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How to place materials on Electronic Reserve

Fill out online Request Form or come to the library.

  • Please include all information on form
  • Reading lists may be sent separately as an email attachment, but the professor will still need to supply copies of the source pages.
  • Each item must be identified by a complete citation:
    • Author
    • Title
    • Item Title (if appropriate)
    • Date of Publication (including month and year, if appropriate)
    • Volume, issue, page numbers (if appropriate)
  • We would prefer a copy of the title page for each item
  • Requests lacking any of this information will take longer to process, pending citation verification.
  • During peak periods processing may take up to a week, so please plan accordingly.

Appropriate types of materials for electronic reserves

  • Full text articles (or links) from electronic journals or aggregators licensed by the University of Idaho Library
  • Original materials created by the instructor where the instructor owns the copyright (test files, lecture notes, solutions files, syllabi)
  • Book chapter (single chapter or 10 percent, whichever is LESS)
  • Journal article
  • Student papers with written permission of the student author
  • Links to websites with materials that are covered under copyright law


  • Multiple chapters from the same book
  • More than two articles from the same issue of a journal
  • Materials not in compliance with the copyright law
  • Commercially produced workbooks or instruction manuals with answer keys, or similar products that are excluded from the principles of Fair Use as designated by copyright law
  • Student papers without written permission of the student author
  • Links to websites that post materials that are not in compliance with the copyright law
  • Materials lacking bibliographic citations or copies of the title page

Submitting materials in electronic format

  • MSWord, ASCII, or PDF files acceptable
  • File size is important: reduce size by scanning from clean copy (original preferred)
  • Complete bibliographic citation (author, title, vol., no., mo., yr, pp.) required for copyright compliance
  • Send to: Janet Allan, Reserve Coordinator:

Submitting materials for scanning

  • Original copy is preferred or clean, single-sided copies (no marks, lines) to avoid large file size
  • Supply a copy of the title page and the verso of the title page, required for copyright compliance.
  • Send to: Jesse Thomas, Reserve Coordinator, Univ. Library, MSC 2350


  • Scanned articles are only accessible by passwords. You will be given a password that must be communicated to your students so that they can access the electronic reserve readings. These passwords will change every semester and are different for each class.

Successive Use

  • Materials can be used for one semester under provisions of the Fair Use sections of the copyright law. Subsequent use requires that the library purchase rights to re-use the item. In the event that these rights are denied or deemed to be beyond reasonable costs, the library will remove the item from reserve and contact the professor about securing different readings.


  • 5 articles per week may be submitted for scanning. More than this will be scanned as time permits. If no priorities are indicated, library staff will use its discretion to avoid further delays.

Processing Time

  • Typically, first come, first served; may, at the discretion of the library, be arranged to serve the largest number of students for the least effort.
  • Plan for two weeks, particularly if you expect the library to scan and/or pull materials.
  • Remember that everyone needs to have his materials available for the first day of the semester. Do not expect this to happen if you have not submitted your material two weeks before the first day of the semester.
  • You will be notified by email when your material is available. At this time, you will be given the password for your students to use to gain access to scanned documents.
  • If you would like to check on the availability of your class, please visit the website: