Teacher voices :a phenomenology of a changing curriculum


Kay, Jo Anne W.. (2007). Teacher voices :a phenomenology of a changing curriculum. Theses and Dissertations Collection, University of Idaho Library Digital Collections.

Teacher voices :a phenomenology of a changing curriculum
Kay, Jo Anne W.
Elementary school teachers--United States--Attitudes Elementary school teachers--Rating of--United States Elementary schools--Curricula--United States--Evaluation--Case studies
During the last five years, schools throughout the nation have adapted to new federally mandated accountability for student growth and progress entitled No Child Left Behind. Understanding what is happening to pedagogy within classrooms is the focus of this study. The problem addressed by this phenomenology is a lack of research addressing exactly what the narrowing of the curriculum means in the classroom and the effects of this narrowing on the professional and personal lives of classroom teachers. The purpose of this study is to explore the pedagogy, "what is tested is what is taught' through the lived experiences of ten veteran public elementary school teachers.;A triangulated approach to data collection was used involving in-depth interviews, classroom observations, and lesson plan documentation. The research data was presented through first-person profiles, thematic analysis, and interpretation. Qualitative research guidelines developed by Seidman, Wolcott, and Moustakas were used extensively in the gathering, analyzing, and interpreting of the data.;The combination of classroom observations and interviews allowed for not only the presentation of a teacher's philosophical and structured curriculum, but also for actual pedagogical practice to be observed and recorded. Nine themes formed the foundation of the lived experiences of these ten veteran public elementary school teachers in Southeastern Idaho. These themes were: commitment to students, stress, frustration, accountability, changing relationships, self-realization, pedagogy, teaching to the test, and perceived outcomes. This study contributes to the field of educational research by providing a deeper understanding of the lived experiences of classroom teachers as they deal with issues of pedagogy under federally mandated testing.
Thesis (Ph. D., Education)--University of Idaho, August 2007.
Major Professor:
John C. Davis.
Defense Date:
August 2007.
Format Original:
xiii, 275 leaves :ill. (come col.) ;29 cm.

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