An examination of the impact of Idaho's technology assessment process


Kitchel, Karl Allen.. (2006). An examination of the impact of Idaho's technology assessment process. Theses and Dissertations Collection, University of Idaho Library Digital Collections.

An examination of the impact of Idaho's technology assessment process
Kitchel, Karl Allen.
Educational technology--Standards--Idaho Technological literacy--Standards--Idaho Teachers--Training of--Standards--Idaho Idaho Technology Performance Assessment (ITPA)--Evaluation
Many factors support the value of technology in education. A critical variable for taking full advantage of educational technology is the educator. In 1997 Idaho implemented educational technology testing of teachers based on national standards. Three assessments exist: a multiple-choice assessment, a portfolio assessment and a performance-based assessment. The performance-based assessment is the Idaho Technology Performance Assessment (ITPA).;Three problems define the need for the study. First, a limited amount of research exists related to the effectiveness of educational technology assessment on teachers' technology competencies, particularly in Idaho. The next two problems relate to the validity of the ITPA and the need to revalidate the assessment. They are: (a) the standards the ITPA assesses changed in 2000 so a review of the instrument is necessary to ensure it reflects these changes and (b) that due to the aging nature of the ITPA it is unknown whether the technical competencies measured are still representative of relevant and up-to-date forms of technologies.;The purpose of this study is two-fold: (a) to examine the impact of Idaho's educational technology assessment process on teachers' educational technology competencies, and (b) to use this information to inform the review and re-validation of the ITPA.;The research methodologies include a descriptive research design with the survey method in combination with a research based assessment validation process specifically focused on the ITPA. Statistical analyses include the use of descriptive statistics (including correlations), factor analysis and ANOVA procedures.;Responses from 433 Idaho teachers indicate a majority of respondents believe the assessment requirement to be an effective process and that approximately 40% believe it directly affected their technology competencies. Statistically significant differences exist between the perceived impact of the different assessment forms. The results extend assessment theory and suggest that alternative forms of assessment in the form of performance-based authentic assessment and portfolio-based assessments are more beneficial for contributing to teachers' educational technology competencies then traditional assessment forms. The research based validation process indicated a satisfactory level of relevance and reliability evidence showing the updated educational technology assessment model for teachers (v2.x ITPA) to be a valid assessment.
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Idaho, May 2006.
Major Professor:
John C. Davis
Defense Date:
May 2006.
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xiv, 205 leaves :ill. ;29 cm.

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