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The Argonaut - January 10th, 1917 Gerlough, Jean (pg 1, c5) | Varsity team vs. Whitman College (pg 1, c1)
Gerlough, Jean; Basketball;
The Argonaut - January 17th, 1917 Co-operative Club (pg 3, c3) | Farmers week (pg 1, c6) | Senior vs. faculty (pg 1, c5) | Varsity team vs. Gonzaga University (pg 1, c1)
Co-operative Club; Farmers week; Basketball;
The Argonaut - February 7th, 1917 Attempt to move university (pg 1, c4) | Founders day (pg 1, c3) | President, U of I 1914-1917 (pg 1, c1) | Varsity team vs. Washington State College (pg 1, c5)
Attempt to move university; Founders day; Brannon, Dr. Melvin Amos; Basketball;
The Argonaut - February 14th, 1917 Photo (pg 1, c0) | Varsity team vs. Montana State College, Bozeman (pg 1, c6) | Varsity team vs. Montana State University, Bozeman (pg 1, c1) | Varsity team vs. Whitman College (pg 1, c6)
Glee Club; Basketball;
The Argonaut - February 21st, 1917 President, U of I 1914-1917 (pg 1, c3) | University of Idaho (pg 1, c2) | Varsity team vs. Montana State College, Bozeman (pg 1, c5)
Brannon, Dr. Melvin Amos; Military Ball; Basketball;
The Argonaut - February 28th, 1917 Edmundson, Clarence (Heck) (pg 1, c4) | Livestock judging - Butter, Apple (pg 1, c5) | University of Idaho - History (pg 1, c6) | Varsity team vs. Whitman College (pg 1, c1)
Edmundson, Clarence (Heck); Livestock judging - Butter, Apple; University of Idaho - History; Basketball;
The Argonaut - March 7th, 1917 Agriculture experiment station (pg 4, c1) | Gray, Charles (pg 1, c3) | Livestock judging - Butter, Apple (pg 1, c2) | Northwest Conference standing (pg 1, c3) | Varsity team vs. Washington State College (pg 1, c5)
Agriculture experiment station; Gray, Charles; Livestock judging - Butter, Apple; Basketball;
The Argonaut - March 14th, 1917 Cadets, Battalion of (pg 4, c2) | Debate - U of I vs. Gonzaga (pg 1, c6) | Debate - U of I vs. University of Southern California (pg 1, c6) | Livestock judging - Butter, Apple (pg 4, c1) | Officers club (pg 4, c1) | Tennis (pg 1, c2) | Varsity team vs. University of Montana (pg 1, c4)
Cadets, Battalion of; Debate - vs. Gonzaga; Debate - vs. University of Southern California; Livestock judging - Butter, Apple; Officers club; Tennis; Baseball;
The Argonaut - March 21st, 1917 Cadets, Battalion of (pg 1, c5) | Debate - U of I vs. Utah Agricultural College (pg 1, c3) | Girls Glee club (pg 1, c6)
Cadets, Battalion of; Debate - vs. Utah Agricultural College; Girls Glee club;
The Argonaut - March 28th, 1917 University of Idaho - Appropriations (pg 1, c4) | Varley, Thomas (pg 4, c1)
University of Idaho - Appropriations; Varley, Thomas;
The Argonaut - April 18th, 1917 Founders day (pg 1, c1) | Officers Reserve corp. (pg 1, c6) | University of Idaho - History (pg 1, c0)
Founders day; Officers Reserve corp.; University of Idaho - History;
The Argonaut - April 25th, 1917 Officers Reserve corp. (pg 1, c3) | University of Idaho - History (pg 1, c1)
Officers Reserve corp.; University of Idaho - History;
The Argonaut - May 2nd, 1917 Cadets, Battalion of (pg 1, c1) | Cadets, Battalion of (pg 1, c6) | Senior sneak (pg 1, c2) | Varsity team vs. University of Montana (pg 1, c6)
Cadets, Battalion of; Cadets, Battalion of; Senior sneak; Baseball;
The Argonaut - May 9th, 1917 Intramural track (pg 1, c4) | Varsity team vs. Washington State College (pg 1, c3)
Intramural track; Baseball;
The Argonaut - May 17th, 1917 Ayers, Dean (pg 1, c6) | Faculty. Department of Forestry. University of Idaho (pg 1, c6)
Ayers, Dean; Shattuck, Charles Huston;
The Argonaut - October 9th, 1917 Debate (pg 1, c3) | Enrollment - University of Idaho (pg 1, c5) | Felker, Luther B. (pg 1, c4) | Football (pg 1, c6) | President, U of I 1917-1920. Photo (pg 1, c1) | Rushing week - rules (pg 5, c1)
Debate; Enrollment - University of Idaho; Felker, Luther B.; Football; Lindley, Ernest Hiram; Rushing week - rules;
