Farm development-- inspecting a potato field, 1947-09-17 Farm development--A.R. Thurman farm, 1950-08-28 Farm development--Plowing, 1950-04-28 Farm development--advancing end of irrigation pipe, 1949-06-27 Farm development--application of concrete curing compound at Pasco Pump, 1947-03-15 Farm development--applying heated asphalt, 1947-07-19 Farm development--asphalt lining operations at Pasco Pump, 1947-06-23 Farm development--automatic siphon, 1947-09-06 Farm development--close up of corn, 1947-08-12 Farm development--corn crop, 1947-08-12 Farm development--cracked irrigation pipe, 1948-11-09 Farm development--dairy farm, 1948-09-01 Farm development--diseased potato plant in potato field, 1947-09-17 Farm development--farmer works a ditch around his field, 1950-04-28 Farm development--farmers help to install irrigation pipes, 1950-03-14 Farm development--head of main lateral, 1950-04-28 Farm development--irrigation pipes, 1950-03-14 Farm development--lining Pasco Pump, 1947-04-02 Farm development--man lays 21 inch irrigation pipe, 1949-06-27 Farm development--men laying pipe, 1950-04-11 Farm development--men prepare pumps for installation, 1949-10-20 Farm development--men survey a farm outside of Wheeler, 1946-10-10 Farm development--motor grader excavating, 1947-06-28 Farm development--moving the sprinkler system, 1950-04-17 Farm development--plowing Rye, 1950-04-28 Farm development--results of irrigation, 1949-08-24 Farm development--setting gate vales on pump, 1949-10-20 Farm development--sowing oats, 1950-04-28 Farm development--temporary electrical equipment, 1949-01-05 Farm development--the beginning of embankment construction, 1950-05-16 Farm development--turbulence at the gate of Pasco Pump, 1950-04-28 Farm development--view of cracks that developed in the '48-'49 winter, 1950-04-28 Farm development--view of slip form used for lining Pasco Pump, 1947-03-15 Farm development--wheeled sprinkling system, 1950-04-28 Farm development--workman installing 42""pipe, 1950-11-08 Farm development--workman installing 42""pipe, 1950-11-08 Farm development--workman installing 42""pipe, 1950-11-08

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