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Nez Perce
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Eagle-feather Staff: the Indian Flag, at the Big Hole Battle Site, 2001

The Nimíipuu have elected not to utilize this categorical heading in the organization and presentation of our story. We feel that the elements of "geography," the land, rivers, lakes and air of the landscape, are elements of our culture that are thoroughly integrated throughout the Nimíipuu way of life. It is difficult to identify and isolate them for discussion outside their cultural context. We would prefer to discuss the importance of rivers, for example, within the context of the "seasonal round" or our contemporary tribal programs concerned about natural resource management and restoration.

In addition, many of the special places and sites within our landscape hold particular personal, historic and/or spiritual significances for our people. There are rock formations along the Lolo Trail, for example, that we wish to safeguard and protect. Occasionally, some of these sites have been threatened by unintended and intentional disturbance. It is for this reason that we had decided not to identify many of our special and sacred sites, and their locations.

We welcome your visitation to our country, but we ask that while you are traveling through Nimíipuu country, you observe and respect, without disturbing, the rich geographical heritage, which still abounds and is vital to the Nimíipuu way of life.

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