Becoming a teacher :a collective case study of the first semester of being an elementary teacher


Bovee, Rena McBride.. (2007). Becoming a teacher :a collective case study of the first semester of being an elementary teacher. Theses and Dissertations Collection, University of Idaho Library Digital Collections.

Becoming a teacher :a collective case study of the first semester of being an elementary teacher
Bovee, Rena McBride.
First year teachers--Attitudes--Case studies First year teachers--Supervision of--Case studies Elementary school teachers--Attitudes--Case studies Elementary school teachers--Supervision of--Case studies
This study is a collective case study of nine first year elementary teachers as they went through the first semester of their first year of teaching. Through extensive interviews, the study followed these nine beginning teachers as they shared experiences and challenges they faced in the early part of their teaching careers. The study focused on three elements: (1) How do new teachers adapt to the real world of teaching? (2) How can administrators, fellow teachers and mentors assist new teachers as they transition into the world of teaching? (3) How do beginning teachers reflect on their college preparation now that they are in the classroom?;The study found six themes that came through from these interviews: (1) Stages of Adjustment Occurred for the Teachers in the School Settings. The new teachers had many doubts, felt overwhelmed, and then gained confidence in their new settings. (2) Classroom Management was the Primary Concern. Classroom management, including discipline and learning to teach the curriculum to real students was the key concern for these beginning teachers. (3) School wide Issues Were Secondary Concerns. Parents, diversity issues, and learning to work with others were the three key issues concerning these new teachers. (4) Essential Support Was Provided for New Teachers in the School Settings. There was a great amount of support from administrators, mentors, and/or other teachers. (5) Balancing Personal Life vs. School Life was Challenging. It was a challenge for new teachers to balance school and home life. By the end of the first semester some of the new teachers were finding a work-life balance; others were still spending excessive amounts of time in their classrooms. (6) Reflecting on College Preparation. This study showed beginning teachers making connections between theory and the real world of teaching.;This study offers guidance for school administrators as they help their beginning teachers learn to be competent, have a positive experience in the classroom, and stay in the teaching profession.
Thesis (Ph. D., Education)--University of Idaho, April 2007.
Major Professor:
Mary Gardiner.
Defense Date:
April 2007.
Format Original:
xiv, 190 leaves :ill. ;29 cm.

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