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The Argonaut - January 15th, 1919 S.A.T.C. (Student Army Training Corp.) (pg 1, c2)
S.A.T.C. (Student Army Training Corp.);
The Argonaut - January 31st, 1919 ASUI-Executive Board (pg 1, c6) | Curriculum (pg 1, c1) | University opening and closing dates (pg 1, c1) | Varsity team vs. Gonzaga University (pg 1, c3)
ASUI-Executive Board; Curriculum; University opening and closing dates; Basketball;
The Argonaut - February 28th, 1919 Gem of the Mountains (pg 1, c6) | Staff (pg 1, c6) | Varsity team vs. University of Oregon, Eugene (pg 4, c4) | Varsity team vs. Washington State College (pg 1, c3)
Gem of the Mountains; Gem of the Mountains; Basketball;
The Argonaut - March 7th, 1919 Livestock judging - Butter, Apple, grains (pg 1, c3) | Registration - geographic distribution (pg 1, c5) | University of Idaho - History (pg 3, c1) | Varsity team vs. University of Washington (pg 1, c1)
Livestock judging - Butter, Apple, grains; Registration - geographic distribution; University of Idaho - History; Basketball;
The Argonaut - March 14th, 1919 ASUI-Financial report (pg 3, c1) | Livestock judging - Butter, Apple, grains (pg 1, c4) | Northwest Conference standing (pg 1, c4) | University of Idaho - Appropriations (pg 1, c3) | Varsity team vs. Washington State College (pg 4, c4)
ASUI-Financial report; Livestock judging - Butter, Apple, grains; Basketball; University of Idaho - Appropriations; Basketball;
The Argonaut - March 21st, 1919 Summer school (pg 1, c4)
Summer school;
The Argonaut - March 22nd, 1919 Photo (pg 3, c1) | Photo (pg 3, c2) | Photo (pg 3, c3) | Photo (pg 3, c4) | Photo (pg 3, c5) | Photo of 1917 team (pg 2, c0)
Lindley, E.K. (Prex); Roming, Ronald (Nutz); Moe, Leslie Nelson (Bo); Carder, William (Wild Bill); Hunter, Elra (Squinty); Bleamaster, W.C.; Campbell, Howard (Drom); Football team;
The Argonaut - April 4th, 1919 Hulme, Edward Maslin (pg 2, c3) | University of Idaho vs. Ricks College (pg 1, c5) | Varsity team vs. Boise Up-To-Dates (pg 1, c5)
Hulme, Edward Maslin; Basketball;
The Argonaut - February 7th, 1919 Enrollment - University of Idaho (pg 4, c3) | Erickson, F.M. (pg 1, c6) | Gem of the Mountains (pg 1, c1) | Varsity team vs. Oregon State College, Corvallis (pg 1, c1) | Varsity team vs. Walla Walla YMCA (pg 1, c3) | Varsity team vs. Whitman College (pg 1, c3) | Y.M.C.A. (pg 1, c4)
Enrollment - University of Idaho; Erickson, F.M.; Gem of the Mountains; Basketball; Y.M.C.A.;
The Argonaut - April 11th, 1919 ASUI-Financial report (pg 2, c3) | Boise U of I Club (pg 4, c3) | Freshman-Sophomore contest (pg 1, c1) | Roster of section A (pg 3, c0) | Trimble, William J. (pg 1, c4)
ASUI-Financial report; Boise Club; Freshman-Sophomore contest; S.A.T.C. (Student Army Training Corp.); Trimble, William J.;
The Argonaut - April 24th, 1919 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision (pg 1, c4) | Baseball, intramural (pg 4, c3) | Intramural track (pg 4, c3) | Varsity team vs. Washington State College (pg 4, c4)
ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Baseball, intramural; Intramural track; Baseball;
The Argonaut - May 1st, 1919 Bleamaster, W.C. (pg 1, c4) | Davis, H.P. (pg 3, c3) | Intramural track (pg 4, c3)
Bleamaster, W.C.; Davis, H.P.; Intramural track;
The Argonaut - May 7th, 1919 Campus Day (pg 1, c4)
Campus Day;
The Argonaut - May 13th, 1919 Erickson, F.M. (pg 3, c5) | University of Idaho vs. Washington State College (pg 1, c3) | Varsity team vs. Washington State College (pg 4, c1)
Erickson, F.M.; Track; Baseball;
The Argonaut - May 20th, 1919 Law edition (pg 1, c0) | Law edition (pg 1, c5)
School of Law; Evans, Alvin E.; Gill, James John; Miles, C.G;
The Argonaut - May 23rd, 1919 Baseball (pg 3, c4) | Song fest (pg 4, c2) | The Idaho Argonaut (pg 1, c1) | The Wrangler (pg 3, c5)
Baseball; Song fest; The Idaho Argonaut; The Wrangler;
The Argonaut - May 27th, 1919 Glee Club (pg 4, c2) | Intramural Tennis (pg 4, c4) | Observance (pg 1, c5)
Glee Club; Intramural Tennis; Memorial day;
The Argonaut - May 31st, 1919 Almquist, John A. (pg 3, c3) | Commencement week - schedule (pg 1, c5) | Intramural Tennis (pg 4, c3) | Intramural track (pg 4, c2) | Pacific Northwest conference (pg 1, c0)
Almquist, John A.; Commencement week - schedule; Intramural Tennis; Intramural track; Track;
The Argonaut - June 3rd, 1919 Intramural Tennis (pg 1, c1)
