About Digital Initiatives

What We Do

The Digital Initiatives department digitizes. That may not come as a surprise, but despite the fact that it is not all we do, digitization – including the scanning of photographs, feed scanning of books, conversion of legacy files, batch processing of born-digital files, and other tasks – is the foundation by which we build our collections and web sites and through which we digitally preserve institutional, local and scholarly material and resources.

But, again, digitizing is not all we do. We also work with departments, schools, librarians, citizens, machines, code, and each other to provide guidance on digital tools, projects and preservation, and to identify, acquire, and promote new collections.

Our History

The department was established in 2008 with an initial charge to digitize and make accessible the library’s renowned International Jazz Collections. Material from the Jazz Collections continue to be added to this day, and we continue to build on our collections. We currently maintain over 70 digital collections and applications, and work that begun in the lab has now been incorporated into a library department, Data and Digital Services, and a University center, the Center for Digital Inquiry and Learning (CDIL). CDIL is a collaboration between the library and the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences (CLASS) that intends to improve the capacity for digital scholarship work at UI.

Our People

Olivia Wikle, Digital Initiatives Librarian
Phone: 208.885.9086

Kevin Dobbins, Digital Lab Manager
Phone: 208.885.9444

Evan Williamson, Digital Infrastructure Librarian
Phone: 208.885.6260

Devin Becker, Head, Data and Digital Services and Director of CDIL
Phone: 208.885.7040