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About The Friday Letter Archive

For over two decades, The Friday Letter has been the University of Idaho’s weekly message from the president to internal and external members of the university community. Each week during the academic year, excluding holidays, the president sends updates on topics concerning the university such as teaching and learning, research and scholarship, and notable initiatives and priorities. The letter is sent via email to students, faculty, and staff in addition to Alumni and friends who elect to receive the newsletter.

To ensure continued access to the unique content of university communications, University of Idaho Library captures items in their original web context from the Office of the President’s web page on an annual basis. Select materials are made available in the Web Archive Collections. This archive currently contains more than 150 items ranging from 2013 to 2017. To browse the collection, a table provides sorting and basic search. Alternatively, the content can be searched using Google Custom Search.

Please note, the archived email messages are in a variety of formats and may not display as originally intended. Some images, links, and functionality may be broken or out of date. If you would like to recover a broken link, please try pasting the URL in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

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