Intramural Tennis;
The Argonaut - February 14th, 1919 Baseball, intramural (pg 1, c4) | Gem of the Mountains (pg 1, c6) | Junior promenade (pg 1, c2) | Varsity team vs. Oregon State College, Corvallis (pg 1, c5)
Baseball, intramural; Gem of the Mountains; Junior promenade; Basketball;
The Argonaut - February 21st, 1919 Extension conference (pg 1, c4) | Gem of the Mountains (pg 1, c1) | Northwest Conference standing (pg 4, c3) | Varsity team vs. Washington State College (pg 1, c3) | Varsity team vs. Whitman College (pg 1, c5)
Extension conference; Gem of the Mountains; Basketball;
The Argonaut - October 7th, 1919 Associated Barb's (pg 3, c3) | Associated Women Students (pg 1, c2) | Dramatic club (pg 3, c2) | Harvard club prize (pg 4, c1) | Lindley, E.K. (Prex) (pg 3, c3) | Men's Glee club (pg 1, c6) | President, U of I 1917-1920. Photo (pg 1, c3) | School of Forestry (pg 1, c2)
Associated Barb's; Associated Women Students; Dramatic club; Harvard club prize; Lindley, E.K. (Prex); Men's Glee club; Lindley, Ernest Hiram; School of Forestry;
The Argonaut - October 15th, 1919 Associated Forester of University of Idaho (pg 2, c2) | ASUI (pg 1, c4) | Campus hour (pg 1, c2) | Photo (pg 3, c2) | Photo (pg 3, c3) | Photo (pg 4, c0) | Photo (pg 4, c1) | Photo (pg 4, c3)
Forester's club; ASUI; Campus hour; Dingle, Bertram; Hutchinson, R. F.; Bleamaster, W.C.; Football team; Bresheats, Bunt; Gerlough, Tillman B. (Turk); Irving, Neil; Thompson, Oswald;
The Argonaut - June 6th, 1919 Animal Husbandry, Dept. of (pg 4, c5) | ASUI-Financial report (pg 2, c5) | Class of 1919 (pg 1, c3) | Point honor system (pg 2, c3)
Animal Husbandry, Dept. of; ASUI-Financial report; Class of 1919; Point honor system;
The Argonaut - October 21st, 1919 Associated Miners of U of I (pg 1, c1) | Freshmen vs. WSC freshmen (pg 1, c4) | Officers (pg 1, c5) | University of Idaho vs. University of Oregon (pg 1, c6)
Associated Miners of ; Football; Bench and Bar; Football;
The Argonaut - October 30th, 1919 ASUI (pg 1, c3) | ASUI-Financial report (pg 3, c1) | Coeur d'Alene club (pg 1, c3) | Hulme, Edward Maslin (pg 3, c1) | Men's Glee club (pg 1, c2) | University of Idaho vs. University of Utah (pg 1, c3)
ASUI; ASUI-Financial report; Coeur d'Alene club; Hulme, Edward Maslin; Men's Glee club; Football;
The Argonaut - November 4th, 1919 Forester's club (pg 1, c4) | Freshmen vs. North Central High School (pg 1, c2) | Rally bonfire (pg 4, c1) | University of Idaho vs. WSC (pg 1, c1)
Forester's club; Football; Rally bonfire; Football;
The Argonaut - November 11th, 1919 Coed - Rules regulating conduct (pg 1, c6) | Contests. Idaho, Oregon and Washington (pg 1, c2) | Freshmen vs. Lewis and Clark High of Spokane (pg 1, c4) | University of Idaho vs. University of Montana (pg 1, c3)
Coed - Rules regulating conduct; Judging of livestock; Football;
The Argonaut - November 18th, 1919 Chenoweth, Curtis Worth (pg 1, c5) | Chislet, William (pg 1, c5) | Faculty, U of I English Department (pg 1, c5) | Freshmen vs. WSC freshmen (pg 1, c6) | Veterans vocation club (pg 1, c5)
Chenoweth, Curtis Worth; Chislet, William; Cushman, John H.; Football; Veterans vocation club;
The Argonaut - November 25th, 1919 Bookstore, Students Co-op (pg 1, c6) | Livestock judging - Butter, Apple, grains (pg 1, c1) | Livestock judging team (pg 1, c1)
Bookstore, Students Co-op; Livestock judging - Butter, Apple, grains; Livestock judging team;
The Argonaut - December 2nd, 1919 ASUI (pg 1, c1) | Bookstore, Students Co-op (pg 1, c2) | Harsh, Raymond (pg 1, c1)
ASUI; Bookstore, Students Co-op; Harsh, Raymond;
The Argonaut - December 9th, 1919 Ag Bawl (pg 3, c2) | Associated Women Students (pg 1, c3) | Bookstore, Students Co-op (pg 1, c6) | Dingle, Bertram (pg 1, c6) | Plastino, Felix (pg 1, c2)
Ag Bawl; Associated Women Students; Bookstore, Students Co-op; Dingle, Bertram; Plastino, Felix;
The Argonaut - December 16th, 1919 Associated Women Students (pg 3, c3) | Debate - U of I vs. WSC (pg 1, c6) | Faculty, Dean of Agriculture. U of I (pg 1, c1) | Gibbs, W.M. (pg 1, c5) | Nagele, Eugene (pg 1, c5) | Southern Idaho special (pg 1, c1)
Associated Women Students; Debate - vs. WSC; Iddings, E.J.; Gibbs, W.M.; Nagele, Eugene; Southern Idaho special;
The Argonaut - September 23rd, 1919 Enrollment - University of Idaho (pg 1, c1) | Freshman-Sophomore contest (pg 1, c2) | Latah county fair - University exhibit (pg 2, c1) | Muttkowski, Richard A. (pg 1, c1) | University of Idaho - Staff (pg 2, c2) | Y.M.C.A. (pg 1, c5)
