Argonaut 1951

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Date Subjects
January 9th, 1951 Basketball; Summer school; Lyle, James; Engineers ball; Football; Gifts to University of Idaho; Killsgaard, Carl; Scholarships; R.O.T.C. credit requirement; Ski team; University Symphony orchestra
January 12th, 1951 Associated Women Students; Athletic Awards; Automobile stickers; Army ROTC; Crusade for Freedom; Debate team; Engineers ball; Fraternities and sorority rush; Basketball; Little International; Swimming; Blewett, Aaron E.; Blewett, Rex; Religions emphasis week; Book Exchange; Student recruitment; Buchanan, Jesse E.; University Symphony orchestra; Vocation
January 16th, 1951 Agriculture Club; All University Day; ASUI-Talent file; Audio-visual aids; Buildings and grounds; City of Moscow - weather; Debate team; Basketball; Home Economic club; Library; Swimming; Pennell, Fred (Fred the cop); Phi Alpha Kappa; Theophilus, Donald Jr.; Theta Sigma; University singers
January 19th, 1951 Air Force ROTC; Bridge tournament; Campus chest; Fraternities and sorority rush; Basketball; Inter-Church council; Swimming; Wheeler, Bob; Jenkins, Sam; Gartin, Bob; Dollinger, Stewart; Sigma Delta Chi; Book Exchange; The Idaho Argonaut; Underdahl, Conrad R.; Basketball; Westminister forum; Phi Chi Theta
January 23rd, 1951 Army ROTC; Dormitories; Cheating; Courses in religion; Travis, Russell B.; Smith, Arthur L.; McFarlane, Sterling; Mayfield, Darwin; Basketball; Idaho Institute of Christian Education; Library displays; Swimming; Orientation of freshmen; Johnson, Bert; Morrison, Dwight; Registration - Procedure; Book Exchange; The Idaho Argonaut; Disciplinary board
January 30th, 1951 Campus chest; College of Law; Gymnastics - meets; KUOI - Program schedule; Mucker's ball; Registration - Procedure; Religions emphasis week; The Idaho Argonaut; Buchanan, Jesse E.; University of Idaho - History; Vandal flying club; Basketball
February 2nd, 1951 Blue Key -Talent show; Bridge tournament; Curriculum; Associated Women Students; Baker, William H.; Fraternities and sorority rush; KUOI; Enrollment; Religions emphasis week; University concert band
February 6th, 1951 Air Force ROTC; Administration building (1907-; Blue Key -Talent show; Enrollment; Experiment stations - conference; DeLancey, Opal; Basketball; Gymnastics - shows; International relations club; Swimming; Mucker's ball; National Student's Association (NSA); Orientation of freshmen; Book Exchange; University concert band; University of Idaho - Expansion
February 9th, 1951 Blue Key -Talent show; Davis, Tine W.; Associated Women Students; Enrollment; Gymnastics - shows; KUOI; Mucker's ball; Tivey, DeForrest; Moats, William L.; McMullen, Terry; Gem of the Mountains; Winter Carnival
February 13th, 1951 Debate team; Basketball; Swimming; Idaho independent; Orazem, Virginia; Davis, Tine W.; Spurs; KUOI; Winter Carnival; Withdrawal of students
February 16th, 1951 Blue Key -Talent show; Cosmopolitan Club; Associated Women Students; Gymnastics - meets; Inter-Church council; KUOI; Middleton, John R.; Religions emphasis week; Winter Carnival
February 20th, 1951 Agriculture Club; Alpha Zeta; ASUI; ASUI-Financial report; Blue Key -Talent show; Bridge tournament; Debate team; Associated Women Students; Forester's ball; Gymnastics - meets; Swimming; Engineering building (Old); Religions emphasis week; Skinner, Harold; Spurs; Basketball; Winter Carnival
February 23rd, 1951 Scholarships; Associated Women Students; Forester's ball; Gifts to University of Idaho; Home Economic club; Pershing rifles; Fulton, Janet; George, Yvonne; Religions emphasis week
February 27th, 1951 Air Force ROTC; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Audio-visual aids; Debate team; Smith, Arthur L.; Forester's ball; Basketball; Linnenkamp, John Raymond; Student loans; Swimming; Religions emphasis week; Ski team; Basketball
March 2nd, 1951 Buildings and grounds; Crippled Children's benefit dance; Harlaw, Gene; Gem of the Mountains; Sessions, Gary O.; Religions emphasis week; Scholarships and grants; United world federalists; University of Idaho - Expansion; Vandaleers; Buildings and grounds
March 6th, 1951 Associated Women Students; Brink, Carol; Debate team; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gymnastics - meets; Little International; Navy ROTC; Newman club; Dames Club; Scholarships and grants; Business Administration, College of; Student directory
March 9th, 1951 Agriculture Club; Alpha Zeta; Alumni - Sons and daughters who come to Idaho; Crippled Children's benefit dance; Infirmary; Little International; Travel service
March 13th, 1951 Cosmopolitan Club; Crippled Children's benefit dance; Phi Eta Sigma; Library; Swimming; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Newman club; R.O.T.C. - staff; Rifle Club; St. Luke's Hospital - Affiliated with the University Bacteriology department; Travel service; Vocation
March 16th, 1951 Air Force ROTC; Buck, Philip W.; Crippled Children's benefit dance; Little International; Phi Beta Kappa; Wiemann, Charles; Crippled Children's benefit dance; R.O.T.C. - All services; Track; Vandal flying club
March 20th, 1951 Audio-visual aids; Crippled Children's benefit dance; Enrollment; Nikcevich, John; Idaho Institute of Christian Education; Inter-Church council; Interfraternity ball; International relations club; Sex ratio; Travel service; Track; Women's recreational Association (WRA)
March 30th, 1951 Bridge tournament; Howell, Dixie; Curfman, R.A. (Babe); DeLancey, Opal; Ramsey, Herschel (Red); Nikcevich, John; Boxing; Army ROTC; Pep Band; Sigma Tau; Beattie, Arthur H.; Vandaleers
April 3rd, 1951 Campbell, Marguerite; Debate team; Freshman week; Class of 1954; Little International; Memorial gymnasium; Pep Band; University of Idaho - Testing center for draft deferments
April 6th, 1951 Agriculture Club; Agriculture experiment station; Associated Women Students; Associated Women Students; Associated Women Students; ASUI-Elections; Baseball; R.O.T.C. - All services; Summer school; Summer school; Ellis, Everett; Prichard, Theodore J.; Williams, Jerry; Freshman week; Idaho state forestry week; Walker, Norm; Grades; Tennis; Torrell, Paul J.; Vandaleers
April 10th, 1951 All University Day; Baseball; Borah Conference; Army ROTC; Experiment stations - Forest, Wildlife and Range; Curfman, R.A. (Babe); Nikcevich, John; Williams, Jerry; Freshman week; Idaho state forestry week; Interfraternity ball; Hargis, Bobbie; Little International; Summer school; Student teaching; Tennis; Track
April 13th, 1951 Borah Conference; Clean-up week; Hays, Mrs. John E.; Idaho state forestry week; Idaho state forestry week; Interfraternity ball; Kappa Alpha Theta; LeClair, Titus; Lee, William E.; Little International
April 17th, 1951 All University Day; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Baseball; Borah Conference; Child guidance clinic; Curfman, R.A. (Babe); Freshman week; Little International; Scabbard and blade; Sigma Delta Chi; Tennis; Theta Sigma; Track; Vandaleers
April 20th, 1951 All University Day; American Institute of Electronic Engineers; ASUI-Elections; Baseball; Borah Conference; Hell Divers; Home Economic club; Idaho state forestry week; Intercollegiate Knights; Library; Little International; Memorial gymnasium; Xi Sigma Pi; Phi Mu Alpha; University of Idaho - Expansion; Scholarships and grants; Tennis; University of Idaho - History; Wesley foundation
April 24th, 1951 Anderson, Wayne; All University Day; ASUI-Elections; Baseball; Flenniken, Mack; Golf; Hell Divers; Little International; Grade Averages; Navy ROTC - Eagle and Anchor Society; Kornher, Ken; McDevitt, Charles; Haegle, Jerry; Whybark, Naida; Hardy, Don; Jacob, Hyde; Fulton, Janet; Straw, Dick; Christian, Glenn; Evans, Marilyn; Duffy, Pat; Orazem, Virginia; DeLeve, James; Kaku, Mich; Vandal riders; Sessions, Gary O.; Tennis; Track; Women's recreational Association (WRA)
