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A digital collection comprised of historical photographs of over 130 Idaho Cities and Towns.

The images and documents span the years 1862 to 1998, documenting Idaho's buildings, landscape and people.

To explore the collection by date or location, or to find out more about the collection, use the tabs above.

Collection Selections:

Alpine Community 4th of July picnic., 1901

Farmers' Day. Aberdeen Sub-station. Aberdeen, Idaho., 1916

Albion State Normal School. Old Administration Building. Albion, Idaho., 1915

Nelson-Ricks Creamery Co. St. Anthony, Idaho., 1930

Creamery. Ashton, Idaho., 1933

Sunday School group standing in front of church building. Avon, Idaho., 1905

Nevada Hotel in foreground. Bayhorse, Idaho., 1884

Black Bear, Idaho. Standard Sorting Plant in background., 1900

Team of horses and wagon loaded with cream cans. Creamery. Blackfoot, Idaho., 1930

Aerial view of Boise Penitentiary. Boise, Idaho., 1920

Parade. Boise, Idaho., 1925-04-16

Interior of creamery. Bonners Ferry, Idaho., 1920

Bovill, Idaho looking north., 1982-08-01

Creamery. Buhl, Idaho., 1920

Old mine on east ridge of Burke Canyon. Idaho., 1982

Gorges Gulch. Burke, Idaho., 1910

Group of people gathered at Hercules Mine after snowslide. Burke, Idaho., 1910

Sugar Beet Plant. Burley, Idaho., 1930

Cloverleaf Creamery Co. Caldwell, Idaho., 1930

Panoramic view of Challis, Idaho., 1945

Street scene. Wilson Mercantile Co. and Clarkia Mercantile. Clarkia, Idaho., 1888

Clayton, Idaho showing bridge across river and homes., 1964

Panoramic view of Cobalt, Idaho., 1935

Flood at Great Northern depot and tracks. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho., 1933-12-25

Concord,Pick Ward leading a pack string out of the old ghost town of Concord, Idaho. Paddy's Saloon in center., 1934

Exterior view of Priory of St. Gertrude. Cottonwood, Idaho., 1982-08-01

Crowd of people in street with band in foreground. DeLamar Mercantile in background. DeLamar, Idaho., 1902

Deary, Idaho., 1906-06-23

Group picture of school children and teachers in front of school. Delta, Idaho., 1885

Dixie Hotel. Dixie, Idaho., 1930

Creamery. Eagle, Idaho., 1932

Schmidt Brothers Lumber Co. camp. Eileen, Idaho., 1919-06-01

Jack Mountain Lookout cabin and tower. Located 14 miles south by southeast of Elk City, Idaho., 1951

Elk Prairie, Idaho., 1909

Hunters with deer above Elk River., 1930

A.M. Whelchel Studio. Emmett, Idaho, 1911

Boat excursions up the St. Joe River. Crowd of people on bank. Boat "Idaho" at left, boat "The Spokane" in center. Ferrel, Idaho., 1908-07-04

Florence, Idaho., 1896

Reproduction of a painting of Fort Hall, Idaho., 1890

Pioneer Monument. Franklin, Idaho., 1968

Showing town and Frisco Mill. Frisco, Idaho., 1938

Creamery. Gannett, Idaho., 1920

Hecla Mill. Gem, Idaho., 1915

Genesee grain elevator and warehouse. Genesee, Idaho., 1949

Creamery. Georgetown, Idaho., 1926

Old stagecoach stop. Gibbonsville, Idaho. Version 2., 1965

Panoramic view of Gilmore, Idaho., 1966

Panoramic view of Cooperative Experiment Station. Gooding, Idaho., 1925

Exterior view of side of Creamery. Grace, Idaho., 1939

Scene after flood caused by cloudburst. Grangeville, Idaho., 1921-05-21

View of Greer, Idaho from Greer Grade., 1901

Nelson-Ricks Creamery Co. Hagerman, Idaho., 1940

Main Street. Hailey, Idaho., 1895

School. Harrisburg, Idaho., 1918

Lamb Bros. General Machinist and Blacksmithing. Harrison, Idaho., 1914

Creamery. Hazelton, Idaho., 1934

Aerial view from 2000 feet. Headquarters, Idaho., 1950

Helmer School. Helmer, Idaho., 1906

Hope, Idaho looking east southeast from Lake Pend Oreille., 1965

Risdon dredge. Operated by Boston and Gold Dredging Company near Idaho City., 1920

