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1910 to 2022


Factors involved in the production of alfalfa seed. The codling moth and its control. Chaucer in art.


Determination of iron and aluminum in inorganic plant constituents. Study of the fixation of nitrogen by the Azotobacter. New land under irrigation. Mutual affinity between the Wagener and Jonathan apple


Pliny's friends. Collection of Idaho Aphididae and the economic treatment for plant lice. A sterility study of the Grimes, Jonathan, Rome and Wagener apples. Comparison of the ages and weights of beef cattle. Bacteriological studies of nitrification


Apple orchard management in Idaho,by L.H. Seymour and W.P. Funsten. Study of Hereford cattle from the awards of the American Royal Show. Methylene blue reduction test.


Investigations into the effect of the Idaho Pure Seed Law. Investigation of the road administrative system of Latah County Growing tomatoes under green house conditions in the vicinity of Moscow, Idaho. Commercial varieties of apples grown in Idaho. Some clays of Idaho


An investigation in feeding pigs and a comparison of breeds.


Distribution of salt and moisture in butter as affected by storage.


A study of the effect of exudation of water from plant cells by freezing.


Study of the cause of poor spelling ability of school children and some suggested remedies.


Scott's Theory of the Novel: As Expressed in his Critical Works and Practiced in his Novels


A series of lecture demonstrations in college physics


Islamic Architectural Decoration


Radar detection of subglacial sulfides


Delineation of agroclimate zones in Idaho


The development of online academic community Exercise adherence, a philosophical shift promoting a life narrative based curriculum and technology to augment commitment to exercise What influences baccalaureate nurse educators to choose whether or not to utilize long term care facilities as clinical sites, a grounded theory study Perceptions of Taiwanese students to English learning as functions of self-efficacy, motivation, learning activities and self-directed learning What fantastic creatures boys are!"" :ideology, discourse, and the construction of boyhood in selected juvenile fiction Investigating paste additives to improve the specific energy performance of lead-acid batteries Phenomenological study of teachers' experiences in an era of educational accountability Structural miseducation, Native American retention in higher education Factors influencing feeding styles used by staff during meals with young children in group settings Exploring the reel image of nursing :how movies, television and stereotypes portray the nursing profession Efficient allocation in distributed object oriented databases with capacity and security constraints A sawmill-flow simulator template for predicting results of changes at small-log sawmills High-quality, interactive, 3D character animation for the Internet Suicide or recovery :the phenomenology of addiction Theory in practice, a multi-case study of the use of best practices in compressed video-based distance education Characterization and applications of surface enhanced vibrational spectroscopy Retinoid signaling in the zebrafish retina Rational design, synthesis and study of novel [alpha]-hetero analogues of ACPA :towards sub-type selective ligands for glutamate-binding proteins Resonance Raman study of interfacial electron transfer in dye sensitized solar cells Scholars learning communities, an investigation of community as bridge between academic and student affairs Design and synthesis of axial chiral anthracenes :in search of novel anti-tumor chemotherapeutics A study of Taiwan's current executive MBA programs :examining training transfer, instructional methods, career development and course design In search of the meaning of technology :a Vygotskian's cultural-historical study in higher education University and student services :satisfaction and importance from the perspective of students and faculty at the University of Idaho Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) non-thermal and reduced-thermal residue management and forage utilization Interaction between river morphology and intra-gravel flow paths within the hyporheic zone Electrical characterization of a three-phase, tracer, injection test Service-learning, the arts, and human rights, an extraordinary connection Gene expression and phosphorus accumulation in low phytic acid barley mutants Introduction of genes into mixed species and pure culture biofilms through natural transformation Differences among dry bean landraces and cultivars for seed yield, water use efficiency, and nutrient concentration in drought-stressed and non-stressed environments Portrait of a pragmatic conservative, senator James A. McClure of Idaho and the politics of U.S. energy and Middle Eastern affairs, 1967-1990 The role of fracture intersections in fluid flow in unsaturated fractured rock networks Cellular localization, regulation and function of the antiviral protein, Mx1 in ovine glandular epithelial cells Effect of transgene genome location on the risk of gene migration from herbicide resistant wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) to jointed goatgrass (Aegilops cylindrica host) Supercritical methanol treatment of wood for chemical production A description of adult environmental education programs in residential environmental education centers and their use of experiential learning theory and environmental citizenship concepts An examination of reading achievement in a rural elementary school that failed to meet adequate yearly progress Characterization of the actinomycetes from the rhizosphere of a desert shrub, big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata), focusing on their production of novel antifungal antibiotics and bioactive secondary metabolites Microbial metabolites :structure and function of bacterial siderophores from Pseudomonas species and identification of secondary metabolites excreted by brown rot fungi Gleophyllum species Designing cooperative learning events, peer mentoring interactions, and mentoring roles for engineering education Effects of DEM resolution on the WEPP runoff and erosion predictions, a case study of forest areas in northern Idaho


Ascending and conscious spirits, a feminist study of female doctoral students' experiences as researchers in the field of education An empirical-based evaluation model of recruitment, pre-service training, support, and retention of kinship and non-kinship foster/adoptive families Incivility in nursing education :student perceptions of uncivil faculty behavior in the academic environment Molecular analysis of the Staphylococcus aureus CidR regulon and its effect on cell death and lysis Influence of hairy nightshade, Solanum sarrachoides (Sendtner) on the Potato leafroll virus pathosystem The adult creative writer, a phenomenological study I am my brother's keeper--developing a satisfying mentoring relationship, a grounded theory Algorithms and Monte Carlo methods in computational biology A collective case study :the transitional experiences of nursing faculty making the changeover from teaching face-to-face to teaching nursing courses online The effects of motivation on Taiwanese college students' English listening comprehension Changes in stakeholders' attitudes about wilderness management :exploring small-group deliberations and information processing in a public involvement process Prime ideals of the infinite product ring of p-adic integers Baby boomers as adult learners of computer applications in higher education, a case study Creating a learning organization using a professional development school to implement high school block scheduling and continuous improvement An adaptive algorithm for simultaneously canceling Doppler shift, amplitude jitter, and phase jitter in satellite and mobile communication systems Lattice formation in liquefaction using numerically evaluated particle dynamics Anthropogenic effects to genetic diversity and life history strategies of Oncorhynchus mykiss Adsorption of europium and thulium onto pine wood sawdust A novel alert correlation and confidence fusion framework in intrusion detection systems Measuring student achievement in Idaho :a canonical correlation of standardized and criterion-referenced assessment paradigms An analysis of the usability of model-centered instruction design theory and implications for the design of training, a case study Pleiotropy, epistasis, and clonal interference in bacteriophage [Lower-case Greek phi]X174 Late Mississippian sequence and carbon isotope stratigraphy, east-central Idaho and southwest Montana :proxies for Gondwana glacio-eustasy An exploration of the relationship between pedagogy and behavior for a student with emotional disturbance involved in multiple changes of placement Portrait of the 1890-1892 LDS Paris art mission, an andragogical perspective Investigating paradigmatic approaches of self-defense courses, a case study in the exploration of context, instruction attributes, and participant impact Dimensions of public participation in community-based conservation projects, methods, processes, hope and empowerment Looking backward, living forward :a case study of critical reflections in journals in a university literature classroom /Karen Crookston Holt. Soil volcanic ash and Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco var. glauca) productivity in north central Idaho Assessing the influence of agricultural practices, soils and native habitats on the Epigeal beetle fauna of the Palouse Occupational therapy students in the process of interdisciplinary collaborative learning, a grounded theory study Interval mapping of quantitative trait loci for Corky Ringspot Disease resistance in a tetraploid potato population (Solanum Tuberosum subsp. tuberosum) Effects of the host and adaptive evolution on the fate of promiscuous plasmids in bacterial communities An examination of the impact of Idaho's technology assessment process Environmental ethics, evolutionary science, and openness theology Rational design and biological evaluation of G-quadruplex stabilizers as potential anticancer agents Examination of decision-making factors in student discipline by Idaho secondary school principals Metal(loid) cycling in mine-impacted sediments of the northern Idaho Coeur d'Alene River basin Mitagating stress in college students by enhancing testing center environments through passive interaction with plants Synthesis and evaluation of an inorganic microsphere composite for the selective removal of cesium-137 from acidic nuclear waste solutions A micromagnetic model of barium ferrites for microwave circulator design The experience of stress, strategies for coping and adult educational programs for spouses of citizen soldiers, a phenomenological study The perceptions of Taiwanese undergraduate students of interactive multimedia-based instruction Using genetic algorithms to optimize functions of microbial ecosystems Predation patterns of jaguars (Panthera onca) in a seasonally flooded forest in the southern region of Pantanal, Brazil Creating a value-added community, the effect of a planning curriculum on rural community residents engaged in economic development planning Sport mindsets :an exploration of the multivariate relationships among ability beliefs, achievement goal orientations, and dimensions of sport perfectionism Differences in achievement and demographics between Idaho charter schools and their most closely matched constituent traditional public schools Multianalyte detection of food pathogens/toxins through enzymatic bio-nanotransduction on an electrochemical biosensor array Microscopic effective interactions in neutron-rich matter A role for p53 in a permissive human cytomegalovirus infection A qualitative program theory approach to program evaluation of how DUI/drug courts work in rural Idaho Implicit and explicit retrieval of target words from schema-eliciting solution statements by moral judgment experts and novices Supercritical fluid synthesis and applications of carbon nanotube-supported nanoparticle catalysts Synthesis of matrices-supported metal nanoparticles and catalysis applications Computational modeling of cancer etiology and progression using neural networks and genetic cellular automata Layered decision model for cost-effective network safeguarding Invigorating pedagogical changes with the phenomenographic approach :a case study in English for specific purposes Administration and special education inclusion redux :an examination of leadership formation and function at a special education school An analysis of critical factors related to environmental education :practices for hospitality management students, consumers, and managers Experiencing personal coaching a phenomenological study A geospatial data integration framework for mapping and monitoring tropical landscape diversity in Costa Rica's San Juan-La Selva biological corridor A fragile life :the epic of a multiple kidney transplant recipient Modeling landscape change and evaluating ecological effects of landscape composition and configuration in northern Idaho Landscape-scale habitat use by greater sage-grouse in southern Idaho Distribution and foraging by the leaf-cutting ant Atta cephalotes L. in coffee plantations with different types of management and landscape contexts and alternatives to insecticides for its control Bacterial factors involved in Escherichia coli O157:H7 colonization of cattle Nanoclusters of doped ZnO and core-shell iron Work-school conflict and coping strategies :perceptions of Taiwanese non-traditional students in technological and vocational colleges America, post 9/11 :an assessment of student attitudes on individual rights, liberty and the war on terror Analyzing single and multitone nonlinear circuits using a modified harmonic balance method A multi-faceted molecular approach to red wolf (Canis rufus) conservation and management Path-length determination of photons in mid-infrared diffuse reflection spectroscopy The experience of reflection among women professionals Characterization of novel members of the Streptomyces violaceusniger clade and characterization of antibiotic synthesis genes from Streptomyces lydicus WYEC 108 A qualitative study of mandatory continuing professional education and its effects on professionalism and standards of practice for licensed clinical professional counselors The transition of students with disabilities into adult living :factors that determine a successful integration Synthesis and characterization of 2D and 3D arrays of metal and semiconductor nanoparticles of tunable sizes in supercritical carbon dioxide Investigating consumer judgments within a tourism-based industry, the case of commercial whitewater rafting Studies on transmission, diagnostics, and immunity to white sturgeon iridovirus (WSIV) A comparative analysis of student absenteeism and mathematics achievement between Hispanic and Caucasian students in a rural Oregon school district A communication-computation efficient group key algorithm for large and dynamic groups The effect of a social support/group exercise intervention on postnatal weight retention and health behaviors A devoted home teacher :transformative strategies for adult teaching and mentoring of families in their homes Chemical warfare blister agent detection and uranium characterization via tandem mass spectrometry Development of student nurse self-confidence in clinical practice Classification of Longer Combination Vehicles Using Weigh-In-Motion Data Longer combination vehicle safety: a comparative crash rate analysis


Challenges and advances for phylogenetic comparative models of trait evolution Forest ecosystem responses to edge effects and secondary forest development in northeastern Costa Rica :implications for conservation Landscape dynamics in aspen and western juniper woodlands on the Owyhee Plateau, Idaho Payments for environmental services in Costa Rica :conservation and production decisions within the San Juan-La Selva Biological Corridor Bed load transport in gravel-bed rivers Land use, resource management, and place :a case study in three counties of northern Idaho and northeastern Oregon Measuring and modeling hydrologic responses to timber harvest in a continental/maritime mountainous environment Chemistry of wood plastic composite weathering Silver City material culture :the archaeology of daily life Active control of a shape and pointing control system for a large segmented space reflector telescope Effect of particle size distribution on sediment loading in a mixed-land use watershed in northern Idaho Improving rangeland monitoring and assessment :integrating remote sensing, GIS, and unmanned aerial vehicle systems Novel approaches for the investigation of humic substance interactions An investigation of supervision, evaluation and professional development practices of school-based speech-language pathologists in Idaho Advances in ansa-chromocene and gallocene chemistry Capability theory and the United Nations in the decade after the end of the Cold War Habitat metrics to assess the behavior of white sturgeon in a regulated river Simulation, design and fabrication of microwave ferrite components for monostatic radar applications Development of a monopropellant micro-propulsion device in low temperature co-fired ceramics A methodology for calibrating forensic ready, low layer network devices The effect of specific feedback on critical reflection of physical therapy students during internships Becoming a teacher :a collective case study of the first semester of being an elementary teacher Regional inequalities in Ukraine :causes, consequences, and policy implications The roles and competencies of career entrepreneurs :implications for training and career development A self-study of becoming a constructivist teacher in physical education Participation in extracurricular and non-academic activities :the blind student perspective Fire effects on soil nitrogen dynamics in coniferous forests of central Idaho, USA Student success and self-efficacy in mathematics at the junior high level :a case study of students from low-income backgrounds The nature of meaningful work :a heuristic study of adult educators Learning and collaboration in professional development for career and technical education teachers :a multi-case study /Patricia Ann Sturko. Identification of immunogenic candidate antigens, proteins expressed in vivo, and development of attenuated strains of Flavobacterium psychrophilum for vaccine development A case study of organizational learning and transitions in higher education :Ricks College becomes Brigham Young University-Idaho Gender differences in mathematics self-efficacy and testwiseness in multiple-choice assessment The experience of transitioning from the armed forces to the civilian workforce as a result of service-connected disabilities Theoretical and experimental studies of novel gas separations Participation in an online Basque heritage language learning program A research procedure and study of elementary music curriculum for children with special needs in inclusive music programs Teaching ethics to athletic training students from CAATE accredited undergraduate athletic training education programs Muscle activation during aquatic and land treadmill running Factors associated with peer influence aimed at increasing college student academic success, retention and graduation Simulation of toner flow using the discrete element method Curriculum theory in four graduate residencies in environmental education :a critical philosophical inquiry Mineralogy and geochemistry in the lung Space use and ecology of goshawks in northern Idaho Developing tomorrow's leaders :examining relationships between servant, transformational, transactional, passive/avoidant leadership and emotional intelligence, motivation and leadership opportunities Assessing the effect of organic mulches with different carbon-nitrogen ratios on soil resource availability, ponderosa pine growth and chemical defenses Bangladesh gender audit :a feminist case study A case study of effective elementary school principal's practice and prioritization of administrator standards Transformation of female GED graduates into college graduates :a multiple case study of barriers and supports Conservation of large carnivores in a human dominated landscape :habitat models and potential distribution Characteristics and development of male adolescent students who are gifted, gifted twice-exceptional, or attention defecit :a mixed-methods study An optimization-based space vector modulation method for the three-phase to three-phase matrix converter Bacterial diversity and competition from the population to the community level Teaching six-trait assessment as a means to improving student writing Camera system quality behavioral model using modulation functions and human visual pathway for imaging applications Isopropyl esters as solutions to biodiesel challenges Factors influencing fuel reduction research use :a theory-based evaluation Protecting old growth and other non-timber forest values in Idaho's state forests :a policy sciences approach for integrated natural resource management Ecological risk assessment of current-use pesticides in the Sixaola Watershed, Costa Rica Pieces of the pygmy rabbit puzzle :space use, survival, and survey indicators Application of Mezirow's transformational learning theory in a multiple case study of first year elementary school teachers Beyond testing :cognitive moral reasoning and ergogenic aids in sport The relationship of the utilization of the science of human factors to operational effectiveness and efficiency, and overall organizational learning :a mixed method study Advising strategies :effects on student success for professional/technical traditional and non-traditional aged community college students A personal journey of an educator in a development education project :an autobiographical and critical discourse analysis Effects of deforestation and riparian buffers on lotic communities in southeastern Costa Rica :implications for biodiversity conservation in tropical streams Evolutionary training of a biologically plausible spino-neuromuscular system model Design of cemented rockfill spans for longhole stoping at the Rain Mine, Carlin, Nevada A study of the educational goodness of a GED preparation program in a Pacific Northwest town using qualitative research methodology portraiture An exploratory case study examining and describing the barriers and incentives to utilizing best practices and guiding principles in secondary school substance abuse programs Optimal training sequence for the production of leg strength in college-age recreationally active women engaged in same-session concurrent resistance and endurance programs Architectural investigation of the intraflagellar transport complex B of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Population dynamics and management of brown bears on Kodiak Island, Alaska Mentoring among scientists :implications for interpersonal relationships within a formal mentoring program Molecular ecological methods to quantify biocontrol of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum by Trichoderma harzianum, and inhibitory effects of fungivorous nematodes on the biocontrol agent Monopolizing the wild :a history of the outfitting industry in Idaho's River of No Return backcountry The role and metabolism of lipids in the host-pathogen interaction of Staphylococcus aureus mastitis in cattle Italian protected areas and their role in the conservation of vertebrates Radiation-tolerant embedded memory using magnetic tunnel junctions Synthesis and application of mesoporous and macroporous particles Marriage education :a grounded theory study of the positive influence of the educational experience on the marriage relationship Wildfire and prescribed burning effects on nitrogen dynamics in central Idaho watershed ecosystems The volcano expedition :a critical self-study of a feminist educator's journey to becoming An investigation on the education and use of complementary and alternative therapies by nurses in personal and professional practice Effects of tropical forest fragmentation on ecology and conservation of migrant and resident birds in lowland Costa Rica Sustainability and profitability of Prunus africana :a case study of harvesters adjacent to New Dabaga Ulangambi Forest Reserves, Tanzania Internet and computer ethics for public sector rehabilitation counselors :a mixed methods study Carbon dynamics and earthworm populations in grassland ecosystems of the Palouse region Teacher voices :a phenomenology of a changing curriculum Representation, redundancy, and resilience :waterfowl and the National Wildlife Refuge System The Palouse :a bioregional approach for assessing sense of place Phenotypic and functional characterization of bovine immune cells modulated by staphylococcal enterotoxin C1 Microbiology of aquatic environments :characterizations of the microbiotas of municipal water supplies, the International Space Station Internal Active Thermal Control System's heat transport fluid, and US space shuttle drinking water