April 27th, 1951 Alpha Zeta; Attic club; World Student Service Fund; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Hell Divers; Jacob, Hyde; Jazz concerts; Madrigal singers; National Student's Association (NSA); Phi Mu Alpha; Yell team; Rodeo (Vandal riders); Vandal riders; Football; Song fest; Upper-classmen's dance; Wheeler, Bob
May 1st, 1951 Navy ROTC; Baseball; World Student Service Fund; Debate team; Gipson, Lawrence H.; Golf; Hell Divers; Intramural track; Jazz concerts; Mortar Board; National Student's Association (NSA); Opera workshop; Fray, Bill; Rodeo (Vandal riders); University concert band; Track; Upper-classmen's dance; Women's recreational Association (WRA)
May 4th, 1951 World Student Service Fund; Commencement exercises; Intramural track; National Student's Association (NSA); Opera workshop; Home Economics building; Scholarships and grants; Society of Automotive Engineers; University concert band; University of Idaho - Expansion; Track; University Symphony orchestra; Upper-classmen's dance; Women's recreational Association (WRA)
May 8th, 1951 Associated Women Students; Barchers, Edward; World Student Service Fund; Dhillon, Hardit Singh; Garrie, Clayton; Golf; KUOI - Program schedule; KUOI; May fete; Mortar Board; Opera workshop; Jennings, Diana; Messerly, Lois; Rodeo (Vandal riders); Scholarships and grants; Tennis; Track; University Symphony orchestra; Upper-classmen's dance
May 11th, 1951 Alumni; Baseball; Baseball, intramural; World Student Service Fund; Orchesis; Woods, Ella; Golf; May fete; Opera workshop; McCormick, Janice; Football
May 15th, 1951 Mu Beta Beta; Armed Forces day; Baseball, intramural; Curtain Club; Girls Rifle club; Golf; May fete; Navy ROTC; Football; Scholarships and grants; Song fest; Student recruitment
May 18th, 1951 Air Force ROTC; Armed Forces day; Army ROTC; Baseball; World Student Service Fund; Department of Home Economics; Curfman, R.A. (Babe); Scholarships; Navy ROTC; Administration building (1892-1906); Christian, Glenn; Hinckley, Cless; Schupfer, Beverly; Sigma Xi; Gem of the Mountains; University concert band; Track; University singers; University Symphony orchestra
May 22nd, 1951 Mu Beta Beta; Baseball; Army ROTC; Educational field services, Department of Education; Golf; Inter-Church council; McKee, Jerry; Miller, Don; Taylor, Duane; Wiemann, Charles; R.O.T.C. - All services; School of Education; Scholarships; Summer school; Scholarships; Student counseling center; Tennis; Track; University singers
May 25th, 1951 Baseball; Army ROTC; BLOT; Commencement exercises; R.O.T.C. - All services; Scholarships and grants; Scholarships; Spurs; Summer school; Summer school; University singers
May 29th, 1951 Baseball; Alpha Phi Omega; Commencement exercises; Degrees, putting husband though (PHT); Finley, Chuck; Class of 1951; Bahr, Vernon; Rowberry, Joan; Sigma Alpha Iota
September 21st, 1951 Air Force ROTC; World Student Service Fund; Driver's education; Eastman, Ray E.; Akkerman, Evelyn; Howard, William M.; Fahrenwald, A.W.; Blackstone, Bruce I.; Foreign students; Fraternities and sorority rush; French, Burton L.; Scholarships; General Electric Graduate School of Nuclear Engineering; Killsgaard, Carl; KUOI; Miller, George; Ralstin, Phyllis; Mudgett, Bruce E.; Murphy, Dave; Music Hall (New); Parks, Robert L.; Engineering building (Old); Memorial gymnasium; Music Hall (New); Memorial gymnasium; Registration fees; Scholarships; Buchanan, Jesse E.; University band; Football; Zyzack, Dick
September 25th, 1951 Automobile stickers; Bennett, G. Byrce; Burton, Gale D.; Radio division, Humanities department; Engineering building (New); Enrollment; Graue, Dr. Erwin; Maib, Francis; Pasel, Lawrence; Sitlinger, Albert; Tracy, Robert K.; Forney Hall; Student union building; Army ROTC; Jennings, Talbot; Orientation of freshmen; Blewett, Aaron E.; Woods, Kenneth; Holder, Bob; Vandal riders; Scholarships and grants; School of Education; State research program; Football
