Equipment failures--collapsed dragline boom, 1947-06-02 Equipment failures--cracked and bent terminal stud, 1947-07-30 Equipment failures--damaged L-4 turbine shaft, 1944-06-09 Equipment failures--damaged drill bit, 1949-05-10 Equipment failures--damaged sheets of asbestos, 1949-03-18 Equipment failures--damaged thrust bearing show, 1948-07-01 Equipment failures--erosion on L-1 turbine runner, 1946-06-26 Equipment failures--failure of L-3 turbine, 1945-06-15 Equipment failures--failure of L-3 turbine, 1945-06-15 Equipment failures--fracture in reinforcing steel, 1949-06-28 Equipment failures--lower race of the east thrust bearing, 1942-09-28 Equipment failures--painted surface of scroll case--turbine L-2, 1942-07-13 Equipment failures--painted surface of wicket gate, 1942-07-13 Equipment failures--repairs to L-3, 1942-11-25 Equipment failures--result of sand and water erosion, 1948-10-05 Equipment failures--scoring on brake piston, 1946-10-16 Equipment failures--surface vanes of turbine runner l-2, 1942-07-13 Equipment failures--testing reinforcing steel, 1949-06-28 Equipment failures--thrust bearing discs for unit L-3, 1945-10-22

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