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A digital collection comprised of historical photographs collected by Clifford M. Ott and donated to the University of Idaho Library in 1992. Ott was an avid amateur photographer who amassed over 10,000 slides, prints, and negatives spanning the years from 1883 to 1990.

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Collection Selections:

Cornwall house. Moscow.,1897

Ursuline convent. Moscow.,1908

Yangel house. Moscow. 216 East ""A"" Street, Moscow, Idaho,1888

Christensen house. 806 South Jefferson Street, Moscow, Idaho,1900

Byseggar farm.,1900

Bird's eye view of Moscow. 1897.,1897

Summerfield homestead.,1900

Lauder homestead.,1907

Russell School. 119 North Adams Street, Moscow, ID,1889

High school. 311 E. 3rd St, Moscow, ID 83843,1900

Grand Army of the Republic.,1895

Roman Catholic Church. Moscow.,1935

Swedish Lutheran Church. 307 S Main St, Moscow, ID 83843,1940

Methodist Church. NW 3rd & Adams St, Moscow, ID 83843,1950

Presbyterian Church. Moscow.,1906

Emmanuel Lutheran Church. Moscow.,1981-05-06


Livery and feed stable. E Main St, Moscow, ID 83843,1899

Stable. Moscow.,1901

Service station. SE 6th & Main St, Moscow, ID 83843,1935

Washburn-Wilson Seed Company. Moscow.,1955

Washburn-Wilson Seed Company. Moscow.,1945-07-08

Washburn-Wilson Seed Company. Moscow.,1945-07-07

Washburn-Wilson Seed Company. Moscow.,1945-07-07

Washburn-Wilson Seed Company. Moscow.,1945-07-07



Snake River.,1975-02-15

Wawawai. [Washington],1909-11-16

Lower Granite Dam.,1972-12-20


Gold dredge.,1976

Moscow opal mine.,1892

Pioneers of Moscow.,1900

Genesee Farmers Union members.,1911

Felix Warren and H.C. Baldridge in Stagecoach,1923-06-11

[Spicer Block]. Moscow.,1946

Looking north at the east side of Main Street from the middle of the block between Second and Third streets. Moscow.,1979-08-26

Davids' mens' department in 1940. Moscow.,1940

Dedication ceremony. Moscow.,1974-11-11

First National Bank. Moscow.,1921-08-08

Looking north at Main Street from Fourth Street in the 1920s. Moscow.,1924

Looking at the east side of Main Street between Third and Fourth streets. Moscow.,1944

Hearse shown in Moscow's Centennial Parade, July 11, 1987. Moscow.,1987-07-11

Crew of Taylor & Lauder brick plant in the late 1880s or 1890s. Moscow.,1890

Fat mens' race. Moscow.,1911-07-04

Old Sandpit. Moscow.,1977-07-13

East City Park, Kiddies Wading Pool. Moscow.,1958

Idaho versus W.S.C. [Washington State College] football game in 1905. 401-499 N Main St, Moscow, ID 83843,1905

McCallie's Dental Office and White Drug Store. Main & First ST., Moscow, ID,1883

Main Street. Moscow, Idaho [?],1885

Looking northeast across the old Fair Grounds. Moscow, Idaho,1938

Running play, Idaho - Washington State College Game, October 17, 1913,1913-10-17

Kickoff, Idaho - Washington State College Game, October 17, 1913,1913-10-17

Neely and Sons Garage. Moscow, Idaho,1925

Old Guard. Moscow, Idaho,1914

Moscow Fire Department, Hose Cart Co. No. 1. July 4, 1909. Moscow, Idaho,1909-07-04

Looking north from south of Fourth Street. Moscow, Idaho,1912

Moscow Fire Department's firemen and trucks. Moscow, Idaho,1927

Moscow Fire Department. Moscow, Idaho - firemen on hook and ladder truck,1937

Looking southeast from Moscow-Pullman Highway. Moscow, Idaho,1905

University of Idaho Administration Building. Moscow, Idaho,1892-10-03

University of Idaho Administration Building. Moscow, Idaho,1906-03-30

Site of University of Idaho Administration Building after remains were removed. Moscow, Idaho,1906-09-01

University of Idaho Administration Building. Moscow, Idaho,1906-06-01

Ridenbaugh Hall. University of Idaho. Moscow, Idaho,1968

Morrill Hall. University of Idaho. Moscow, Idaho,1968

Monument marking junction of Steven's Trail and Greater Nez Perce Trail. Latah County, Idaho,1938

Construction of the federal building. Moscow.,1910-05-15

Commercial Block built 1890. Moscow.,1902

Looking northwest across Washington Street at Moscow City Hall, located at the northwest corner of Fourth and Washington streets. Moscow.,1983-09-30

Looking west from Fourth Street across Main Street showing telephone building (#1) and Hotel Moscow (#2). Moscow.,1983-09-30

[Northwest corner of Third and Main streets.] Moscow.,1986-08-08

Santa Claus comes to Moscow, landing in the block north of F Street and west of Main Street. Moscow.,1960

Looking northwest at the west side of Main Street from Third Street. Moscow.,1974-12-24

David & Ely purchased the Dernham & Kaufmann building in 1899 and changed the name to David & Ely. Moscow.,1910

George M. Tomer. Latah County, Idaho,1937

Old Latah County home. Latah County, Idaho.,1955

Moscow, Idaho.,1968

First streets paved. Moscow.,1912

Doctor Gritman and a class of graduate nurses. Moscow,1925

Looking north at Main Street. Moscow.,1933

Looking north at Main Street from top of grain elevator at corner of Eighth and Main streets in 1975 by C.M. Ott. Moscow.,1975

Looking at the southwest corner of Sixth and Jackson streets. Moscow.,1980-07-31

Post office and federal building. Moscow.,1911-07-01

Latah County Courthouse. Moscow.,1892

Officials and employees of Latah County Courthouse. Moscow.,1930

Centennial Health Center. Moscow.,1987-10-27

McGregor House. Moscow.,1892

Genesee Valley Lutheran Church.,1975

Main Street. Genesee.,1912; 1913

[Railroad depot. Genesee],1904

Looking north at Genesee. Genesee.,1901

Genesee Farmers Union Members. [Genesee].,1920

[Genesee Valley Band.],1899; 1900; 1901; 1902; 1903

East end of Kendrick. Kendrick.,1916


Looking southwest at Main Street. [Kendrick].,1904-08-05

Kendrick ball park. Kendrick.,1930

Looking northeast at Juliaetta.,1898

Looking southwest across Main Street. Troy.,1909

Troy's first school. Troy.,1903

Flood waters. Troy.,

Troy public school. Troy.,

Troy public school [students]. Troy.,

Northern Pacific [Railroad] train wreck.,1911-08-02


Tramway station.,1912

Castle. [Juliaetta].,1906

Looking west at Main Street. [Kendrick].,1900-01-12

Seventh Day Adventist dormitory. [Viola],1905

Looking northeast at the Kennedy Ford dance hall.,1961

Pioneer's cabin. Potlatch.,1905-09-22

Looking north at Potlatch Lumber Company mill. Potlatch.,1906-08-15

Potlatch school. Potlatch.,1912

Passenger train. Potlatch.,1913

Potlatch school. Potlatch.,1906

[William Deary memorial monument]. Potlatch.,1984-02-01

W.I.& M. [Washington, Idaho & Montana Railway] depot. Potlatch.,1985-09-04

Helmer school house.,1908

Sawmill and crew.,1895

W.I.& M. [Washington, Idaho & Montana Railway] engine No. 1. Potlatch.,1984-02-01

First Avon school.,1896


Hotel Bovill. Bovill.,1911

Hotel Bovill. Bovill.,1907

Public school. Bovill.,1914

Fire in cedar pole yards. Bovill.,1913

White Pine tree.,1913-10-04

Horse show. Potlatch.,1922

Longest trainload of logs in the world.,1922

Elk River Hotel.,1915

Elk River Band.,1920

[Cabin. Woodfell, Idaho],1967

[Agricultural scene].,1913

[Agricultural scene].,1900

[Agricultural scene].,1904

[Agricultural scene].,1915

[Agricultural scene.],1915

[Agricultural scene.],1919

[Agricultural scene.],1910-12-02

[Agricultural scene.],1920

[Agricultural scene.],1930

[Agricultural scene.],1962

[Agricultural scene.],1900

[Agricultural scene].,1921

[Agricultural scene].,1919

Fairgrounds. Moscow.,1918

Aerial. Moscow.,1959

Aerial. Moscow.,1950

University of Idaho. Moscow.,1896-04-01

University of Idaho. Moscow.,1901

University of Idaho. Moscow.,1901

Administration Building being demolished after fire,1905

University of Idaho. Moscow.,1915

University of Idaho. Moscow.,1911-04-10

University of Idaho. Moscow.,1911-04-10

University of Idaho. Moscow.,1920

University of Idaho. Moscow.,1938-03-26

School children. Moscow.,1907

Williamson store. Moscow.,1913

McConnell Mansion. Moscow.,1890

McConnell Mansion. Moscow.,1935

Lauder house. Moscow. 513 Taylor Avenue, Moscow, Idaho,1900

Day house. Moscow.,1900

Shields house. Moscow.,1890

Gritman house. Moscow.,1976-02-28

Thompson house. 820 East ""B"" Street, Moscow, Idaho,1976-06-30

Barton house. 310 North Van Buren Street,1906

Lieuallen house. Moscow.,1902

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The Clifford M. Ott Photograph Collection

Winter 1996 Issue : Towers (newsletter of Library Associates, University of Idaho Library)

The University of Idaho Library houses a collection of historical photographs donated by Clifford M. Ott in 1992. Mr. Ott was an avid amateur photographer who amassed over 10,000 slides, prints, and negatives spanning the years from 1883 to 1990. Ott compiled a selection from his collection into eleven albums containing a total of over 1,800 images of Moscow and surrounding Latah County. These scrap books contain photos as well as newspaper clippings, and historic footnotes. Clifford Ott used these scrapbooks, and other slides and negatives, to give talks to senior groups about Latah County history.

Clifford M. Ott was a Moscow resident for ninety years. He was born in Iowa Falls, Iowa in 1897. Mr. Ott's family relocated to Moscow in 1906. He attended school in Moscow until 1915. In 1916, Mr. Ott joined the Idaho National Guard, Company F in Lewiston. After service on the Arizona-Mexico border, his unit served in Washington State until it merged with the 116th Engineers and was dispatched to France where he served as a bayonet instructor.

He returned to Moscow in 1919, briefly working on the city survey crew. From 1920 to 1926, Clifford Ott farmed near Moscow. Then in 1927, he began working for the Washburn Wilson Seed Company as a warehouse foreman. After a 1945 fire, Mr. Ott was placed in charge of rebuilding the plant's processing and bean packaging machinery. During World War II, he helped produce C- and K- Rations at the seed company. Mr. Ott was made the manager of the Washburn Feed Store in 1952. He left the feed store in 1960 and went to work for the Idaho Department of Agriculture as a warehouse examiner. After retiring in 1967, he worked for the Aslin Finch Grain Company in Potlatch, Idaho. He remained at Aslin Finch until his second retirement in 1972. Mr. Ott continued to live in Moscow until his death on September 18, 1996, at the age of 99.

The photographs provide a careful documentary record of life, activities, and scenes in Moscow and nearby Latah County. Many of the images were copied from family photographs that would otherwise be inaccessible today. Researchers and students now have access to a remarkable historical record through Mr. Ott's generosity to the University of Idaho Library.

--Greg Schroeder, Contributing Writer.}

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