September 28th, 1951 American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Bauer, Margaret; Brasch, Mary; Burnham, Bob; BLOT; BLOT; Congressional committee hearing, Index of; Dad's day; Delta Sigma Rho; Department of Physical Education; Enrollment; Student union building; Eimers, William; Eimers, William; Young, Frank; Rowe, Patricia; FBI law enforcement institute; Intramural Program; KUOI; Lancaster, Betty A.; FBI law enforcement institute; National Student's Association (NSA); Navy ROTC; Schild, Bob; Betts, Edith; Vandal riders; Shepard, Stanley; Football; Waldron, Rodney
October 2nd, 1951 Anderson, Wayne; Mix, Gale; Enrollment; Music Hall (New); Lattig, H.E. (Dean); Miller, Don; Buhler, Jay; Student organization's fund; Football; Vandaleers
October 5th, 1951 American Society of Agricultural Engineering; Blood Donations; Borgen, Donald; Alpha Phi Omega; Courses in religion; Orchesis; Delta Sigma Rho; Department of Home Economics; Livestock judging team; Music festival; Opera workshop; Veterans' village; Kleffner, Philip 'Flip'; Priest, J. Gustin; Sterling, Irene; Student teaching; University band; University band; Football; Phi Chi Theta
October 9th, 1951 Dad's day; Lyle, James; Maib, Francis; Sitlinger, Albert; Mayfield, Darwin; Seka, Otto; G.I. Bill; General Electric Graduate School of Nuclear Engineering; Idaho state home demonstration council; Kalousek, George L.; KUOI; Organization of Gymnastics; Pep Band; Ogle, Jerry; Leweis, Ray; Scholarships; Football; University telescope; Vandal flying club
October 12th, 1951 Alpha Zeta; Alumni scholarship endowment fund; Blood drive; Blue key; Dad's day; Debate, Women's Intramural; Enrollment; Galloway, Thomas C.; Idaho Music Educator's Association; Intercollegiate Knights; Jazz concerts; Classrooms; Douglas, Stephen; Bennett, Lowry; Scholarship Awards assembly; Sigma Delta Chi; Student directory; Town Men's room (Sub); Football
October 16th, 1951 American Society of Agricultural Engineering; Dad's day; Extension courses; G.I. Bill; International relations club; Phi Gamma Mu; Dairy Judging team; McCarty, George; The Idaho Argonaut; Rodeo (Vandal riders); Scholarship Awards assembly; Alpha Tau Omega esquire girl; Student counseling center; Football; Vandal Ski club
October 19th, 1951 Blood drive; Army ROTC; Dad's day; Student union building; Lorie, Donald G.; Caldwell, Dr. Harry; Hansen, Bill; Idaho conservation - source book; International relations club; KUOI - Program schedule; KUOI; Grade Averages; Opera workshop; Orientation of freshmen; Peters, Betty; Corless, D.R.; Hopkins, William F.; Business Administration, College of; Religions emphasis week; Rodeo (Vandal riders); Student teaching; Track; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Football; Basketball
October 23rd, 1951 Arnold Air Society; Blood drive; Dad's day; Delta Sigma Rho; Scholarships; Schwartz, Elwyn; Foreign students; Mortar Board; Gano, Jay; Rodeo (Vandal riders); Scabbard and blade; Sex ratio; United Nations week; Track; Football
October 26th, 1951 Agriculture Judging Team; American Society of Agricultural Engineering; Blood drive; Dairy Judging team; Department of Veterinary Science; Homecoming; Distribution of student; Nickle Hop; Basketball; Sex ratio; Class officers; Department of Mathematics; Boxing
October 30th, 1951 American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Apple polishing; Blood drive; Homecoming; International relations club; Phi Mu Alpha; Morse, Kay; Placement bureau; Sigma Alpha Iota; Sokolnikoff, Ivan S.; The Idaho Argonaut; Football
November 2nd, 1951 Blood drive; Intramural track; Hockey; Homecoming; Myers, Reginald R.; Suey, Wong Lee; Homecoming; Religions emphasis week; Football
