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University of Idaho Library

"I'd be helpless here at the university without the library."

- Michael Kroth, PhD

Americana Gift of Time

In 1962, W. C. Cheney, an inventor from Seattle, WA presented President Theophilus with 17 55-gallon drum barrels on the condition that the barrels be opened in 2010. The year 2010 has arrived and the mystery barrels have been opened.

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Academic Support
New technologies and research methods are continually changing the way that scholarship is approached. Investing in library faculty and staff continuing education guarantees that our students and scholars learn the most current and effective means to researching and publishing their work.

As our collection grows and as student work behaviors change, giving to library capital programs ensures space for existing and future collections, helps preserve and protect fragile and unique archival materials critical to scholars of Idaho and American life, and promotes learning with cutting edge tools and collaborative work spaces.

Students deserve opportunities to explore the whole universe of ideas. Supporting library collections allows us to acquire crucial print and electronic materials, from rare books and manuscripts to statistical datasets, leading journals, and popular works, to fuel research and scholarly enterprise.

Students are the core of our work. Investing in scholarships, research awards, and awards for student employee excellence helps foster student awareness of how the library supports their education, both in the classroom and the world.