above Mullan, 1903
Image shows a train wreck on S Bridge, 1903, above Mullan, Idaho.

Mullan (Idaho), Coeur d'Alene Cut-Off, Snow Plow - Rotary
Image of the Northern Pacific snow plow rotary on Coeur d'Alene cut off, Mullan, Idaho.

Prichard Creek, Unidentified Mine, 1890
Image shows miners standing at the entrance of a mine near Prichard Creek, Idaho in 1890.

Placer Mines, Delta (Idaho)
Men spraying water at mine while the miners stand around watching

Frisco Mill, Gem (Idaho), 1899
Showing Soldiers Camp

Bull Pen, Kellogg (Idaho), 1899
Men drilling with wooden guns

Burke (Idaho), 1912
A downtown view of a railroad track running through the middle of town with horses and carts off to the side in Burke, Idaho September 12, 1912 looking east.

Burke (Idaho), 1912
Caption on Front: Close up of Hecla yard and shaft house; Tiger-Poorman plant in background

Cataldo (Idaho),Old Mission, 1913
12 mi. W. of Kellogg, close up of a church

Vestals Placer Mining, Murray (Idaho)
Men standing next to a waterfall

Kingston (Idaho) Coeur d'Alene River, 1897
Picnic party in boats

Moscow (Idaho) Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919), 1903
Cadet Band from U. of I leading the Parade on 6th st. to Wallace in honor of Theodore Roosevelt

Rex Mine, Bradyville (Idaho), 1910
Interior; showing group of men

Wallace, (Idaho), 1916
Soldiers leaving for Mexican war

Standard Mine, Mace (Idaho)
Image of two miners in their stope. One man is holding a drill, next to a jack wedged between the tunnel walls. Caption from front: ""Men using hand-crank Liner"".

Wallace (Idaho), Wallace Hospital, 1909
Exterior view of the hospital in Wallace, Idaho. Several people are standing on the 2nd floor balcony.

Burke (Idaho), 1900
A distant view of the town Burke, Idaho, pictured in the foreground is Hecla Mine about 1900.

Wallace (Idaho), Coeur d'Alene Powder Co., 1908
Image of the Coeur d'Alene Powder Co., in Wallace, Idaho; Three men are standing on bridge above the river.

Morning Mill, Mullan (Idaho), 1909
The river drying out

C.E. Lightners place (Idaho), 1918
Logs on the side of the river with burnt trees all around

Wallace (Idaho), 1899
Showing Soldiers camp

Wallace (Idaho), Flood 1906
Wallace Canyon Creek flood

Rex Mill, Bradyville (Idaho), 1911
Winter scene

Snowstorm Mill, Mullan (Idaho), 1906
Far view of mill surrounded by burnt trees

Empire State Mining and Developing Co., Wardner (Idaho), 1907
Image of the mill at Empire State Mining and Developing Co., toward the mouth of Government Gulch. Caption on back: "Located 3 miles west of Kellogg and 3 miles northwest of Wardner. (Sanborn map)"

Wallace (Idaho), Shoshone County Court House, 1907
Exterior view of the Shoshone County Court House in Wallace, Idaho.

Wallace (Idaho), Coeur d'Alene foundry
Image is of a rail car outside the Coeur d'Alene foundry. Two unidentified men are standing on the car with the letters O.W.R R+N 5012 [Oregon Washington Railroad and Navigation Company]

Gem (Idaho), Frisco, 1899
A view of railroad track going through the center of Frisco, near Gem, Idaho.

Wallace (Idaho), Fire Station (old), 1903
A group of firemen pose outside the old fire station in Wallace, Idaho.

Amazon Dixie Mine, Sildex (Montana) 1923
Image shows a men working in a blacksmith shop at the Amazon Dixie Mine in Sildex, Montana, 1923.

Amazon Dixie Mine, Sildex (Montana) 1923
Image shows a men working in a blacksmith shop at the Amazon Dixie Mine in Sildex, Montana, 1923.

Wallace (Idaho) 1921
Wallace from tank April 9, 1921

Hecla Mine, Burke (Idaho) 1920
Location Marker for claim at Hecla Mine.

O'Brien Gulch (Idaho), Macki, John-Murder Case 1921
Image taken for the Macki, John-Murder Case taken Nov. 6 1921 at O'Brien Gulch above Larson, Idaho.

Linfor (Idaho)1920
Image shows river and tree covered hills in the background. The image was taken at Linfor October 18, 1920 for T. Towles.

Callahan (Idaho) 1915
Callahan cabin, James Francis, built up 9 mile about 1915, logs brought in from Oregon, burned 1964

Burke (Idaho)
Mountain snow scene of a man standing at the edge of a cliff with mining equipment around him.

