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A digital collection comprised of nearly 600 historical photographs of individuals and groups from the Nez Perce Tribe.

The images depict the everyday lives of these individuals, portraying tribe members in both traditional and modern apparel.

To explore the collection by subject, or to find out more about the collection, use the tabs above.

PHOTO #6 - Four people, standing in front of a cliff and waterfall

PHOTO #7 - Gordon standing on a chair next to Christmas tree

PHOTO #17 - A man and boy practicing roping

PHOTO #21 - Three men, posed with beer bottles?

PHOTO #24 - "Ft. Hall warriors"

PHOTO #29 - Two men posed for two photograph; one is John Roland

PHOTO #33 - "All American Indian Days. Sheridan, Wyoming"

PHOTO #34 - Group of people waiting at bus station

PHOTO #35 - Girl posed for a photograph

PHOTO #36 - Two women working at a beadwork display?

PHOTO #37 - Two women and a baby

PHOTO #43 - Couple identified as Kenny and Lottie

PHOTO #48 - Studio photograph reproduction of Chief Joseph

PHOTO #55 - Boy and dog

PHOTO #59 - Man? Standing next to sign on the road to Polson, Montana

PHOTO #61 - Indian man standing outside a building

PHOTO #65 - Lottie, Jane, Evert, and Connie

PHOTO #66 - Annette Hill leaning against automobile

PHOTO #93 - Two women, two children, and a baby in a cradleboard (tekash)

PHOTO #102 - Two Indian boys. Photo taken in St. Ignatius, Montana.

PHOTO #103 - Small boy standing next to automobile

PHOTO #105 - Jim Saunders, standing outside a tule (tuk'o) long house?

PHOTO #106 - Couple standing outside cabin (?)

PHOTO #110 - Lottie, Jane, Ernie, and Connie standing next to horse

PHOTO #121 - "To Grandma Dorcus." Gloria George. Taken at Arlee, Montana.

PHOTO #123 - Three men standing in front of tipi.

PHOTO #124 - "Queen, Miss Georgia Mae Ellenwood, Kooskia, Idaho."

PHOTO #125 - Portrait of woman

PHOTO #126 - Group of Indians standing in front of tent

PHOTO #143 - Dorcas Miller & Almeta Stephans in color photo

PHOTO #148 - "1951 [Grangeville] Border Days."

PHOTO #156 - Ernie riding horse

PHOTO #166 - Toppenish tuk'o (long house).

PHOTO #168 - Toddler identified as "Gordon."

PHOTO #181 - "Mr. Chief Bread and wife."

PHOTO #188 - Cap Som-kin

PHOTO #195 - Celestine Red Elk and Lillian Andrews

PHOTO #210 - Woman holding baby

PHOTO #252 - Portrait of a woman

PHOTO #284 - Anna? standing by enlistment station

PHOTO #286 - Mount Adams

PHOTO #287 - Malissa Parr standing next to a saddled horse

PHOTO #288 - Indian man dancing

PHOTO #291 - "Burial of Chief Old Joseph."

PHOTO #296 - Salmon River near Riggins, Idaho in winter

PHOTO #315 - Delia Lowrey

PHOTO #327 - Older gentleman kneeling beside a little girl.

PHOTO #331 - Two children posing with a Paul Bunyan statue, possibly near St. Marie's, Idaho?

PHOTO #334 - Justin Parsons sitting on porch; unidentified woman feeding chickens.

PHOTO #339 - "Four Indian maids."

PHOTO #353 - Fishing at Celilo Falls, Oregon

PHOTO #365 - White Bird and Jimmy Hayes

PHOTO #372 - Three Indian Chiefs

PHOTO #383 - Two women sitting in the grass at a picnic meal

PHOTO #386 - Pendleton, Oregon Round-up

PHOTO #391 - Two women standing outside a tipi

PHOTO #407 - Left to r: Martha Morris, Justin Parsons, Rey Hart, Albert Williams, Delbert Ellenwood, Rachel Wapsheli, Shirley Ellenwood, Mrs. Albert Williams

PHOTO #410 - Two Indian Chiefs seated in an old-model automobile; "Elmer" seated in driver's seat.

PHOTO #419 - John Roland and dog sitting in a forest

PHOTO #425 - Loretta

PHOTO #446 - Fortress

PHOTO #450 - Adults and children standing outside

PHOTO #453 - Mary Carter and Bruce Carter

PHOTO #461 - A woman and two children standing outside

PHOTO #467 - Group of Indians standing in front of tipi.

PHOTO #477 - Elizabeth Allen of Des Moines, Iowa

PHOTO #481 - Two men standing at the Stephen Tyng Mather commemorative rock at Canyonlands National Park, Utah

PHOTO #494 - Girl sitting on stool in front of automobile

PHOTO #495 - "Indian Princess at Pendleton Roundup."

PHOTO #496 - Baseball players posed for a picture

PHOTO #502 - Sunset on Wallowa Lake, Oregon

PHOTO #512 - "Nez Perce Indian War Dance - Border Days Grangeville, Idaho."

PHOTO #520 - "Myrtle Bigman, Crow Indian."

PHOTO #523 - "Chief Bigman and family."

PHOTO #527 - "Maude Welch making Cherokee Indian pottery, Cherokee, N.C."

PHOTO #532 - Paul Charlo

PHOTO #535 - "H.G. Owens on Home Brew, Pendleton Roundup."

PHOTO #547 - Five men posed for a portrait

PHOTO #573 - Group of children and one adult, standing in front of two automobiles

PHOTO #577 - Young woman sitting on car

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About the Collection

The Nez Perce Historical Portrait Collection includes nearly 600 photographs of individuals and groups from the Nez Perce/Nimíipuu tribe. Most photographs were taken during the first half of the 20th century. Much of the collection is comprised of studio photographs that have been taken of both individuals and families. There are also many photographs that depict special events, such as parades, roundups, rodeos, and powwows, and traditional Native American housing, such as tipis, long houses, and cabins. Also included in the collection are photographs of famous Nez Perce Chiefs, such as Chief Joseph and Cap Som-Kin.

A Request for Additional Information

Unfortunately, the majority of these photos have not been documented or dated and specific information regarding the people pictured and the locations of the photographs has been difficult to obtain. If you have any additional information to provide about any of the photographs – such as names of those pictured, date of photograph, or location of photogarph – please contact Devin Becker, the Digital Initiatives Librarian, at

Additional Nez Perce Resources

For more information about the Nez Perce tribe, please visit: