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January 8th, 1957 Weeks, Dick; Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; Building needs; Matovitvh, Paul D; Faculty - salary; Berggren, Eric; Infirmary exercises - new policy; Arnold Air Society; Intramural points (Total); Skiing; Schriener, Alexander; Hagberg, Ole Gabriel (1873-1898); Spanish American War (Hagberg and Draper monument); Hall, Earl; Swimming; Basketball
January 11th, 1957 ASUI-Executive Board; Debate - Inland Empire Debate tournament; Infirmary exercises - new policy; Turner, Robert Louis; Mix, Gub; G.I. Bill; Snow ball fights causing trouble; Stahley, J. Neil (Skip); Basketball
January 15th, 1957 Library - New building (1957); Matovitvh, Paul D; Debate - Inland Empire Debate tournament; Explosion; Firearms - Policy of; Basketball; Annual journalism conference; Infirmary exercises - new policy; Schriener, Alexander; 'HAM' radio; Bowling; Snow ball fights causing trouble; Stahley, J. Neil (Skip); Conrad, Dale; 'The Messiah'; Swimming; Wachal, Carol
January 18th, 1957 Activities (Campus); Wilson, Bill; Peterson, Charles; Explosion; G.I. Bill (for student education); Misner, Art; Trail, Tom; National Student's Association (NSA); Pep Band; Pep Band; Mcmahon, Sue; Proposed recreation area - ski area; Radio - Television center; 'The Messiah'; Swimming; Basketball
January 22nd, 1957 Campus chest; Football team member; Basketball; Hatton, Ray; Sanderson, Rabbi William A.; Schriener, Alexander; Model United Nations; Winner, Kris; Presley, Elvis; Clarke, Arthur C.; Student recruitment; 'The Messiah'; Swimming; Wyatt, Frank
February 5th, 1957 Campus chest; Pratt, Virgil S.; Gault Hall - fire victims memorial scholarship; Hatton, Ray; Skiing; Olson, Lou Ann; Simmons, Gary; Weisengoff, John P.; Snow sculpture; Swimming; Wyatt, Frank
February 8th, 1957 Campus chest; Matovitvh, Paul D; Enrollment; Explosion; Frykman, Marian; Fellowships (Kaiser Aluminum and chemical corp.); Basketball; Gault Hall - fire victims memorial scholarship; Gifts to University of Idaho; Skiing; Elgart, Les; McEwen, Gary; Bauer, LeRoy; Scholarships and grants; Scholarships and grants; Junior-Senior ball (Prom); Administration building (1907-; Graffman, Gray; Clarke, Arthur C.; Registration - Procedure; Religions emphasis week; Snow sculpture; Book Exchange; Swimming; Basketball
February 12th, 1957 'Sabrina Fair'; Siepe, Cesare; Campus chest; Matovitvh, Paul D; Great decision; Enrollment; Basketball; Skiing; Snow sculpture; Swimming
February 15th, 1957 Activities (Campus); Activities (Campus); 'Sabrina Fair'; ASUI-Organization proposal (Adopted); ASUI-Organization proposal (Adopted); Baseball; Campus chest; Matovitvh, Paul D; Pratt, Virgil S.; Martin, Roger Charles; Conyer, Voris (Bo); Student marriage; Religions emphasis week; Cummingham, Edward; Symms, Ginger; Swimming; Basketball
February 19th, 1957 Activities (Campus); 'Sabrina Fair'; ASUI-Organization proposal (Adopted); Cammack, Frank; Debate - All Idaho speech tournament; Student union building; Barnhart, Dr. John Love; Hatton, Ray; Basketball; LDS Church - Student ward; Leadership training conference; Swimming; Campus chest; Simmons, Gary; Religions emphasis week; Bridge tournament; Swimming; Basketball; Women's ski team; Wyatt, Frank
February 26th, 1957 ASUI-Organization proposal (Adopted); Basketball; Pacific Northwest Historical Conference; Religions emphasis week; Cummingham, Edward; Webb, Walter P.; Fisher, James D.; Basketball