The functional roles of retinal homeobox genes in zebrafish retinal development and an introduction to silica nanomaterial toxicity in zebrafish embryos An assessment of measurements and modeling of turbulent fluxes over snow by eddy covariance at two complex mountain sites Application of remote sensing and GIS in glacier monitoring :glacier variability in Central Asia (Tien Shan and Altai) during the last 30-60 years Understanding transformative learning through adults with multiple sclerosis :a phenomenological study Biodiesel quality sensing using spectroscopy and artificial intelligence American dippers (Cinclus mexicanus) and montane streams :habitat selection, nesting ecology, and movements in relation to stream conditions Pedogenesis at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, Idaho, USA A study of student organization advisor motives to volunteer at four-year institutions of higher education using the Volunteer Functions Inventory New approaches to reliability and survivability with survival analysis, dynamic hybrid fault models, and evolutionary game theory The effect of a learning-related social skills (LRSS) physical education training program on kindergarten children The effects of local and landscape context on leafhopper (Hemiptera: cicadallinae) communities in coffee agroforestry systems of Costa Rica Something to prove :women persisting in community college programs, despite their doubts Alternative campus self-defense course :investigating participant impact, a qualitative case study /Valerie Ann Russo. Mathematical modeling in epidemiology and phage-bacteria systems with an emphasis on spatial models Resonating relationships between nurses and elders in long term care :a grounded theory study Biology and management of the banana weevil (Cosmopolites sordidus Germar) in the socioeconomic and agroecological context of the indigenous territories of Talamanca, Costa Rica Diet driven regulation of nutrient transporters of the piscine splanchnic system Soil biogeochemical patterns in the Talamanca foothills, Costa Rica :local soil knowledge and implications for agroecosystems Teaching key competencies of effective construction project managers to adults in higher education Covert timing channel analysis in MLS real-time systems Collaboration in Guatemalan protected area management :building understanding and capacity of co-management organizations in Regional Municipal Protected Area of Zunil A systems theory approach to analyzing community rehabilitation program employment outcomes Optimization of enhanced in situ bioremediation of a TCE residual source area derived from integration of laboratory studies with field operations Improving forest inventory and assessment with LiDAR data A multiple case study of community college presidents :perceptions of leadership demands and competencies Supervision :a unique story of relationship and influence Tourism as a vehicle for experiential learning :a phenomenological study of group educational travel for rural middle school students Dispersal and gene flow among pygmy rabbit (Brachylagus idahoensis) populations in Idaho and southwestern Montana Application of iron-ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid toward the degradation of organic pollutants and detection of peroxide based explosives An exploration of the lived experience of adjunct clinical faculty in nursing education The development of an evaluative tool which assesses evidence-based practices of alcohol treatment programs in a rural community in the Inland Northwest The influence of peer assessment on the depth and meaning of the critical reflection of educators as adult learners :a case study Twenty year (1984-2004) temporal and spatial burn severity patterns inferred from satellite imagery in the Gila National Forest, New Mexico The emerging phenomenon of aliteracy :the lived experience of educated professionals who read only as a last resort and never for pleasure Estimating, monitoring, and modeling elk population growth rates and densities in northcentral Idaho at multiple spatial and temporal scales Female reproductive decisions in pronghorn, from mate choice to maternal expenditure Educating educators :interpreting the faculty assessment experience Academic integration and self-efficacy :an exploratory study of at-risk student persistence Analysis and categorization of software faults to assist novice programmers Investigating the influence of profession, position and organizational climate on ethical attitudes in the private sector Selection for white mold resistance in pinto bean Sort-middle stream-based real-time rendering on commodity clusters Life-cycle environmental assessment of the nuclear production of hydrogen using the sulfur-iodine cycle Development of predictive model to determine the dynamic modulus for hot mix asphalt Understanding the adoption of student learning outcomes assessment :a case study of community college faculty Adult experiential learning in short-term study abroad :an heuristic study of the power of place Policy-based architectural refinement techniques for the design of multi-level secure systems Novel discoveries of insulin gene regulatory mechanisms in the teleost model zebrafish :a species expressing two insulin genes Synthesis of CuInS2 (copper indium disulfide) chalcopyrite nanoparticles via thermal- and photo-decomposition of single source precursors The limits of progressive multiple sequence alignment Effects of pregnancy on systemic gene expression in domestic ruminants Habitat loss and fragmentation on the Palouse and its impact on arthropod conservation Transpiration and canopy conductance of mixed species conifer stands in an inland Pacific Northwest forest A self study :teaching question source and discussion behaviors to improve classroom discourse Influence of insect herbivory, plant competition and plant defense on the invasion success of hoary cress (Lepidium draba L. (brassicaceae)) /Kenneth Patrick Puliafico. The socio-cultural and academic adjustment of students at a leading university for ethnic minorities in China Changes in atmospheric chemical composition determined from ice core records in southwestern Siberia during the 20th century Thy mind, o man :an interpretive biography of Joseph Smith as an adult learner Toll-like receptor agonists as monotherapies and vaccine adjuvants provide protection against potential biological weapons Yersinia pestis and Francisella tularensis Fabrication and characterization of Pac-man shaped magnetic tunneling junctions The structure of susceptibility :a multi-scalar investigation of linkages between economic development, social organization and HIV susceptibility in Sub-Saharan Africa Regulation of host innate immune signaling cascades in response to human rhinovirus and poliovirus An investigation of benefit :parent perceptions of the Parent Project for adjudicated or at-risk youth in rural communities Controlling chatter to make it matter :evaluating a self-talk intervention to enhance adjudicated musical performance Effects of acute whole-body vibration exposure on bat velocity and muscle activity during the baseball swing Health care career guidance in secondary education :a collective case study of career counseling of minority students The velocity reversal hypothesis and the implications to the sustainability of pool-riffle bed morphology Role of hairy nightshade Solanum sarrachoides (Sendtner) in the transmission of Potato virus Y (PVY) strains by aphids and characterization of the PVY strain reactions on Solanum tuberosum (L.) Wheat starch A- and B-type granule microstructure and reactivity The myth of choice :a critical feminist examination of barriers to degree completion for mothers in college Learning and knowing construction :a phenomenological study of construction leaders Process and influence :a phenomenological study of career decision making among community college students Remote sensing of wheat nitrogen status for improved protein management in dryland systems Residential landscape water use and conservation Magnetoresistance in nanoparticles Public perceptions of aquaculture :exploring the influence of mass media and decision heuristics in shaping risk perceptions Regulation of milk fat synthesis through either direct administration or endogenous production of conjugated linoleic acid


Genetic diversity and recombination in Potato virus Y Spatial and temporal patterns of bacterial communities in a high Arctic glacier foreland Effects of the carbohydrate level and of dietary protein source on growth performance, plasma parameters and hepatic gene expression in rainbow trout Parameterized computational imaging :optimized, data driven, and time-varying multiphysics modeling for image extension Ontogeny and regulation of estrogen receptor isoform expression in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Voices from the field on effective intervention practices :how early childhood special educators receive, respond to and apply information and experiences Adapting group key management protocols to wireless, ad-hoc networks without the assumption of view synchrony Demographic and genetic monitoring of the translocated brown bear (Ursus arctos) population in the Italian Alps Quantification of reservoir operation-based losses to floodplain physical processes and impact on the floodplain vegetation at the Kootenai River, USA The role of pO157 in Escherichia coli O157:H7 associated with colonization of cattle and persistence of various environments Composite nanowire networks for biological sensor platforms Going beyond won-loss record to identify competent coaches :development of the Coaching Success Questionnaire-2 A qualitative study of education faculty's experiences in online instruction Simulating and analyzing wireless railway control networks using NS-2 Asynchronous discourse in a web-assisted mathematics education course Approaches for operational forecasting of short-to-medium range streamflow for snowmelt dominated basins Differences of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) populations in height growth, water use efficiency, and carbon partitioning responses to changes in climate and water availability Respiratory fluxes in a mixed conifer forest in northern Idaho :development of method and subsequent applications Effects of single sex lab groups on physics self-efficacy, behavior, and academic performance Identification of industry needs with hospitality management curriculum development :a Delphi study Development of design optimization methodology using CFD as the design tool applied to printed circuit heat exchanger The role of school leaders in teacher-peer social relationships :a critical collective case study Examining the effects of an intervention program concerning sport competitive theory and moral reasoning on the moral cognitive growth of freshmen Effects of acute whole-body vibration exposure on bat velocity and muscle activity during the baseball swing Nonlinear extensions of the Erdős-Ginzberg-Ziv theorem On plasmid population dynamics :spatial structure, mating pair formation and estimation of plasmid transfer rates Human innate immune cell function and response to Yersinia expressing a functional TTSS and effector Yops An online intervention to improve the moral reasoning of NAIA coaches Disjoint cycles and tree packings in graphs Perceived mission impacts on the undergraduate college experiences of thirteen returned missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Engineering design elements of a two-phase thermosyphon to transfer nuclear thermal energy to a hydrogen plant Population studies of desert redband trout The influence of high school professional-technical education :perceptions of postsecondary preparedness Current attitudes and practice patterns defining the role of school-based physical therapy in the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity :implications for leadership in the profession A physical approach to boundary conditions for the characterization of 1-D nanomaterials Transformative development of healthcare faculty in online learning :a grounded theory Secondary teachers' intentions to integrate academic and professional-technical education :an application in the theory of planned behavior The impact of organizational information overload on leaders :making knowledge work productive in the 21st century Dental hygienists as adult learners and educators in social action :a grounded theory Staying the course :an investigation of undergraduate completion of online education The behavioral ecology and population genetics of pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) in Yellowstone National Park, Montana/Wyoming, USA Adult forensics education as a contributor to lifelong success :a grounded theory study Evaluating and improving analytical approaches in landscape genetics through simulations and wildlife case studies Social conflict and Kentucky bluegrass field burning in northern Idaho Creating a culture of values that will promote sustained excellence in competitive football Toxoplasma gondii :regulation of motility Called to serve :an autoethnography of metagogy at the kitchen table Growth and gas exchange of different ponderosa pine stock types on dry sites A multi-site case study of successful charter schools with varied educational programs Likelihood methods to infer balancing selection under K-allele models What impacts will uncertain and important drivers have on the structure-conduct-performance of Idaho's primary forest products industry The reduction of arsenates by humic materials Vaginal microbial communities do not preclude colonization by Staphylococcus aureus with the gene for toxic shock syndrome toxin 1 (TSST-1) The role of adult education participation in successful aging Role of picornavirus 2A protease in inhibition of host nucleo-cytoplasmic transport


Functionalized mesoporous silica, MCM-41, and their application in environmental remediation of selenium, cadmium, and for zinc detection by fluorescence, and :synthesis and photolysis studies of cobalt analogues of Roussin's red salt esters A governance examination of Idaho's technological literacy policy and standards for teachers :past, present, and future Information seeking as self-directed learning in the lives of rural practitioners :a multi-case study At the crossroads :portrait of an underground composition teacher whose heuristics were transformed by computer-technology The role of emotion in secondary school leadership :a qualitative study Measuring the personality side of motivation :development and validation of the Competitive Motivational Styles Questionnaire Attributes affecting the acceptance and integration of best practices in secondary Professional-Technical Education (PTE) :a mixed-methods study A portrait of Charles Sumner, advocate for civil rights, 1840-1874 :implications for educational leadership in the 21st century Voices of transformational learning :life experiences of women aged eighty and above in the United States Raising the bar :a qualitative study of adult learning theory and its role on the effectiveness of law school education in preparing new graduates to begin the practice of law Please pass the peas :a grounded theory study on adult motivation to learn about feeding young children Ecological content and context of the National Park System The value of the Integrated Business Core experience[microform] :perceptions of recent graduates from Brigham Young University-Idaho The influence of leaf pigments, phenology, and solar radiation regime on remotely sensed estimates of photosynthetic efficiency and photosynthetic potential, canopy photosynthesis, and net ecosystem exchange Environmental selenium speciation and biogeochemistry in the hyporheic zone and the rhizosphere Implications for an anoxia-related control on green algal distributions at the Late Devonian Frasnian - Famennian boundary Insights on learning in religious education :a collective case study of feedback from BYU-Idaho religion students Moving beyond mentoring :a collective case study examining the perceived characteristics of transformational figures Neopolyploid establishment and evolution Toward transformative learning :an inquiry into the work and subsequent learning experiences of individuals who assisted Hurricane Katrina evacuees Adult learners in cyberspace :a collective case study of reentry women in a virtual learning community Paradigm shift or business as usual :the reception and implementation of the BYU-Idaho learning model by faculty members, a mixed method study Behavioral evolution in the zebrafish, Danio rerio ADHD symptomology and impairment :relevance to postsecondary education Reactivity of radiolytically-produced nitrogen oxide radicals toward aromatic compounds The experience of wellness during the dissertation process of recent PhD graduates :a heuristic study The image of the University of Idaho :a qualitative exploration of the perceptions of southeastern Idaho opinion leaders and the effectual influence upon the choices of prospective university students A comparison of Taiwan educators' attitudes, knowledge, and perceived barriers toward the inclusion of students with disabilities Life cycle analysis of soybean biodiesel production Grass-roots character education programs :a study of the need, implementation, and effect in public elementary schools Experiences of undergraduate mothers in online learning :a distance learning case study of non-completers A comparison of didactic and inquiry teaching methods in a rural community college earth science course Sexual selection and inbreeding in the National Bison Range, Montana, pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) population Application of galvanic displacement for the preparation of substrates for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy Tree reconstruction, directed cycles and flow decompositions Yersinia pestis OmpX virulence factor and role in host cell attachment, internalization, and immune modulation Numerical simulation of the effect of land cover and climate changes on hydrologic regimes in an Inland Pacific Northwest watershed Functionalized locked nucleic acid for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes Development of a stopped-flow ultra-rapid-scanning Fournier transform infrared spectrometer and its application for kinetic and mechanistic studies of inorganic compounds Adult and organizational learning and policy development in environments of gray The historical and social context of U.S. middle school education :vade mecum for middle school leaders Characterization of the resin bead and development and application of the porous ion emitter for thermal ionization mass spectrometry State of charge indicator (SOCI) design for the lithium polycarbon monoflouride (Li/CFx) battery /Edward James William II.


Community resilience to drivers of change :an analysis of community and household participation in the collaborative forest management program of Ghana /Kofi Akamani.


Interpersonal Knowledge


BURN SEVERITY AND AREAS OF DAILY FIRE GROWTH FOR 42 FOREST FIRES IN IDAHO AND MONTANA, 2005 - 2011 BRIDGING NATURAL RESOURCE COMMUNICATION BOUNDARIES: PUBLIC PERCEPTIONS OF SMOKE FROM WILDLAND FIRES AND FOREST MANAGERS' PERSPECTIVES OF CLIMATE CHANGE SCIENCE THE INFLUENCE OF CULTURAL WORLDVIEW AND NETWORKS OF RELATIONSHIPS ON IMPLEMENTATION OF CONSERVATION PRACTICES IN WHITMAN COUNTY, WASHINGTON Societal Resilience to Flooding: A Case Study of Seattle A New Paradigm in ESL Teaching and Learning Environments: Online Professional Development for Taiwanese Instructors Framing techniques in wildland fire communication: The impact of gain and loss frames on support for management Actuated Control Parameters to Reduce Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Consumption at Isolated Intersections Biogeochemical Impacts of Fire Over Four Millennia in a Rocky Mountain Subalpine Watershed Effects of dietary supplementation of immunostimulants and probiotics on immune response and disease resistance in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Development of a Thermally Activated Pyrotechnic Initiator Based on Fabrication of Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic Components Hybrid Baseline Localization for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles What Do I Need to Succeed: The Case of Arab Engineering Graduate Students SPEED AND GAP CONTROL DURING SIMULATED CAR FOLLOWING: EFFECTS OF DISPLAYS AND FOLLOWING DISTANCE DESIGN OF A RADIOISOTOPE THERMO-PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER SOURCE BY LASER DRIVEN ISOTOPE SURROGATE ASSEMBLY Central Pattern Generator Gait Evolution of a Robotic Modular Tetrahedral Tensegrity Climate Change Vulnerability of Terrestrial Wildlife: An Idaho Case Study Characterizing the influence of soil bulk density and climate factors on wood quality in Douglas-fir trees Cooperation in the Wilds of the Idaho Territory:  Interaction between the Jesuits and Coeur d'Alene Indians at the Cataldo Mission, 1848-1878 Population Dynamics and Trophic Ecology of Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass in Coeur d'Alene Lake: Implications for the Conservation of Westslope Cutthroat Trout PACIFIC LAMPREY PASSAGE STRUCTURES AT BONNEVILLE DAM: DESIGN GUIDELINES AND CATALOG OF QUALITATIVE HYDRAULIC CONDITIONS, HYDRAULIC MODELING, AND INTEGRATING DIVERSE INFORMATION SOURCES WITH 3D VISUAL MODELS TO CREATE A FISH PASSAGE WIKI The Ultimate Goal: Achieving Optimal Performance Through Increased Sport Enjoyment in Collegiate Women's Soccer Use of a TK Solver Performance Model in the Design and Testing of a Formula Hybrid Racecar Assessment of Sampling Techniques and Fish Assemblage Structure in Large Western River Systems Supercritical Fluid Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Method and Elucidation of Bacilli Endospores' Tolerance to Hydrogen Peroxide and Heat An Adolescent Nutrition Learning Model to Facilitate Behavior Change in a Teen Obesity Intervention Study Archaeological Investigations at the Kelly Forks Work Center Site (10cw34): Clearwater River National Forest, North Central Idaho A Hybrid FEC Code for Mitigating Jamming Attacks in Fault-Model-Classified Cognitive Radio Networks Freedom from Worry: Douching as a Case Study for Historical Archaeological Approaches to Women's Health Anticipation Strategies Based on Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Communication Between Two Groups of Agents Coupled Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature, and Snow Dynamics in Complex Terrain of a Semi-Arid Mountainous Watershed Candidate Mentor Supervisor Model: a Case Study Improving Passing Lane Safety and Efficiency in Two-Lane Rural Highways Prescribed Streamflow to Improve Juvenile Steelhead Habitat Kokanee Spawning Ecology and Recruitment Response to Water Level Management in Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho Salmon Life History in an Altered Landscape: Reconstructing Juvenile Migration Using Chemical and Structural Analysis


