Argonaut 1917

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Date Subjects
January 10th, 1917 Gerlough, Jean; Basketball
January 17th, 1917 Co-operative Club; Farmers week; Basketball
January 24th, 1917
February 7th, 1917 Attempt to move university; Founders day; Brannon, Dr. Melvin Amos; Basketball
February 14th, 1917 Glee Club; Basketball
February 21st, 1917 Brannon, Dr. Melvin Amos; Military Ball; Basketball
February 28th, 1917 Edmundson, Clarence (Heck); Livestock judging - Butter, Apple; University of Idaho - History; Basketball
March 7th, 1917 Agriculture experiment station; Gray, Charles; Livestock judging - Butter, Apple; Basketball
March 14th, 1917 Cadets, Battalion of; Debate - vs. Gonzaga; Debate - vs. University of Southern California; Livestock judging - Butter, Apple; Officers club; Tennis; Baseball
March 21st, 1917 Cadets, Battalion of; Debate - vs. Utah Agricultural College; Girls Glee club
March 28th, 1917 University of Idaho - Appropriations; Varley, Thomas
April 14th, 1917
April 18th, 1917 Founders day; Officers Reserve corp.; University of Idaho - History
April 25th, 1917 Officers Reserve corp.; University of Idaho - History
May 2nd, 1917 Cadets, Battalion of; Cadets, Battalion of; Senior sneak; Baseball
May 9th, 1917 Intramural track; Baseball
May 17th, 1917 Ayers, Dean; Shattuck, Charles Huston
October 9th, 1917 Debate; Enrollment; Felker, Luther B.; Football; Lindley, Ernest Hiram; Rushing week - rules
October 16th, 1917 Class of 1918; Class of 1919; Class of 1920; Class of 1921; Freshman-Sophomore contest; School of Mines; Gem of the Mountains
October 23rd, 1917 Dairy Building; Department of Geology; Football; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Football; Bench and Bar; School of Practical Agriculture
October 30th, 1917 Associated Miners of; Edmundson, Clarence (Heck); Extension courses; Football; Barber, Warren; Bleamaster, W.C.; Bresheats, Bunt; Carnahan, Marvin; Dingle, Bertram; Gowen, Duddy; Jackson, Tom; Plastino, Felix; Roberts, Clive; Robinson, Ole; Thompson, Roy; Middleton, John R.; Rally bonfire; R.O.T.C.; R.O.T.C.; R.O.T.C.; Football
November 6th, 1917 ASUI-Financial report; Borah, William E.; Nightgown parade; Football; Y.M.C.A.
November 13th, 1917 Football; Livestock judging team; Judging of livestock; Football
November 20th, 1917 Judging of livestock; Marshall, Thomas R.; Hulme, Edward Maslin; School of Mines; Y.M.C.A.
November 27th, 1917 Alumni, The Idaho; Gymnasium class; Pierce, L.F.
December 4th, 1917 Edmundson, Clarence (Heck); Thompson, Roy; Bleamaster, W.C.; Jackson, Tom; Plastino, Felix; Carnahan, Marvin; Bresheats, Bunt; Dingle, Bertram; Roberts, Clive; Robinson, Ole; Barber, Warren; Gowen, Duddy; Football
December 11st, 1917
December 18th, 1917 Agriculture experiment station; Debate - vs. WSC; Football; R.O.T.C.