Leo Ames Papers

A collection of working drawings, final designs, and other materials by Leo Ames for the University of Idaho from 1967-1994.

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About the Collection

This collection contains various materials including poster designs, promotional artwork, and working drafts created by Leo Ames for the University of Idaho from 1967-1994. Other materials include correspondence and office files regarding the creation of the university logos and its use in university branding during Ames’s time as the U of I’s creative director and head of publications. Promotional artwork include posters and booklets advertising university events and the existing logo at the time. These materials were given to the University by Julia Ames, daughter of Leo Ames in 2021. The entire collection consists of two oversized boxes and six letter-sized boxes.

This digital collection is in the process of being digitized. The items currently displayed are from one oversized box.

About Leo Ames

Leo Edwin Ames was born on February 14, 1933 and raised in Heyburn, Idaho where his love for art began. Ames attended the University of Idaho and graduated in 1965 with a degree in Journalism. He married fellow student Lela May Talbott in April 1954. Ames worked at the university and contributed his creativity and artistic skills by designing, illustrating, and photographing for the school. After three decades of dedicated service, Ames retired in 1995 as the creative director and head of publications.

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Various layers of an illustration

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"Mankind does have a strong instinct for survival." poster

In addition to his artistic and graphic design career, Leo Ames was active in local Moscow and Idaho politics. Ames was a member of the University of Idaho Women’s Caucus, which was crucial in the establishment of affirmative action and the development of the U of I Women’s Center. Ames resumed plein air painting after his retirement. Ames passed away in 2004. 1

More Information


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