HIGH SPEED DATA CONVERTERS FOR UTRA-WIDEBAND AND SOFTWARE DEFINED RADIO APPLICATIONS Causality Verification and Enforcement for Microelectronic Package Macromodels Pennsylvanian Conodont Biostratigraphy of the Snaky Canyon Formation, East-Central Idaho Child Feeding Practices Reported by Saudi Arabian Mothers with Two to Six Year Old Children and their Association with Negative Reactions to Food and Mothers' Autonomy HIGH TEMPERATURE DEFORMATION BEHAVIOR, THERMAL STABILITY AND IRRADIATION PERFORMANCE IN GRADE 92 STEEL Multi-Terminal VSC-Based HVDC Systems for Offshore Wind Energy Systems Integration Synthesis, Reactions and Kinetics of Indenyl-Nitrosyl Group (VI) Metal Carbonyl Complexes with Phosphorus (III) Ligands Automating Derivative Classification in Multi-Level Secure Documents Alternative forages for beef cattle production in the Intermountain West Adventure Programs' Effect on Self-Efficacy of Business Students CREEP-FATIGUE MODELLING IN STRUCTURAL STEELS USING EMPIRICAL AND CONSTITUTIVE CREEP METHODS IMPLEMENTED IN A STRIP-YIELD MODEL Total Synthesis of Veranamine DEVELOPMENT & OPTIMIZATION OF A RULE-BASED ENERGY MANAGEMENT STRATEGY FOR FUEL ECONOMY IMPROVEMENT IN HYBRID ELECTRIC VEHICLES Measures to Alleviate Congestion at Rural Intersections UTILIZING SUPERCRITICAL CO2 AND IONIC LIQUIDS FOR THE EXTRACTION OF ACTINIDES AND LANTHANIDES: APPLICATIONS OF NON-CONVENTIONAL SOLVENTS FOR NUCLEAR WASTE MANAGEMENT AGENCY, COMMUNITY, LEARNING-RISKS, AND ADULT LEARNERS Investigating the use of classification models to study microbial community associations with bacterial vaginosis Isolation of electrode performance issues for lithium ion batteries during calendar and cycle life Improved MCNP Memory Locality by Neutron Grouping Flexible Framework for Assessing Water Resource Sustainability in River Basins MONITORING AND MODELING SEDIMENT AND  ORGANIC CARBON LOADS FROM THE DRYLAND CROPPING REGION OF THE INLAND PACIFIC NORTHWEST Comparing Visual and Cognitive Perceptions of Rural Character in Small Towns and Unincorporated Settlements HYPERSPECTRAL REMOTE SENSING IN MINERAL EXPLORATION: AMMONIUM-ILLITE AS A PATHFINDER FOR GOLD Simplified Sizing and Performance Models for Four-Stroke Spark-Ignition Engines for use in Electric Vehicle Range Extenders PERFORMANCE MEASURE CALCULATION USING HIGH-RESOLUTION DATA Instructor Influence on Self-Efficacy in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus GRAIN PACKING RESISTANCE TO PARTICLE MOBILITY AND THE INFLUENCE OF SALMON SPAWNING ON STREAM BED STABILITY, AND STORAGE AND EXHANGE OF MARINE DERIVED NUTRIENTS IN STREAM CHANNELS NAVIGATING THE EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP LABYRINTH IN HIGHER EDUCATION: EXPERIENCES OF WOMEN LEADERS WHO ATTAINED CAREER ADVANCEMENT Endocrine Intersections of Growth and Reproduction in Oncorhynchus mykiss CHIEF ACADEMIC OFFICERS' PERCEPTIONS OF ASSESSMENT DATA IN OPERATIONAL DECISION MAKING: WHERE ASSESSMENT AND DATA BASED DECISION MAKING COLLIDE Communities of Practice as Professional Development for Remote Adjunct Instructors: Improving the Quality of the Online Student Experience Distributed Leadership: A Qualitative Study on Developing College and Career Readiness through Student Empowerment in Secondary Education Where the Railways Ran: Transportation, Commerce and Sandpoint, Idaho, 1880-1935 Energy Autonomous CMOS Image Sensors An Evaluation of Ticketing Preferences and the Effects of a Fee Increase at Timpanogos Cave National Monument A FUNCTIONAL TRAIT BASED APPROACH TO UNDERSTAND TROPICAL FOREST COMPOSITION AND FUNCTION IN A COSTA RICAN LANDSCAPE The Landscape Archaeology of Saloons in Wallace, Idaho Microscopic in-medium nucleon-nucleon cross sections with improved Pauli blocking effects and their applications in nuclear reactions Band gaps by design: Tailoring ZnO based semiconductor alloy films ELECTROOSMOTIC SEPARATION OF DOUBLE STRANDED DNA BY STEADY AND PULSED ELECTRIC POTENTIALS IN A MICROCHANNEL Geospatial Analysis and Seasonal Changes in Water-Equivalent Hydrogen in Eastern Equatorial Mars Nanocomposites of  Bacterial Nanocellulose and Paramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles INFLUENCE OF EXTENDED AGING ON BEEF QUALITY CHARACTERISTICS AND SENSORY PERCEPTION OF FOUR BEEF MUSCLES A Study on the Impact of Nuclear Power Plant Construction Relative to Decommissioning Fossil Fuel Power Plants in Order to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions Using a Modified Nordhaus Vensim DICE Model BRANCH INSPIRED TEXTURES Global Contraction/Expansion and Polar Lithospheric Thinning on Titan from Patterns of Tectonism QUANTIFYING DANGEROUS SITUATION EXPOSURE FOR BICYCLISTS A User-Friendly, Two-Zone Heat Release Model for Predicting Spark-Ignition Engine Performance and Emissions Conversion of woody biomass to polyhydroxybutyrate Life-cycle analysis of Camelina biodiesel and jet-fuel The Effect of 4-H Participation on Citizenship and Civic Engagement Skills in Adult Alumni An Economic Analysis of a Longitudinal Survey of Wheat Growers in the Inland Pacific Northwest Presence and Absence RAPID ADAPTATION IN A NOVEL ECOSYSTEM: EVOLUTIONARY ECOLOGY OF WHITE SANDS LIZARDS Trade Policy and Productivity Analyses of Apple and Orange Juice Markets TIME INTEGRATION OF EVAPOTRANSPIRATION USING A TWO SOURCE SURFACE ENERGY BALANCE MODEL USING NARR REANALYSIS WEATHER DATA AND SATELLITE BASED METRIC DATA A PEDAGOGICAL AND PHYSIOLOGICAL APPROACH TO TREATING TYPE II DIABETES Broad-band and High-Isolation Performance of a Lumped-Element Circulator: Theory and Experiment Creating Highly Specialized Fragmented File System Data Sets for Forensic Research Molecular dissection of Prf-mediated immune signaling in tomato On-line, On-board, Evolutionary Learning from Demonstration in Autonomous, Mobile Robots ULTRA AFFORDABLE RAPID PROTOTYPING: CREATION AND SETUP OF AN EXPERIMENTAL FABRICATION MACHINE A Family and Consumer Sciences Education Teacher Preparation Program: A Snapshot of Teacher-Efficacy Promoting the Positive: Children's Nutrient Intake from Fruit is Similar to their Nutrient Intake from Vegetables Building a bridge between food production and conservation: experiences from Latin America and the Caribbean MMC: The Development of the Mixture Model Caching Algorithm POTATO VIRUS Y EVOLUTION AND RECOMBINATION Recombinants of Bean common mosaic virus (BCMV) and Genetic Determinants of BCMV Involved in Overcoming Resistance in Common Beans In Phase Motor Bus Transfer REGIONAL DEMOGRAPHIC IMPACTS on DRIVERS of SOCIAL VULNERABILITY: A LOCAL VIEW of NORWAY SURFACE CHEMISTRY OF HIERARCHICAL NANOSPRINGS FOR SENSING AND CATALYSIS A More Conservative Form of Governing Equations in RELAP5 Examining Teaching Strategies for Improving the Learning Experience in BYU-Idaho Academic Support Courses THE ELECTROCHEMISTRY OF Li-LiCl-Li2O MOLTEN SALT SYSTEMS  AND THE ROLE OF MOISTURE Secure, Comfortable, Shaky, and Disastrous: Examining the Current Financial Situations of College-Aged Youth Ecology and Management of Columbian sharp-tailed grouse in Southern Idaho: Evaluating infrared technology, the Conservation Reserve Program, statistical population reconstruction, and the olfactory concealment theory ULTRASOUND-ASSISTED EXTRACTION OF RED RASPBERRY ANTHOCYANINS AND UTILIZATION OF MUSTARD MEAL-DERIVED PRODUCTS TO IMPROVE FOOD QUALITY AND SAFETY Drawing from the Well: The Material Life of the Jacobs Family, Boise, Idaho, 1864-1907 Spatial Shifting of Per-Capita GDP Levels in the European Union Safety Evaluation of IdaShield Signs at Passive Railroad Crossings Using Crash Data Analysis, User Assessment Surveys, and Driving Simulation Parallax Perspectives on the Industrial Novel in Victorian Fiction UPGRADING OF PYROLYSIS BIO-OIL TO RENEWABLE FUELS BY HYDRODEOXYGENATION Class Integration Through Class Division: A Structural-Functionalist Interpretation of Plato's Republic Detection and Localization of Approaching Vehicle Noises among Older Adults ENERGY ACQUISITION AND RETENTION BY JUVENILE AND ADULT PADDLEFISH IN RELATION TO AGE, GROWTH, AND REARING CONDITIONS Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Spectral Reflectance in Coleoptera Elytra INVESTIGATING THE FACTORS THAT MOTIVATE AND ENGAGE NATIVE AMERICAN STUDENTS IN MATH AND SCIENCE ON THE DUCK VALLEY INDIAN RESERVATION FOLLOWING PARTICIPATION IN THE NASA SUMMER OF INNOVATION PROGRAM Integrating Insights for Complex Problem Solving:  Applications for Interdisciplinary Pedagogy and Water Governance The Use of Technology for Enhancing the Learning Experiences of Undergraduate Students:From Online Education to the Use of Mobile Devices and Web-based Programs URANIUM AND ZIRCONIUM ELECTROCHEMICAL STUDIES IN LiCl-KCl EUTECTIC FOR FUNDAMENTAL APPLICATIONS IN USED NUCLEAR FUEL REPROCESSING SELF-EFFICACY: UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM EVALUATION OF GENERAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION CORE COMPETENCIES Administrator Perspectives: Impacts of Alternative Special Education Teacher Certification in Idaho Servant Leadership, Self-Efficacy, and Communities of Inquiry in Higher Education Online Learning APPLICATIONS OF HIGH THROUGHPUT TECHNOLOGIES IN MODERN GENOMICS The Barley yellow dwarf virus-Rhopalosiphum padi pathosystem: An examination of host plant-virus-vector interactions Day Hikers in Yosemite Wilderness: Understanding Travel Patterns and Trail Choice Decision Making Application of Synchrophasors for Validation of Transmission Line Distance Relay Parameters Space Use, Habitat Selection, Genetic Variation and Post-fledging Ecology of Northern Pygmy-Owls (Glaucidium Gnoma) in Northern Idaho RURAL-URBAN WAGE DICHOTOMY: THE PREVAILING DIFFERENTIAL Grid Integrated Type 3 Wind Systems - Modeling, and Line Protection Performance Analysis using the RTDS REVEALING LIVESTOCK EFFECTS ON BUNCHGRASS VEGETATION WITH LANDSAT ETM+ DATA ACROSS A GRAZING SEASON Water, Climate and Land Use in a Non-Stationary Tectonically-Active Humid Tropical Environment ORGANIC CONSERVATION TILLAGE PRODUCTION SYSTEMS IN THE PALOUSE Synthesis and Characterization of Nucleobase Functionalized Locked Nucleic Acids (LNAs); Chemical Modifications for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN RESIDUAL FEED INTAKE, FEEDING BEHAVIORS, FEED INTAKE AND EVALUATION OF SAMPLING ERROR ASSOCIATED WITH POST WEANING GAIN TESTS A Simple Method to Analyze and Predict Shaft Misalignment In Marine Vessels Characterization of Primary Murine Alveolar Epithelial Cells and their Responses to Respiratory Viral Infections AT THE CONFLUENCE OF LAW AND HISTORY: AN INVESTIGATION OF WATER RIGHTS IN NEZ PERCE COUNTRY Active Magnetic Bearing Control for an Experimental Flywheel Energy Storage System Until they know you care: The influence of coach servant leadership on motivational climate and athlete psychosocial outcomes Modeling and Simulation of a Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) for the UI Analog Model Power System GRID-CONNECTED IN-STREAM HYDROELECTRIC GENERATION BASED ON THE DOUBLY FED INDUCTION MACHINE Assessing cognitive workload from multiple physiological measures using wavelets and machine learning Value added bioproducts from potato peel waste Bayesian Methods for Interpreting Risk of Invasive Species Occurrence Synthesis and Charaterization of Copolymers from Lignin Modeling and Simulation of a High-Head Pumped Hydro System Primary Cavity Excavator Nesting Ecology, Space Use, and Distribution: A Multi-scale Perspective Best Practices for Shallow Ground Temperature Measurements Potato Yields, Beet Leaf Hoppers and Green Peach Aphids:  Empirical Examination in the Columbia Basin Extreme snowfall events in the western United States: variability, change, and implications for water resource management Developing a Decision Support Tool for Ventenata (Ventenata dubia) Integrated Pest Management in the Inland Northwest Perceptions of Families and Coaches on the Importance of Emergent Literacy Activities of Young Children with Disabilities Constructing a Research and Development Framework for Integrating Nanotechnologies with Nuclear Technologies The fractured ice shell of Saturn's moon Enceladus: Insights into the global stress history and interior structure DESCRIBING AGRICULTURE TEACHERS' UTILIZATION AND VIEWS OF SCHOOL-BASED AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION SUPPORTERS IN THE NORTHWESTERN UNITED STATES Analysis of an individual clinician's patient outcomes when applying the Mulligan Concept intervention strategy to treat lateral ankle sprains in an intercollegiate athletic training clinic. A dissertation of clinical practice improvement Applications of Contextual Fuzzy Operators and Fuzzy Extensions for Polymorphism, Data Mining and Analysis RESIDUAL FEED INTAKE IN BEEF CATTLE; IN RELATION TO BREED, SELECTION, AND BEHAVIOR The Attitudes of Inland Northwest Pre-Service Foreign Language Teachers: Got Privilege? Dynamic Range Extension of Heterodyne Fiber-Optic Interferometers Via Instantaneous Carrier Measurement Ni on Ce:Mg Oxides (9:1) as Catalyst for the Selective Catalytic Thermochemical Conversion of Glycerol to 1,2 Propanediol and Ethanol Identification of Leadership Priorities for Dietetics Education: A Delphi Study STABLE ISOTOPE COMPOSITION OF STREAM BIOTA:  PARTITIONING VARIABILITY AND IDENTIFYING ENVIRONMENTAL CORRELATIONS  IN A WILDERNESS WATERSHED Studies on the relationships of Potato virus Y and Potato leaf roll virus with their aphid vectors in potato STOCHASTIC AND ANALYTICAL EXPLORATION OF ENHANCED GEOTHERMAL SYSTEM VIABILITY ON THE SNAKE RIVER PLAIN, IDAHO Development of multi-year land cover data to assess impacts to coastal watersheds and the nearshore environment Geochemistry of the Galápagos Transform Fault Using Molecular Tools to Evaluate Predator-Prey Relationships in Newfoundland The ecology of juvenile steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss): determinants of population dynamics and individual performance across a heterogeneous stream environment MAPPING QTL CONFERRING RESISTANCE TO FUSARIUM HEAD BLIGHT IN THE SPRING WHEAT CULTIVAR 'UI STONE' BRANCH-AND-BOUND ALGORITHM APPLIED TO DYNAMIC EVENT TREES AND UNCERTAINTY QUANTIFICATION IN NUCLEAR REACTORS A Study in Acceleration of Selected Artificial Intelligence Computations Using Thread-Level Parallelism Bending Behavior of Insulated FRP-Confined Concrete Sandwich Panels with FRP Plate Shear Connectors EXPRESSION OF A UNIQUE VISION Adopting an Orphaned Archaeological Collection: Walla Walla Washington's Hussey Collection Developing Marine Habitat Suitability Models In The Arctic From Remotely-Sensed Data And Traditional Ecological Knowledge SCALING APPROACH AND THERMAL-HYDRAULIC ANALYSIS IN THE REACTOR CAVITY COOLING SYSTEM OF A HIGH TEMPERATURE GAS -COOLED REACTOR AND THERMAL-JET MIXING IN A SODIUM FAST REACTOR Coprecipitation Synthesis of Superplastic 3 Mole % Yttria - Stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystalline/Magnesium Aluminate Spinel Nanocomposite STUDENT USE OF EXAMPLE GENERATION TO  UNDERSTAND NOVEL MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS: A TEACHING EXPERIMENT IN A FIRST-SEMESTER CALCULUS COURSE The Geographic and Ecological Patterns of Genetic Variation of the Abies grandis-Abies concolor Complex Very High Temperature Measurements: Application to Nuclear Reactor Safety Tests Processing of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys via Mechanical Alloying and Spark Plasma Sintering A Glimpse of Development Experiences The Development of Structural Analysis Virtual Module For iPad Application Keystroke Timing Attacks in a Free-Text Environment EVALUATIONS OF FIRE-RETARDANT FIBER-REINFORCED POLYMER MATERIALS FOR BUILDING APPLICATIONS Examining Teaching Strategies for Improving the Learning Experience of Students in BYU-Idaho Academic Support Courses Genetic And Evolutionary Feature Extraction For Autonomous Road Following Real Time Traffic Signal Instrumentation Using NEMA TS2 Synchronous Data Link Control Networks POST-RELEASE ASSESSMENT OF CLASSICAL BIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF CANADA THISTLE (CIRSIUM ARVENSE) IN THE WESTERN UNITED STATES SPATTER, SCORIA BOMBS, AND UPPER MANTLE XENOLITHS: COOLING HISTORIES OF ROCKS IN THREE TERRESTRIAL SETTINGS Research in the Willow Creek watershed: Estimates of sediment and phosphorus loads from sub-catchments; gauging public response to a constructed wetland; and a quantitative assessment of a conceptual constructed wetland Trigger Points in Multijurisdictional Natural Resource Regulation: A Qualitative Case Study of the Lapwai Basin POWER ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS AND HARDWARE FOR AN EXPERIMENTAL FLYWHEEL ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM Exploring Factors Impacting Transfer of Learning in Child Welfare Training: A Delphi Study Lab-Scale Treatability of Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater Examining Emotional Intelligence and Perceived Leadership Practices among College Enrollment Services Administrators: A Descriptive Study The Development of a Cross-Disciplinary Approach in Industrial Control System Cyber Forensics FUNCTIONAL SIGNIFICANCE OF ENDOPHYTE COMMUNITIES  FROM A CONIFER FOREST ULTRA-HIGH FREQUENCY INDUCTION ENERGY EFFECTS ON REFRACTORY OXIDES AS APPLIED TO PROCESSING AND IMMOBILIZATION OF RADIOACTIVE WASTE Coping Strategies Used by Rural Working Families Living in Poverty Devonian and Mississippian Sappington Formation in Southwest Montana: Stratigraphic Framework and Facies Relationships DEFINING ATTACKER BEHAVIOR PATTERNS IN THE CONTEXT OF AN INFORMATION SYSTEM In Search of Better Management Options for Potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.) Viruses: Improving Methods of Detection, and Revealing New Sources of Resistance Young Adults' Fruit and Vegetable Liking and Intake is Dependent on Age, Gender, BMI, Year in School, and Childhood Feeding Practices Archaeological Investigations and Comparison of Historic Spokane Indian Sites On and Off the Spokane Reservation Natural and human influences on baseflow regimes: a physically-based and geochemical analysis Operational Influences Affecting Sawlog Weight and Volume Relationships in the Intermountain West Genomic and Phylogenetic Consequences of Divergence with Gene Flow in Chipmunks (Sciuridae: Tamias) Tidal Evolution of Extrasolar Moons and Its Applications LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY OF FISHERS (PEKANIA PENNANTI) IN NORTH-CENTRAL IDAHO A Place-Based Assessment of Food Insecurity In The North Central Health District of Idaho Administrator's Perspectives of Meridian School District PTE Magnet Programs, Instructors, and Students Factors Influencing Female Idaho Agricultural Education Graduates' Decisions Regarding Career Entrance VOLCANIC, STRUCTURAL, AND MORPHOLOGICAL HISTORY OF SANTA CRUZ ISLAND,  GALÁPAGOS ARCHIPELAGO DESIGN FOR SURVIVABILITY IN CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE SAFETY APPLICATIONS THE EFFECTS OF STRUCTURAL TRANSFORMATION ON RURAL LIVELIHOODS, AGRICULTURAL INTENSIFICATION AND MIGRATION DYNAMICS IN THE SAN JUAN-LA SELVA BIOLOGICAL CORRIDOR, COSTA RICA Application of Wind Catcher in Cooling Process of Data Centers UNDERGRADUATES AND RELIGIOSITY: INFORMING COLLEGE PREPARATION FOR HIGH SCHOOL RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAMS Calibration and Development of Safety Performance Functions for Rural Highway Facilities in Idaho Anodic Titanium Dioxide: Electrochemical Synthesis of Core-Shell and Honeycomb Nanostructures The Experience of Refugee Women in a Perinatal Nutrition Education Program IDENTIFICATION AND SURVIVAL OF ISOLATES COLLECTED FROM THE MARS ROVER, CURIOSITY UNDER SIMULATED MARTIAN CONDITIONS AND IDENTIFICATION OF A SELENATE REDUCTION PATHWAY IN A NOVEL DECHLOROMONAS ISOLATE Security Tagging for a Real-Time Zero-Kernel Operating System: Implementation and Verification Characterizing Biomass Burning in Shrub-steppe: Burned Area and Seasonal Trace Gas Emission Factors IMPROVING DAIRY CATTLE FERTILITY: THE ROLE OF ASPIRIN ON PROSTAGLANDIN SECRETION AND THE USE OF AN ALTERNATIVE RESYNCHRONIZATION PROTOCOL TO IMPROVE PREGNANCY RATES IN LACTATING DAIRY COWS Toward Improved Water Quality: Connecting Hydrology, Management and Collaboration Factors that Motivate Nontraditional Learners with Dyslexia to Pursue Second Degrees A Comparison of Park Valuation Methods Dairy Waste Treatment Utilizing a Two-Phase Anaerobic Digestion System: Evaluation of Parallel Reactor Configuration and Mixing Intensity PROGRESSIVE LABOR REFORM: PROGRESSIVISM IN SEATTLE LABOR FROM THE GENERAL STRIKE TO THE CIO Alone on the Range: A phenomenological study on the lived experiences of female Board of Trustee members at Community Colleges in the Pacific Northwest RADIATION EFFECTS ON MAGNETIC NANOMATERIALS AND APPLICATIONS IN NUCLEAR ENERGY THE FRUITS OF DEVELOPMENT IN A DESERT ECOLOGY: INVESTIGATING EGYPT'S EXPORT-BASED AGRICULTURAL ECONOMY AND ITS IMPLICATIONS ON ECOLOGY AND WATER AVAILABILITY IN AN ARID REGION. ROBOTIC DEVICES AND ADAPTIVE CONTROL STRATEGIES FOR ROBOTIC REHABILITATION AFTER STROKE DEVELOPMENT OF FISH GELATIN FILMS WITH ENHANCED PHYSICAL, ANTIOXIDANT AND ANTIMICROBIAL PROPERTIES Electromagnetic Shielding Potential of Polyaniline Nanopowders GREATER SAGE-GROUSE IN THE BI-STATE DISTINCT POPULATION SEGMENT: AN EVALUATION OF GENETIC STRUCTURE, CONNECTIVITY,  AND VITAL RATES IN MONO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA Examining Teaching Strategies for Improving the Learning Experience of Students in BYU-Idaho Academic Support Courses NEUROMECHANICS OF BAREFOOT AND SHOD RUNNING UNPRECEDENTED LEAD POISONING OUTBREAK IN ZAMFARA, NIGERIA:  A MULTIDISCIPLINARY HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE TO AN ENVIRONMENTAL PUBLIC HEALTH DISASTER IN A RESOURCE SCARCE SETTING Prioritizing Bicycle Facility Improvement Projects Based on Low-Stress Network Connectivity A Computer Simulation of Plasmid Evolution in Bacteria AN ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY AND RESILENCY STUDY OF UNITED STATES COUNTIES USING FACTOR ANALYSIS AND DATA ENVELOPMENT ANALYSIS WITHIN A COMMUNITY CAPITALS FRAMEWORK Student Use of Example Generation to Understand Novel Mathematical Concepts: A Teaching Experiment in a First-Semester Calculus Course Analysis of Potato Production and Market Structure in India Phylogenomic Insights into the Radiation of an Andean Group of Plants AN ANALYSIS OF NETWORK INTERFACE CARD PROMISCUOUS MODE DETECTION METHODS IN A VIRTUAL NETWORK NASA Ames Sustainability Base Case Study:  Behavioral Effects of Net-Zero Energy Facility Developments in Workplace and Residential Environments Development, Theory and Design of the Image Motor for Automotive Applications GENETICS AND BREEDING FOR RESISTANCE TO COMMON BACTERIAL BLIGHT AND WHITE MOLD IN COMMON BEAN, Phaseolus vulgaris L. Temperate Lakes on Titan Autonomic Intelligent Network Sensor Model for Protection of Critical Infrastructure Systems The Chemical Reactivity of 1,1-Diamino-2,2-dinitroethene (FOX-7) Student Use of Example Generation to Understand Novel Mathematical Concepts: A Teaching Experiment in a First-Semester Calculus Course Process Investigation and Optimization of Heterogeneous Catalystic Decarboxylation of Fatty Acids and Fatty Acid Methyl Esters for Renewable Diesel Production CLINICAL REASONING PERCEPTIONS AND SELF-EFFICACY OF STUDENTS IN A PATIENT-CENTERED POST-PROFESSIONAL DEGREE PROGRAM: A DISSERTATION OF CLINICAL PRACTICE IMPROVEMENT A Correlational Study on Transformational Leadership and Resilience in Higher Education Leadership Effects of Habitat Rehabilitation Activities on Fish Assemblages and Populations in the Kootenai River, Idaho Yellowstone River Hydrograph Trends, Water Rights and Usage Analysis of Due Process Decisions In Idaho: 2004 To 2012 MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS IN VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY INFLUENCE OF DUFF DISTRIBUTION IN POST-FIRE VEGETATION RECOVERY PATTERNS IN WESTERN JUNIPER (JUNIPERUS OCCIDENTALIS) WOODLANDS IN SOUTHWESTER IDAHO CHARACTERIZATION OF PERFORMANCE AND PHYSIOLOGICAL DRIVERS CONTRIBUTING TO VARIATION IN FEED EFFICIENCY OF RED ANGUS-SIRED CATTLE Multidecadal trends in burn severity and patch size in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area 1900-2007 SPATIAL AND TEMPORAL PATTERNS OF WATER CONTENT IN DRYLAND CROP PRODUCTION IN THE PALOUSE Eco-Animation: Expanding the World of Environmental Animation APPLIED OUTCOME MEASURES IN CLINICAL ATHLETIC TRAINING: A DISSERTATION OF IMPROVED CLINICAL PRACTICE The biogeochemical responses of central Idaho riparian forests to the deposition of anadromous fish carcasses SOLUTION OF THE BETHE-GOLDSTONE EQUATION WITHOUT PARTIAL WAVE DECOMPOSITION Design of Molecular Oxide Auxetic Materials and Their Effect on Energy Storage Ecology of the Federally Threatened Aquatic Plant, Howellia aquatilis, and Implications for Northern Idaho Floodplain-Wetland Management IDENTIFYING SOFTWARE VULNERABILITIES THROUGH TEXTUAL INFORMATION IN BUG DATABASES Characterization and Modeling of Fundamental Electrical Behavior of QCM Devices FAITH IN HIGHER EDUCATION: THE INFLUENCE OF RELIGIOSITY ON PROFESSIONAL EDUCATORS Cognitive dissonance among college students when religiosity is challenged by secular world views INCREASING PREGNANCY RATES IN DAIRY COWS THROUGH THE USE OF CHRONIC ADMINISTRATION OF A GnRH AGONIST; A NEW HORMONAL STRATEGY The Impact of Agency, Risk Taking, Collaboration, and Relationships in the Classroom and their Implications for Professional Development Dynamic Model and Design of an Integrated Flywheel Energy Storage System EXPLORING COMMUNITY RESILIENCY TO FLOOD DAMAGE THROUGH THE ASSESSMENT OF FLOOD MITIGATION STRATEGIES: A CASE STUDY OF RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA Software Vulnerabilities: Lifespans, Metrics, And Case Study ANAEROBIC CO-DIGESTION OF DAIRY MANURE AND POTATO WASTE IMPROVING ONLINE PROGRAMS AND COMMUNITY OF INQUIRY THROUGH ANALYSIS OF DISCUSSION BOARDS, INSTRUCTOR SELF-EFFICACY, AND STUDENT SATISFACTION Exploring the Extinction of Retrotransposons in Mammalian Genomes APPLIED STATISTICAL METHODS ON PRICE DATA AND ANALYZING THE EFFECTS OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND CHEMICAL FACTORS FOR APHANIZOMENON FLOS-AQUAE DENSITY Modified SPARC Instruction Simulator (SIS) to Support Experimental Tagging Coming to Know: An Indigenist Informed Ethnography on Nimíipuu Knowledge and It's Integration into Environmental Management A Topology-Based Model for Two-Winding, Shell-Type, Single Phase Transformer Inter-Turn Faults Geochemistry of the Galapagos Transform Fault