Tarbox Mining Co. Saltese (Montana) 1906
View of people outside the Tarbox mine in Saltese, Montana 1906.

Big Creek Mining Co. Wallace (Idaho) 1920
Image shows Big Creek Mining Company outside of Wallace, Idaho in 1920.

Mammoth and Standard Mine, Mace (Idaho) 1920
Image shows Mammoth and Standard Mine next to railroad tracks outside of Mace, Idaho 1920.

Dream Gulch, Murray (Idaho) 1921
T. Towles taken at Murray October 11, 1921; Prospect discovered by "Dream Davis"

Hecla Mining Co., Burke (Idaho)1920
Greenough, W.Earl standing out side of a cabin

Gem (Idaho), John Biloch house.
John Biloch and family pose for a picture on the porch of their house in Gem, Idaho.

Sullivan Mine, Wardner (Idaho)
View of Sullivan Mine outside Wardner, Idaho.

Last chance Mine and Mill, Wardner (Idaho)
Exterior view of the Last Chance Mine and Mill Wardner, Idaho.

Burke (Idaho), Fire, 1923
Burke after the fire July 13, 1923, destroying Hecla Mine.

Wallace (Idaho), C.W. Beale house, 1925
Image shows man sitting on the porch of C.W. Beale's house in Wallace, Idaho, 1925.

Wallace (Idaho), St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, 1925
Image is of the St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Wallace, Idaho, July 13, 1925.

Osborn (Idaho), Bear cubs, 1925
Two bear cubs hang on top of a tree. The image is taken by Gross for Barnard Studios.

Wallace (Idaho) Wallace Fire Department, 1907
Image shows the Wallace Fire Department on Cedar Street, at the end of 7th Street, in 1907.

Wallace (Idaho), Elk's Temple, 1925
Image shows Elk's Temple in Wallace, Idaho, June 1925.

Wallace (Idaho), Howarth Hall, 1925
Interior view of Howarth Hall set up for a dinner and dance. A band can be seen on stage. Image taken in Wallace, Idaho, November 1925.

Burke (Idaho), Fire, 1923
Images shows smoke rising from the smoldering ground in Burke after the fire July 13, 1923 which destroyed Hecla Mine.

Morrow Retail Stores, Burke (Idaho), 1925
Exterior view of the Morrow Retail Store in Wallace, Idaho, 1925.

Morrow Retail Stores, Wallace (Idaho), 1925
Exterior view of The Idaho Wholesale Co. Inc., a part of the Morrow Retail Stores, located in Wallace, Idaho, 1925.

Burke (Idaho), Fire, 1923
Images shows smoke rising from the smoldering ground in Burke after the fire July 13, 1923 which destroyed Hecla Mine.

Unidentified Mine
Image of an unidentified mine taken for Moore Creek Leasing Co. in 1925.

Cleveland and Morning No. 2 Mills, Mace (Idaho) , 1917
(old Mammoth and Standard Mills)

Hercules Mine, Burke (Idaho), 1905
Tincup group hand mining with double jack

Mullan (Idaho), 1903
S Bridge Wreck about Mullan during winter close up

Interstate-Callahan, Sunset (Idaho), 1919
Winter scene

Interstate-Callahan, Sunset (Idaho), 1919
Winter scene

Wallace (Idaho), 1910
Panoramic View from tank of the town

Wallace (Idaho), 1912
Panoramic View from tank of the town

Canyon Creek (Idaho), 1890
Snow Slide from West end of snow cut

Wallace (Idaho), 1919
Houses in the winter, in the background there are burnt trees

Wallace (Idaho), 1919
A cement wall on the right keeping the stream from flooding and in the back are four houses

Wallace (Idaho), 1890
After fire of 1890 people are standing around while everything is still smoking

Tarbox Mining Co., Saltese (Montana)
view of the mining company office

Gem Mine, Gem (Idaho)
Old Milwaukee, better known as Gem Mine, developed by Finch and Campbell

Littlefield (Idaho)1890
Mother Lode building right up against a river

Dream Gulch, near Murray, (Idaho) 1887
Dream Gulch where exceedingly rich placer gold was discovered in 1883 by Davis, a Palouse County farmer who was told in a dream where to dig.

Wallace (Idaho) 1919
Upper King Street on Placer Creek. Town of Wallace, river blocked off with cement on the sides so not to flood

Last Chance Mine and Mill, Wardner (Idaho)
Exterior of the mill with a horse tied up

Morning Mine, Mullan (Idaho) 1917
Interior of the mine showing cages or lifts with a man inside

Callahan Ore Shute, Sunset (Idaho)
Interstate mill showing No. 7 level, showing group of men

Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mill, Kellogg (Idaho) 1917
Panoramic view of the Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mill in Kellogg, Idaho

Hercules Mill, Wallace (Idaho) 1917 - 1920
Hercules Mill, 500-ton Mill at Loweredge of Wallace, Idaho between 1917 - 1920.