The Argonaut - November 6th, 1917 ASUI-Financial report (pg 2, c2) | Idaho Senator (pg 1, c4) | Nightgown parade (pg 1, c2) | University of Idaho vs. WSC (pg 1, c1) | Y.M.C.A. (pg 1, c6)
ASUI-Financial report; Borah, William E.; Nightgown parade; Football; Y.M.C.A.;
The Argonaut - November 13th, 1917 Freshmen vs. Moscow High School (pg 1, c2) | Freshmen vs. WSC freshmen (pg 1, c2) | Livestock judging team (pg 1, c2) | Prannon prizes (pg 1, c2) | University of Idaho vs. Whitman College (pg 1, c1)
Football; Livestock judging team; Judging of livestock; Football;
The Argonaut - November 20th, 1917 Contests. Intercollegiate (pg 1, c5) | Marshall, Thomas R. (pg 1, c4) | Photo (pg 3, c2) | School of Mines (pg 2, c4) | Y.M.C.A. (pg 1, c6)
Judging of livestock; Marshall, Thomas R.; Hulme, Edward Maslin; School of Mines; Y.M.C.A.;
The Argonaut - October 16th, 1917 Class of 1918 (pg 3, c2) | Class of 1919 (pg 3, c2) | Class of 1920 (pg 3, c2) | Class of 1921 (pg 3, c2) | Freshman-Sophomore contest (pg 1, c1) | School of Mines (pg 4, c4) | Staff (pg 3, c2)
Class of 1918; Class of 1919; Class of 1920; Class of 1921; Freshman-Sophomore contest; School of Mines; Gem of the Mountains;
The Argonaut - November 27th, 1917 Alumni, The Idaho (pg 1, c2) | Gymnasium class (pg 1, c1) | Pierce, L.F. (pg 1, c2)
Alumni, The Idaho; Gymnasium class; Pierce, L.F.;
The Argonaut - December 4th, 1917 Edmundson, Clarence (Heck) (pg 1, c5) | Photo (pg 1, c1) | Photo (pg 1, c2) | Photo (pg 1, c3) | Photo (pg 1, c4) | Photo (pg 1, c6) | Photo (pg 3, c1) | Photo (pg 3, c2) | Photo (pg 3, c3) | University of Idaho vs. University of Montana (pg 1, c1)
Edmundson, Clarence (Heck); Thompson, Roy; Bleamaster, W.C.; Jackson, Tom; Plastino, Felix; Carnahan, Marvin; Bresheats, Bunt; Dingle, Bertram; Roberts, Clive; Robinson, Ole; Barber, Warren; Gowen, Duddy; Football;
The Argonaut - December 18th, 1917 Agriculture experiment station (pg 3, c3) | Debate - U of I vs. WSC (pg 1, c1) | Football (pg 1, c6) | R.O.T.C. (pg 3, c3)
Agriculture experiment station; Debate - vs. WSC; Football; R.O.T.C.;
The Argonaut - October 23rd, 1917 Dairy Building (pg 1, c4) | Department of Geology (pg 1, c5) | Football (pg 1, c6) | Freshman-Sophomore contest (pg 1, c1) | Freshmen vs. Gonzaga (pg 1, c2) | Officers (pg 2, c1) | School of Practical Agriculture (pg 1, c4)
Dairy Building; Department of Geology; Football; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Football; Bench and Bar; School of Practical Agriculture;
The Argonaut - October 30th, 1917 Associated Miners of U of I (pg 1, c3) | Edmundson, Clarence (Heck) (pg 3, c1) | Extension courses (pg 6, c4) | Game standings U of I, WSC 1894- (pg 4, c2) | Photo (pg 3, c1) | Photo (pg 3, c4) | R.O.T.C. (pg 1, c3) | R.O.T.C. (pg 2, c4) | R.O.T.C. (pg 4, c2) | University of Idaho vs. University of Oregon (pg 1, c6)
Associated Miners of ; Edmundson, Clarence (Heck); Extension courses; Football; Barber, Warren; Bleamaster, W.C.; Bresheats, Bunt; Carnahan, Marvin; Dingle, Bertram; Gowen, Duddy; Jackson, Tom; Plastino, Felix; Roberts, Clive; Robinson, Ole; Thompson, Roy; Middleton, John R.; Rally bonfire; R.O.T.C.; R.O.T.C.; R.O.T.C.; Football;
January 24th, 1917 Crucial series to open Friday: First conference conflict of local season may decide northwest championship; Pullan quintet unbeaten: WSC has trimmed UofW and Whitman; Two days between semesters set aside by faculty for vacation, rest and registration; Nielson best bird places: Idaho students first in poultry show contest with WSC; Movie orchestra leader seizes fatal moment for “perfect day”; Worm turning upsets family: Staid English household shaken when heroine of green stockings takes startling stop: American aunt hysterical; Chicago woman overcome when creature of nieces imagination puts in his appearance; Lectures draw large crowds: More than 300 farmers in attendance at first sessions of week nearly 200 housekeepers here: Farrells talks feature: Government expert forced to repeat one address on improved methods