Water Use of Reforested Lands in Dry Tropical Costa Rica: A Functional Traits and Ecosystem Services Approach Rural Homelessness in Northern Idaho Ground Snow Loads for the State of Idaho Synthesis and Characterization of Energetically Activated Duplexes for Sequence-Unrestricted Recognition of Double-stranded DNA The Forest Management Divide: Evidence From Administrative Comments on U.S. Forest Service Projects Indicating Why Environmental Interest Groups in the Northwestern U.S. Choose Whether or Not to Collaborate Protection Studies of Geographically Dispersed Type 3 Wind Energy Systems Advancing a Post-Anoxic Biological Nutrient Removal Process Selecting for Niltritation ESTIMATING THE IMPACT OF CULTURAL VARIATION ON EPIDEMIC BEHAVIOR ZnO Coated Nanospring-Based Gas Sensors Optimization of a Dry, Mixed Nuclear Fuel Storage Array for Nuclear Criticality Safety The use of elevated pH to reduce the risk of release of select invasive mollusk species from vessel ballast and bilge water Effect of Tillage, Irrigation Amounts, and Nitrogen Rates in Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) A Social-Ecological Systems Approach to Understanding Environmental Changes, Impacts, Learning, and Well-Being in Rangelands Providing young stand management alternatives and enhancing spatial heterogeneity through daylight cleaning in mixed-conifer forests Analysis of Security Policies in Major Web Browsers and Development of a Multibrowser and Multiplatform Browser Configuration Tool: Open Browser GP GROWING SHORT ROTATION HYBRID POPLAR IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST FOR BIOENERGY: EFFECTS ON NUTRIENT LEACHING Interpretation as Ceremony: American Indian Park Rangers - Telling Our Own Stories, Protecting Cultural Resources in an Era of Military Preference In situ Transesterification of Microalgal Oil to Produce Algal Biodiesel Sustainability of Historic Wildfire Refugia in Contemporary Wildfire Events Contextual Influences on Detecting the Presence of a Firearm Development of Sustainable Landscape Designs for Improved Biomass Production in the U.S. Corn Belt Spectral Characterization of Agricultural Burned Areas for Satellite Mapping Phenotypic, Spectral Reflectance and Genetic Analysis of Spring Wheat Accessions from the NSGC Nutrition Education in the Treatment of Alcohol Abuse Disorders Regulatory Floodplain Revisions, the National Flood Insurance Program, and Future Implications: A Case Study of Ada County, Idaho Analysis of Patient Outcomes Using the MyoKinesthetic System in a Treatment-Based Classification System for Low Back Pain: A Dissertation of Clinical Practice Improvement Measuring United States County-Level Economic Resilience to a  Recession Understanding and Capturing Geographic Variability in Vulnerability of Natural Resources to Climate Change Through Modeling and Workshops Partial Migration in Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss): Identifying factors that influence migratory behavior and population connectivity across a watershed Evidence for Mixing and Re-equilibration in the Twin Falls - Banbury Hydrothermal System and Its Effects on Reservoir Temperature Estimation Analysis of Band-Edge Dynamics in ZnO and MgZnO Thin Films Using Logging Residues as Biofuel Feedstocks in the Pacific Northwest: Estimating Slash Pile Volumes with Low-cost, Lightweight Terrestrial LiDAR THE HOLOCENE OCCURRENCE AND EXPLOITATION OF MAMMALS IN THE CLEARWATER AND LOWER SNAKE RIVER REGIONS OF IDAHO Determining the Relative Average Degree of Channelization (RADC) within Starch Granules of Five Inbred Maize Lines Short-term Resource Response to Pre-commercial Thinning Across a Range of Site Conditions in the Inland Pacific Northwest [be]LONGING The effect of homofermantative lactic acid bacteria and exogenous fibrolytic enzymes on the ensiling characteristics and rumen degradability of alfalfa, corn silages and cool season mixed grass haylage Reproductive and economic outcomes following pre-synchronization of dairy heifers Fuel Particle Heat Exchange during Wildland Fire Spread Effects of Dried Potato Extract on Yield, Shelf Stability, and Sensory Characteristics of Beef Patties, Chicken Frankfurters, and Beef Top Round SIGNALIZED INTERSECTION OPERATIONS - CASE STUDIES OF HOW UNDERGRADUATE CIVIL ENGINEERING STUDENTS ACHIEVE CONCEPTUAL CHANGE AND CATEGORIZE KNOWLEDGE Vactor Elucidated: An Observation of Speciation in Interactive Virtual Environment Technologies Terracette Soil Moisture Patterns in Semiarid Rangelands as a Tool to Inform Sustainable Best Management Practices and Bridge Water Resource Science, Management, and Policy Potential Farm Planning Strategies for the Prevention of Modern Famines in Malawi Using Game Theory and Linear Programming Methods Space Vector Modulation of a Brushless DC Motor and Resolver Position Sensor for a Force-Feedback Application Water Management and Structuration Theory: A Case Study in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - Spokane, Washington Region Determining the Importance of Design Elements for Secondary Analysis Biodiversity and Culturally Significant Plants of the Palouse Prairie Development and Demonstration of Thin Waveguide Ultrasonic Thermometer Population and Status Assessment of Snapping Turtles Chelydra serpentina in North Dakota Genetic Monitoring of the Endangered Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit Recovery Monitoring Streambed Scour/Deposition Using Non-Sinusoidal Water Temperature Signals and During Flood Events Beyond oxygen and nutrients: Regulatory roles of vascular endothelial cells for normal retinal neurogenesis in zebrafish embryos Romancing the Debitage: The Lithic Debitage and Projectile Points at Bernard Creek Rockshelter, Idaho County,  Idaho Movement, Distribution, and Resource Use of Westslope Cutthroat Trout in the South Fork Clearwater River Basin A Comprehensive Analysis of Travel Mode Choices for the Urban Grocery Shopping Trip: A Case Study of Salt Lake County, Utah Using Subirrigation to Grow Native Plants for Restoration Factors that Influence Ghanaian Mothers' Complementary Feeding Practices and the Perceived Implications on Children's Growth, Health, and Development GUIDELINES FOR ECO-TRAFFIC SIGNAL SYSTEM OPERATIONS IN SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZE CITY ENVIRONMENTS Improving Patient Care in the Secondary School Athletic Training Setting EXAMINING THE AGRONOMIC AND ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY OF UTILIZING WINTER AND SPRING BRASSICACEAE OILSEED CROPS (BRASSICA NAPUS, B. RAPA, B. JUNCEA, B. CARINATA, SINAPIS ALBA, AND CAMELINA SATIVA) FOR BIOFUEL FEEDSTOCK PRODUCTION IN THE INLAND PACIFIC NORTHWEST Sensitivity of soil loss to climate change in the Inland Northwest USA CHARACTERIZATION OF RECOMBINANT STRAINS OF POTATO VIRUS Y ASSOCIATED WITH TUBER NECROSIS CIRCULATING IN NORTH AMERICAN POTATOES Estimating Nitrogen Content of Dryland Wheat Fields Using Landsat Imagery Polyoxometalate Cores in Hybrid Nano-Building  Blocks for Extreme Ultra-Violet Photoresists Cold Cream, Masculinity, and Internment: The Archaeology of Japanese American Internees at Idaho's Kooskia Internment Camp, 1943-1945 Understanding the Impact of Land Use Change on Bee Populations and Ecosystem Services in the Seasonally Dry Tropics: An Interdisciplinary Approach Voices of Place: The Affordances and Barriers for Teaching Underrepresented Students Who Employ Digital Stories to Articulate Their Interpretations of Place Meaning Evaluation of Turbulence Models for Predicting Entropy Generation in Bypass-Transitional Boundary Layers A Collection of Guitar-Centric Compositions for Large Jazz Ensemble Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy of Zirconium Alloys for Nuclear Applications: a Multi-Scale Computational Study Integrating Pattern Matching within String Scanning MAKING THE CHANGE:  A BASIC QUALITATIVE STUDY EXAMINING THE FACTORS INFLUENCING WOMEN TO MAKE THE CHANGE FROM INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PRACTITIONER TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EDUCATOR IN A COMMUNITY OR TECHNICAL COLLEGE Ecological relationships of black-footed ferrets, American badgers, and black-tailed prairie dogs in South Dakota Statistical Applications in Natural Resources PREHISTORIC USE OF QUARTZ CRYSTAL LITHIC MATERIAL IN THE CLEARWATER RIVER BASIN, NORTH CENTRAL IDAHO: A REPLICATIVE STUDY IN MANUFACTURE AND USE-WEAR ANALYSIS Exploiting the Energy of Intercalation for Sequence-Specific Recognition of  Double-Stranded DNA MECHANICAL BEHAVIOR of ALUMINUM-BEARING FERRITIC ALLOYS for ACCIDENT-TOLERANT FUEL CLADDING APPLICATIONS Efficient and Reliable Wide-Area Protection and Control Schemes for Electric Power Systems Based on Time Synchronized Phasor Measurements Graphite from the University of Idaho Thermolyzed Asphalt Reaction (GUITAR): Fundamental Electrochemical Characterizations. Disjoint Seven Cycles and the Four Placement of Trees The Cooperative Value Proposition: Portrayal and Perception Integrated Wellness Training: Wellness Beyond the Physical A CFD DESIGN STUDY OF AN AIR REACTOR CAVITY COOLING SYSTEM USING TRADITIONAL THERMAL ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES AND ENTROPY GENERATION ANALYSIS Microbial Community and Proteomic Analysis of a Mixed Microbial Culture Achieving Bioplastic Production from Fermented Dairy Manure THE SEQUENTIAL EDGE DETECTION ALGORITHM - A METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE PROFILE OF A VOLUME MESH Silsesquioxane Hybrid Nano-Building Blocks for Extreme Ultra-violet Photoresists Behavior, Selection, and the Genetics of Adaptation During the Early Stages of Ecological Divergence Upper Limit on the Presence of Ring Systems Around Long-Period Kepler Giant Planet Candidate KOI-422 DEVELOPMENT OF A COMPREHENSIVE NETWORK-BASED HAZARD EVACUATION MODEL: A CASE STUDY OF BALBOA ISLAND, CALIFORNIA Local Nucleon-Nucleon Potentials Based upon Chiral Effective Field Theory Diversity and dynamics of the vaginal microbiome: exploring the boundaries between health and disease Grocery Store and Restaurant Willingness to Pay for Local Foods in the Northwest The Phenology and Inducible Defenses of Lepidurus lemmoni (Crustacea: Notostraca) Processing and Characterization of HfB2 and ZrB2 Based Solid Solution Composites for Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Power Generation Applications Social-Ecological Research in the Sagebrush Ecosystem: Evaluating the Landscape Ecology of Burrowing Animals and Implementing a Social-Ecological Impact Assessment Narrative Passwords: Potential for Story-Based User Authentication Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis of FRP-Precast Concrete Sandwich Panels RADIOISOTOPE FUELED PULSED POWER GENERATION SYSTEM FOR PROPULSION AND ELECTRICAL POWER FOR DEEP SPACE MISSIONS How Far Have We Moved Toward Inclusion in Tainan City, Taiwan Improved Forest Tree Seedling Production Guidelines for Haiti Sparking Change: The Archaeology of Firefighting in Yellowstone National Park The Effects of Functional Fatigue on the Hoffmann’s Reflex in Female Soccer Players to Predict Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Spatially Explicit Simulation Modeling of Local, Regional and International Bioenergy Scenarios in the Northern Rockies Digital Learning Readiness: A Study on the Self-Regulation and Self-Motivation of Secondary Students Enrolled in an Online Asynchronous Economics Course Examining "Willingness to Participate" in Community-Based Water Resources Management in a Transboundary Conservation  Area in Central America EFFECTS OF NUTRITIONAL MOLECULES IN REGULATION OF ADIPOGENESIS AND KEY ADIPOGENIC GENE EXPRESSION AUTOMATED TEMPERATURE CONTROL FOR RAPID HEATING   RATES IN AN ELEVATED TEMPERATURE ENVIRONMENT Development of Oxidation Reactions Based on  Vanadium Pentoxide, Dimethylsulfoxide, and Synthetic Iron-Rich Clays Say “Yes” to the Mess: The Archaeological Curation Crisis and the Canoe Camp Site near Orofino, Idaho Wildfire and Climate Change in Mixed-Conifer Ecosystems of the Northern Rockies:  Implications for Forest Recovery and Management Precompound Emission of Energetic Light Fragments in Spallation Reactions Synthesis of Polymeric Precursors for Refractory Carbides and Borides Migration Patterns and Behaviors of Adult Pacific Lamprey (Entosphenus tridentatus) at Large Hydropower Dams on the Columbia River Population ecology and the suppression of Burbot in the Green River, Wyoming Project-Based Learning, Academic Achievement, and Field Dependency: The Effect Project-Based Learning in Higher Education has on Academic Achievement Test Scores and the Correlation between Participants' Academic Achievement Test Scores and their Field Dependency Cognitive Style Political Economy and Welfare Implications of the U.S.-Mexican Tomato Agreement THE ABSENCE OF THE CELLULAR PROTEIN P53 INHIBITED EFFICIENT TRAFFICKING OF HCMV VIRAL CAPSIDS FROM THE NUCLEUS A Nutrient Mass Balance of Fernan Lake, Idaho, and Directions for Future Research Late Miocene Incision of the Salmon River: Implications for the Timing and Driving Mechanisms of Topographic Evolution of the Inland Northwest The Effects of Repeated Bouts of Fatigue on Peak Ground Reaction Forces and Kinematics during Drop Landings in Recreational Athletes Retina Architecture: A Story of Networking Success and Failure Conservation Genetics of Kit Foxes (Vulpes macrotis) and Coyotes (Canis latrans): Using Noninvasive Genetic Sampling to Investigate Two Sympatric Carnivores Fire behavior in masticated forest fuels: lab and prescribed burn experiments Development and evaluation of an active framework for undergraduate biology instruction A Bayesian Method for Estimating the Strength of Natural Selection Driving Parallel Evoltuion Assessing the Spatial and Temporal Controls on Plant Function Using Ground Based Remote Sensing A Taxonomic Evaluation of Rootkit Deployment, Behavior and Detection Measurement and Analysis of Uranium and Cerium Depositions from LiCl-KCl Eutectic ESTIMATING FIRE RADIATIVE POWER OBSCURATION BY TREE CANOPIES THROUGH LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS: ESTIMATING FIRE RADIATIVE ENERGY IN A LONGLEAF PINE FOREST FROM AIRBORNE THERMAL IMAGERY A Direct3D Implementation of the Unicon 3D Facilities The Effect of Study Participant Compliance on the Estimates of Physical Activity: Implications for the Predictions of Health Markers MODELING THE OCCURENCE OF FOUR CEREAL CROP APHID SPECIES IN IDAHO Crime and Culture in Chechnya: From the Russian Empire to the Second Chechen War “A Beautiful River that Eats People” The Value of Streamflow for the Salmon River Bioregion, Idaho BARKING UP THE RIGHT TREE: A SOCIAL ASSESSMENT OF WOOD TO LIQUID BIOFUELS STAKEHOLDERS IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST Design of a Single-Degree-of-Freedom Exoskeleton for Thumb Rehabilitation in Conjunction with FINGER An Incomplete Reality: Crafting Intimate Relationships with Place through Fragmented Environments Using Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Understanding Metal-Ligand Interactions: Silver and Copper Complexes with Organophosphorus Pesticides, and Uranium, Vanadium and Iron Complexes with Amidoxime Ligands Improved Performability of Disk Arrays by the Use of Fuzzy Control PERI-URBANIZATION IN A GLOBALIZING WORLD: A RETROSPECTIVE EVALUATION OF THE COMPLEXITIES OF GEOSPATIAL URBAN GROWTH AND PLANNING IN THE NAIROBI METROPOLITAN REGION, KENYA Professional Development for Curriculum Creators:  A Case Study Exploring Perceived Connections Development of Annual Daylight Performance Metrics: Sensitivity Analyses of Illuminance Thresholds and Blind Use, and Examinations of Energy Use Implications Isolated Analog Data Acquisition Using Precision Shunt Resistor and Delta-Sigma Modulator Population Dynamics and Trophic Ecology of Nonnative Lake Trout in Priest Lake, Idaho An Improvement in Operation for Steel Rolling Mill Crop Cobble Shear using Direct Torque Control Induction Motor Drive Ecohydrologic Dynamics and Social Impacts of Western Juniper in Snow-Dominated Sagebrush Steppe Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy in a Science Classroom: The Phenomenology of the Pit House Juvenile Chinook Salmon Life History Variation: Improved Methods for Migration Monitoring in a Wilderness Environment POWER LOOP MODELING AND SIMULATION USING LabVIEW COUPLED WITH RELAP5 The Rhineland Republic: An Economic Battlefield Between France and Germany Integrating Cultivar, Temperature and Quality into Early Storage Management Decisions for Wound Healing in Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) Geomorphic evidence for geologically recent groundwater flow associated with the Cerberus Fossae magmatic and volcanic system, Mars Modeling the dynamics of phenotypic diversity across deep time "It is a knell that summons thee to heaven or to hell": The Christian Dimension of Shakespeare's "Macbeth" Interactions between Fluctuating Reservoir Water Levels and Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentus) Ecology Perceived Organizational Support for Online Education and its Association with Motivation, Commitment and Satisfaction: A Study of Online Teaching Faculty and Organizational Leaders Development and Verification of a CFD Based Simulation Software for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Assessing Social Vulnerability to the Impacts of Climate Change on Forest Ecosystems:  A Case Study of the Pacific Northwest Optimal agronomic conditions for spring and winter canola (Brassica napus L.) production in northern Idaho USING PROCESS-BASED HYDROLOGIC APPROACHES AND PLACE-BASED EDUCATION TO IMPROVE NONPOINT SOURCE POLLUTION MANAGEMENT The Experimental Encounter: Repetition and Creative Experimentation for a Richer Experience of the World The Evolution and Influence of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs in the American West Forest Recovery after Four Wildfires in Western Montana Vessel Size and Feasting in Three Chacoan Great House Communities A Collective Case Study of Rated Air Force Officers’ Decisions to Pursue Doctoral Degrees with Policy Implications Carbon Stocks and Tillage in Palouse Agricultural Soils The Effects of Elevated Subcutaneous Fat Stores on Serum and Cellular Fatty Acid Composition and Gene Expression of Pro-Inflammatory Markers in Periparturient Dairy Cows Science Identity in Informal Education Aggregative Effects of Humic Materials in Aqueous Solution Extended Programming and Design: A Language and Toolset for Integrating Requirements, Architecture, Design and Implementation when Developing Complex Software Systems Entropy Generation for a Bypass Transitional Boundary Layer and Improved Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements Using the Particle Density Information The “Politics” of Incarceration: Representation, Riots, Hierarchy, and Hunger Strikes in the California Penal System—a History of Inmate Organizing A Framework for Balancing Flood Control and Demand for Irrigation in Multipurpose Reservoir Management Latitudinal controls on topography: the role of precipitation and fluvial erosion Legacy of Repeated Disturbances in Mixed-Conifer Forests AN ADAPTIVE PHASE QUANTIZATION NOISE CANCELLATION ARCHITECTURE FOR ∆Σ FRACTIONAL-N FREQUENCY SYNTHESIZERS Consequences of Global Change on Terrestrial Ecosystems: Integration and Scaling of Increased UV-B Radiation Effects on Ecological Processes from Molecular to Community Interactions Effectiveness of Management Actions Intended to Benefit Wildlife Populations on the Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area Polymer Coated Urea in Russet Burbank Potato Production Accurate Characterization of  Power Distribution Networks with Differential S-Parameters EVALUATING SKILL-, RULE-, AND KNOWLEDGE-BASED DESIGN FOR CONTROL ROOM OPERATOR LEVEL 1 OVERVIEW DISPLAYS Industrial Design Engineering in Three Projects Developing Noticing of Student Thinking at the Secondary Level through the use of Video Clubs: The Case of one Rural, Idaho School Spatial and Seasonal Variability of Earthworms in Wheat Fields of the Inland Pacific Northwest Mixed-Mode S-Parameters Measurements of Power Distribution Networks Bright Spots Evaluating the Implications of Sex and Gender of Applicants on Job Placement Improving Agricultural Nitrogen use through Policy Incentivized Management Strategies: Precision Agriculture on the Palouse Palynology of the Devonian-Carboniferous Boundary Sappington Formation, Montana Optimization of Dairy Manure Based Polyhydroxyalkanoate Production through Reduced Aeration on Enrichment Cultures Characterization and modification of selected bioplastics Hydrologic Processes and Water Resource Management of Tropical Watersheds: An Interdisciplinary Study in Costa Rica Utilizing the Concerns-Based Adoption Model to Assess the Integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in Secondary Introductory Agricultural Mechanics Courses: A Descriptive Study of Idaho Secondary Agricultural Educators ECOHYDROLOGIC EVALUATION OF RUNOFF AND EROSION PROCESSES ON DISTURBED RANGELAND ECOSYSTEMS Application of Autocorrelation Principles to the Current Distribution for Direct Characterization of Line Source Radiation Developing and Evaluating Genetic Monitoring Tools for Sonoran Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana sonoriensis) Effectiveness of the Healthy Diabetes Plate and Social Media Project Preprocessing Algorithms and Software for Genomic Studies with High-Throughput Sequencing Data Seasonal Variation in Empirical and Modeled Periphyton at the Watershed Scale


APPLICATIONS OF ELECTROKINETICS FOR DISEASE DIAGNOSTICS Evaluation of Viscoelastic Poisson's Ratio and Anisotropy of Asphalt Mixtures Modeling and Simulation of the Impacts of STATCOM Control Schemes on Distance Elements and Control Studies for a Microgrid in a Medium Sized City in the Pacific Northwest Improving Shoot Growth and Multiplication of Native Plants in Tissue Culture Potato Virus Y Strains and Host Reactions in Potato Mitigation Strategies for Safety Applications in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Subjected to Jamming Local Service Delivery in Idaho Cities: A Study of Modes of Service Delivery and City Choices Professional Development of Academic Librarians: A Phenomenological Study of Meaningful and Transformational Experiences Novel Methods and Algorithms for Fitting and Equivalent Circuit Synthesis of Multi-port Systems' Frequency Response for Time-Domain Simulation The Influence of Inhibitory Control on Alignment of the Head and Neck A Game Theoretical Analysis of the U.S.-Mexican Suspension Agreement Survival, Movement Dynamics, Distribution, and Habitat and Species Associations of Juvenile Burbot in a Tributary of the Kootenai River Habitat Selection of Meadow Voles and Diet of Vagrant Shrews On A Wet Prairie Ecosystem in Weippe, Idaho Ethical Decision-Making: Navigating the Tensions of the Faculty Chair’s Dual Role as Authentic Transformational Leader and Administrative Task Manager in Higher Education EVALUATION AND TREATMENT OF CHRONIC LOWER EXTREMITY MUSCULOSKELETAL CONDITIONS FROM A REGIONAL INTERDEPENDENCE PERSPECTIVE: A DISSERTATION IN CLINICAL PRACTICE IMPROVEMENT Understanding and Diagnosing Estimability Issues in Ecology with an Emphasis on Occupancy Models Microhabitat Use by Native Fishes in Rehabilitated Reaches of the Kootenai River, Idaho Using Cerebral Organoids to Model HCMV Infection in the Developing Brain Hierachical Formal Modeling and Verication of Router Policies with an Applied Case Study to Cisco Router Congurations Comparison of two methods to estimate within-lake regenerated nutrients and determine their role in harmful algal blooms Talc Characterization: A Provenance Study From Trout to Mollusks: Life Cycle Assessment, Socio-Economic Attributes and Ecosystem Services Surrounding Sustainable Aquaculture Toward Maximal Polyhydroxyalkanoate Production from Dairy Manure: Controlling and Optimizing Biosynthesis with Implications for Design Quest for green energetic materials, green rocket fuels and polyiodo biocides Investigation of the Rosenbaum Concussion Knowledge and Attitudes Survey in Collegiate Athletes: A Dissertation of Clinical Practice Improvement Efficacy of gray wolf (Canis lupus) rendezvous site mapping for predicting  the spatiotemporal risk of domestic cattle-wolf encounters Understanding and Enhancing the Photostability of Nanoporous Metal Oxide Thin Films for Solar Hydrogen Generation An  Eco-Traffic Signal System Based on Connected Vehicle Technology AN INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACH TO EVALUATING THE IMPACT OF AGRICULTURAL INTENSIFICATION ON BATS IN A  DYNAMIC NEOTROPICAL LANDSCAPE Alternative Bioenergy:  Small Scale Pellet Production from Forest Residues Metric Entropy under Generalized Convexity Biological control of Fusarium solani, Rhizoctonia solani and the pale cyst nematode Globodera pallida with Trichoderma harzianum ThzID1 D-FACTS for Improved Reliability of tht Transmission System During Contingencies Didymosphenia geminata in the Kootenai River in Libby, Montana: Nuisance Mat Characteristics and Management Strategies for Long-term Suppression Communicating “Science” Through Art: Embracing Collective Activism Through Creative Research as a Participating Consumer of Fish and Welcoming the Active Viewer to Join the Conversation HEAT STABILITY OF OCHRATOXIN A The Influence of Salt Reduction and Replacement on Cottage Cheese Cream Dressing Rheology, Tribology, and Sensory Behavior Effects of Secondary Tasks on Auditory Detection and Crossing Thresholds in Relation to Approaching Vehicle Noises Integrated Economic Dispatch and Demand Response Model for Grid-Game Simulation that Incorporates Electric Vehicle Charging Loads and Renewable Generation An Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Intersection between Economic Value and Ecological Quality to Inform Palouse Prairie Conservation Distributed Evolution Using Smartphone Robotics Evaluation of a Reduced Modified Rhyme Test for Assessing Speech Intelligibility in Radio Communications GHG EMISSIONS AND ENERGY USAGE ASSESSMENT OF PHOSPHORUS RECOVERY FROM MUNICIPAL WASTEWATER SYSTEMS UTILIZING BIOCHAR-CATALYTIC OXIDATION-REACTIVE FILTRATION LEGACY LEAD AND ARSENATE SOIL CONTAMINATION AT CHILDCARE CENTERS IN THE YAKIMA VALLEY, CENTRAL WASHINGTON Steelhead Recycling in the Willamette River and the Influence of Freshwater and Ocean Growth on Age at Maturity of Steelhead SAMPLE SIZE ESTIMATION AND TYPE I ERROR CORRECTION IN GENETIC ASSOCIATION STUDIES Photographs versus Food: Reliability of Young Children’s Reported Taste Preferences Increase with Age and Familiar Foods Engendering Space at the Grissom Site (45KT301): Prehistoric Spatial Use Patterns Within the Shadow of Chelohan, an Intertribal Meeting Ground within Kittitas County, Washington They Get Along, Share, and Mind Their Own Business: The Paradox of Rancher Adaptation Dynamics of Cold Hardiness Accumulation and Loss in the Great Basin Native Species Eriogonum umbellatum:  Spatial and Temporal Changes in Populations You Take My Paw and I'll Take Your Hand: An Exploration of the Furry Community Effects of Host Plant Water Stress on Two Insect Pests of Wheat in the Pacific Northwest THE DISCOVERY AND CHARACTERIZATION OF THE CARBON ALLOTROPE GUITAR Symbionts of Woody Plants in the Pacific Northwest Effectiveness of Three Foodservice Equipment Training Interventions for Food and Nutrition Students An Analysis of Patient Outcomes When Applying the Total Motion Release® Technique to treat Patients with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Dissertation of Clinical Practice Improvement Pass On Plastic: Community Attitudes and Behaviors Towards Single-Use Plastic Bags and the Impact of Local Government Legislation “Establishing a Baseline Score for the King-Devick Test for Concussion” Essays on Agricultural Cooperative Membership and Markets for Local Produce Invasive Annual Grasses at Micro- and Macro- Scales: Endophytes, Social-Ecological Systems, and Community-Based Observing Networks An Assessment Methodology and Models for Cyber Systems Examining a Regional Interdependence Approach for the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Musculoskeletal Dysfunction: A Dissertation of Clinical Practice Improvement Analytical Expressions for the Eigenvalues and Confidence Intervals Arising from a 3-Stage Wildlife Population Matrix Evaluating Novel Manual Therapies for the Treatment of Lower Extremity Dysfunction and Pathology: A Dissertation of Clinical Practice Improvement PREVALANCE OF BREATHING PATTERN DISORDERS: A DISSERTATION OF CLINICAL PRACTICE IMPROVEMENT The Development of an Analytical Model of the Transport Phenomena between Two Fluids in a Microchannel with an Application to Amino Acid Detection Collaboration to develop the content, context, and resources for natural resource education programming for youth JURISDICTIONAL TRANSFER OF HIGHWAYS IN IDAHO: PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE The Art & Science of Social Network Analysis: Computation and Visualization for Multi-Institutional Team Management and Collaborative Research Genetic Networks, Adaptation, and the Evolution of Genomic Islands of Divergence Bioremediation of Trichloroethylene by Use of Polymer Bio-beads and Quantification of Diffusion of Trichloroethylene through Various Polymer Membranes Occurrence and Environmental Fate of Chemicals of Emerging Concern in Biosolids- and Dairy Manure Amended-Agricultural Soil Reduced Order Modeling of Reactor Pressure Vessels for Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Evaluating the Effects of the Mulligan Concept Manual Therapy in an Athletic Training Practice: A dissertation of clinical practice improvement Enumeration of permutations indexing local complete intersection Schubert varieties Integrity Issues & Simulation of Microelectronic Power Distribution Network An Exploratory Study about the Influence of Distributed Leadership and Specialized Content Knowledge on Elementary Teacher Conversations about Mathematics Instruction Forest Restoration on the National Forest System in the Inland Northwest Region: A Path Dependence Perspective Paradise Creek and the Clean Water Act: History, Law, Management Science, and Policy Evaluating Future Agricultural Water Needs using Integrated Modeling Methods A Comprehensive Integrated Water Resource Assessment of Potential Changes to Columbia River Basin Flood Risk Management Policy Selective Reductions Directed by Rehydrated Alumina and Thiomethylation Using Dimethylsulfoxide OLFACTION MEDIATED HOST SELECTION IN A SPECIALIST WEEVIL USED FOR BIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF AN INVASIVE PLANT Quantitative Analysis of He Enrichment Processes in Peridotite Shear Zones through Sample Analyses and Numerical Modeling Modeling, Design, and Optimization of a High-Speed Flywheel for an Energy Storage System Impacts of Wild Horses and Grazing Ungulates on Riparian Areas in Idaho The Complexities of Neophyte Diet: an Analysis of Faunal Remains from Feature 157 at Mission Santa Clara de Asís Awakening Wonder: An Interaction of Art and Science Our Lady of the Woodland: The Church that Pierce Built Erin Go Bragh: How Irish Independence Shaped the Modern World and the Legacy of the 1916 Easter Uprising Influences of Climate Change on Water Availability in Complex Terrain: Understanding Earth Processes and their Relation to Social Action An Exploration of Program Director Leadership Practices in Nationally Accredited Paramedic Education Programs Identification and Survival of Microbial Isolates Collected from the Viking Spacecraft Surfaces Subjected to Simulated Environmental Conditions of Mars and a Conceptualized Model for the Advancement of Connecting Stakeholders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education On Validating Well Typed Programs Written in the Weakly Typed Programming Language C The Use of the Mulligan Concept in the Treatment of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome in Dancers: A dissertation of clinical practice improvement An Epidemiological Observation: Non-Contact Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Risk Prediction Using Functional Movement Screen™ and Knee Abduction Moment: A Dissertation of Clinical Practice Improvement Incorporating Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Current and Future Management Plans: Coeur d'Alene and Westslope Cutthroat Trout (Onorhynchus clarki lewisi) When Models Get Too Large: Estimability in the Gompertz Stationary and State Space Density Dependence Models with a Covariate Visual Succession: Manifestations of Causality in Art Development and Calibration of the Internal Combustion Engine used in the University of Idaho Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain EFFECTS OF FEEDING POLYUNSATURATED OR SATURATED FATTY ACIDS TO PRE-RUMINATING CATTLE ON DIFFERENTIATION AND GROWTH OF BOVINE PREADIPOCYTES FROM INTRAMUSCULAR AND SUBCUTANEOUS FAT DEPOTS Evaluating A Regional Interdependence Approach For Treating Apparent Hamstring Tightness In Collegiate Athletes: A Dissertation Of Clinical Practice Improvement Separation of Adjacent Rare Earth Elements Using Solvent Extraction A Three-Dimensional Heat Map Matrix for Showing Co-relationships in Network Analysis Collaboration Between Idaho 4-H Extension Professionals and Secondary Agriculture Teachers: A Descriptive Study Web-Enabled Technologies and Individual User Agency APPLYING AN ECONOMIC BASE ANALYSIS TO COUNTIES IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN WEST: FINDING A TYPOLOGY AND ILLUMINATING SOCIOECONOMIC PATTERNS Contribution of agricultural land uses to bird conservation: a case study of ecosystem service provisioning Disentangling drivers of floristic diversity in island systems using phylogenetic approaches THE EFFECTS OF A MANUAL THERAPY TREATMENT BASED CLASSIFICATION ALGORITHM ON TENDINOPATHY: A DISSERTATION OF CLINICAL PRACTICE IMPROVEMENT The Relationship between Plants and People: An Ethnobotanical Study in Partnership with the Muckleshoot Tribe Estimation of Landscape-scale Fire Effects from Multi-temporal LiDAR Potential of Including Cover Crops into Dryland Winter Wheat Cropping Systems in Northern Idaho Regeneration of Bipolar Cells In The Adult Zebrafish Retina An Exploratory Examination of a Treatment Based Classification Algorithm Treating Tendinopathy In The Division III Collegiate Setting:: A Dissertation of Clinical Practice Improvement Understanding Variability of Stream Productivity at Different Scales and Consequences for Aquatic Food Webs 'The Money-Making Machines': Creating Awareness on Child labor in Ghana through Art Effects of environment on the evolution of variation Control of Egospeed is Based on Attended Rather Than Global Optical Flow Embedding Goal-Directed Evaluation through Transformation Career Success for Construction Project Managers:A Qualitative Study of Construction Project Managers Coping with Stress to Complete Successful Projects Sediment Transport Predictions and Bed Surface Adjustments in Spatially Variable Flow Characterization and Modeling of Dispersed Synthetic Fibers in Dense Graded Asphalt Mixtures Tectonic-magmatic controls on volcanism, rifting, and volatile release Stability and Passivity Analysis, Application of Vector Fitting in RLC Equivalent Circuit Synthesis On the Specification of Likelihood Functions for Matched Case-Control Designs: Implications for Resource Selection Studies TESTING AND COMMISSIONING BUILDING CONTROLS THROUGH CO-SIMULATION VIA ENERGY MODELING AND THE BUILDING CONTROLS VIRTUAL TESTBED Developing a Low-Noise Data Acquisition System for Detection of Electric and Magnetic Fields in Seawater Generalizations and Approximations of Equiangular Tight Frames CURRENT STATUS OF ACADEMIC PROGRAMS IN EXTENSION EDUCATION AND 4-H YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AT LAND-GRANT UNIVERSITIES IN THE UNITED STATES LIBERTARIANISM AND ITS CRITICS AUV State Estimation, Navigation, and Control in the Presence of Ocean Currents Symphony for Winds No. 1 Baseline Erosion Rates for the Fernan Watershed: Comparing Erosion and Sediment Yields Over Different Time-Scales EFFECTS OF HORIZONTAL CURVE ON DRIVER’S PASSING MANEUVER ALONG TWO-LANE RURAL HIGHWAYS Enteric neurotransmission is inhibited by pure compounds isolated from Garcinia buchananii bark: (2R,3S,2″R,3″R)-GB-2, (2R,3S,2″S)-buchananiflavanone, and (2R,3S,2’’ R,3’’R)-  manniflavanone Does an Observer’s Content Knowledge Influence the Feedback Offered About Mathematics Lessons? Critical Load Serving Capability by Microgrid Operation An Exploration into the Delicate Balance of Soil Microbial Community Interactions Enriching Bovine Milk Fat with Alpha-Linolenic Acid, an Omega-3 Fatty Acid, Through Feeding of a Rumen Protected Flax-Based Supplement Assessment and Participant Feedback of Sandpoint Archaeology Project Teaching Kits in Idaho Elementary Classrooms PETROLOGICAL AND GEOPHYSICAL INVESTIGATIONS OF MAFIC ROCK PROPERTIES IN THE SNAKE RIVER PLAIN, IN THE MOSCOW-PULLMAN AQUIFER, AND IN LUNAR IMPACT CRATERS Irrigation districts, complimentary or counteracting forces on environmental water transactions in Oregon? Polyhydroxyalkanoate Production within a Novel WRRF Configuration Factors Affecting Bulb Decay in Storage, and a DNA Macroarray Technique as a Tool for Early Pathogen Detection POTENTIAL IMPACTS OF WIDER LONGITUDINAL EDGELINE PAVEMENT MARKINGS SYSTEMATIC CONSERVATION PLANNING FOR ECOSYSTEM SERVICES: OPPORTUNITIES FOR IMPROVING SPATIAL TARGETING OF ECOSYSTEM SERVICE PAYMENTS IN COSTA RICA Interaction among energy status, Immune status, retinol-binding protein and retinoids status in periparturient dairy cows Genetic and community structure of native bees of the Palouse Prairie An Alternative Approach to Athletic Injuries and Shift in Clinical Practice Philosophy: A Dissertation of Clinical Practice Improvement A Comparison of Vascular Development, Hydraulic Properties and Resistance to Embolism in Early First-Year Seedlings of Three Inland Pacific Northwest Conifer Species A PRINCIPAL EVALUATION PROGRAM:  PERSPECTIVES FROM THE FIELD ABOUT REFLECTIVE PRACTICE AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Overlapping Soft Comparators for High-Speed and Accurate ADCs Modeling and Simulation the Impacts of STATCOMs on Distance Protection and Developing a Microgrid Energy Management Scheme for a Pacific Northwest City An Examination of Manual Therapies and Patient-Centered Care in Athletic Training: A Dissertation of Clinical Practice Improvement Forest Fragmentation Influences on the Genetic Structure and Diversity of Understory tree Symphonia globulifera: an Interdisciplinary Approach EVALUATING THE EFFECTS OF DISTANCE AND LASER INCIDENCE ANGLES ON MEASUREMENTS GENERATED BY THE AUTONOMOUSLY OPERATING TERRESTRIAL LASER SCANNER (ATLS) Structural and functional characteristics of tropical secondary forest patches in northeastern Costa Rica Design, Modeling and Analysis of a New Protection Scheme for Type 4 Wind Turbines Monitoring the Effects of Forage Kochia (Bassia prostrata) on Newly Established Wildfire Fuel Breaks and Adjoining Plant Communities Targeted Grazing Applied to Reduce Fire Behavior Metrics and Wildfire Spread ADULT IDAHO EXTENSION 4-H CLIENTELE TECHNOLOGY USAGE CHARACTERISTICS AND CONTENT PREFERENCES FOR COUNTY EXTENSION  4-H FACEBOOK PAGES Application of Wrapping Cams in an Unpowered, Upper-Limb Assistive Device A CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK FOR DEVELOPING AND IMPLEMENTING INTEGRATED WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT (IWRM) PROGRAMS IN THE UNITED STATES Greater Sage-Grouse Response to Conifer Encroachment and Removal Germination and Development of Two Inland Northwest Native Plants URSIDAE LOCOMOTION: RIGHT DOWN TO THE “BEAR BONES” Protection, Control and Automation Requirements for Potential DOD Microgrid Systems ANALYSIS OF TRANSIENTS AND CONTROL OF ADVANCED HIGH TEMPERATURE REACTOR-COUPLED HEAT EXCHANGERS SYSTEM The Relationship Between Financial Stress and College Retention Rates Veneration Lost and Transferred Information by Changing Spatial and Temporal Resolution in Hydrological Modeling What You See Is Not What You Get: Antecedents and Consequences of the Imposter Phenomenon in Sport Coaches Factors Influencing the Development of Rangeland Fire Protection Associations:  Exploring Fire Mitigation Programs for Rural, Resource-based Communities Towards Intra-Seasonal Estimation Of Forest Net Primary Productivity: Evaluating Automated Dendrometers For High-Temporal Resolution Woody Growth Signals IMPLEMENTATION OF EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE WITHIN AN ATHLETIC TRAINING ATHLETIC MODEL– A DISSERATION OF CLINCIAL PRACITCE IMPROVEMENT Analysis of Energy Balance Components from Flux Measurement Sites near Island Park, Idaho, and the Exploration of Evapotranspiration Rates A Comparative Analysis of Two Early Fur Trade Period Sites on the Lower Columbia River of Oregon and Washington The Influence of Canopy Composition and Vegetation Structure on Avian Richness and Red-naped Sapsucker Occupancy Across an Aspen-Conifer Forest Gradient Flow Field Within the Vertical Slot of a Fish Passage: the Effect of Turbulence, Velocity and Slot Length and the Design of a Lamprey Passage System at the John Day An Exploratory Analysis of a Treatment-Based Classification Algorithm: Treating Tendinopathy in the High School Setting Economic Valuation, Land Use Change and Ecosystem Services in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica Associations among Sitting, Physical Activity, Resilience, and Quality of Life in People with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Compared to Healthy Controls Stress-Mediated Disease Susceptibility and Thermal Physiology of Burbot Lota lota maculosa Optical Properties of By-Design Extreme Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Mechanistic Photochemistry of Inorganic and Organometallic Complexes in Solution and Inert Matrices at 85K Effect of Row Spacing, Plant Architecture, and Herbicides on Weed Control in Pinto Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) PANDORA: Design of a 2 DOF Scapulohumeral Device THE EFFECT OF DIETARY FAT ON FATTY ACID COMPOSITION, GENE EXPRESSION AND VITAMINS STATUS IN PRE-RUMINANT CALVES Effectiveness and Causal Mechanisms for a ‘Life after Sport’ Career Development Intervention with Collegiate Student-Athletes Trait Variability in Bacteria: Studies in DNA Methylation and Selective Amplification INFLUENCE OF DIETARY PURPLE CORN EXTRACT ON PRODUCTION, REDOX PARAMETERS AND MYOGENESIS IN RAINBOW TROUT PUBLIC ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE WEISER RIVER BASIN, ADAMS AND WASHINGTON COUNTIES, WEST CENTRAL IDAHO PHOSPHATE ORE PRE-REACTION WITH ACIDIC PROCESS WATER Online Dynamic Parameter Estimation of Synchronous Machines Phosphorus Speciation in Dairy Manure-Amended Calcareous Soils Implementation of an Integrative MATLAB Engine Model as a Final Project in an Internal Combustion Engines Course Of Milk and Microbes: The Interplay of Milk Cells, Macronutrients, Maternal Diet, and Various Microbiomes of the Mother-Infant Dyad The Preston Geothermal Prospect, Re-examining a Previously Studied Geothermal Area The Effects of Chronic Nitrogen Deposition on Tree Leaf and Fine Root Decomposition An Investigation of Crop Senescence Patterns Observed in Palouse Region Fields Using Satellite Remote Sensing and Hydrologic Modeling Evaluation of Vehicle Detection Systems for Traffic Signal System Operations Magnetic Separation Nanotechnology for Wastewater Treatment and Used Nuclear Fuel Recycle INVESTIGATION OF THE ROLE OF PEPTIDE BOND CONFORMATIONS IN THE BINDING OF INTRINSICALLY DISORDERED PROTEINS DIAGNOSIS AND ESTIMATION OF CRYOSPHERE CHANGES IN CENTRAL ASIA High-level Formal Modeling and Verication of Mandatory Access Control Policies Across Multiple Security-Enhanced Linux Devices On the Dispersal of Hominini by Sea-Rafting