Burke (Idaho), Snow slide 1910
Snow slide. View of damaged homes.

Clear Grit Mining Co, Prichard (Idaho)
Showing group of men in front of mine entrance.

Wallace (Idaho), Portrait of an unidentified man, Forest fire 1910
Forest fire August 20, 1910, portrait of an unidentified man who may have helped fight the fire of 1910.

Wallace (Idaho), Forest fire 1910
Forest fire 1910. Smoke before fire entered town Aug. 20.

Wallace (Idaho), Portrait of men, Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson on the right with two unidentified men. Joined the army for the first call to the front in World War I.

Burke (Idaho) 1901
Hercules Cabin, Burke. Group examining ore samples. (Strike made July 2, 1901.)

North American Mining Co., Kellogg (Idaho) 1916
Winter Scene of the mine

Hercules Mine, Burke (Idaho) 1902
First underground crew at Hercules

Wallace (Idaho) 1913
Note on back: ORN (Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company) Wreck (ore cars) Feb. 8, 1913

Wallace (Idaho) 1920
Image shows the Morrow-Hutton Company traveling grocery truck, March 17, 1920.

Wardner (Idaho) 1907
A birds eye view of the Wardner School, 1907.

Wallace (Idaho) 1919
Interior of St. Alphonsus Catholic Church showing flowers on Easter Sunday April 20, 1919

Tarbox Mining Co., Saltese (Montana) 1906
Tarbox Mining Co 1906. Water Power and Timber

Cataldo (Idaho), Williams' house 1918
Damaged Williams house located below Cataldo, Idaho, March 15, 1918.

Stevens Peak Region
View of Stevens Peak from Lone Lake.

Burke (Idaho)
George Nick sitting on porch with dog of house in Burke, Idaho.

Cataldo (Idaho), Williams' house 1918
Damaged Williams house located below Cataldo, Idaho, March 15, 1918.

Coeur d'Alene (Idaho) 1890
Lake Coeur d'Alene and ferry boat

Nine Mile Canyon (Idaho)
Taken for T. Towles up Nine Mile Canyon near the cemetery

Empire State Mill, Sweeney (Idaho)
Distant view of the Empire State Mill in Sweeney, Idaho around 1906.

Wallace (Idaho), Parade 1922
Tamarack Float of future Elks Temple for the Elks Roundup June 22, 1922, parade in Wallace, Idaho, 1922.

Amazon Dixie Mine, Sildex (Montana) 1923
Interior of the Amazon Dixie Mine showing miners standing behind ore cars and a donkey.

Amazon Dixie Mine, Sildex (Montana) 1923
A miner sits inside a tunnel in the Amazon Dixie Mine, 1923.

Hecla Mining Co. Burke (Idaho) 1923
Image is looking down on Hecla Mining Company in Burke, Idaho on April 26th 1923.

Amador Mine (Montana) 1902
Image shows Amador Mine in Lolo National Forest next to Cedar Creek.

Hecla Mine, Burke (Idaho) 1906
Nine foot breast of Galena and High Grade concentrating ore, Hecla Mine, No. 9Level, showing included diabase dike.

About the Collection

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About the Collection

In 1964 the University of Idaho Library received a collection of over 200,000 nitrocellulose and glass plate negatives taken by Nellie Stockbridge and her predecessor and founder of the studio, Mr. T.N. Barnard. The photos were taken during 1894-1964 of various aspects of life in the Wallace/Kellogg mining area. Prints were made of many of the negatives, and the photographs and negatives were cataloged by the Special Collection Department.

In 1889 T.N. Barnard and his wife moved to Wallace, Idaho where he established his photo studio. The studio was destroyed in a fire in 1890 with a small amount of his negatives surviving. Most of the photographs taken in the early years "included landscapes, placer workings, townscapes, and panoramic views" of Wallace and Murray Idaho, taken on 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 dry-plate negatives. Barnard made most of his living from his landscape photographs, which were for sale to the general public and commissioned portraits.

Ten years later in 1898, Nellie Stockbridge arrived in Wallace, Idaho. Stockbridge was a dedicated photographer and businesswoman. Initially, Stockbridge worked as a retoucher for Barnard in his studio, and later took over the business when Barnard became mayor of Wallace. Stockbridge was most notable for photographing floods, avalanches, fires, and work in the mines. Stockbridge continued to take photographs of the area until the 1960s.

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