March 1st, 1957 'Sabrina Fair'; ASUI-Government structure; ASUI-Organization proposal (Adopted); ASUI-Organization proposal (Adopted); Jorgenson, Jerry; Blue Key -Talent show; Bookstore, Student; Kirkland, Eric; Intramural points (Total); Swimming; Skiing; Religions emphasis week; Simmons, Gary; Foster, Dick; Religions emphasis week; Basketball; DePaur Chorus
March 5th, 1957 Activities, limits on; 'Sabrina Fair'; Damiano, Harold; Blue Key -Talent show; Borah Conference; Allen, B.W.; Exchange program - Israeli good will visit; Football; Kramer, jerry; Basketball; Swimming; Skiing; Basketball; Willis, Howard
March 8th, 1957 'Sabrina Fair'; Newhouse, Neal; Buss, Claude A.; Campus chest - Division of funds; Matovitvh, Paul D; Debate - Linfield College Annual meet; Exchange program - Israeli good will visit; Carter, Louise; Flu Epidemic; Swimming; Intercollegiate Knights; Leadership training conference; Dempsey, Carolyn A.; Skiing; Skiing; Blue Key -Talent show; Simmons, Gary; Swimming team; Alley, Ralph M.; University Symphony orchestra; Young Republican's club
March 12th, 1957 Angel Street; Salisbury, Harrison; Debate - Linfield College Annual meet; Flu Epidemic; Rees, Pati; Little International; Blue Key -Talent show; Baseball; Bridge tournament; University Symphony orchestra; Wyatt, Frank
March 15th, 1957 Independent party; Interfraternity council; Borah Conference; Associated Women Students; European summer tours (for course credit); Flu Epidemic; International farm youth exchange; Leadership training conference; Skiing; Simmons, Gary; Rusch, Paul
March 19th, 1957 Student government party; Independent party; Angel Street; Borah Conference; Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; Commencement week - schedule; Pena, Ed; Weistein, Ed; Final examinations week - Senior participation and graduation; Flu Epidemic; Folk Dance Festival (Sponsored by WRA and AWS); Annual journalism conference; Borah, William E.; Leadership training conference; Student union building; Track
March 22nd, 1957 Student government party; United party; Independent party; ASUI-Elections; Baseball; Borah Conference; Department of Journalism; Faculty - salary; Faculty - turnover; ASUI-Elections; Folk Dance Festival (Sponsored by WRA and AWS); Freshman week; Gem of the Mountains; Annual journalism conference; The Idaho Argonaut; Fleming, Dr. J. Millard; Intramural points (Total); Leadership training conference; Borah Conference; Intercollegiate Knights; Baseball; Infirmary; Track
March 26th, 1957 Activities, limits on; Angel Street; Associated Women Students; Folk Dance Festival (Sponsored by WRA and AWS); Freshman week; Basketball; Leadership training conference; Model United Nations; Swimming; Lambda Chi Alpha - Crescent girl; Rossman, Carol; Swimming team; Lawr, Leonard; Baseball; Track
March 29th, 1957 Activities, limits on; Activities, limits on; United party; Angel Street; Newhouse, Neal; Matovitvh, Paul D; Matovitvh, Paul D; Alvord, Nan; Knecht, Edward; Freshman week; Basketball; Intramural points (Total); Freshman week; Model United Nations; Skiing; College of Mines; Brown, Carth; ASUI-Elections; Intercollegiate Knights; National Student's Association (NSA); The Idaho Argonaut - April fool issue; Track; Baseball
April 16th, 1957 Independent party; Commencement week - schedule; Matovitvh, Paul D; Associated Women Students; Final examinations week - Senior participation and graduation; Johnson, R.V.; Hatton, Ray; Ingle, Don; Model United Nations; Intercollegiate Knights; Phi Beta Kappa; Football; Vandaleers; Tennis; Track; Baseball; Baseball; Yell team