Enrollment - University of Idaho; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Latah county fair - University exhibit; Muttkowski, Richard A.; University of Idaho - Staff; Y.M.C.A.;
The Argonaut - September 30th, 1919 Bresheats, Bunt (pg 1, c6) | Faculty committees (pg 1, c3) | Freshman-Sophomore contest (pg 1, c2) | R.O.T.C. (pg 1, c6) | Y.M.C.A. (pg 4, c5)
Bresheats, Bunt; Faculty committees; Freshman-Sophomore contest; R.O.T.C.; Y.M.C.A.;
January 24th, 1919 Plans formulated for annual book: Short time for publication makes staff hustle – all pictures needed; Dr. Moore offers literature course: Only contemporary literature studied – course open to all students; Memorial planned for soldier dead: suggested that trees be planted for Idaho men killed in service; Cast chosen for coming plays: Much interest displayed tryout discovers new talent; Professor Lewis talks to soldiers: gives lectures to camp Lewis men on economic and business law; Gem of mountains staff is appointed: Prominent students receive important jobs – plan big issue; Gymnasium to be recreation center; Athletic contests for Idaho students; Business courses prove popular: enrollment increased need for larger quarters apparent (p2); War and the college student (p2); Electrical head consulted on heating plans (p3); Prominent missionary visits university: Mark Freeman gives interesting account of island of Banka (p4); Student intelligence test gives high average results: interesting sex difference in grades – university has high mentality (p4);
Publications; Literature; Memorial; Gymnasium; Mark Freeman
May 9th, 1919 Cinder men primed for WSC battle: “All in good condition” says coach Matthews, but refused to predict outcome; Bad weather fails to daunt workers: M. P.’s find few deserters – after noon program hindered by cold; Stunt committees proclaim watchword “orginality-secrecy”; Students boost for greater Idaho: Issue call to arms in campus day orations this afternoon; Tickets on sale for interscholastic: Nine hundred admissions to annual high school classic must be sold; Baseball payers meet WSC Saturday morning, “Blea’s” battlers ready; Glee club concert scores big hit; It always has been: Old students couldn’t fathom finances (p3); Army college men take work abroad: Thousands detailed to French and British universities and “Y” schools (p3); Reconstruct rifle range for military department (p3); Want university men for speakers: Insistent demands from Idaho high schools for commencement addresses (p4); Final intelligence results give men edge over coeds: Wider worldly experience gave advantage in certain phases of tests, says Dr. Reed – concludes junior college is advisable (p4); Sees value in trade school: Prominent mining journal lands Idaho work in Coeur d’Alenes (p4);
Deserters; Glee club; Speakers; French; British
May 16th, 1919 Racketers may meet WSC next week: Ken Hunter and Bill Denecke will probably represent Idaho in a dual tennis meet with WSC in the near future; IWW situation national reaction says J. Stitt Wilson; Watch for house papas dean of men, and multiplicity; Hail and wind stop meet- to start tomorrow at 10:00: with 50,100 and 880 dahes run off Genesee leads with 10 points – Boliou ties record in 50, Connor shows speed in half; Engineers visit Spokane: Seniors and Juniors investigate practical problems; Foresters hear lecture on pine tree blight; YMCA gives entertainment to help foreign work; The campus roomer (p2); Frances Bailey, Irene Gould, Jean Orr, won highest honors: Many interesting results appear in scholarship report for last year Co-Eds leave men behind, juniors lead classes (p2); Rifle practice by May 24: Reconstruction of range progressing – to have complete equipment (p2); Head of piano department praises musical ability of Idaho students (p3); Head of education department studies conditions for state board (p3); War prices will remain high for long time says Prof. Lewis: Tax on luxuries, high railroad rates and government policy of price fixing are now factors which will keep prices up (p3); Tells blood-curdling tales of experiences in Old Mexico (p4); Faculty and students cooperated on campus day (p4);
Track and Field; YMCA; Co-Eds; War prices; Old Mexico