for canning; Idaho wallops Lewiston team: Normalities massacred by Hec’s men in rather spiritless contest final score is 61-16: Feeble floor work of pedagogues has result of slowing up every local battler; Athletic theory courses to be offered by coaches: Football and baseball will fall to “Blea” track and basketball to Edmundson; Delta Gammas group leaders: Sorority attains first place in 1915-16 scholarship race Sigma Nu heads fraternities (p2); Industrial problems to be solved by undergrads (p2); A fighting chance (p2); Smiles for 1918 annual sought: Wildest grin contest announced by gem of the mountains editor in chief (p3); Gamma Phis tea at Pullman (p3); Spirituality lecture theme (p4);
Basketball; Baseball; Poultry show; Athletic theory; Delta Gamma; Sigma Nu; Grin contest; Gamma Phi
April 14th, 1917 “Wait for war measure,” Insists general Bell; Loving tributes are paid Henery: Beautiful funeral services of late student held in auditorium Thursday afternoon: Throng of friends present: Wonderful eulogistic address made by Dr. Brannon: Battalion escorts casket to train; Southern Idaho schools will stage try-out for interscholastic; Undergraduates urged to refrain from enlistment for time being: California’s cadet battalion to be kept intact: Request construed as command by Berkeley authorities: Dean J.G. Eldridge reads statement at special assembly, saying that it applies directly to this institution, patriotic speech made; Stillinger arrests german: Idaho student applies quietus to untactful teuton; Varsity wins in three debates: California and Gonzaga fall before vandal onslaughts of Idaho forensic bright lights: Local decision two to one: Unanimous verdicts mark contests in foreign fields, best season in pears; ASUI grants tennis letters: Long delayed amendments are finally approved: resolutions of condolence read; Bruins trimmed in weird battle: Bleamaster’s men come from behind and win first fray by clouting forth 14 hits in ninth: Score board admits 8 to 7: Rettig on hill for varsity: Spokane Indians to play in Moscow, April 20; Idaho will keep sport schedule: National hostilities will not interfere with spring athletics in opinion of Coach Edmundson; Delta Gammas again head campus scholarship list (p2); Names of Idaho engineers sent to war department: Crisis results in issuance of urgent call for technically trained collegians (p3); Sigma Nu informal (p3); Patriotic addresses made (p3); Faculty passes war ruling to favor patriotic students (p4); Center attending meeting: University extension head represents Idaho at San Francisco (p4); Seventh debate falls to Idaho (p4);
Dr. Brannon; War; Dean Eldridge; Debates; ASUI; Delta Gammas; Sigma Nu
December 11st, 1917 President Foster to address students on work of red cross: Noted educator and writer will speak at next Thursday assembly: All phases of trench life inspected by him as member of red cross commission; Girls register for service: Women’s national defense council enrolls University co-eds for duty; ASUI treasurer elected; War spirit reaches campus causing man enlistments; Over a score of undergraduates leave for duty in various branches of service: Former students take examinations for appointment to training camp; Melugin for Hulme’s Place: Idaho graduate chosen to carry on work in history during dean’s absence; Engineers not liable to call: Decision by officials allow technical students to complete their education; Football men feed: Banquet given by local business men for 1917 team; Bleamaster formulates plans for inter-group basketball; Outlook for victory in annual Pullman dual debate is gloomy; Battalion news (p2); Big “war dance” scheduled for Saturday night (p3); German language important: Educators agree that study of tectonic tongue has real value (p3); President Lindley speaks at Wednesday assembly (p4); Hasty enlistment banned (p4);
War; Red Cross; Trench life; Enlistment; Defense council; Co-Eds; ASUI; Banquet; Dance; Debate