Argonaut 1902

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The Argonaut - March 28th, 1902 Photo (pg 8, c0)
Miller, A.S.;
October 21st, 1902 Our new members (p4); One girl’s method (p6); Miss Elizabeth Ryan, mending and fine needlework (p10); Christian Associations (p13); Idaho 23, Oregon 0 (p15);
Faculty; Staff; Tuition; Mission; Christians; Young Women’s Christian Association; Football
April 30th, 1902 A champion of Freedom and Truth, Oration delivered in Watkins Gold Medal Contest; University of Idaho vs. University of Washington (p6);
Watkins Gold Metal Contest; Football; WSU
November 20th, 1902 Literary (p1); Football (p4); Exchanges p(6); Societies (p8);. Literary (p1); Football (p4); Exchanges p(6); Societies (p8);
Glee club; Football;Glee club; Football;