About the Idaho Forest Wildlife and Range Experiment Station Collection

The Idaho Forest, Wildlife, and Range Experiment Station plays an important role in the University of Idaho's land-grant mission. Since its inception in 1939, the Station has been charged by the state to provide scientific and natural resources management knowledge and tools on issues of relevance to Idaho. Currently, the Experiment Station functions as the research arm of the University of Idaho College of Natural Resources, delivering university-led research on a broad range of topics, from Idaho's forests, hydrology, the human use of natural resources to environmental policy, rangeland, fisheries, and wildlife.

The Idaho Forest Wildlife and Range Experiment Station Collection Digital Collection is comprised of over 200 documents and reports created by faculty in the Forestry Department of the College of Natural Resources. The publication series represents some, but not all, of the scholarship and outreach of the Station over a 60 year period, dating from the early 1950s to the present.

These series include Bulletins, Notes, Technical Notes, Annual Reports, and more. One can clearly recognize the strong dependency between Idaho's economic fortunes and its utilization of natural resources. Much of the early writing concerns Idaho's forest products industry and issues in managing outdoor recreation. Simultaneously, the conservation ethic - critical in sustainable management of natural resources - factors into these publications in strong and notable ways, growing over the course of the Experiment Station's history.

A gift from the Idaho Forest Group helped support the creation of this collection. The University of Idaho Library retains physical copies of all material digitized here in the University's Archives.


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