April 19th, 1957 Kendrick, David; ASUI-Elections; ASUI-Executive Board; Buildings and grounds; Easter service; Commencement week - schedule; Matovitvh, Paul D; Radio-Television; New tennis courts; Out-Of-State tuition; Baseball; One-Act-Plays; Fulbright, Senator J. William; Business Administration, College of; Student housing; Student insurance; Track; Baseball; bad water
April 23rd, 1957 Independent party; Student government party; United party; Basketball; Swimming; Weiskopf, Don; Easter service; ASUI-Executive Board; Matovitvh, Paul D; Carter, Louise; Basketball; Swimming; Intramural softball; Junior-Senior ball (Prom); Forestry week; Hinckley, Steve; ASUI-Elections; One-Act-Plays; Baseball; Vandaleers; Golf; Baseball; Tennis; Baseball
April 26th, 1957 Bowling, Intramural; Edwards, Carolyn; Intramural points (Total); May fete; Stroschein, Tom; Junior-Senior ball (Prom); ASUI-Elections; Baseball; Football; Vandaleers; Golf; Track; Baseball; Tennis; Baseball
April 30th, 1957 Golf; Song fest; One-Act-Plays; Baseball; Football; Golf; Youmans, Dave; Track; Tennis; Military Ball; Baseball; Alpha Gamma Delta
May 3rd, 1957 Activities, limits on; Air Force ROTC - Society of American Military Engineers Award; Baseball; Intercollegiate Knights; Interfraternity ball; Little International (Agriculture week); May fete; Davenport, Ernie; Phi Epsilom Kappa; One-Act-Plays; Farm house; Golf; Military Ball; Track; Tennis; Baseball
May 7th, 1957 Burrows, Fred; Bookstore, Student; Golf; Hell Divers - Annual water show; Hinckley, Steve; Interfraternity ball; Intramural softball; Seielstad, Ed; May fete; Song fest; Navy ROTC - Summer cruise; KUOI - Staff; KUOI; Williamson, Myrt; Military Ball queen; Nelson, Marigay; One-Act-Plays; Baseball; Social regulations; Gem of the Mountains; Golf; Baseball; Rodeo team
May 10th, 1957 Library - New building (1957); Gifts to University of Idaho; Honorary degrees; Interfraternity ball; Intramural points (Total); Scholarships and grants; May fete; Mortar Board; Song fest; Track; Kail, Diane; Little International; Hell Divers - Annual water show; Hatton, Ray; University of Idaho Rodeo team (Vandal Riders); Building program; Student union building; Baseball; Scholarships; Track; Baseball; Rodeo team
May 14th, 1957 Cordier, Andrew W.; Agricultural Economics, department of - Curriculum; Commencement speakers; Library - New building (1957); Dixon, Darryl; Kraus, J.E.; Carter, Louise; Little International (Agriculture week); May fete; Song fest; Golf; Tennis; Track; Crrokham, Judy; Little International (Agriculture week); College of Agriculture - Staff; Baseball; Sheppard, Richard (Dick); Football; Alley, Ralph M.; Baseball; Rodeo team
May 17th, 1957 Anderson, Clark; ASUI-Executive Board; Commencement exercises; Matovitvh, Paul D; Archley, Chan; Golf course; Intramural track; Blue key - Initiates, Tapping; Alley, Ralph M.; Track; Delta Delta Delta; Little International (Agriculture week); Phi Epsilom Kappa; R.O.T.C. - spring review; Baseball; Department of Music; 'A Room Full of Roses'; 'Arsenic and Old Lace'; Papa id All; 'The Solid Gold Cadillic'; 'Lady Windermere's Fan'; Track; Alley, Ralph M.; Baseball
May 21st, 1957 Athletics, Outstanding senior in (Idahonian Award); Lockery, Glen R.; Student housing; Foster, Dick; Hatton, Ray; Idaho vs. Rodeo team at Moseslake intercollegiate rodeo; Intramural track; Alley, Ralph M.; Mortar Board; Clark, Charles; Dixon, Darryl; Little International (Agriculture week); R.O.T.C. - spring review; Boyce, Dick; Yell team