November 6th, 1951 Apple polishing; Debate, Women's Intramural; Homecoming; International relations club; Intramural Swimming; Marineau, Al; Mortar Board; Peteson, Clinton; Taylor, Jackie; Madison, Joan; Vorous, Shirley; Westerburg, Betty Ruth; Jensen, Leah; Thurston, Barbara; Football; Vandaleers; Basketball; Boxing
November 9th, 1951 Dairy Science - short course; Department of Agronomy - curriculum; Pasel, Lawrence; Hansen, Leona; Homecoming; Jazz concerts; KUOI; Mortar Board; Xi Sigma Pi; Navy ROTC; Homecoming; Jensen, Leah; Larson, Ken; Christian, Glenn; Douglas, Stephen; Richey, Evan; Bennett, Lowry; Glaves, Max; Homecoming; Radio division, Humanities department; Sampson, David; Boxing; Scholarships and grants; University band; Football; University Post office; Vandal flying club; University of Idaho - Radio program
November 13th, 1951 Adams, Jean; Debate, Women's Intramural; Class officers; Jordan, Len; International relations club; Mortar Board; Nickle Hop; Homecoming; Swimming team; Fox, Rich; Hodgson, Myron; Jensen, Leah; Jacob, Hyde; Johnson, Bert; Religions emphasis week; Student teaching; Football
November 16th, 1951 Army ROTC; Caples, Van N.; Dames Club; Debate, Women's Intramural; Class officers; Scholarships; Beckman, Clarence; Hudson, Eddie; MaCinko, George; Scholarships; Scholarships and grants; Sessions, Gary O.; Student teaching; Football; University singers; Vandal Ski club; Boxing
November 20th, 1951 Debate, Women's Intramural; Cook, earl Ferguson; Handicapped children care (Elementary Education); Holly Week; Idaho Institute of Christian Education; National Independent Student association; Newman club; Thompson, Betty; Townley, Jim; Travel service; Football; Basketball
November 27th, 1951 Ag Bawl; Apple polishing; Audio-visual aids; Blood drive; Debate, Women's Intramural; Lorie, Donald G.; Beta Theta Pi; Holly Week; MacIntosh, Bruce; White, Bob; Gem of the Mountains; Football
November 30th, 1951 Ag Bawl; Akers, Dwight; Army ROTC; Blood drive; David, Donald; Debate team; Drexel, Robert; Hart, Donald J. (Dean); French Club; Holly Week; Basketball; KUOI; National Student's Association (NSA); Opera workshop; Kruger, Hartley; Morrison, Dwight; Holder, Bob; McCarty, George; Sigma Delta Chi; Student directory; Uhlman award; University Symphony orchestra; Basketball
December 4th, 1951 Air Force ROTC; Apple polishing; Debate team; Experiment stations - Forest, Wildlife and Range; Foreign students; Jazz concerts; Basketball; Swimming; Meyer, William C.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Ott, Richard B.; Ellis, Donald; Student recruitment; University singers; Basketball
December 7th, 1951 Army ROTC; City of Moscow - streets; Dames Club; French Club; Holly Week; Jenkins, Sam; University singers; Boxing; Basketball; University of Idaho - Radio program; Phi Chi Theta
December 11th, 1951 Apple polishing; Associated Women Students; Bridge tournament; Debate team; Debate, Men's Intramural; Hepworth, Marian; Holly Week; Jazz concerts; Basketball; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Phi Mu Alpha; Sigma Chi sweetheart; University singers; Vandaleers
December 14th, 1951 American Society of Agricultural Engineering; Bridge tournament; Debate team; Debate, Men's Intramural; Martin, Boyd A.; Vandaleers; Holly Week; Home Economic club; Infirmary exercises - new policy; Jazz concerts; Basketball; KUOI; National Student's Association (NSA); Alley, Margaret; Scholarships; Basketball
December 18th, 1951 Army ROTC; Beitz, William; Bridge tournament; Class of 1955; Wood, John T. (M.D.); Cowpokes Ball; Debate, Men's Intramural; The Idaho Argonaut; Holly Week; Jazz concerts; Basketball; Swimming; National Student's Association (NSA); Opera workshop; Beitz, William; Travel service; Vandal Ski club; Vandaleers; University of Idaho - Radio program