A Comparison of Regional and Site Specific Biomass Equations for Three North Idaho Conifers Antecedents and Consequences of Perceived Patient-Therapist Relationship on Motivation and Physical Rehabilitation Change Ultraviolet Light Generation from a Helium Plasma as a Function of Radio Frequency Power and Gas Pressure DEVELOPMENT OF PREDICTION MODELS FOR SKID RESISTANCE OF ASPHALT PAVEMENTS ANALYSIS OF SYNCHRONOUS MACHINE TURN-TO-TURN FAULT CURRENTS SHEAR BEHAVIOR OF HIGH STRENGTH REINFORCED CONCRETE BEAMS THE EFFECTS OF SIZE DISTRIBUTION OF GOLD NANOPARTICLES ON NANOSPRINGS FORMATION AND PROCESS EFFICIENCY Privacy and BYOD Policies in U.S. Higher Educational Institutions: A Web-Based Content Analysis A Comparison of Two Non-Destructive Techniques for Determining the Modulus of Elasticity of Small-Diameter Roundwood Utilizing Manual Therapy Within a Regional Interdependence Model for the Treatment of Cervicothoracic Dysfunction: A Dissertation of Clinical Practice Improvement The Effects of Potato Virus Y Strains on Quality of Four Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Varieties in Storage Myogenic and Anabolic Gene Expression in Red and White Muscle of Sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) During Grow Out Measuring Health Status in Rehabilitation: Psychometric Analysis of Patient Reported Outcome Instruments Environmental Heath and Risk Assessment: Lead Poisoning, Remediation, and Project Sustainability in Zamfara, Nigeria and Lead-Arsenate Contamination in Washington, USA Road Safety Culture for Local Agencies in the State of Idaho Innovative Applications of Real-Time GNSS-RF and Lidar-Derived Products in Forest Operations Development and Validation of the OpCost Forest Operations Cost Model EXTENDING THE LIFE OF CONCRETE STRUCTURES USING GLYCEROL AS A NANOVISCOSITY MODIFIER: PROTECTION OF REINFORCEMENT STEEL BY REDUCING CHLORIDE TRANSPORT Cellular and molecular control of retinal bipolar cell spatial organization CROW ARCHAEOLOGY AND ORAL HISTORY: THE ILLUSTRATIVE STORY OF ARROW SHOT INTO ROCK AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE OF THE PRYOR MOUNTAINS Effects of Burn Severity on Stream Buffer Management for Post-Fire Hillslope  Erosion in the Inland Northwest Ranges, USA LONG-TERM VEGETATION RESPONSE FOLLOWING POST-FIRE STRAW MULCHING Throne and Pulpit: The Relationship Between the Medieval Church and the Nascent State During the Pontificate of Alexander III (1159-1181) Climate and Water Availability Contribute to Die-Off Patterns in an Endemic California Oak Connections and Distinctions:  Historical Archaeological Analysis of Japanese Ceramics Recovered from Three Issei Communities in the American West, 1903–1942 “Seeing is Believing”: American Male Identity through Hollywood’s WWI Environmental Effects on Human Decomposition in the Palouse Region Characterizing Biosorption of Lanthanides to Cupriavidus necator EXTRACTION AND SEPARATION OF RARE EARTH ELEMENTS FROM CHLORIDE MEDIA USING TETRABUTYL DIGLYCOLAMIDE IN 1-OCTANOL AND MODIFIED CARBON DIOXIDE Development of Techniques for Recycling the Waste Phosphors and Rare Earth Elements from End-of-Life Fluorescent Lamps Improving backup protection using sampled values for generating stations Capture of Radioactive Iodine and Krypton from Nuclear Off-Gas Streams with a Novel Sorbent Improving Shelf-Life and Tenderness of Beef During Extended Aging Optimal Hedging Horizon for a Hog Feeding Spread (Crush) Margin SCREENING FOR RESISTANCE AGAINST THE SUGAR BEET ROOT MAGGOT, TETANOPS MYOPAEFORMIS (DIPTERA: ULIDIIDAE), USING A GREENHOUSE BIOASSAY An Overview of the Pre-Contact Archaeology of the Lochsa River, North Central Idaho Reflections in Stone Tools: A Life Story of Don E. Crabtree Understanding the ramification of meiotic recombination variation in male sheep Ghanaian Nurses’ Nutrition and Young Child Feeding Education:  A Need for Further Education Toward a Clearer Democracy: The Readability of Idaho Supreme Court Opinions as a Measure of the Court’s Democratic Legitimacy Large-eddy Simulations of Microscale Turbulent Winds over Arbitrarily Complex Terrain Learning Imbalanced Data Sets with Noisy Replication STUDY OF CARBON BASED ELECTRODES IN CAPACITIVE DEIONIZATION FOR DESALINATION Evolving Traffic Assignments for Urban Evacuations A Multi-Case Study of Professional Ethics in Alternative Education: Exploring Perspectives of Alternative School Administrators Resource Subsidies from Spawning Pacific Lamprey: Spatial Dynamics of Carcass Fate and Entry into Stream Food Webs Changes in Student-Athletes’ Self-Efficacy for Making Healthful Food Choices and Food Preparation following a Social Cognitive Theory-based Cooking Education Intervention Symbiotic Interactions Between Indigenous Pacific Northwest Fungi and Wheat Climate impacts on county-level interannual variability in winter wheat yield in the Columbia Basin, USA EOCENE BASIN RECORDS OF VOLCANISM, TOPOGRAPHY, AND TECTONICS IN SOUTHERN BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA Polarization Amongst the American Public Strain-Specific Resistance to Potato virus Y (PVY) in Potato and its Effect on the Relative Abundance of PVY Strains in Commercial Potato Fields Biology and Interaction of the Invasive Forb Isatis tinctoria, Dyer’s Woad, with the Native Rust Fungus Puccinia thlaspeos in Populations in the Intermountain West, United States Assessing Manufacturing Knowledge Relevant to Graduating Mechanical Engineers and Addressing Shortcomings in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing SYSTEMATICS OF CHLOROPYRON (OROBANCHACEAE): IMPLICATIONS OF MISSING DATA ON QUARTET-BASED SPECIES TREE METHODS Understanding Home by Carving Visual Narratives Automating the Creation of Virtual Educational Environments to Enhance Cybersecurity and Information Technology Education Design Improvements of PARTNER, a Rehabilitation Robot Mapping Percent Tree Mortality Due to Drought in Piñon-Juniper Woodlands Using a Landsat Time Series from Northern New Mexico Nitrogen Mineralization of Dairy Manure in a Calcareous Soil Under Field Conditions Applying Lidar and High-Resolution Multispectral Imagery for Improved Quantification and Mapping of Tundra Vegetation Structure and Distribution in the Alaskan Arctic Effects of Horizontal Curvature, Vertical Curvature, and Guardrail on Passing Choice and Safety Effects of Seed Piece Spacing, Nitrogen Rate, and Nitrogen Application Timing on Clearwater Russet Movement, Migration, and Melody: An interdisciplinary study of juvenile salmon ecology through otolith chemistry On the Causality Verication and Enforcement of Signal Power Integrity Models Time-Domain Simulation of the Quantum Magnetic Dipole Moment The Roles of Community and Land in STEM Education of Native American Youth THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN INVOLVEMENT IN THE NATIONAL FFA ORGANIZATION AND THE CAREER DECISION SELF-EFFICACY OF AGRICULTURAL AND LIFE SCIENCES STUDENTS Managing the St. Anthony Sand Dunes: Rural Resident Support for Off-road Vehicle Recreation Development Understory composition and thermal environments of Quaking aspen  (Populus tremuloides): implications for wildlife in a changing climate HiFiPol:Browser - Securing The Web Browsing Ecosystem Coordination Chemistry of Vanadium(IV) and Vanadium(V) with Amidoxime Ligands and its Role in Sequestering Uranium from Seawater VARIATION IN PERENNIAL GRASS HEIGHT WITHIN GREATER SAGE-GROUSE NESTING HABITAT Estimating the Population Level Effects of Viral Coinfection in a Model Drosophila System LANDSCAPE EFFECTS ON BEE POLLINATORS IN A TROPICAL AGROECOSYSTEM THE EFFECTS OF SENSORY FLOW ON THE AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM: A DISSERTATION OF CLINICAL PRACTICE IMPROVEMENT Developing and Validating a New Physical Activity Goal Instrument: Can the Reasons to Exercise (REX) Scale Identify Profiles that Enhance Physical Activity Behaviors? RHEOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL AND MICROSTRUCTURAL CHARACTERIZATION OF ASPHALT BINDERS AGED AT DIFFERENT CONDITIONS AND EVALUATION OF THE USE OF ANTIOXIDANTS AND COPOLYMERS TO RETARD AGING MODELING TRANSIENTS AND DESIGNING A PASSIVE SAFETY SYSTEM FOR A NUCLEAR THERMAL ROCKET USING RELAP5 INTEGRATED WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN A CHANGING CLIMATE: WATER QUALITY, QUANTITY, ALTERNATIVE, AND POLICY MAKING. Seismotectonics of the Northern Rockies: Causes and Effects of the Intraplate Seismicity Defining the Limits of Hi-C for Identifying Hosts of Plasmids and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Simple Bacterial Communities Utilizing Anaerobically Digested Dairy Manure for the Cultivation of Duckweed for Biomass Production, Nutrient Assimilation, and Sugar Production Regulation of the Defense-related SlNAC1 Transcription Factor During Defense Signaling in Tomato Energy and Exergy Assessment of the Absorption Chiller and Cold Thermal Energy Storage in District Cooling Safety Analysis of School Zones in Idaho: Finding New Ways to Increase Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Reburns and fire-on-fire interactions in the U.S. Northern Rockies forests 1900-2014 Autoignition Studies on Bio-Derived Fuels in a Constant Volume Combustion Chamber REPEATED TEXTURE EXPOSURE INCREASED CHILDREN’S INTAKE OF LESS PREFERRED YOGURT TEXTURES: EVIDENCE FOR PRACTICE Litter Decomposition Under Logging Residues in a Thinned Inland Northwest Forest Complex hydrocarbons in the Saturn system Progressive Ideations No End From Elsewhere: A Bioregional Exploration of Rural Gentrification in Kootenai County, Idaho COMPARISON OF MODELS FOR SPACER GRID PRESSURE LOSS IN NUCLEAR FUEL BUNDLES FOR ONE AND TWO PHASE FLOWS A Geographically Weighted Regression Approach to Landslide Susceptibility Modeling Elucidating Water Sources and Interaction with Hydrogeologic Systems: Enthalpy, Radon, and Rare Earth Elements as Naturally Occurring Tracers It’s a Small World: Evaluating Micro-GPS Technologies and Factors Influencing Habitat Use by Pygmy Rabbits in Idaho The Effects of Lite Salad Dressing Formulation on Zygosaccharomyces parabailii Growth and Rheological Behavior An Integrated Metabolic Model for Microbial Internal Carbon Driven Post-Anoxic Biological Nutrient Removal Implementation of The Joint-Unscented Kalman Filter for Online Characterization of Synchronous Machines The Role of Physiology, Behavior, and Habitat in  Seasonal Thermoregulation by Pygmy Rabbits TURN TO TURN FAULT PROTECTION FOR AIR CORE SHUNT REACTORS DISENTANGLING THE RETICULATE EVOLUTIONARY HISTORY OF A NEOTROPICAL PLANT RADIATION Crossing the Line on Governance: Evaluating the Impact of National and Transboundary Protected Areas on Land Cover Outcomes in Central America Predicting Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Over the Entire Two-Phase Region Using Wagner Equation with Only Limited VLE Data Electrochemical Investigation on Environmental Degradation of Magnesium Rare Earth Alloys Enhancement of Distribution System Resilience Through the Application of Volt-Var Regulation Devices The Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction in Chiral Effective Field Theory up to 5th Order (N4LO) Taxonomy of Information Security Threats in Wide Area Measurement Systems Simulation Training Increases Dietetic Students' Self-Efficacy Prior to Clinical Supervised Practice UTILIZING MULLIGAN CONCEPT SUSTAINED NATURAL APOPHYSEAL GLIDES FOR UNRESOLVED CHRONIC LOW BACK PAIN IN THE ATHLETIC POPULATION: A DISSERTATION OF CLINICAL PRACTICE IMPROVEMENT From Carbon to Fish: Understanding Mechanisms of Human Impacts on Freshwater Ecosystems Using Organic Amendments to Restore Degraded Mineland Soils Modeling the thermal niche for perennial agriculture under current and future climate The role of olfactory and visual cues in the host finding behavior of a near-monophagous specialist insect herbivore considered for biological control of weeds The use of 3D Sonic Anemometer for the Study of Airflow Patterns in a Hospital Patient Room Evidence of Public Voice and Fame in the London Consistory Court, c. 1486-1494 Scalable Distributed Feature Tracking and Remapping on Adaptive Unstructured Meshes for Finite Element Simulations Thermal Management of a High Efficiency Electrical Energy Conversion Unit Nursery Culture Effects on Western Redcedar Seedling Growth,  Defense, and Stress Resistance Multi-Physic Stochastic Modeling of a High Speed Composite Flywheel Energy Storage System Lithic Debitage Analysis of the Kelly Forks Work Center Site (10CW34) Optical, Compositional, and Structural Identification and Characterization of Fibrous Zeolites Computer Controlled Eddy Current Brake Bicycle Trainer Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Dissolved Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide Concentrations in the Hyporheic Zone Fuel Plate Failure Experiments and Analyses in Irradiated U-10Mo Alloy Economic Resilience and Community Capitals: A Study in the Estimation and Dynamics of U.S. County Economic Resilience to the Great Recession Determinants of Species Richness and Trait Diversity in Galapagos’ Native Biota Exploring the Role of Social Assets in Refinery Implementation: Using Case Study Research to Ground-Truth CAAM Evaluating the Impact of Algal Biomass Augmentation on Primary Solids Fermentation and Associated Impacts of Fermenter Liquor on a Novel Post-Anoxic Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal Process OTHERNESS: EXPLORATIONS AT THE INTERSECTION OF FINE ART AND CONSERVATION BIOLOGY RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN ANDIC AND SPODIC SOIL PROPERTIES AND ASSOCIATED FOREST COMMUNITIES OF THE NORTHERN ROCKY MOUNTAINS Measurement and Analysis of Electric Fields in Ocean Environments Development of a Six-Field Two-Phase Model for use in Reactor System Codes NEEDS ASSESSMENT FOR IDAHO BEEF PROGRAMMING An Explicit Theta Lift from Hilbert to Siegel Paramodular Forms AN EXAMINATION OF THE EFFECTS OF DIETARY RUMEN-PROTECTED HISTIDINE SUPPLEMENTATION ON FINISHING BEEF CATTLE GROWTH, CARCASS, AND MEAT QUALITY PARAMETERS. Barley - The Super Grain: Connecting the Classroom and The Cafeteria Two-Stroke Engine Test Procedures for Performance and Emissions Based Calibrations UNDERSTANDING PATTERNS OF LAND-COVER AND LAND-USE CHANGE IN THE TRIFINIO REGION OF CENTRAL AMERICA Gauging Non-Traditional Mode Users' Safety in Mixed Traffic on Public Roadways TREES DIE, FORESTS LIVE: QUANTIFYING THE IMPACTS OF INSECT DISTURBANCES IN THE INTERMOUNTAIN WEST Diet Selection, Forage Quality, and Forage Availability: Could Forage Limit Moose Populations in Northern Idaho? Facies and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Three Forks Formation in Southwestern Montana Micro Grid Operation With Load Shedding and Battery Control Exploring Cultivar Response of Soft White Winter Wheat to Nitrogen and Seeding Rates, and On Farm Testing of Variable Rate Seeding Impacts of Post-Thinning Biomass Removal and Soil Amendments on Forest Productivity in Northern Idaho PERFORMANCE OF HYBRID FIBER REINFORCED SELF-CONSOLIDATING AND NORMAL CONCRETE IN THE STATE OF IDAHO Retinal Neurons: Establishing order through avoidance Concerted Cultivation and Academic Achievement: How Income, Gender, and Parental Involvement Influence Parental Expectations for Child’s Future Education Influences of environmental variation on the bold-shy continuum Electrochemical and High Temperature Characterizations of Hafnium and Zirconium Diboride Solid Solutions with Different Additives Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded Kanthal APMTTM Deterioration Characteristics of Pavement Markings Simulating the Influence of Shifts in Snow Redistribution on Semi-Arid Upland Vegetation in a Warming Climate Production and Characterization of Bio-Oil and Biochar from Fast Pyrolysis of Micro-Algae Chlorella vulgaris Development of a Spatial Severity Model for the Quantification of Wildland Fire Effects in Coniferous Forests Attentional Resource Demands of Traditional and Novel Instrument Landing Systems Hierarchical Security Policy Modeling and Composition for Role-Based Access Control Models with an Application to the OpenStack Cloud Platform Earthworm Influences on Nutrient Cycling and Availability in Agroecosystems in the Inland Pacific Northwest HTStream: A Toolkit for High Throughput Sequencing Analysis Cellular Summer Camp: How Young Neurons Learn to Communicate and Interact With Their Environments Photoreceptor Transcriptome Analysis in Zebrafish Enhancing Natural Hazards & Vulnerability/Resilience Studies Using Social Theory and Spatial Statistics The Development and Evaluation of Attention and Situation Awareness Measures in  Nuclear Process Control Using the Rancor Microworld Environment The Crystal Structure of Olivine and the Effect of Crystal Orientation on X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Shortcomings of Teaching Chemical Group Theory with a Limited Use of Linear Algebra Energy Conversion Loop: A Testbed for Nuclear Hybrid Energy Systems Use in Biomass Pyrolysis CREATION OF A TRANSCRIPTOME OF S. ETUBEROSUM WITH SEQUENCING OF A SEGREGATING POTATO POPULATION TO EVALUATE DIFFERENTIAL GENE EXPRESSION ASSOCIATED WITH POTATO LEAFROLL VIRUS RESISTANCE Effects of Harvest Date and Storage Duration on End-Product Quality of Three Processing Potato Varieties GATHERING TULE: CULTURAL AND ECOLOGICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF TULE TO  THE NEZ PERCE IN THEIR HOMELANDS SPATIAL FOLIAGE DISTRIBUTION MODELS FOR WESTERN LARCH (LARIX OCCIDENTALIS) Whole Grain Wheat Consumption in Young Children Can Increase Through Repeated Exposure and Use of Hard White Wheat Getting Back to Fire Suméŝ:  Incorporating Traditional Knowledge into Fuels Reduction Treatments On the Passivity Characterization and Enforcement of Signal Power Integrity Models The Effects of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on the Cheese Trade between the EU and the U.S. The Role of Canopy Cover in the Home Ignition Zone in Loss of Homes During Timbered Wildland-Urban Interface Fires Synthesis and Characterization of a Lignin Based Thermoplastic An Examination of the Effectiveness of Novel Manual Therapies to Improve Patient Care: A Dissertation of Clinical Practice Improvement An Ethnography of a Social Ecological Systems Team Science Network A Printed Circuit Board Stack Based Antenna Implementation and A Study in Green's Functions