View of the falls with town in distance. Idaho Falls, Idaho., 1987

Vollmer 4th of July parade. Ilo, Idaho., 1928

Portion of Juliaetta, Idaho showing brewery site., 1906

Kamiah Presbyterian Church. Kamiah, Idaho., 1952

Bunker Hill and Sullivan & Concentrating Company. Kellogg, Idaho., 1929

Flood at Division Street Bridge. Kellogg, Idaho., 1933-12-22

Copy print of panoramic view of Ketchum, Idaho., 1945

E.S. Sweet sawmill. Near Keuterville, Idaho., 1899

Knox, Idaho., 1905

Kootenai County Track Meet. James Hawkins, Robson, Graf, 1914

Creamery. Kuna, Idaho., 1935

Distant view of Fort Lapwai Indian Sanitarium. Idaho., 1918

Group gathered for baptizing in Lawyer's Canyon., 1902

View of Leland, Idaho taken from the schoolhouse steps., 1942

Salmon-Redrock stage on the Continental Divide. Lemhi Valley, Idaho., 1903

Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington., 1970

Birdseye view of C. Weisgerber Brewery and Wite Bros. Fruit. Lewiston, Idaho., 1902

Creamery. Lewisville, Idaho., 1935

After the snowslide of February 27, 1910. Mace, Idaho., 1910-03-08

Northern Pacific tracks after the snowslide. Mace, Idaho., 1910

Aerial view of portion of Payette Lake. McCall, Idaho., 1977

Creamery. McCammon, Idaho., 1930

Creamery. McDermott, Idaho., 1919

Creamery. Meridian, Idaho., 1920

R.B. Washeteria Dry Cleaning and other establishments. Midvale, Idaho., 1984

Mohler Blacksmith Shop. Mohler, Idaho., 1908

Creamery. Moreland, Idaho., 1935

4th of July parade on Main Street. Looking southwest from the corner of 6th and Main Streets. Moscow, Idaho., 1907-07-01

Large group of children standing in front of Williamson's Store. Moscow, Idaho., 1915

Sale held in front of old stable on northwest corner of 1st and Main Streets. Moscow, Idaho., 1890

Courthouse. Mount Idaho, Idaho., 1892

Business section. Mullan, Idaho., 1940

Murray, Idaho. White building in center, Louisville Hotel., 1886

Myrtle Claim on Trail Gulch. Myrtle, Idaho., 1886

Carnation Milk Co. Nampa, Idaho., 1950

Street scene with horses, men and cars lined up [parade?]. Nez Perce, Idaho., 1932

Distant view of Orofino, Idaho., 1913

Mackay Bar Bridge., 1935

Distant view of Osburn, Idaho., 1970

Creamery. Paris, Idaho., 1920

Paul Butter and Cheese Co. Paul, Idaho., 1947

Union Pacific Railroad Station. Payette, Idaho., 1984-10-01

Aerial view of Peck, Idaho., 1914

Shoshone County Courthouse (1861- ). Pierce, Idaho., 1952

Aerial view of Idaho State University. Pocatello, Idaho., 1969

Post Falls, Idaho., 1964

Fire at Potlatch Mercantile. Potlatch, Idaho., 1963-01-13

Commanding officer speaking to group. CCC camp-Camp Harry Marsh, F-30, Co. 967. Prichard, Idaho., 1933

Erickson's Mill. Reubens, Idaho., 1902

Creamery. Rigby, Idaho., 1921

Idaho Creamery Co. and Garlson Tire & Battery Co. Rupert, Idaho., 1935

Ramey's Mill on Murphy Place. Russell, Idaho., 1901

Panoramic view of Salmon, Idaho., 1930

Pend D'Oreille Creamery Co. Sandpoint, Idaho., 1933

Panoramic view of Silver City, Idaho., 1954

Panoramic view of Spalding, Idaho., 1870

Big white pine. St. Joe Forest. Idaho., 1933

Excursion Day. St. Maries, Idaho., 1886

Copy print of panoramic view of Stanley, Idaho., 1945

Main Street. Stites, Idaho., 1902

Nelson-Ricks Creamery Co. Sugar City, Idaho., 1935

Brass Ranch as it appeared when purchased by Union Pacific Railroad for development as Sun Valley, Idaho., 1936

Wheat field in Teton Valley. Teton County, Idaho., 1910

Creamery. Tetonia, Idaho., 1920

Grain warehouse and tramway. Tramway, Idaho., 1905

Four men standing on Main Street in winter. Troy, Idaho., 1921

Sugar beet plant. Twin Falls, Idaho., 1971

Creamery. Ucon, Idaho., 1930

Creamery. Ustick, Idaho., 1920

Nelson-Ricks Creamery Co. Victor, Idaho., 1936

Panoramic view of Viola, Idaho looking south.., 1914

Vollmer School fire. Vollmer, Idaho., 1928

Looking up King Street from the junction of Placer Creek on the main South Fork of the Coeur D'Alene River. Placer Creek Flood. Wallace, Idaho., 1933-12-23

Railroad tracks washed away by Placer Creek Flood. Wallace, Idaho., 1933-12-23

Panoramic view of Wardner, Idaho., 1889

View of historical mining camp of Warrens, Idaho., 1952

Group gathered in front of Westlake Hotel for camp meeting. Westlake, Idaho., 1902

Jensma Creamery Co. Wilder, Idaho., 1935

Yellow Dog, Idaho., 1938