May 24th, 1957 ASUI-Executive Board; Dempsey, Martha Sue; Graduates; Judd, Dean; Athletics; Intramural points (Total); Blue key - Initiates, Tapping; Alley, Ralph M.; Mortar Board; Golf; Chord-O-Roy; Baseball; The Idaho Argonaut; Baseball
May 28th, 1957 Cordier, Andrew W.; Gross, Earnest A.; Martin, Lowell; ASUI-Budget; Braden, Ron; Randall, Doug; Track; Baseball; Pom Pon girls; Matovitvh, Paul D; Football - Best player of the year (Argonaut); Foster, Dick; Basketball; Gault Hall fire - 1956; Higgins, Aljean; Independent caucus; Intramural points (Total); Intramural track; Library Hours; Alley, Ralph M.; Commencement speakers; Hatton, Ray; Simmons, Gary; Athletics, summary of year's; Chord-O-Roy; R.O.T.C. choir; Athletic of the Year (Picked by the Argonaut); The Idaho Argonaut; Vandalettes; Yell team
September 20th, 1957 Library - New building (1957); Enrollment; Faculty - turnover; Cook, earl Ferguson; Student housing; The Bucket; Library Hours; Men's rush; Women's rush; Dad's day; ASUI-Executive Board; Construction of student housing; Scholarships; Social regulations; Book Exchange; College of Mines; Cummins, Dave; Football; Women's recreational Association (WRA)
September 24th, 1957 Automobiles (Regulations of student's); Weiskopf, Don; Bookstore, Student; Dad's day; Enrollment; Intramural Football; Nelson, Marigay; Book Exchange; Coe, Charles Norton; Football
September 27th, 1957 Ring Around Elizabeth'; ASUI-Election Board; ASUI-Executive Board; Blood drive; Intercollegiate Knights; Blue key - Initiates, Tapping; Enrollment; Campus carnival; Football; Vandalettes; Vandaleers
October 1st, 1957 Greek week; Martin, Lowell; Golf; ASUI-Executive Board; Debate; Wagar, Paul; Aldrich, Larry; Residence hall council; Campus carnival; Football
October 4th, 1957 Anderson, Clark; ASUI-Executive Board; Blood drive; Building program; ASUI-Executive Board; Pom Pon girls; Parking problems on campus and proposed solutions; Alley, Ralph M.; Orchesis; Intercollegiate Knights; Nelson, Marigay; Pre-Orchesis - Tapping; Queen and King contests; Football
October 8th, 1957 Ring Around Elizabeth'; ASUI-Election Board; Interfraternity council; Domino, Fats et al.; Winkler, Fred H.; Football - Freshman; KUOI - Program schedule; Intercollegiate Knights; National Student's Association (NSA); Pan-Hellenic council; Farm house; Nickle Hop; Football; Yell team
October 11th, 1957 Ring Around Elizabeth'; Class officers; Flu Epidemic; Homecoming; Blue key - Initiates, Tapping; Student - Faculty committees; Football; Vandalettes; Yell team
October 15th, 1957 Ring Around Elizabeth'; Golf; Blood drive; Military choir; Library - New building (1957); Debate - vs. Columbia University; Flu Epidemic; Student union building; Queen and King contests; Theta Chi; Farm house; Football; Track - Cross country
October 18th, 1957 Ring Around Elizabeth'; Blood drive; Campus chest - Division of funds; Church, Sen. Frank; Custer, Gray; Flu Epidemic; Independent caucus; Alpha Zeta; Queen and King contests; Homecoming; Dressler, Dr. David; Football; Track - Cross country; Yell team
October 22nd, 1957 Crane, Marilyn; Golf; Blood drive; Student government party; Class officers; Flu Epidemic; Intramural Football; Turkey Trot; Library - New building (1957); Homecoming; Baker, Lavern; Social regulations; Football
October 25th, 1957 Golf; Blood drive; United party; Domino, Fats et al.; Flu Epidemic; Football; Hell Divers - Tapping; Homecoming; Intramural Football; Pajama Parade; Jones, Linda; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Violet queen; Football; Track - Cross country
