Participation in an online Basque heritage language learning program


Gridley, Gina M.. (2007). Participation in an online Basque heritage language learning program. Theses and Dissertations Collection, University of Idaho Library Digital Collections.

Participation in an online Basque heritage language learning program
Gridley, Gina M.
Basque language--Study and teaching (Higher)--Foreign speakers Distance education--Evaluation
Distance education embraces the self-directed learning theory of adult education and encompasses many mediums and contents. There is insufficient data on the participation in online distance education for language learning, specifically with an endangered heritage language. Basque is an endangered language that has revitalization efforts ongoing throughout the world. One of the efforts is the Boga program; a multimedia, apprenticeship system for learning Basque online. This research study focused on participation in the Boga program used in the United States. The study employed a qualitative case study design that is often applied in the field of education and training of adults to describe a new program, such as Boga, or explore an area or field of practice not well researched or conceptualized, such as online and heritage language learning. The purpose of the study contributed to future practice and policy of Basque education. The significance of the study expanded upon the limited research of online and heritage language learning. The methodology used in the study involved document analysis, surveying and interviewing the students and teachers of Boga, and researcher participation in the Boga program. Coded and analyzed data displayed the overall experiences and perceptions of the 19 Boga participants. Most participants enrolled in the Boga program because they wanted to learn Basque and communicate in Basque. The participants believed the main strength of Boga is its repetition ability and that the main weakness is its lack of speaking opportunities. Results were displayed against a self-directed learning model in an online context. Benchmarks for a quality Boga program and suggestions for Basque language use opportunities were provided. Further investigation of the Boga program in the United States and other Basque diaspora should be executed. This study interlaced the fields of online language learning and heritage language learning. It unveiled new findings in relation to online heritage language learning for the endangered Basque language. Any online heritage language learning programs should also be investigated to contribute to the unique area.
Thesis (Ph. D., Education)--University of Idaho, June 2007.
Major Professor:
Martha C. Yopp.
Defense Date:
June 2007.
Format Original:
xv, 189 leaves :ill., map ;29 cm.

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