Voices of transformational learning :life experiences of women aged eighty and above in the United States


Morgan, Lorri A.. (2010). Voices of transformational learning :life experiences of women aged eighty and above in the United States. Theses and Dissertations Collection, University of Idaho Library Digital Collections.

Voices of transformational learning :life experiences of women aged eighty and above in the United States
Morgan, Lorri A.
Older women--Education--United States
This qualitative research study examined the lived experiences and stories of dynamic women over 80 years of age. Their contribution to transformational and lifelong learning may offer a blueprint for baby boomers to age successfully. The exploration disclosed common patterns of the individual lives. The interviews revealed that the women were able to maintain meaningfulness and stability despite significant hardships.;Transformative learning happens when people are able to abandon their habitual ways of thinking and allow themselves to see their world from an inner knowing. All of the interviewees experienced transitions that changed their perspectives on life. The interviews with five white, senior women identified what is meaningful, educationally and socially, to them. They shared their lifelong lessons that have enabled them to age successfully. Each stressed how important it is to stay active and involved throughout life. Social bonds, especially with family and friends, give their lives meaning. All participate in lifelong learning and share their knowledge and experiences.;Introspection, learned resiliency, and spirituality prepared them to deal with life events and to make healthy lifestyle choices. These women's transformational development was associated with resiliency, access and use of their inner resources for coping with changes and losses. The study attempted to help fill the gap in the literature that sees old age as decline and loss; it supports the idea that wisdom and well-being can be an integral part of the lives of older women.;As the baby boomers approach elderhood, the reevaluation of old age from a transformational growth perspective is of paramount significance. Many researchers consider the aging of the population and the retirement of the baby boomer generation to be among the most transformative demographic changes ever experienced in this country. Adult educators can have a significant role in the baby boomers' reinvention. Appropriately, some academic programs are being developed for seniors rather than expecting seniors to assimilate into existing practices. Our society is just beginning to understand older people's development--a time for creativity, participation, and autonomy.
Thesis (Ph. D., Education)--University of Idaho, May 10, 2010.
Major Professor:
Martha C. Yopp.
Defense Date:
May 10, 2010.
Format Original:
viii, 128 leaves ;29 cm.

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