October 29th, 1957 Alpha Zeta; Ring Around Elizabeth'; United party; Debate - vs. Cambridge University; Football; Homecoming; Intramural Football; Misner, Elizabeth; Model United Nations; National Student's Association (NSA); Library - New building (1957); Homecoming; Football; Track - Cross country
November 1st, 1957 Ring Around Elizabeth'; Battle of Little Brown Stein (Tradition); United party; Episcopal institute; Flu Epidemic; Library displays; Library - New building (1957); University majorettes; National Student's Association (NSA); Religions education; Welker, Herman; Football
November 5th, 1957 Ring Around Elizabeth'; Golf; Independent party; United party; Flu Epidemic; Track - Cross country; Phi Mu Alpha; Library - New building (1957); Eisenhower, Dwight D.; National Student's Association (NSA); Student directory; Football
November 8th, 1957 Orem, Chuck; Kiss Me Kate'; ASUI-Executive Board; Class officers; Football; Livestock judging team; Religions emphasis week; National Student's Association (NSA); Dehlinger, Bob; One-Act-Plays; Religious evaluation week; Football
November 15th, 1957 Godbold, Molly; Rabin, Michael; Class officers; Associated Women Students; Football; Gifts to University of Idaho; National Student's Association (NSA); Track; Stahley, J. Neil (Skip); Rosholt, John; Football
November 19th, 1957 ASUI-Executive Board; Debate, Intramural; Debate, Women's Intramural; Class officers; Romanio, Steven; Football; Intercollegiate Knights; Track - Cross country; Track; One-Act-Plays; Spurs; Football
November 22nd, 1957 Clauson Dick; Debate - Columbia Valley Debate tournament; Debate, Men's Intramural; Class officers; Track - Cross country; Simmons, Gary; Physical plant; United Fund drive; Football; Track - Cross country
November 26th, 1957 Greek week; Kiss Me Kate'; Blood drive; Debate - Columbia Valley Debate tournament; Basketball; Holly Week; National Student's Association (NSA); Track - Cross country; Registration - Procedure; United Fund drive; Basketball; Phi Chi Theta; Track - Cross country
December 3rd, 1957 Kiss Me Kate'; Church, Sen. Frank; Debate, Men's Intramural; Kramer, jerry; Holly Week; National Student's Association (NSA); Track - Cross country; Library - New building (1957); Track - Cross country; Intercollegiate Knights; Political speeches; Basketball; Walker, Wayne; Wyatt, Frank
December 6th, 1957 Roth, Charlene; ASUI-Executive Board; Associated Women Students; Jerome, Doris; Kramer, jerry; Basketball; Holly Week; National Student's Association (NSA); United Fund drive; Walker, Wayne; Intercollegiate Knights; Basketball; Alpha Zeta; Pan-Hellenic council; Zenier, Kay
December 10th, 1957 Kiss Me Kate'; Cedar Hall Razing; Vandaleers; Navy ROTC; Debate - Varsity team, WSC, Montana State University; Aldrich, Larry; Hanford, Marius Parmalee; Basketball; Holly Week; Sigma Tau; National Student's Association (NSA); Berry, Ann Marie; Church, Sen. Frank; Sigma Chi sweetheart; Intercollegiate Knights; Student recruitment; Hormachea, Dolores; Basketball
December 13th, 1957 Alpha Zeta; Student union building; Vandaleers; Orchesis; Communications Department; Glander, Joe; Debate - Inland Empire Debate tournament; Pacific Coast conference; Basketball; Intramural volleyball; National Student's Association (NSA); Pacific Coast conference; Parking problems on campus and proposed solutions; Church, Sen. Frank; Holly Week; Holly Week; Ski team - coach; Student recruitment; Basketball
December 17th, 1957 Vandaleers; Basketball; Pacific Coast conference; Holly Queen; Matheney, Sharon; Telephone - central campus switchboard; Political speeches; Basketball