The Error Performance of Space-Time Codes over MIMO Millimeter-Wave Channels: Design Criteria and New Insights Low Complexity Algorithms for Automatic Modulation Classification Based on Machine Learning Spin-Orbit Misalignment of Planets Orbiting High-Mass Stars: Observations and Techniques Using NASA's Kepler Telescope GROWTH AND CHARACTERIZATION OF ZIRCONIUM TELLURIDE (ZRTE5) PREPARATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF SILICA NANOSPRINGS-SUPPORTED FISCHER-TROPSCH CATALYSTS FOR BIOFUEL PRODUCTION The Impact of Grid-connected Photovoltaic Voltage Sourced Converter with Negative Sequence Decoupling Control on Protection Scheme Behavior Experimental and Computational Studies on the Temperature Dependence of Thermal Conductivities for Water, Ethylene Glycol, Glycerol, and Propylene Glycol, Using the Transient Hot-Wire Method Optimal Routing and Charging of Electric Mobility-on-Demand Systems Habitat Selection and Dispersal in Juvenile Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss): Identifying Drivers and Consequences Design of a Separation Process for Recycling Tritium and Helium-3 Mixed Gas Dynamic Modular Model of a Flywheel Energy Storage System MANUFACTURING COMPLEX SURFACES TO RECREATE THE DESIGN INTENT OF LEGACY ARTIFACTS MODELING PLANT SPECIES DISTRIBUTIONS ACROSS IDAHO TO INFORM UNGULATE NUTRITION Analysis of Hybrid Free Space Optics and Radio Frequency Cooperative Relaying Systems The Role of Saliva and Hydrocolloids in Texture Perception of Semisolid Foods: Using Rheological, Tribological and Sensory Evaluation Techniques MOTOR BUS TRANSFER SYSTEM MODELING WITH PSCAD/EMTDC Dislocation-Based Modeling of Creep Deformation and Fracture in Modified 9Cr-1Mo Steels Understanding Idaho's Adaptive Capacity to Future Water Resource Change: A Legal and Political Analysis of Climate Informed Drought Planning Optimized Vehicles Dimensioning, Dispatching and Charging Schemes  for Multi-class Autonomous Electric Mobility On-demand Systems Belowground Carbon Fluxes and Changing Climatic Conditions: Evaluating Responses and Improving Mechanistic Modeling Intelligent Decimation of River Geometry Data for Manageable Use in Surface-Water Models Influences on Rural Students' College Access and Completion: A Qualitative Case Study Mapping ADL Motion Capture Data to BLUE SABINO Exoskeleton Kinematics and Dynamics Population Dynamics and Management for White Sturgeon in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Basin, California The Effects of Pre- and Postweaning Nutrition on Fertility and Feed Efficiency in Beef Heifers Magnetic Induction of Conductive Nanosprings Population Characteristics, Movement Dynamics, and Management of Nonnative Burbot in the Green River System, Wyoming Reaching Together: A Montage of Art Reflecting the Sacred Spaces in the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse Cadmium Uptake in Wheat: Effects of Phosphorus Management, Variety, and Nutrient Uptake Dynamics; Effects of Andic Mineralogy on Aluminum Toxicity in Acidifying Soils The Effects of Site Preparation on the Long Term Growth and Productivity of Interior Douglas-fir and Western White Pine Understanding Factors Contributing to Wildland Firefighter Health, Safety, and Performance: A Pilot Study on Smokejumpers Energy and Exergy Analyses of District Heating and Cooling Systems for Improvements in Sustainability and Performance Ethical Transformational Leadership in Public Administration Effects of Precipitation Variation on Secondary Plant Succession in the  Sagebrush Steppe Ecosystem of Southern Idaho over 80 Years Designed and Evolved Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology How Viral Interactions in Coinfection Shape Viral Kinetics ON-FARM USE OF CLINOPTILOLITE ZEOLITE WITH COMPOSTING AND AIR FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES TO CONTROL AMMONIA EMISSIONS, ODOR, AND NITROGEN RETENTION FROM DAIRY MANURE Biochemical Factors Effecting The Production of Soy-Free Tofu Prepared Using Yellow Split Peas (Pisum Sativum) GARNET GRAIN SIZE ANALYSIS, GARNET COMPOSITION, AND HISTORICAL MINING WITHIN THE EMERALD CREEK AREA, NORTHERN IDAHO Baby-Boomer First-Generation Students A Cost Analysis on the use of Solanum Sisymbriifolium as a Trap Crop for Globodera Pallida Modeling and Design of a DFIG Testbed for Protection Design Purposes Associations Between Collegiate Female Athletes' Energy Availability and Various Female Athlete Triad Components/Risk Factors When Using Three Different Criteria to Calculate Exercise Energy Expenditure Exploring Temporal Phases of Wildfire Adaptation: Experiences Across Socially Diverse Communities ELECTROCHEMISTRY OF LANTHANUM IN ROOM TEMPERATURE IONIC LIQUID EMIM-DCA Population Characterization of two Important Nematodes in Southeastern Idaho Agroecosystems; Heterodera avenae and Steinernema feltiae Distribution and Movement of Steelhead and Anglers in the Clearwater River, Idaho Trash talk in sport: A descriptive and philosophical assessment of the intentionality of trash talk in sport Investigating behavior of the potato psyllid Bactericera cockerelli (Šulc) (Hemiptera: Triozidae) on three potato genotypes with putative resistance to “Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum” Evolutionary Mechanisms that Facilitate the Maintenance of Microbial Diversity Evaluating the Migration and Spawning Behaviors of Upper Columbia Summer Steelhead Using Radio Telemetry and Accelerometer Biotelemetry Closing Sheltered Workshops: An Analysis of Services, Programs, Training and Experiences Leading to Successful Community Employment Outcomes Operation Return to Duty: Developing and Validating an Instrument to Assess Soldiers’ Mental Readiness to Resume their Duties Following Injury Rehabilitation Post-harvest Evaluation of Nitrogen Fertilizer  Management in the Palouse Region Diet, disease, and hibernation behavior of northern Idaho ground squirrels Improving Mapping Accuracy of Wildland Fire Effects from Hyperspatial Imagery Using Machine Learning The Development of a Steady-State Rankine Cycle Optimization Algorithm Within Aspen HYSYS The superparameters of population matrix models and their applications EVALUATION OF ACOUSTIC ABSORPTION CHARACTERISTICS OF ASPHALT MIXTURES Potential Cyber-Attack Detection and Mitigation Techniques for MTDC VSC HVDC Systems Comparative Bio-Economic Impact on Rural Transit Highways from Commuter Transit Types Adaptive Epistemologies:  Scientific Practice and Environmental Restoration  in a Changing Climate Reconstructing Memory She Says It This Way : Effect of Betaine Supplementation on Total Tract Digestibility, Ruminal Fermentation Measures, and Production Performance of Dairy Cows Fault Tolerant Solutions for DSRC Safety Applications in VANET Solid-State Joining of Molybdenum Based Materials via Pressure Resistance Welding Revision of the Motivational Correlates and Athletes’ Perceptions of Coach-Created Motivational Climate: An Adult American Sport Sample The challenge of defining species boundaries in incipient plant lineages: a case study in the paintbrushes (Castilleja; Orobanchaceae) REMOTE SENSING OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST BUNCHGRASS PRAIRIE FOR LANDSCAPE SCALE MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT the Reveal Reproductive Life History Decisions in a Long-Distance Migrating Iteroparous Fish Model Spectral and Chemical Characterization of Allophane and Imogolite Securing Remedial Action Schemes Under Data Measurement Cyber Threats Electrodeposition of Neodymium in the Room Temperature Ionic Liquid 1-Butyl-1-Methylpyrrolidinium Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide and the Effects of Water and Ethanol:  A Rotating Disk Electrode Study Changes in Knowledge of the Female Athlete Triad among Female High School Athletes  Following a Brief Nutrition Education Intervention Spatiotemporal Dynamics and Spatial Determinants of Urban Growth in the Greater Coeur d’Alene Area of Idaho RISK-INFORMED NUCLEAR SAFEGUARDS OF PYROPROCESSING FOR ADVANCED NUCLEAR FUEL CONCEPTS Effect of Seeding Rate and Herbicides on Weed Control in Narrow-Row Pinto Bean Statistical and Spatial Analysis of Heat and Mass Transport in the Yellowstone Caldera Parameter Estimability in the Dennis-Kemp Phenology Model Fertilizer Nitrogen Use Efficiency Determined using Enriched Isotope Tracers and Residue Decomposition of Irrigated Spring Malt Barley Sample Size Estimation in the Multinomial Model THE EFFECT OF TREE SHELTERS ON SURVIVAL OF SALIX SPP. IN A SEMI-ARID AND HYDROLOGICALLY IMPACTED WATERSHED Vehicular Clouds and Networking for Semi-Supervised Alignment of Manifolds of Stereo and LIDAR for Autonomous Vehicles Two Roads Converge: Exercises in Discretion in a Virtual Environment Performance of Female Holstein Calves Grouped Post-Weaning According to their Individual Feed Intake Companions of Our Exile: An Archaeology of Domestic Life on Fort Boise, Idaho Population dynamics and movement of Smallmouth Bass in the Snake River, Idaho Feeding and Supplementation Strategies During Weaning in Dairy Calves Authentic Leadership and Entrepreneurial Thinking in the Context of Professional Standards for Educational Leaders: Perspectives of Practicing Charter School Leaders TESTING THE EFFICACY OF BLUE INTENSITY AS A TEMPERATURE PROXY IN PICEA ENGELMANNII FROM ITS SOUTHERN RANGE LIMIT, NORTHERN NEW MEXICO, USA NUMERICAL SIMULATIONS OF FLUID-STRUCTURE INTERACTION IN BIOLOGICAL AIRWAYS VALIDATED WITH EX-VIVO LUNGS Effect of Sperm Insemination Dose on Fertility and Use of in vitro Sperm Analyses to Explain Fertility Differences of Angus Sires in Brazilian Beef Cattle Variation in the Nutritional Landscape Modulates Sublethal Effects of Competitors and Predators on Herbivore Fitness Assessing fuel treatment effectiveness during wildfires under future climate conditions in southern California Real-time Defense Strategies against Rogue Nodes in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks SAFETY IMPACT OF WIDER PAVEMENT EDGE LINE MARKINGS Valuing Irrigation Water and Irrigation Water Security in the Columbia Basin Project: A Hedonic Analysis of Agricultural Land Sales VisFlow: A Visual Language Based Workflow Querying System Shear Behavior of HSC Beams Reinforced with Steel and Fiber Composite Grids Ruffled: A Bird’s-Eye View on the Human Condition A QUIET HARVEST: LINKAGE BETWEEN RITUAL, SEED SELECTION, AND THE HISTORICAL USE OF THE FINGER-BLADED KNIFE AS A TRADITIONAL PLANT BREEDING TOOL IN IFUGAO, PHILIPPINES ENGINEERING INFORMED BY RESEARCH: PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS FOR STORMWATER MANAGEMENT DESIGN AND EDUCATION Temporal Variations in Hotspot Volcanic Production Related to Interactions Between Upwelling Mantle Plumes and Phase Transitions Long-term Impacts of Marine Derived Nitrogen on Forest Productivity  and Carbon Balance in Central Idaho Subsurface Phosphorus Transport through a no-till Field in the Semiarid Palouse Region Tuning the Electronic Properties of Graphite for Enhanced and Sustained Electron Transfer Kinetics: Characterization, Properties and Applications REVERSE ENGINEERING LEGACY MECHANISMS FOR MANUFACTURING The Effect of Different Management Factors on Health and Performance of Pre-weaned and Post-Weaned Dairy Calves Real Time City Evacuation Planning using Transfer Learning The Universal Structure of Plot Content: Suspense, Magnetic Plot Elements, and the Evolution of an Interesting Story Energy Availability and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) in Division I Athletes Microlocal Analysis and Imaging Investigating the Distribution and Diversity of Leptosphaeria maculans in Northern Idaho Simulation of Post-fire Watershed Hydrology and Erosion Responses with the Physically-based WEPP Model Investigation of fault location performance utilizing synchronized phasor measurements with two-ended fault location impedance method Smart Grid Threat Analysis using NS3 Model Allocating Heat and Electricity in a Nuclear Renewable Hybrid Energy System Coupled with a Water Purification System Early Field Performance and Allometry of Three Inland Northwest Conifer Species, Influence of Root Growth Potential and Site Characteristics Coeur d’Alene Lake Relationships: An Interdisciplinary Study of How Two Communities’ Relationships with a Lake Drive Larger Policy Decisions, Disputes and what those Relationships Tell Us about the Proposition of Collaboration Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Gene Expression to Understand Phenotypic Heterogeneity and the Response of Methylobacterium extorquens to Formaldehyde Toxicity Considering Regional Aquifer Effects of Seepage Losses from the Aberdeen-Springfield Canal While Measuring the System Under Maximum Demand Conditions An Examination of Factors Related to Parental Involvement in Youth Extension Programs UNDERSTANDING CHROMOSOMES TO MAKE GENETIC IMPROVEMENTS IN RUMINANT LIVESTOCK SPECIES Seed Potato Certification and Potato Virus Y: An Economic Assessment Evaluating the Effects of Air Exposure on Salmonids The Relationship Between Heifer Carcass Maturity and Beef Quality Characteristics A reverse-cyclic analysis of high strength concrete beams with varying steel/FRP grid/hybrid reinforcement Bioenergy and Biochar as Climate Change Mitigation Factors in Northwestern USA Forests The Effects of Plyometric Training on Muscle Activation Characteristics in Post-Pubescent Adolescent Females Degradation of Mechanical Properties of U-Mo Alloy from the Un-irradiated to Irradiated State Investigation of Fatigue and Creep-Fatigue Crack Growth in Alloy 709 at Elevated Temperatures Investigating wheat starch functionality associated with weather triggered low falling number and improvement in the quantification of reducing sugars CORRELATION BETWEEN AASHTO IDAHO IT-144 & T-84 METHODS FOR IDAHO FINE AGGREGATES Horses and Grazing on the Navajo Indian Reservation Comparative Analysis of Conventional and Compact Heat Exchangers for Next Generation Nuclear Reactors Advanced methods for 3-D forest characterization and mapping from lidar remote sensing data Live Load Distribution Factors of Rural Bridges Subjected to Farming Vehicles Optimization of High Protein Formulations Using Wear and Mechanical Behaviors IMPROVING CATTLE FERTILITY: THE INFLUENCES OF ASPIRIN, NUTRITION, AND PROSTAGLANDIN ON THE REPRODUCTIVE PERFORMANCE OF CATTLE Assessment of Operationally Effected Metabolic Conditions to Achieve Enhanced Polyhydroxyalkanoate Production on Fermented Dairy Manure BIOFUEL IMPACT ON FOOD PRICE INDEX AND LAND USE CHANGE A Semantic Least Privilege and Semi-Automated Approach to Preventing Cyber Attacks on Web Applications Persistence in STEAM activities at the elementary level Second LifeTM:  Virtual World Case Studies Exploring Self-Determination of Adults with Developmental Disability The Elephants of Gorongosa: an Integrated Approach to Conservation and Conflict Mitigation in the Shadow of the War Spatiotemporal Patterns and Models of Ebola Virus Disease Epidemic in West Africa The Bioenergy Alliance Network of the Rockies:  A “Next Generation” Approach to Forest Management Creep and Microstructural Characterization of Advanced Austenitic Stainless Steel Alloy 709 Improving Transitional Services for First Generation Students with Learning Disabilities: A Two-edged Sword COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF CRACKING AND RUTTING CHARACTERISTICS OF ASPHALT MIXES Artifacts of Memory Post-Fire Soil Erosion Patterns and Processes in a Complex Sagebrush Rangeland Watershed FIRE BEHAVIOR IN EXPERIMENTAL GRASS FIRES Heat Flux at the Near-Surface and Atmosphere Boundary at Geothermal Areas: Development of Methods Used for Measurement and Quantification of the System The Influence of Biopesticides on Verticillium Wilt in Potatoes The Effect of Maturity at Harvest of Eragrostis tef (“Moxie”) on Nutritive Value as a Forage for Beef Cattle Seismic Tremor Reveals Spatial Organization and Temporal Changes of Subglacier Water System A Chronostratigraphic Assessment of the Pronghorn Member of the Bakken Petroleum System Kii hii-wes ii-nim, ii-nim wen'ipt! (This is mine, my song!) CRASH REPORTING IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST: AN ASSESSMENT UTILIZING LAW ENFORCEMENT NARRATIVES Use of Location-Sharing to Increase Situational Awareness and Improve Occupational Safety in Operational Forestry Phase II Archaeological Survey and Test Excavation, Historic Pen d'Oreille City (10KA91), Kootenai County, Idaho Searching Through the Weeds: Molecular and Bioinformatic Characterization of Solanum sisymbriifolium An Analytical Spectroscopic Method for the Reliable Determination of Binding Constants and Fluorescent Rare Earth Element Detection Spatially Modeling Snowmelt Using Intra-Annual Patterns with Remote Sensing in the Upper Snake River Basin Model Guided Control of Radiant Slabs for Comfort and Efficiency Authorization to Submit Learning Through Work and Play: Using Virtual Design Discovery to Facilitate Virtual Environments as a Medium for Active Learning Through Design CMOS Image Sensors and Algorithms for Traffic Detection Applications Drought and Moisture Availability and Recent Western Spruce Budworm Outbreaks in the Western United States Sensitivity of Past, Present, and Future Fire Regimes to Climate and Vegetation Variability in Boreal Forest and Tundra Ecosystems Pseudo-Graphite from the University of Idaho Thermolyzed Asphalt Reaction (GUITAR): Fundamental Characterizations and its potential in electrochemical Applications


