Columbia River Basin Project: Dam Construction in the Pacific Northwest

Historical photographs of Columbia Basin Project and other dams constructed in the Pacific Northwest, 1933-1965

Contents: CRBP Collection Photos in PBS Documentary | PBS Documentary

CRBP Collection Photos in PBS Documentary

Several photos from this collection were used in the production of the PBS Documentary Grand Coulee Dam, which premiered as part of the American Experience series on April 3, 2012. The featured photos and the time they appear in the film are as follows:

PBS Documentary

The PBS Documentary Grand Coulee Dam features the history of the Grand Coulee Dam in northeast Washington State. Constructed during the Great Depression, the dam and irrigation project was expected to “make the desert bloom” and bring a boost of hydropower to the entire region. While it did succeed in bringing clean power to the area, while also becoming one of the largest agricultural irrigation projects in the country, the dam leaves behind a complex and contentious legacy.

A copy of the DVD is available at the University of Idaho Library. Watch the first chapter of the documentary below to learn more.

For additional resources and information about the movie, visit the PBS website.