Dielectrophoretic characterization of living cells real-time on a point-and-planar microwell (PPM) platform TIRE-PAVEMENT INTERACTION, EXPERIMENTAL MEASUREMENTS AND MODELING Innovative Assessment Tests and Indicators for Performance-Based Asphalt Mix Design Symbiotic of Ventenata dubia, Bromus tectorum, Boechera stricta, and Phoenix dactylifera L Evaluation of iceberg calving models against observations from Greenland outlet glaciers A new method for estimating evaporative losses from hot springs using chloride and deuterium as tracers. Hydraulic Properties and Processes of Conifer Trees in the Inland Northwest Through Extended Seasonal Drought Low-Income Household Livelihood Strategies: Food Stamp Access and Private Aid Usage Evaluating the Use of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Narrowband Spectral Vegetation Indices to Diagnose Onion Pink Root at the Leaf and Canopy Level Effective Security Schemes for Wireless Implantable Medical Devices The Power of a Forest: Informing Forest Bioenergy Policy Development through Facility Case Studies Wildfire and Rehabilitation History Effects on Artemisia tridentata subsp. wyomingensis Communities Invaded by Bromus tectorum Finite Element Analysis Validation in Ball Bearing and Linkage Assemblies for Exoskeleton Robotics PHYSIOLOGICAL MECHANISMS OF NUTRITIONAL ADAPTATION TO PLANT PROTEIN DIETS BY SELECTIVE BREEDING IN RAINBOW TROUT Leveraging High-Throughput Sequencing Data to Understand Complex Systems: Effects of Heat Stress Along the Swine Gastrointestinal Microbiome, Inflammation in the Bovine Milk Microbiome, and the Genetics of Human Lactation with Respect to Human Milk Oligosaccharide Synthesis Regency Fashion: The Muslin Round Gown Social and Moral Reasoning in Sport of Secondary School Administrators The Relationship Between Food Insecurity and Financial Behaviors Among Undergraduate College Students Shear Force Production in Dogs: Differential Force Production in the Forelimbs and Hindlimbs During Pulling Visioning Place-Based Resource Recovery: the Twin Falls, Idaho Water Resource Recovery Facility Eocene Exhumation and Lake Basin Development in the North American Cordilleran Hinterland, Northeastern Nevada, U.S.A. A Bayesian Hierarchical Poisson Approach to Estimate County Level Suicide Risks in Idaho Understanding Microhabitat Distribution at the Riverscape: Insights from Coupled Hydrodynamic and Bioenergetic Modeling Dusty, Dense, Bright, Dark, Narrow, and Broad: the Rings in our Solar System and a Few of the Things They Can Tell Us Modulating glycemic response through the inhibition function of potato peels on starch digestive enzymes Protection Scheme of an Integrated Photovoltaic and Type 3 Wind Turbines System Evaluation of Resilient Modulus of Unbound Coarse  Materials in Idaho A Journey of Self-Love Monitoring Wolf Packs by Counting Litters: Sibling Reconstruction from Genetics to Genomics Association Between Carcass Maturity Grade and Genes Involved in Bone Growth, in Young Heifers The Effect of Neighborhood Parks on Reported Crime Rates in the Greater San Antonio Area, Texas Quantitative Modeling of the Potato Cyst Nematode Globodera pallida in Idaho How do Gender Issues Affect the Experience of Latina Business Owners? Manipulation of Mechanical Properties of WAAM  Deposited ER70S-6 Through Active Cooling A Predictive Metabolic Model for Polyhydroxyalkanoate Production by a Mixed Microbial Consortium cultured under Aerobic Dynamic Feeding Conditions and fed Dairy Manure Fermenter Liquor Interspecific Interactions in the Zebra Chip Pathosystem: Identifying Host Plant Resistance, Vector Cold Tolerance, and Multipartite Interactions with  Potato virus Y Process-Structure Linkages in Materials via Deep Learning from Phase-Field Simulation Data Electrochemical Energy Characteristics of Bismuth Oxide with Different Polymorphs She Can’t Always Get What She Wants: Aspirations Versus Actualities Where Work and Motherhood Converge The Relationships Between Self-efficacy, Social Support and Physical Activity in Chinese College Students The Autoregressive Structural Model for Multivariate Longitudinal Data Analysis Ethical Frameworks of Our Moral Obligations to Climate Change: Advancing Policy through Philosophy Understanding the surface-atmosphere interactions on Titan Fire Effects Following the Egley Fire Complex (OR, USA) in a Dry Ponderosa Pine Forest Isotopic Discrimination of Aquifer Recharge Sources, Subsystem Connectivity and Flow Patterns in the South Fork Palouse River Basin, Idaho and Washington, USA Preparing for Water Change in the Columbia River Basin: An Integrated Analysis of Vulnerability & Climate Research Review An Assessment of Grassland Bird Communities, Shrub Use, and Reproduction In the Context of Shrub Encroachment ENHANCED MODULAR MULTILEVEL CONVERTER-BASED STATCOM WITH HYBRID ENERGY STORAGE Island Connections: Soils, Water, Vegetation, and Education in a Small Low Island Context Electrochemical Study of the Corrosion of Stainless steel 304, Nickel, and Inconel 600 in Molten Eutectic and Composite Salts The Relationship Between Moral Reinforcement and Learner-Centered Practice in Adult Learners: A Multi-Grounded Theory Study The growth, diet, and consumption of a lentic caddisfly, Nectopsyche albida, in Coeur d’Alene Lake, Idaho Evaluation and Mitigation of Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR) in Cementitious Materials Learning-Based Communication Systems Spatial and Temporal Growth Opportunity for Juvenile Fall Chinook Salmon in the Snake and Clearwater Rivers, Idaho Assessing the Adaptive Capacity of Idaho's Magic Valley as a Complex Social-Ecological System Respiratory Viral Coinfection Ameliorates Disease Severity in Mice Exploring Novel Germplasm and Traits in the National Small Grains Collection Using Genome-Wide Association Mapping Studies Myogenic Transcription Factors and Ornithine decarboxylase mRNA are Influenced by Polyamine Supplementation in vitro. RESPONSE OF IMPROVED WESTERN LARCH SEEDLINGS TO DROUGHT STRESS AND SITE QUALITY Dietary effects on growth performance and health indices for burbot (Lota lota maculosa) The Role of Economic Enfranchisement in Setting Strong Goals Training and Supporting General Education Teachers to Promote Inclusive Practices A Multi-Faceted Approach to Understanding Notched Net Sinker Manufacture in the Columbia Plateau Synthesis of Biofuel: Strategies for Upgrading Bio-oil Evaluation of Impurities and Oxidation on the Propensity for Spontaneous Combustion of Oil and Biodiesel Effects of Microstructural Changes on Mechanical Properties in Ferritic-Martensitic Alloys Remotely Sensed Metrics Help Map Range-Wide Habitat Suitability and Identify Habitat Restoration Priorities for an Endangered Marsh Bird CALIBRATION OF THE PERFORMANCE MODELS OF THE AASHTOWARE PAVEMENT ME DESIGN SOFTWARE IN IDAHO Micropropagation of Douglas Maple (Acer glabrum Torr. var. douglasii Hook. Dipple [Aceraceae]) Life History Characteristics, Distribution, and Habitat Use of Westslope Cutthroat Trout in the St. Maries River Basin, Idaho Elucidating evolutionary processes in three threatened carnivores: genetic substructure, admixture, and cancer susceptibility Aphid Pests and Aphid-Transmitted Viruses in Fall-Sown Dry Pea (Pisum sativum) in the Inland Pacific Northwest Region Environmental Factors Influencing Phosphorus Availability and Speciation in Forest and Meadow Soils of the Lake Tahoe Basin Biochar Production, Applications, and Waste Management for Enhancing Sustainability Benefits across Food-Energy-Water Systems The impact of starch on wheat falling number and the evolvement of starch structure in the developing endosperm of soft white winter wheat Gravity Compensation of an Exoskeleton Joint Using Constant-Force Springs The Effect of Leaf Litter Legacies and Nutrient Additions on Microbial Function Material Properties of Thermoelectric and Nuclear Energy Sources Instream Flows as Evolving Institutions Conceptual Design of the Advanced Test Reactor Non-Destructive Examination System Optimized production practices for winter canola (Brassica napus L.), and rotation effects of winter and spring canola in Northern Idaho QTL Analysis of Wheat Grain Yield Components and Agronomic Traits Using Advanced Genotyping Platforms Floristics and Biogeography of the High Idaho Batholith Ecoregion Tissue Culture and Genetic Transformation of Hexaploid Wheat for Stripe Rust Resistance Application of Nanocrystalline-Graphite (GUITAR) in Electrochemical Energy Storage and Sensing Video Speed and Interruptions in an Online Learning Environment MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGE-BASED NUMERICAL MODELING OF CEREBROSPINAL FLUID DYNAMICS: APPLICATION TO FILTRATION AND INTRATHECAL DRUG DELIVERY Designing and Developing Virtual and Real Testbeds for Industrial Control Systems Education and Training Management of Kokanee in Idaho Lakes: Sampling Techniques, Growth Disparities, and Mysis-Kokanee Interactions Providing a basis for optimum investment in the community to create a favorable business climate A THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK FOR SOCIAL CAPITAL ASSESSMENT FOR SHORT-AND LONG-TERM POST-DISASTER RECOVERY: A CASE STUDY OF MANATEE COUNTY, FLORIDA A Study on Microstructure and Properties of Fe-xCr alloys and  Fe-9Cr Based ODS Alloys Processed via Spark Plasma Sintering An Expanding Meso-Carnivore: Fisher (Pekania pennanti) Occupancy and Coexistence with Native Mustelids in Southeast Alaska Behavioral and environmental factors affecting nest site selection and nest survival in a colonial nesting waterbird Evaluation of Skid Resistance at Different Speeds in Idaho INSIGHTS INTO THE PROCESSES AND LIMITING FACTORS OF BEDROCK RIVER EROSION USING FLUME EXPERIMENTS, TOPOGRAPHIC ANALYSES, AND DAMAGE CONTINUUM CONCEPTS Evaluating the Impact of Soil pH on Root and Crown Diseases of Wheat and Using Agricultural Limestone to Manage Soil Acidification in Northern Idaho CRISPR/Cas9-Based Editing of Alpha-Amylase 3 (Amy3) Genes in Wheat Virtual Reality Interview Skills Training for Young Adults with a Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Making Employment a Reality Ionizing Radiation Sensitivity of Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene Solid Propellant Nature Engagement for Health: Enhanced Methods to Improve Connection and Reduce Stress Polyampholyte Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery Applications Forest Fungi and their Interactions Climate Change Impacts on Snowpack Heterogeneity: Spatial and Temporal Variability at Multiple Scales Characterizing and Ranking the Importance of Fire Refugia in the Northwestern US Effect of Irrigation on Fiber Concentration and In-Vitro Fiber Digestibility of Corn Plant Tissues Making and Appreciating Abstract Art Today Understanding Dangerous Work: Implications for Pesticide Applicator Education In Idaho Perceiving the Ecological, Cultural and Economic Significance of Pacific Lamprey in Nez Perce and Other Regions: From an Outsider’s Perspective Military Surplus and Modern Policing: A Spatial Analysis of Police Usage of the Federal 1033 Program Over the Rim: Why Faithful Latter-day Saints Would Engage in Mass Murder A River Runs Through It:  The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act as an Archetype for Complex Natural Resource Management Issues Examining the Grit, Optimism, Locus of Control, and Self-Efficacy of Student Leaders in Idaho’s Career and Technical Student Organizations Optimization Problems in Computational Physics: from Atoms to Molecular Assemblies EVALUATION AND MODELING OF PAVEMENT MARKING CHARACTERISTICS BASED ON LABORATORY AND FIELD DATA Transmission Line Parameters Estimation for Series Compensated Line, Mutually Coupled Line, and Short Line Using Synchrophasor Measurements An Experimental Approach to Determine Skill Level at Obsidian Biface Cache Site 35MA375, Salem, Oregon Sweat Lodge on Campus: Examining Barriers of Communication of a Project between Native Students and the University of Idaho Building the Oceanic Lithosphere: Geophysical Analysis and Numerical Simulations of Rheology and Dynamics in the Formation of Transform Faults and Hotspot Island Chains Molecular Systematics Large and Small: Patterns of Evolution in Lamourouxia and Orobanchaceae Composition-structure-property Relationship in Cs-based halide Perovskites using Electronic Structure Calculations NUMERICAL ANALYSIS AND EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION OF ULTRA-HIGH-PERFORMANCE CONCRETE HYBRID BRIDGE DECK CONNECTIONS Obligate Rust Fungi as a Biological Control for Invasive Cheatgrass in North America. HOST SELECTION BEHAVIOR IN A SPECIALIST WEEVIL USED FOR BIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF AN INVASIVE PLANT USING OLFACTORY CUES Traditional versus Non-traditional Teaching: Perspectives of Students in Introductory Statistics Classes Evaluating integrated pest management approaches to control wireworms in cereal crops Exploring Adoption Success of the Wildland Fire Decision Support System Evaluation of a method for the use of periphyton recruitment on artificial substrates as an indicator of watershed land use in bays of Coeur d’Alene Lake, Idaho Association of a high fat diet, gut microbiota and host interactions with enteric neuropathy and dysmotility in a mouse model of type two diabetes On the Stefan Problem with Internal Heat Generation and Prescribed Heat Flux Conditions at the Boundary in Cylindrical Coordinates Impacts of Authentic Science Experiences for Underserved Youth: Design, Research, and Evaluation of an Upward Bound Watershed Science Summer Course Determining the mechanism of the recessive resistance to Bean common mosaic virus (BCMV) conferred by the bc-1 and bc-2 recessive genes in common bean, and biological and molecular characterization of a new strain of BCMV ISAAC: The Idaho Cyber-Physical System Smart Grid Cybersecurity Testbed CYbersecurity Oriented Training Environment and Exercises Effects of a 12-Week Dairy-Based Probiotic Dietary Intervention on Cognitive Outcomes in Older Adults An Analysis of the Nuclear Characteristics of a Molten Salt Microreactor Improving AUV Localization Accuracy by Combining Ultra-Short-Baseline and Long-Baseline Measurement Systems in a Post-Processing Extended Kalman Filter Glucosinolates and Glycoalkaloids as Biopesticides PERSONAS OF AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION SUPPORTERS: A Q-METHOD STUDY Methods for Improving Re-Vegetation Success in the Sagebrush Steppe using Solid Matrix Priming and Seed Extrusion Technology Evaluating the Sensitivity of Residential Water Demand Estimation to Model Specification and Instrument Choices FRESH, MECHANICAL, DURABILITY AND CORROSION PROPERTIES OF BASALT FIBER REINFORCED CONCRETE Arithmetic Relations Between Fourier Coefficients of Siegel Paramodular Forms INVESTIGATING THE HOST SELECTION BEHAVIOR OF CEUTORHYNCHUS CARDARIAE, A POTENTIAL BIOLOGICAL CONTROL AGENT FOR LEPIDIUM DRABA SAMPLING METHODS FOR LEK AND BROOD COUNTS OF GREATER SAGE GROUSE: ACCOUNTING FOR IMPERFECT DETECTION Using nutritional-landscape models to predict pregnancy rates of elk across broad spatial scales A Preliminary Assessment of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 15-5 PH Stainless Steel Processed via Direct Metal Laser Sintering Inter-disciplinary approaches in food safety to expand mycotoxin detection, compare bacterial transfer rates, and forecast fungal inoculum under climate change Climatic Constraints on Energy Balance, Behavior and  Spatial Distribution of Grizzly Bears Magnetic Resonance Image Based Quantification of Ophthalmic Changes in Long-Duration Spaceflight Astronauts The New Anglo-Saxons: Race, Place, and the Production of a Geopolitical Discourse Using Medium and Large-Sized Mammals as Indicator Species to Measure Connectivity and Large Infrastructure Impacts in Costa Rica Reconstruction of the Stand-Level Disturbance History of a Temperate Coniferous Forest using LiDAR data and Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) Silenced Female Voices: How Institutionalized Avoidance Condones a Culture of Workplace Aggression and Shame in Higher Education Headed for Greener Pastures: Motivations and Ideologies Underlying Palouse Farmer Participation in Sustainable Agriculture Method for Mitigating Plug in Electric Vehicle Charge Cycling Observed in a Charging Control Strategy Developed for a Third-Party Aggregator